How To Retire With ___ – Fill In The Blank

We all have ideas of how it will be or should be when we retire. How to retire with ___ is something to think about whether you are approaching retirement or already there. By filling in the blank with a few important considerations, life becomes a lot easier and the journey more enjoyable.How To Retire With

So let’s explore a few ideas related to retiring, and address the concerns that may arise, and more importantly, provide a few options to consider. It’s important to remember that there are always solutions to any challenges we may have. For proof, we merely need to examine the lives of a few folks who have already found a way around, through, or just by ignoring the apparent roadblocks.


“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.”

— Abe Lemons — 

How to Retire with Money

In order to have this happen some planning is involved along the way. Depending on when you get started will determine the exact nature of the plan moving forward. One thing to keep in mind is there is always a solution no matter the circumstances.

It all begins with mindset. It reminds me of a story of a man in the early 1900s who had a financial dilemma and went to his brother for help. Without the man knowing it the brother slipped an envelope with $10,000 into his coat pocket. He left his brother’s place not knowing his problem had been solved and continued to worry until he discovered the money.

There is a great message here for all of us. We have the solutions to any problem or challenge no matter the size or degree. The answers are within us, but in order to access those answers, we must create a fertile ground and nourish that ground with care and attention.How to Retire with

There are many stories of people well past the age of retirement turning things around and living comfortably thereafter. Let’s look for solutions and not focus on what we don’t want.

Now, for a more detailed financial approach here is an excellent article on Retirement Planning to give you some practical ideas. Again, approach any research and strategies with a solution-based mindset in order to maximize your results. Two people can follow the same suggestions in that article and one will succeed while another makes no progress at all.

It really is all a state of mind. We get what we expect, and what we expect is what we are thinking about on a continuous basis. Write down exactly what you want on a card and carry it around with you throughout the day, and keep reminding yourself of what you truly desire. This in itself will create that fertile ground necessary for the success that I previously mentioned.

How to Retire with No Money

Again all is not lost. Since quite a few folks out there approach retirement with little or no savings, it is important to have some strategies in place to address this situation. Here is an article on how to retire without savings that you may find enlightening and useful.

These are all good suggestions that can be applied given your specific situation. Review the suggestions and see what best applies to you.

Take It Easy and Relax into Retirement

Now we will get into how to retire not only financially well off, but with joy and happiness that no amount of money can buy. This is when we are fully engaged in life operating on all cylinders, and balancing things out so that we have all of our bases covered. Go to my Home Page and download the free report on Creating Life Balance in Four Simple Steps.

All too often during our working careers, we find ourselves so focused on one area that we tend to neglect other important aspects of our lives. We get so depleted in one area, that we just don’t have the time, energy, or the will to give our attention elsewhere.

This is where we need to step back a bit and reassess where we are, and what we are doing. Are we happy? Are we doing what we really want to do or just doing it to survive thinking there are no other options? Does it really need to be this way? If we knew of other options would we consider them? Would we be willing to change things around a bit even if it is uncomfortable at first? These are all valid questions to ask ourselves.

And one thing to keep in mind when asking those questions is that it is us saying yes or no to these questions. We are in charge of our destiny, not the circumstances we are presently experiencing whether good, bad, or indifferent. That realization in itself is a game-changer. We possess the power in the Present Moment to direct our lives consciously.


How to Retire with Unlimited OpportunitiesHow to Retire with


Regardless of one’s financial and overall status upon retirement, there are many options available of which most of us are unaware. When learning a trade or any type of skill or profession, we need to acquire some specialized knowledge in order to be proficient. Even a low-paying job requires some training in order to get the required results.

The point here is that we are able to learn anything we need to learn in order to progress in life. This does not necessarily involve any type of formal education. It does require learning skills that can be applied in order to get us to our desired destination. There is no mystery here. Let’s just expand our thinking a bit and allow ourselves to dream and be okay with a little bit of uncertainty while we learn the ropes.

No matter our age, we control whether our dreams are active and alive by our daily choices. I encourage us all to never stop dreaming and pursuing solutions to the challenges in our lives. Answers are always available when we are willing to receive, and by asking a few good questions.

The time is now to look within ourselves for the spark of inspiration to pursue whatever goals and dreams lie within our hearts. Retirement is not an end, but it is a new beginning. I prefer to be un-retired to pursue interests that enhance my overall well-being and make a positive difference in the lives of others. I encourage you to do the same.

Enjoy the journey,

Joseph William

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How To Retire With



8 thoughts on “How To Retire With ___ – Fill In The Blank”

  1. Joseph, after reading your article I am officially un-retiring!  🙂  It’s interesting, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this exact topic lately as I turn 60 this year.  I’ve never really thought about retiring but when you get to be a certain age, it starts sneaking into your thoughts.  But, the way I’m wired, I’ll never be able to stop working on something.  Your recommendation for online training is awesome and I’ve started learning how to do online marketing myself.  Always keep learning!


    • Thanks Vic. It does make sense to stay totally engaged all through one’s life. Pursuing topics of interest based on our experience and skills is an ideal way to stay engaged and even earn an additional income.

  2. This is a very splendid article full of truthfulness. I will definitely following your advice . Even if sometimes we have in our pocket no more than £4 I will never stop dreaming and always will look for any kind of solution to challenge my life.
    Many blessings 🙏

  3. Hi Joseph
    My retirement plan is much like your suggestion of unretiring. Life as a single mum to a child with chronic conditions has not allowed me to provide adequately for retirement in the traditional sense. Glad to be unretiring “my way”😁
    Thank you for a really interesting article, I hope it reaches all the right eyes so that other people can also learn the best way to unretire.
    Blessings to you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Louise. We always have options available and the more we pursue them we get empowered to keep progressing toward whatever heartfelt desires we have. All the very Best.

  4. I think that we should always have a plan even if a person doesn’t have any money when those golden years come. I believe even though a person may not have the kind of money at retirement yet they can still put a plan in place and manage what they have. Thanks so much for the insight into this matter but I believe that at the end of the day persons should put a plan in place to make those golden years easier. Thanks so much for sharing.


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