“Learn Build Earn” Review

“Learn Build Earn” Review   Learn Build Earn

Name: Learn Build Earn

Website: LearnBuildEarn.com

Price: $2497

Owners: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Learn Build Earn

Product Overview

In addition to Learn Build Earn (LBE), Mark Ling has one of the better affiliate educational programs available. LBE is about learning how to market digital products online.

In order to be effective in the digital product world, you need training that is well-rounded in all aspects of this business, and Mark does a great job in getting this done.

The Good and The Not So Good

The Good

1) Step-by-Step training & plenty of it

2) Covers all aspects of building a business in this area

3) Well known developer of this training with good credentials (Mark Ling)

4) Excellent support

5) Work within your own time limits and availability


The Not So Good

1) Requires a strong commitment as you cannot know if this is for you until after your purchase

2) At $2497, it is one of the more expensive training programs around

3) Can be challenging for some in creating their own product


Learn Build Earn — The Actual Training

There are fourteen (14) modules in this training program.

Here is a rundown of what you get:

  1. Profit Funnels, Niches, and Influence
  2. Creating Products That Sell
  3. Chapter Outlines
  4. Sales Pages and Mini Mechanisms
  5. Creating Great Bonuses
  6. Creating Graphics
  7. Story Component of Sales copy
  8. Email Marketing & Writing Tips
  9. Set Up Your Website and Install WordPress
  10. Quality Content and Outsourcing
  11. Improving Members and Affiliate’s Area
  12. Facebook, Email Lists, and Continuity
  13. YouTube Organic Traffic
  14. Hurricane Method and Finding Affiliates

Concluding Thoughts on Learn Build Earn

The training within Learn Build Earn is excellent, and Mark Ling is a well-respected mentor in the online world.

This program teaches how to be successful online with a number of different training tools and techniques. Also, the business model is built around digital products which is a very lucrative and expanding part of the internet marketplace. Once created, digital products can be sold over and over again without a lot of additional work, and there is no cost of materials or products involved.

They actually limit the number of positions that they accept into the program. This is genuine, and not a marketing hoax.  The reason for this is their excellent level of support, which they do not wish to dilute.

The reason I gave them a ranking of 90 out of 100, and not higher, is the price.  $2497 is a bit high for many folks, especially those just starting out.

Overall, this program is put together pretty well, with a lot of valuable information. Because of the price,  it’s not for everyone.

My highest recommendation for a training program for beginners, as well as experienced marketers, is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s affordable and extremely effective. Read my full review below of this online training program.


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2 thoughts on ““Learn Build Earn” Review”

  1. Hey, Jo, thank you much for this review, always value honest reviews since they guide us to the correct places online with all these scammers looking to take our honest change.
    However, this seems very expensive to me; what I’ve learned is that most of these expensive courses are available for far cheaper or free is just to find it; I’ve paid for many programs and get them FREE after sharing this with us, Jo.

    • Thanks Earl. I appreciate your thoughts. Yes, this is expensive but Mark Ling, the creator of the course also offers plenty of free info that you can take and build on your own profitable business. I enjoy his teaching and see the cost as a good investment. But you are right you can find what you need free. These courses basically organize the info and present it in a step-by-step manner that makes it easier to apply as well as providing support along the way. It comes down to individual choice. Appreciate your insights and all the Best.


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