Learn How To Succeed – Eliminate The Competition

To learn how to succeed there is one quality which we must possess or at least develop. That quality is determination. With this one quality we can overcome any obstacle, and attain any goal.  

Whenever we compete in any area of our life, we are really only competing with ourselves. How well we do is a result of our determination and planning.


A Well Planned Life

There’s a saying about if we fail to plan, we pan to fail. This is so very true. Once we have set a direction for ourselves, we then plan out the steps to get there. These steps may change over time, which is absolutely okay. When we are going after what we truly desire, and we “know” we are on the right path, our determination is a given.

Any improvement or step in the right direction is progress. We do not build large businesses in a day, or get in shape by the end of the week, when we have not worked out for awhile. Patience and persistence go a long way.

The Gift of our Obstacles

When we run into problems, barriers, or obstacles along the way, we are most blessed because when we are on the right path, everything is there to help us. We actually should be grateful for our challenges.

Another gift of our barriers is that they actually define our purpose. For example, if we were playing a game of some sort, and our opponent was doing really well, we would want to plan a way to defend him or her. That would be our purpose in order to increase our chances to win the game.

At this point we are determined to fulfill our purpose in order to succeed.   Determination becomes part of our natural flow of life.

As part of a test of our overall determination, we merely have to observe how we deal with adversity or obstacles. When we play to win with no idea of turning back, we soon discover that even obstacles and challenges are sent to help us get to our destination. They help us to learn and course correct.
We many decide to add a few more steps, change a few, or even drop some, as we progress on our journey to our goal.


Only A Matter of Time

When what we desire is foremost on our mind and focus, it is only a matter of time before we succeed. When we can conceive of it happening, it is certain to occur.
While we progress on our journey we now “know” we are going to succeed, because we can actually see us as the successful person Now. Success is then where we Are, and not somewhere we are trying to go. We learn to succeed by knowing we are successful already.


Here’s a Review of a Journey which I have Chosen to Take!


Stay focused and enjoy!


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