Brainstorming The Future – Turbocharging Our Creative Thought

Whether we do it on our own or with a group of like-mined folks, brainstorming the future has many benefits for us, both now and down the line. We are able to come up with many viable ideas which will get us started, and then moving along toward our most cherished passions and dreams.  


It All Starts With A Thought

We just have to look around in our immediate environment to notice that everything we observe was once a thought. Whether it is a coffee cup, skyscraper, lawnmower, a chess set, or the setting sun, it is all a manifestation of someone’s mind, or in the case of the sun, the Mind of the Universe.

What is important to take from this is that when we observe what we are actually thinking at any given moment, we can trace this back to the originating thought in our mind. That thought may have occurred many days, weeks, or months ago, but it was there.

We then reinforce that thought with similar thinking to keep whatever object or situation in place. This is how we actually create our lives, but we mostly do it unconsciously through habit, and then we wonder what the heck is going on!

Without getting too deep with this mind stuff, it is basically important to note that we can change those thoughts, and create something different. But to do that we have got to stay conscious of what is going on, and brainstorming is one way to do it.


Let’s Quiet Things Down

Sitting still a few minutes or more per day in a reflective pose will bring tremendous long term results, since all that we have experienced throughout our lives has been the result of our own very own thoughts. For many of us, the majority of time this has occurred on an accidental basis.

So quieting our mind, and doing some brainstorming with others or by ourselves, will allow us to access our intuition and come up with some viable ideas which will serve us well. This is a fun process. Getting outside in nature can help stimulate our senses and get us in that reflective mood, or relaxing inside our office or home will do just as well.  Some relaxing music in the background is also an option.

In order to gain access to the tremendous power that is within each of us, it is imperative that we bring this unconscious, accidental process into our full awareness on a moment-to-moment basis. In this way we consciously create our lives by thinking the thoughts we desire to think, and not the thoughts that just show up randomly.

Specific Ideas Will Appear

Whatever our goals and intentions are in life, we can attain them as long as we are  “specific” as to what we truly desire, and consciously choose to focus only on that, beyond all the many distractions which occur in our lives day-to-day.

These brainstorming sessions will accelerate this process.

This goes beyond thinking or believing that we can attain our objectives or dreams, and gets to the heart of the matter, where we actually “know” we will attain them, and at this point any obstacles are most welcome, as they are just there to keep us conscious and on course to our destination.

As I mentioned previously, we can brainstorm ideas on our own or in a group, that does not matter. What does matter is that we follow our passion and acknowledge our dreams and goals, and treat them with the reverence and respect which they deserve. After all, success is merely a state of mind!

Here’s a review of an opportunity which came my way after a brainstorming session, and for which I am most grateful.

Enjoy the Moment,


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