How To Create A Vision For Your Life

It is all too easy to travel through life bumping into stuff accidentally without any plan or intention. We then spend the majority of our time cleaning up messes as a result of our lack of forethought.  How to create a vision for your life is something that should be a priority for all of us.   Our Personal Vision

Creating a vision for our life is much simpler than we may originally think. It is just a matter of getting in touch with our natural sense of being which we all possessed when we were very young.


An Unexpected Detour

When we were kids we never questioned our ability to do things, and we never had a problem finding  ways to have fun. This was conditioned out of us by a lot of factors in our environment and personal experiences.

When we were learning to walk we had a clear vision of our end result, and never questioned our ability to achieve this no matter how many times we stumbled and fell. So what’s changed now?

It is not a matter of how old we presently are, whether it’s 17, 25, 37 or 89+. It is all about our mindset and our willingness to trust ourselves.

The first step in creating a vision for our life is knowing that anything is possible Right This Very Moment. This allows us to exit from the detour, and get back onto the path of enjoyment, adventure, and a fulfilling journey.


A Few Simple Steps

Just like we needed to learn how to take a few simple steps when we were learning to walk, we now need to learn a few ways to generate a vision which inspires and sustains us. Do not allow the simplicity of this to distract you in any way.

We often take for granted the obvious, and thereby ignore the core lessons to be learned and applied. When we do have and live our sustainable vision, we also learn to trust ourselves in our decisions both large and small. This kind of trust allows for making mistakes, and understanding that mistakes are just part of the process.

So here we go! Let’s outline a few simple ways to create our vision.

1) Accepting our current situation fully. No matter what’s going on we take off the blinders, and move forward from wherever we are with all of our gifts and challenges. When we ignore our issues, we also tend to ignore our accomplishments and gifts.

2) Appreciate what we have Right Now. Very often we tend to think things will get better when…. By doing this we ignore all the good stuff we have going on right now.

3) Knowing that anything is possible. If it has happened somewhere in the universe it can happen for us. We get so caught focusing on our limitations and problems that we don’t see the trees for the forest. We miss examples of what we can do and achieve which are staring us in the face. We must not shortchange ourselves.   Turning On The Light

4) Conceiving the End Result. This is not trying to figure out how to do things. This is having a Vision of what you desire your End Result to be, and looking at it long enough to be able to conceive it as possible. It doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe right this moment. This is a Process of Discovery.

5) Brainstorming. This is where you go within yourself and let loose on acknowledging what you truly desire no matter how outrageous it may initially seem. There are No Limits to this process of discovery. Anything that even inspires or interests you at all: Write It Down! Your list may be one (1) item or hundreds; it doesn’t matter. This is what is important to you.

6) Selection. At this point you pick the items on your list which give you the most Emotional Charge. Again, it doesn’t matter if this is one (1) or many. You will “know” what they are.

7) Create Your Vision. This is the final step in the process. Based on what you selected as your most emotionally charged items on your list, use them to create your Vision.

Once you have clearly defined your Vision, it is then just a matter of “constantly” reminding yourself of it on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis. This in itself will create the necessary thought patterns for you to Be the person you need to Be to Do the necessary actions which will Create what you desire to Have. But first you need to Have the Vision!


Our Sight Has Improved   Seeing With New Eyes

When we create and live our Vision we, in all respects, have new eyes with which to see. We see clearly for the first time in a long time. We have eliminated the distractions, and the unnecessary baggage which we have been carrying.

When we see with new eyes, things which we before ignored or took for granted suddenly have new meaning. We appreciate the smallest things and experiences where before we were blind to them.

Our New Vision is much more than a way to improve the stuff in our lives. It is an opening up to Who We Truly Are. We are back in touch with our True Essence.

Enjoy the Process and Be Grateful for the Journey!


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May you be Blessed with your True Essence,



6 thoughts on “How To Create A Vision For Your Life”

  1. The bible says where there is no vision the people perish and that is so true. When we have a vision or a plan then our lives begin to take on direction, Every success story became a success because of the vision that person. There is no success without a vision. The points that you have given is great. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you so much Norman for your kind comments. I look forward that more and more folks create a vision for themselves which truly inspires the greatness which we ALL have within.

  2. This is amazing
    this is a masterpiece, Especially the steps to create our vision.
    I’m having a problem i need your advice. There is business plan i have but it is still very raw in my head and am always afraid on starting it, because my mind always tells me it is not the right time don’t know what to do

    • Thanks Okoye so much for your kind comment. Let me know more specifics of what your challenge is and I will do my best to assist.

  3. I think that the toughest part is accepting the situation fully. I opened a pet store that didn’t work out and now I am in debt. But I have accepted that this has been the outcome and I am not fretting. Yes, it is a lot to pay back but I am taking it one step at a time. If I didn’t, I would be overwhelmed. I would panic and I would not be able to think clearly.

    There is a great lesson within what you have written. If you accept things first and foremost, everything else will fall into place.

    I have really enjoyed reading your post.

    • Thanks Reyhana for your comment. I have had many failures and successes in my life but have learned the most from those failures. Of course, at the time it did not seem that way. If nothing else, when we are in an uncomfortable position we come face to face with our strengths and weaknesses and discover even more about ourselves. We learn that the present moment is all we have and that is enough. Your acceptance and focusing on one step at a time has shown your wisdom in handling this. All the very Best!


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