Importance Of Prioritizing Tasks — More Important Than You Might Think

I am going to spend a few moments today addressing a very important issue in all aspects of our lives. Whether it is in our business or personal lives, the importance of prioritizing tasks cannot be ignored if we desire maximum results in our endeavors. prioritizing tasks

It is so very easy to get distracted from our main purpose when we are trying to multi-task or when we are pulled in several directions by business colleagues, customers/clients, as well as friends and family members. By developing the habit of prioritizing our tasks, we position ourselves in a way that facilitates the completion of all our necessary responsibilities in a timely fashion.

Importance Of Prioritizing Tasks — So Easy to Ignore

Learning to prioritize, and actually doing it on a day-to-day basis, is something that is so easy to agree to, but at the same time not that easy to implement consistently. For one thing, habits are not easy to break without giving them our full focus and attention, and it is also very easy to get caught up with the many distractions of daily living which occur over time.

When we learn to choose wisely and truly understand the importance of prioritizing our endeavors, we will then position ourselves to make any necessary changes in our daily routines which will facilitate completing our most important assignments first.

There is only so much which we can accomplish in a day, and if our most important ventures are not on our list, we are doing both ourselves and others a disservice. When this truth sinks in, we will then make any necessary changes to our daily routine in order to get our most important duties completed, while leaving the less vital engagements for another time.

We all need to slow down a bit and get organized in our thinking processes. When we do this, we avoid stress and overwhelm along with being able to approach our necessary endeavors with confidence and a clear mind. We will not feel rushed, and our next task just becomes part of the process of living in a harmonious way.

Let’s Welcome a Bit of Peace & Harmony into Our Lives

Sometimes we forget that we are making the decisions and choices which directly affect all aspects of our lives. It is easy to blame others or outside circumstances when things are not working the way we think they should.

When we take full responsibility for our achievements as well as our mistakes, we empower ourselves to move forward toward our goals and objectives on a consistent basis. We are not only moving forward, but we are progressing in a harmonious fashion.

Each small step that we take care of inspires us to take the next step. We learn that when we are confronted with an obstacle, the size of the challenge does not matter because there is always a ” next step” to take, which will get us moving in the direction of solving that particular challenge.

Peace and harmony are available to us right this very moment. It is all about being aware it is so. This awareness which leads to that harmony and peace results from letting go of any unnecessary thoughts and beliefs which may hinder our progress. Just by being aware of thoughts like “I cannot do this”, or “it’s not possible”, etc. is a step in the right direction, because we are able to “pause” and then “reflect” on what the results of that type of thinking have and will continue to produce in our lives.

Let’s choose to be nice to ourselves and allow ourselves to experience that peace and harmony. The only price we pay is letting go of thinking it is not so.

Choose Simplicity Rather Than Complexity

The test to determine if we are on the right track with all this is are we keeping things simple. The truth is simple, while all stress and difficulties are the results of making things complex.

Whenever we find things being way too difficult with a large amount of struggle involved, that is the time to take a break, step back, and reevaluate what we are doing.

When we break things down properly into easily accomplishable tasks, the Next Step is Never Too Hard or Complex to do. If it is, this is a Red Flag indicating our need to break things down further or change direction completely.

When it isn’t fun and enjoyable, it is not worth our time. If nothing else, this indicates we are doing it for the wrong reasons. Take the hint, and reassess things before proceeding further.

So without belaboring this point, keep things nice and simple while proceeding to your goals and objectives one step at a time.

Importance Of Prioritizing Tasks — A Few Tips

For those of you who have read Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you are familiar with the Eisenhower Matrix. It is also called the Urgent-Important Matrix, and it does a good job of setting us on the right track of prioritizing our tasks on a scale of importance and urgency. Here’s a short video to bring this point home clearly, and assist us in organizing our days most effectively.

Dwight Eisenhower was the thirty-fourth (34th) president of the United States, serving from 1953 to 1961. Prior to that, he was a Five (5) Star General in the U.S. Army as well as the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe during World War II. He had many other distinctions as well, but the point being for us here is his incredible ability to maintain high productivity over long stretches of time (days, weeks, months, years, and even decades).

One is not able to do something like this without proper task and time management. He developed this Eisenhower Matrix (also referred to as the Eisenhower Box) in order to simplify his decision-making processes and get more done within a specified period.

As you just saw on the video, this is the essence of what this technique is all about:

  1. Urgent and important (tasks to be done immediately).
  2. Important, but not urgent (tasks that can be scheduled for a later time).
  3. Urgent, but not important (tasks to be delegated to someone else).
  4. Neither urgent nor important (tasks that you can be eliminated or postponed indefinitely).

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” — Dwight Eisenhower —

Increasing Awareness To Do List

As we proceed in our efforts to form the habit of prioritizing our tasks and getting the most important and urgent ones completed on a timely basis, we will discover an increased awareness of our surroundings and our entire beingness. We will enter a zone where we will only desire to accomplish things that contribute to our specific goals and objectives in which we are totally committed,

At this point, our increased awareness will carry us forward day to day almost effortlessly. We will experience joy in what we are doing which will benefit ourselves as well as the lives of others.

Laziness and boredom will be a thing of the past when we truly understand the importance of prioritizing tasks.


“Being busy is a form of laziness — lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” — Tim Ferriss —



We will not stay busy just so that we feel we are accomplishing something. In fact, this may actually be taking us in the wrong direction. Our thoughts and actions will be laser-focused and directed specifically toward where we desire to go. We will be in total alignment with our deepest passions and purpose in life.

I suggest spending some time re-evaluating what you are doing in order to ensure it is even necessary to do, and if it is, determine in what order of priority it belongs. This one habit, once developed, will increase your productivity and enjoyment of your work tremendously. Not to mention elevating the quality of your lives to immeasurable heights.

Enjoy and Have Fun with this,


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10 thoughts on “Importance Of Prioritizing Tasks — More Important Than You Might Think”

  1. You are so right, prioritizing is key to really getting anything meaningful done! I make a to-do list every day but it is more of errands or “don’t forget” list than priorities! Priorities are what move us from where we are to where we want to go and to-do just gets the laundry and grocery shopping done (which needs to happen but they are tasks, not priorities)! 

    I like to make my priority list the night before (when I remember too), that way when I get up, I already know what I need to jump in to. I found if I make it in the morning, I waste time.

    By having a list, I feel more peace about my day and experience a sense of accomplishment at night.

    Thanks for the reminder about this habit – I’m working on tomorrow’s priorities now!

    • Thanks Lisa.  I am glad you garnered a few ideas which will be helpful.  Thanks for your comments.  Much appreciated.  All the best.

  2. Great, well-written and very thorough article about the importance of prioritizing tasks. I have tried to do so but after reading your great article I realized where I have gone the wrong direction; especially when I have been trying to prioritize my tasks, I have usually made everything to be much complicated than it really is, it is just in my head. This video combined with the article made me get lots of new ways to think about how to do it better in the future. Thanks for sharing, I will take a further look at your website and other articles on it.

    • Thanks Jesse for your input.  It is much appreciated.  I look forward that your prioritizing goes well.  All the Best.

  3. Oh my goodness yes!

    I love multitasking but that doesn’t always work at all times.

    From now on, when I make my To Do lists I will make sure to prioritize them in order of greatest importance.

    Thanks for sharing these guidelines.  

    I will try to be more aware from now on so that my day doesn’t get away from me.

    Great info!

  4. Oh, such excellent advice! I had never heard of the book or quotes you referred to. I’ve been missing out. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s important that people know the difference between just being busy and doing something productive. Great article!

  5. When we pritioze it makes life so much easier because we know what is more important and what is least important that way we can get more done and watch our progress. Thanks so much for sharing.


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