Creating Your Life Plan

In previous posts, I have talked about the importance of planning. But when it comes to creating your life plan, I don’t think there is any more important endeavor that we can begin or continue to do.  Creating Your Life Plan

No matter our age, it’s never too late to start. And when it is down on paper or on one of our digital devices, it becomes tangible and real. We have made a decision based on our intention to make a few changes here and there and thus given ourselves some directions about where we want to go.


Creating Your Life — PlanGetting Started

If we have not done this before then there will be some inertia to deal with. We tend to get stuck in our ways of doing things and have a bunch of assumptions of what is and isn’t possible.

To break this inertia we need to break our overall plan down to small steps. If necessary, break them down to a ridiculous level such as step one is picking up my pen or turning on my digital device. Whatever it takes to get started, do it.  Creating Your Life Plan

The crazy thing is that we do not realize we have the ability and power to create anything in our life that we desire. We just need to look around and see for ourselves all we have already created. Some stuff we like, and some we do not like, but we still brought it about by each choice we have ever made.

So the first thing to do is to write up all that you truly desire regardless of any barriers to getting there. Then work backward from your final destination until you get to the first step you can conceive as possible. Even if you can’t conceive right now your end result as being possible (that will come with time), there is at least one thing you can get done that will lead you in the desired direction.


Building Momentum

Once we get started in the direction we desire to go, it becomes like a snowball effect, as we are internally pushed to do more. Each step leads to the next step and before we know it, we have accomplished much more than we originally thought possible.  Creating Your Life Plan

To keep this momentum going it is important to look back and acknowledge how far we have come, and celebrate our wins no matter the size of them. We are then able to keep things in perspective when we hit those inevitable roadblocks, which most definitely will show up to challenge us.

But this is a good sign that we are making progress, and any obstacles or barriers actually help us by re-defining our purpose and showing us additional ways to get there. Good, bad or indifferent turn out to be “All Good”.


Be Patient But Expectant

Be patient with yourself and your progress, but at the same time expect to succeed and reach your final destination. At some point, when we can conceive of getting there, we will know it’s a done deal so we can let go of our goal and just relax into the process.

At this point, we are enjoying what we are doing on a daily basis as we progress. All concern and worry about whether we will succeed or not has left us, and we are totally focused on what we are currently doing, and how to best expand ourselves and help others along the way.

Creating Your Life Plan — This Is Doable

Whatever desire resides within us is capable of being made real. Everything we do is a goal, from picking up a cup of coffee to walking across the room to turn off a light. Given the correct perspective, we can use this same energy and power of “decision and intention” to begin creating our life plan in the exact way we desire.  achieving goals

We spend more time planning a vacation than we do our lives. Regardless of our circumstances, we can move in whatever direction we want as long as we know where we want to go and are willing to get started.

So I encourage everyone to spend a few moments in reflection to determine what that direction is and then plan out a few ways to get there. Once you begin, the momentum will flow. Being able to conceive this happening allows us to become aware of many opportunities which we did not notice before.

It’s not necessary for us to figure out exactly “how” this is going to happen, but we just need to “decide” what we exactly want, conceive it is possible, and then get out of the way. Happy journeys!


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Creating Your Life Plan



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