Green Retirement Communities

Green retirement communities are becoming much more popular. They are for people that are retired or coming close to retirement and have a sincere interest in environmental sustainability and want to be around others that share their passion and concerns. Green Retirement Communities

These communities provide the opportunity to make an active contribution to reducing the carbon footprint. Energy efficiency is a hallmark of these communities.

Green Retirement Communities are Eco-Friendly Communities

Within these green retirement communities, there are many eco-friendly community projects in which to get involved. They provide energy-efficient lighting and power sources with many of these communities having hydroelectric, solar, and wind exclusively as their source of electricity.

These retirement living communities provide sustainable senior housing designed to have a minimal environmental impact. Many of their community buildings have geothermal power for cooling and heating.

Many folks who are near retirement or getting ready to retire are looking to downsize. Smaller homes with larger communal areas are what these green communities are all about. In addition to more efficient living space, many of these green communities encourage cohabitation so that people don’t have to live alone. While further reducing the environmental impact it forms close relationships and increases the safety of the residents.

Because of this type of environmental awareness, you will find community gardens rather than amenities such as golf courses that tend to use synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. These gardens promote a strong sense of community. With central locations for common areas like this, walkability is the main feature of green retirement communities.

The Best Green Communities and Cities

There are numerous green communities scattered about the world. In the United States, the greenest cities are:

  • San Diego, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Irvine, California

In the world, these are the greenest cities:

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Munich, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Madrid, Spain
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Singapore

In the United States, there are a wide variety of choices scattered about as to green retirement communities. Each has its own particular emphasis on how they are structured in terms of energy efficiency, the latest technologies, sense of community, amenities, and natural diversity. Location and culture determine a lot about how they are set up and run.

Ideal Living is a website that has a good directory of some of the best green communities in the United States. Whether you desire to live in the city, country, or more resort-type environment, you will be able to get a good idea of what is available.

There are many Green Seniors in the European Union as well. Eco-friendly retirement communities are becoming an important aspect in Europe due to a change in demographics (increase in the number of seniors with an overall decrease in population) that will be reflected economically and politically. The European Network of Greens Seniors (ENGS) works with people of all ages to create a positive common future.

With the intention of positively contributing to society for as long as possible, these seniors are totally engaged in life making positive contributions to the community. With their wealth of skills, experience, and knowledge, these seniors are constantly finding ways to contribute. Passing on lifelong learning to the younger generations is a valuable asset for any aspect of society.

Matra Resort is one example of a retirement community in a natural setting in Hungary. It provides a wide variety of options for seniors. It is located within the pristine nature of Western Europe. The Foundation For Intentional Community provides a list of eco-villages around the world.

There are current communities that can apply to become a green community. In order to do that and achieve green status, Leed Certification is required. There is much assistance available for green infrastructure planning from a variety of organizations including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) here in the United States.

Many people get involved in these types of communities through volunteer work in creating and maintaining community gardens and compost areas. There are many green strategies that can be employed in these communities.

Are Green Retirement Communities for You?

Again, this would all depend on your specific preferences and needs. Is environmental sustainability an important factor to you? When looking for affordable retirement communities green communities are a viable option. Green Retirement Communities

Many are gated retirement communities for safety as well as pet-friendly retirement communities. I know many people who would insist on dog-friendly retirement communities because of their love of their canine companions. Top Retirements also provides a good list of senior living villas to consider.

The main reason to consider a green community is your interest and passion to be around people who have a similar mindset of employing environmentally friendly practices on a daily basis. These folks are committed to leaving a better world for future generations by reducing the carbon footprint and thereby reducing water, air, and land pollution.

These green retirement communities are thus set up to provide the infrastructure and services with green spaces, a variety of transit options, and sustainable and walkable neighborhoods. The benefits from these types of sustainability practices impact both current and future generations.

Current generations save money on utility bills, produce organic food from their community gardens, and create an oxygen-rich environment with the planting of flowers vegetables, and trees. These environments are also great for children to learn gardening skills at an early age.

Another key factor to consider in evaluating these types of communities is that these senior living communities are not just about being eco-friendly and reducing pollution. Although this is an important aspect for those who choose to live in these types of communities, the other factor to consider is that they are very beneficial living environments for the folks living there in terms of physical and mental health.

These communities encourage an active lifestyle in implementing many environmental wellness strategies, and they also create the peace of mind of living with people with similar interests. It has been shown through a Harvard study that green environments have a positive impact on cognitive function resulting in a greater sense of purpose, more positive engagement in life, and overall greater fulfillment and peace of mind.

Well, are green retirement communities for you? Maybe yes, or maybe no, but at least now you have an additional option to consider. Let me know your thoughts on this and if I can assist in any way. All the Best.

Enjoy the Journey,

Joseph William

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  2. I recently watched a film that I found inspiring. It’s called ‘180 degrees south’, it’s generally about adventure, but it’s also big on the conservation theme. It’s thought-provoking how we as humans treat the earth. These two friends, who are now very elderly, have spent the better part of their livelihoods to transform the environment.
    That’s what I’m getting from your blog post as well. We don’t think much of it but these are noble causes for humanity.

    • Thanks for sharing Stephen. These types of green communities offer a lot in terms of concern for the environment as well as interacting with like-minded individuals that can spark innovative ideas and projects. All the Best.


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