Active Retirement Communities — Staying Engaged In Life

active retirement communities

What exactly are active retirement communities? Well, they are basic senior retirement communities for folks over fifty (50) who are looking for social interaction and an active lifestyle. This is for people who are looking beyond just keeping busy and desire meaningful activities and high quality of life. These are people who are very independent … Read more

Maximizing Our Stages Of Retirement

Stages Of Retirement

There are a few stages of retirement that we all either have already or will experience. Being cognizant of these will help us prepare for as well as increase our enjoyment of the retirement experience. Let’s discuss a few of these stages of retirement in this article in order to enhance both our preparation and … Read more

Adjusting To Retirement In A Harmonious And Productive Way

Adjusting To Retirement

Adjusting to retirement, like most things, takes a bit of contemplation and planning in order to gain its fullest benefits. Many eagerly anticipate this stage of their lives only to be a bit disillusioned when it arrives. Let’s take a more proactive approach so that we can smoothly transition into this phase of our lives … Read more

Getting Ready For Retirement Without The Stress And Anxiety

Getting ready for retirement

Getting ready for retirement can be something being looked forward to with anticipation and joy, or it can be a fearful situation with many worries about an uncertain future. Although finances can be a major contributing factor to this uncertainty, this is not always the case. Preparing for retirement takes a balanced approach to life, … Read more

Looking For Passive Income For Retirement? Try These 7 Digital Marketing Skills To Bring In Additional Income

Passive income for retirement

Passive income for retirement is the ideal situation for people approaching retirement or currently retired. Retirement accounts and social security provide such a passive income. But regardless of your current financial situation, digital marketing can provide an enjoyable way to create additional streams of passive income. Like any skill, it must be learned in order … Read more

Not Ready To Retire? Try These 5 Entrepreneurial Pursuits To Keep The Money Flowing In

Not ready to retire? This could be for many reasons. Actually, I found it difficult to let go and retire from my main career because I enjoyed it very much, but I desired the time to pursue other activities. In order to supplement my income on a semi-retired basis, I planned and prepared to build … Read more

7 Benefits To Working After Retirement That Will Keep You Young

Working After Retirement

Working after retirement may not be the ideal scenario for some, but there may be more benefits to this than is first apparent on the surface. In addition to providing an increase in income, there are many mental, emotional, and physical benefits as well. As I have mentioned in several previous articles on semi-retirement, there … Read more

Retirement Your Way: How To Earn An Income While Benefiting From Retired Life

Retirement Your Way

Retirement your way is the “only” way to go, especially when you realize that you have more options than you may currently even realize. Take a look at my article on semi-retirement options for a few ideas. In this article, we will be focusing specifically on earning an income while enjoying an ideal semi-retirement lifestyle. … Read more

What It Takes To Truly Live A Semi-Retired Life


To live a semi-retired life it is necessary to let go of our ideas of traditional retirement. In fact, these are not really our ideas at all, but just some concepts we picked up along the way. Semi-retirement is a much more fluid concept that allows us to create the lifestyle that we desire at … Read more