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Like anything else when beginning a new project it pays to have a plan or at least some idea where we are headed. In the internet marketing world, strategies of online marketing come into play from the very beginning.  Strategies of Online Marketing

For those of us on the internet/online marketing world, we all at some point or another have been frustrated by pursing “shiny objects” down blind alleyways. The funny thing is, looking back on all these many detours we have taken, all these distractions seemed to have made sense at the time. Let’s now see how we can better proceed as we progress in our current careers in the online world, and maybe even save a few other folks some wasted time and effort as they begin their own careers.

A Plan is a Plan but It May Change

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.”

— Dwight D. Eisenhower —

No matter how good our plan may seem, and how long we may have spent creating it, one thing for sure is that it will change at least a few times along the way. This brings us to the point of realizing that we must be flexible at each point of our journey, and be willing to make a few detours here and there.
Even when things are going well, we can always improve. That’s why “testing” is so important as we run various marketing campaigns for our products and services. We desire to determine what works the best because just a small increment of increase in our conversions can make a tremendous difference in our overall profit.

As well as the flexibility needed to make adjustments to our plans and strategies, we must also do adequate research as we are putting our plan together. This can save us time by decreasing the number of changes which we will need to make along the way.

One important aspect of our research in constructing our plan is to determine if there is a market for our products and/or services in the first place. It makes our work so much easier when we have defined a group of people with a specific problem for which they desire a solution. We can then proceed to address that problem and provide a viable solution. If we discover that there is no market for our product or service, we can then move on to another area where there is a problem to solve. This type of market research is invaluable to us.

A Few Practical Things to Do Strategies of Online Marketing

No matter what niche we may be addressing, or what types of problems there are to solve, we must pay attention to a few critical elements of online marketing. These are the things which will comprise a good overall strategy for your internet business by forming the foundation on which to grow and scale your business as time goes on.

At some point, it is good to hire an experienced Coach to guide the way. This will speed up your progress tremendously. Starting out it may not be a practical option because of available funds, but once your business gets going and producing profit, a percentage of that profit can be used wisely to hire a coach/consultant to fill in the gaps and point out ways to improve. This is especially helpful for small business owners who need to focus on their core business, and don’t have the time to maintain a successful marketing campaign.

It is also important to pay attention to web design. The amount of time that a visitor spends on our sites is determined by functionality and ease of use, is easy to read and not cluttered, mobile-friendly, and that our website contains interesting and valuable content that speaks directly to the needs of our target audience. Many times a visitor will not even get into the content, regardless of its value, if the design is not attractive and functional enough to keep this person on the page. This requires developing some basic design skills or farming it out to a web designer. It is time and/or money well spent.

It’s also helpful to learn some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills so that you can implement a workable and efficient SEO marketing and optimization strategy. Having your niche related keywords rank well in the search engines will contribute greatly to your overall success as more people will be able to access your products and/or services. This can be learned or farmed out, although it can be quite expensive to hire an SEO specialist.

Don’t forget about building an Email List. Even though this may not be your main strategy at first, it will pay huge dividends over time to have accumulated a list of prospects and buyers in your niche. By keeping in touch with these folks through a series of autoresponder emails and an occasional email broadcast, you are solidifying long term relationships with your specific audience.

Also, keep your Blog up-to-date. A blog is a great place to build trust and confidence with your target audience. With your blog, in addition to sharing useful information and offering solutions to your audience’s challenges, it is also a great way to rank new keywords and enhance your overall SEO efforts.

There are a number of ways to increase your online marketing efforts without spending a lot of money. Online Press Releases offer you the opportunity to present your info in a more formal way so that it is exposed to various media sources, newspapers, and other blogs. You can also run a few Contests for your audience by offering free products or services, as this will get your folks engaged and more likely to make a purchase.

Another strategy is to get your content/articles into news stories with the assistance of a Public Relations Professional. This helps you build your credibility as an authority or expert in your niche, as well as exposing your business to a whole new group of people.

Many people start off in affiliate marketing and then progress to creating their own products and/or services. If this is the case, at some point you may want to set up your own Affiliate Program so that you can share your products and services through your very own affiliate network. You will grow your business on a commission-based platform without having to do all the marketing and promotion yourselves.





Don’t Forget About Mindset

Here’s the thing. You can have the best business strategies available, but there is another part of building a successful enterprise, and that is a mindset. Sure, you can make a bunch of loot implementing all these great tactics and procedures, but unless what you are doing is in alignment with what you truly enjoy and find effortless to do, it becomes a struggle. Strategies of Online Marketing

This is where you see people working twelve (12) to eighteen (18) hours a day on their businesses without taking the time to balance other departments of their lives out. This leads to an overall unhappy situation, and no matter how much money is accumulated, there is no true happiness and contentment.

There are many examples today and down through the history of people who appeared to have it all, but then were found to have led very unhappy lives. Some of these folks even took their own lives or got so wacked out by taking everything to the extreme by overindulging.

Now, these are some of the more extreme examples of what not balancing out your life can do. But when we are building any type of business, it is extremely important for us to have fun. If it isn’t fun, don’t do it. Now that does not mean you don’t put in the effort, and have to deal with challenges along the way. What it does mean is that you “feel good” about what you are doing. And that is the ultimate test; do you feel good? 

Mindset leads to online marketing made easy. It simplifies the process tremendously.

With the proper mindset, you not only make more consistent progress in your efforts, but you enjoy what you are accomplishing. Each step you take means something to you. You feel part of a higher purpose because you are in sync with who you really are, and are expressing the unique gifts you have to offer in the best possible way.



A Wonderful Business

Online marketing is certainly a wonderful business for sure. It offers so much in terms of income potential as well as personal development. We get to create businesses around our interests and talents, as well as stretching our potential by meeting challenges in creative ways.

It is really about who we become as a person, which provides the most value in this endeavor. As we grow as a person, we develop the skills and abilities to repeat this process at any time, which ensures our financial well-being even if we did not have a penny to our name.

The confidence and certainty of our ability to create is something on which we cannot put a price. Let’s all proceed with our online careers in a more creative way, realizing it is not about competing but rather sharing our uniqueness in the marketplace. There will never be a lack of demand for unique and innovative products and services presented in an authentic fashion with the distinct intention of serving and solving problems and challenges.

May you all find your inner passions, which will fuel you to effortlessly learn and apply these online marketing strategies in a way that will position you as an authority and industry leader. You will have created a brand strategy that will enhance your very presence in your marketplace, and have you seen as a valuable asset to those in your niche market. At that point, competitive pressures will not even exist.

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To your Happiness and Success,


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Strategies of Online Marketing

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