Benefits Of A Balanced Life

The benefits of a balanced life are really too numerous to mention in any great detail, but I just want to name a few which are critical to our happiness and well-being.  Very often as an adult, we end up doing what we would never have done as a child, and that is thinking too … Read more Benefits Of A Balanced Life

Baby Boomer Emergency Retirement Plan

With this article right here, to start the New Year of 2019 off, I am going to review a few of my previous articles/posts related to Baby Boomers and the challenges of retirement. In the Baby Boomer Retirement Plan I am going to outline a few strategies for folks who are preparing to retire, or … Read more Baby Boomer Emergency Retirement Plan

SPYFY Review

SPYFY Review    Name: SPYFY Website: Price: $87 or $97.00 One Time Investment Owners: OJ James & Austin Anthony Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 Product Overview This product is a suite of tools which allows you to spy on profitable campaigns on social media. You get current results because their database automatically updates … Read more SPYFY Review

How To Remain In The Present Moment

Although I have previously written a few articles about the present moment, today I want to get clear on how to Remain in the present moment once you get there. Trust me, most of the time we are not there. In both previous posts, How To Be In The Present Moment and Lost In The Now, … Read more How To Remain In The Present Moment

TeeSpy Pro Review

TeeSpy Pro Review   Name: TeeSpy Pro Website: Price: Free trial then $47 per Month for Pro Version Owners: BeachinSoft Overall Rank: 85 out of 100 Product Overview This is software which enables you to locate the best-selling T-Shirt designs on other T-Shirts sites. What it does is scan active campaigns on these sites, and … Read more TeeSpy Pro Review

Living Life With Joy

I thought this would be a good topic for this time of year, since “joy” is a significant part of the holiday season no matter where you are on the planet. Living life with joy is actually a three hundred and sixty-five (365) day a year venture, but it is more obvious to some during … Read more Living Life With Joy

Download PLR Products Review

Download PLR Products Review    Name: Download PLR Products Website: Price: $1 Five (5) DayTrial then $14.95 per month to continue your Membership Owners: Kevin Fahey   Overall Rank: 80 out of 100   Product Overview This is a Private Label Rights (PLR) membership site. There are over two hundred (200) titles available which … Read more Download PLR Products Review

The Battle Of The Mind

Once we awaken a bit and actually realize we are not consciously in control of our mind, we are then in a position make a decision to do some about it.  We quickly realize that there is some resistance going on.  The battle of the mind is a “daily challenge”.  It does not have to … Read more The Battle Of The Mind

Video Marketing Blaster Review

Video Marketing Blaster Review Name: Video Marketing Blaster    Website: Price: $37.00 Single Payment Owners: Ali G. Overall Rank: 90 out of 100   Product Overview This is a product which will help you improve the ranking of your videos on YouTube and Google. This product was developed by Ali G., who has had … Read more Video Marketing Blaster Review

Imprisoned Mind

An imprisoned mind is not a very efficient machine. Our minds are so powerful that without all the false data which we have accumulated over time, we would be performing at peak levels in all areas of our lives.    The powers of the mind are dissipated greatly when we run our lives on false … Read more Imprisoned Mind