There Is “A” Answer – Learning To Trust

There is “A” answer to whatever we truly want to know. All apparent mysteries can be solved once we make the decision to do so.  

And when we search for “A” type of answers, we quickly realize that this is no ordinary type of endeavor. This involves accessing our intuitive self, who is much smarter than we may presently realize .


Beyond Confusion

When we are not sure what to do and find ourselves apparently “stuck”, it is really that we are making the same mistakes over and over again, because of our habitual thinking. The answers we seek reside on a much higher level than our day-to-day thoughts provide.

Many well-known and famous folks over the years have mentioned that to think the same type of thoughts when we are looking for solutions will not do the trick. Moving beyond this confusion, which is basically repetitive thought, requires us to slow down, observe ourselves, get ourselves in the present moment, and make some “conscious” choices, instead of robotic reactions based on habit.

Whenever we feel lost and isolated, it is best to just surrender and let go. At that point we are able to access a much greater intelligence to which we are most definitely connected.


Trusting Ourselves

When we learn to trust our true selves, and ignore our egoic thought (habits formed over the year by fear and struggle), we are able to access our intuition. This is the part of ourselves which will never let us down.

This is a feeling we develop over time by observing ourselves more and more. And by the way, when we do observe, we need to pat ourselves on the back for the stuff we do well, and not judge ourselves for our poor habits and mistakes. In fact, we should be grateful for these mistakes, as they are pointing us to areas that don’t work, and in which we can make other, more productive choices.

When we are first learning to trust ourselves again, like we did when we were very young, we will make mistakes. And that ‘s perfectly okay. We keep moving forward, When we were learning to walk as a child, we didn’t beat ourselves up for falling down, or doubt that we could do it.


Heart Felt Decisions

Learning to trust our instincts or intuition allows us to make decisions from our heart, and not our head. When we do let go, and allow this source of wisdom to come through, we amaze ourselves with what we are able to accomplish effortlessly.

At this point, we will never doubt that we can find the answer to any problem or challenge which arises. It will just be another situation with which to deal.

When we are on the right track, we know it. We feel it in our heart, and our heart doesn’t lie to us.


Finding The “A” Answer

It is very important to realize that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves, there is most definitely a solution to our challenge. It may be just a minor issue such as what to buy someone for the holiday, or something much more critical related to our family or business life.

But there is a “A” answer available which will provide the solution.

It does not matter the size of the issue, when we quiet the noise in our mind, and trust the answer is there, we can then be certain that our difficulty will soon be solved. It is then best to relax, and occupy our time with some unrelated activity, as we are now prepared to receive with gratitude and joy.

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May you only find “A” type of answers!


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