Learn How To Succeed – Eliminate The Competition

To learn how to succeed there is one quality which we must possess or at least develop. That quality is determination. With this one quality we can overcome any obstacle, and attain any goal.  

Whenever we compete in any area of our life, we are really only competing with ourselves. How well we do is a result of our determination and planning.


A Well Planned Life

There’s a saying about if we fail to plan, we pan to fail. This is so very true. Once we have set a direction for ourselves, we then plan out the steps to get there. These steps may change over time, which is absolutely okay. When we are going after what we truly desire, and we “know” we are on the right path, our determination is a given.

Any improvement or step in the right direction is progress. We do not build large businesses in a day, or get in shape by the end of the week, when we have not worked out for awhile. Patience and persistence go a long way.

The Gift of our Obstacles

When we run into problems, barriers, or obstacles along the way, we are most blessed because when we are on the right path, everything is there to help us. We actually should be grateful for our challenges.

Another gift of our barriers is that they actually define our purpose. For example, if we were playing a game of some sort, and our opponent was doing really well, we would want to plan a way to defend him or her. That would be our purpose in order to increase our chances to win the game.

At this point we are determined to fulfill our purpose in order to succeed.   Determination becomes part of our natural flow of life.

As part of a test of our overall determination, we merely have to observe how we deal with adversity or obstacles. When we play to win with no idea of turning back, we soon discover that even obstacles and challenges are sent to help us get to our destination. They help us to learn and course correct.
We many decide to add a few more steps, change a few, or even drop some, as we progress on our journey to our goal.


Only A Matter of Time

When what we desire is foremost on our mind and focus, it is only a matter of time before we succeed. When we can conceive of it happening, it is certain to occur.
While we progress on our journey we now “know” we are going to succeed, because we can actually see us as the successful person Now. Success is then where we Are, and not somewhere we are trying to go. We learn to succeed by knowing we are successful already.


Here’s a Review of a Journey which I have Chosen to Take!


Stay focused and enjoy!


There Is “A” Answer – Learning To Trust

There is “A” answer to whatever we truly want to know. All apparent mysteries can be solved once we make the decision to do so.  

And when we search for “A” type of answers, we quickly realize that this is no ordinary type of endeavor. This involves accessing our intuitive self, who is much smarter than we may presently realize .


Beyond Confusion

When we are not sure what to do and find ourselves apparently “stuck”, it is really that we are making the same mistakes over and over again, because of our habitual thinking. The answers we seek reside on a much higher level than our day-to-day thoughts provide.

Many well-known and famous folks over the years have mentioned that to think the same type of thoughts when we are looking for solutions will not do the trick. Moving beyond this confusion, which is basically repetitive thought, requires us to slow down, observe ourselves, get ourselves in the present moment, and make some “conscious” choices, instead of robotic reactions based on habit.

Whenever we feel lost and isolated, it is best to just surrender and let go. At that point we are able to access a much greater intelligence to which we are most definitely connected.


Trusting Ourselves

When we learn to trust our true selves, and ignore our egoic thought (habits formed over the year by fear and struggle), we are able to access our intuition. This is the part of ourselves which will never let us down.

This is a feeling we develop over time by observing ourselves more and more. And by the way, when we do observe, we need to pat ourselves on the back for the stuff we do well, and not judge ourselves for our poor habits and mistakes. In fact, we should be grateful for these mistakes, as they are pointing us to areas that don’t work, and in which we can make other, more productive choices.

When we are first learning to trust ourselves again, like we did when we were very young, we will make mistakes. And that ‘s perfectly okay. We keep moving forward, When we were learning to walk as a child, we didn’t beat ourselves up for falling down, or doubt that we could do it.


Heart Felt Decisions

Learning to trust our instincts or intuition allows us to make decisions from our heart, and not our head. When we do let go, and allow this source of wisdom to come through, we amaze ourselves with what we are able to accomplish effortlessly.

At this point, we will never doubt that we can find the answer to any problem or challenge which arises. It will just be another situation with which to deal.

When we are on the right track, we know it. We feel it in our heart, and our heart doesn’t lie to us.


Finding The “A” Answer

It is very important to realize that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves, there is most definitely a solution to our challenge. It may be just a minor issue such as what to buy someone for the holiday, or something much more critical related to our family or business life.

But there is a “A” answer available which will provide the solution.

It does not matter the size of the issue, when we quiet the noise in our mind, and trust the answer is there, we can then be certain that our difficulty will soon be solved. It is then best to relax, and occupy our time with some unrelated activity, as we are now prepared to receive with gratitude and joy.

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May you only find “A” type of answers!


Review Of “The Commission Machine”

Commission Machine Review  Affiliate marketing review

Name: The Commission Machine

Website: TheCommissionMachine.net

Price: $47 plus Upgrades

Owners: Michael Cheney

Overall Rank: 65 out of 100

Product Overview


This is basically a training course on selling affiliate products in the internet marketing niche. The emphasis is on creating email marketing campaigns. Primarily video training and a lot of up sells as you move through the training process.


The Good

1) Step-by-Step training

2) Some good information

3) Michael Cheney is a competent trainer

4) Good Support

5) Low cost at $47 to get started


The Not So Good

1) Not good for beginners (doesn’t teach many of the basics)

2) No training on traffic which is what you need to produce $

3) Lots of up sells

4) Training is not in depth enough, but for the price it’s okay

5) A lot of the training is stuff you can find elsewhere on the net for free or low cost

6) Promotion of program not upfront enough with what you actually get; lacks transparency

7) Too much hype in their advertising and promotion

8) More interested in selling their products than training you


Who is The Commission Machine For?

Definitely this program is not for everyone. It doesn’t teach the basics such as how to setting up an autoresponder, landing page, or how to get traffic. You are left to figure this out for yourself unless you are a more experience marketer who has the basic skills.

Tools & Training

Seven (7) modules on the core training.

  • The Orientation session with Micheal Cheney (another up sell on purchasing his high ticket item call 7 Figure Franchise)
  • Getting Started (Overview of his RAPID System – Research, Angle, Provide Incentives, Deploy
  • Research
  • Angle
  • Providing Incentives
  • Messages
  • Deploy
  • The No List Method (how to market without a mailing list by using mainly Facebook posts)
  • Advance Ninja Tactics (teaches how to increase income by adding bonuses and sending follow up messages at the right time.)



$47 one time and then up sells of $27/month for a program called Commissionology, which allows you to copy and paste Cheney’s campaigns. There’s a done for you service which is $97, and then there’s a product called 7Figure Franchise which he sells for $1997. This is apparently some secret way to get traffic from Facebook.


Final Thoughts

Overall this program has too much hype for my liking, and not enough in depth training, but check it out and decide for yourself. The training overall is decent for the initial price. You are not forced into any upgrades. But if you are a beginner, it is definitely not for you.

Also, they promote that you will be in profit with three (3) simple steps, without experience or an email list, and that is definitely not the case. This info is not anything new, and much is just affiliate marketing training that is common all over the web.


Final Conclusion:   Product review


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All the Best,




The Law Of Least Effort – Do Less & Create More

In this crazy world of ours, there are a few universal principles which guide us along the way.  Water is wet, rocks are hard, and gravity does exist. But some of the more subtle principles of life, we either tend to ignore or not value as highly as  maybe we should. The Law of the Least Effort happens to be one of these.  


Is Working Hard All That Great?

As far back as I can remember, I was told to work hard. This message came from many directions including parents, teachers, government, and the media to name a few.

But if we are lucky, we finally figure out that this is really not the ticket to a fun and fulfilling life.

Working hard seems like the theme of all mantras as far as jobs and businesses are concerned. But is it necessarily the right thing to do? I remember reading a quote from someone saying if working hard was all that great, rich folks would have most definitely kept it to themselves.


The Irony of Working Hard

While many successful people do work hard, I have found that the people who have attained a high level of success and have balanced out there lives by giving attention to all departments of their life, are the most fulfilled. They are able to create prosperity and abundance financially, without sacrificing their family life, health, or hobbies.

When we are just t focused on working hard to make a lot of loot, we ignore so many signals for us to slow down and enjoy the ride. We are then ripe for the entry of overwhelm and stress into our lives.

We often end up working hard, and at the same time feeling that we never do enough. Instead of focusing on all that we have accomplished, and acknowledging ourselves for it, we end up frustrated by what we have not got done as yet.

Going back to that 80-20 rule I mentioned in a previous post, also known as the Pareto principle, twenty (20) per cent of our efforts account for eighty (80) per cent of our results. I would also include some of our mistakes and corrections in that twenty (20) per cent.

So in some respects working hard can be self-defeating, especially when we are working hard for the sake of working hard. No matter how hard we work, if we do not have an accurate plan and a success mindset, we will find ourselves spinning our wheels. We will always feel that we did not do enough.

Taking It Easy

Enjoying the journey each day allows us to take it easy, and get even more done when we need. At this point we are not “trying” to succeed, but we “know” that our success is assured, because we are going after exactly what we desire, and we are confident we are on the right path.

Many years ago I was told that if it wasn’t fun, don’t do it. As a result, I have endeavored to live my life by that, and have had many fun businesses, jobs, and relationships along the way.

It is much more efficient to spend several hours thinking and planning our day, than spending ten (10) times the effort in doing stuff that is not organized. The most effort we should spend is in our mind, planning out what to do. Then when we take action, we are best utilizing our time and efforts.

Allowing Ourselves To Succeed

When we apply the Law of the Least Effort, we position ourselves to succeed because we focus on the tasks we enjoy, and also the tasks which will get us to our destination most efficiently. We stop getting in our own way, and move forward with confidence. We deal with challenges as they come along, and don’t try to avoid them.

It also more important what we do, rather than how we do it. Staying busy does not get it, if we are not working on things that will bring us results. So hard work for the sake of hard work is not where it’s at.

When we know what results we want, we can then plan and organize our schedule to maximize our efforts. When we truly enjoy what we are doing, time is not an issue, and nothing is hard. Choose the easy way!

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Enjoy the journey, and if it isn’t fun, don’t do it!



A “AHA” Moment

A “aha” moment can often occur when we least expect it. That is why it is so important to stay conscious and aware as often as we can. When we stay focused on what is happening “Now”, we have less chance of having these moments of inspiration slip by without us noticing them.  

These moments are pure gold, because they consist of thoughts and ideas from our creative selves, which can lead us in very direction which we desire to go in order to accomplish our goals and objectives.


Left Or Right?

Instead of struggling with figuring out which direction is best, we can make life much easier on ourselves by taking the time to pay attention to our intuitive thoughts and ideas. These are the “aha” moments which I have been talking about.

When we are confused and appear to be stuck on what to do, it is really only us ignoring our intuition, and being caught in a repetitive loop of the same old thoughts on which we base our actions. And guess what? We get the same old results.

Now we can tell ourselves it’s just bad luck or the world is against us if we want to, but eventually we will see it is merely a “choice” which we can make right this moment to change the direction of our lives. If we want an excuse,. any one will do. No need to tire ourselves out by coming up with some elaborate explanation.

So whether we go left or right is not the point. It is our conscious intention which matter most. At this point, there are no mistakes, but merely adjustments to be made on our way to our most cherished destination.



Accessing Those Moments

One way to get in touch with our more creative part of ourselves is to ask ourselves a question about what we want to know, prior to going to sleep in the evening, and the answer will most likely show up upon awakening in the morning.

This takes a little practice so give it some time.

Also when we first awaken, and are still in that half sleep state, we can ask at that moment as well, and then just let go of the thought, and go on with our morning routine.

Then while we are doing other stuff during the day, a few ideas will show up, which may be the answer to our question. This is one way to generate those “Aha” moments.

Otherwise, just by focusing on what we most desire on a regular basis will automatically bring fresh ideas to us. This is because by focusing on our objective we are letting our creative self know we are serious about whatever it is we desire.

One last thing is to pay attention to our dreams as well. We may get some enlightening information when we least expect it.


Productive Waiting

There is a time to act, a time to think, and a time to wait.  By getting the right balance of this makes life seem effortless, especially to people who observe us getting things done so easily.

When we are at an impasse, and not sure what to do, it is best to do nothing, and wait for inspiration to arrive. We then move forward when we are emotionally inspired to proceed, rather than trying to figure things out only intellectually.

We do our due diligence on a conscious, logical level, but we learn to trust our instincts by being patient, and waiting for our marching orders from the smarter part of our Being. This can take as little as a few moments, to as long as a few weeks. Any longer than that probably indicates that we are either trying too hard or unconsciously procrastinating.

When the idea arrives we will know it, as it usually comes out of the blue, when we are involved in doing something else. This is our “aha” moment, and we can then proceed with confidence knowing that whatever the result, it is in our best interest.


It’s All Good

Even when events occur which seem to be not working our for us or not going our way, let’s not prejudge what is really going on. When we “know” what we desire (our end result), and are confident we are on the right path, anything and everything which happens along the way is there to help us get where we want to go. Obstacles and barriers become our friend, because they define our purpose.

When we see what we are up against, we can then decide on a way around or through that apparent roadblock.  We soon discover that in the far majority of the cases, this turns out to be the best path for us in the long run.

Cultivate more of those “aha” moments. We have all had them over the years. It is now time to pay attention to them, and use them to propel ourselves to our dreams!


Here’s a Review of an Opportunity which came to me as a result of One of Those “Aha” Moments!

Stay present and enjoy the Journey!!



Joel Therien/Pure Leverage Review

Pure Leverage Review  Digital Tools

Name: Pure Leverage (Part of Global Virtual Opportunities- Autoresponder and Hosting services); Pure Leverage founded 3/4/12; GVO founded in 1999.

Website: .pure leverage.com

Price: $24.97 per month plus upgrades

Owners: Joel Therien

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100


Pure Leverage Product Overview

This company sets you up to sell a line of internet tools such as a video platform for email and streaming, autoresponders, lead capture system, websites, and a conference room. These digital tools are designed to improve your marketing efforts. Their main claim to fame, similar to other companies like them, is they emphasize you can make 100% commission on each sale.

In addition to providing marketing tools, this program is also an MLM (multi-level marketing) where you sell the tools and recruit others.

The Good

1) Digital products mixed with an income opportunity

2) Less expensive internet tools

3) An MLM to promote


The Not So Good

1) It’s not 100% commission

2) Their advertising can be misleading

3) There have been complaints about delays in receiving refunds

4) Complaints about difficulty in canceling orders

5) Cookie-cutter blog network which makes it hard to get ranked on the search engines

6) This system is set up to primarily market their own company and not yours (forget about branding yourself)

7) Traffic based on viral marketing which is not easy to master

8) Tools require experience and skill to be used effectively


Target Market for Pure Leverage

This product is targeted at all levels of network and affiliate marketers. Since these are tools to enhance your marketing efforts, the folks who will most benefit are established marketers.

Tools & Training

Here are the products and services offered:

  1. Leverage “Authority” Blog
  2. Easy Lead Flow
  3. Elite Coaching Program
  4. Turbo Traffic Generation
  5. Video Email Service
  6. Live Meeting Room
  7. A to Z Wealth Home Study Course


Basic Level – $1 trial period for 7 days, thereafter $24.97 Per Month

VIP Level – $97 per Month

Re seller Fee – $19.95 per Month
Highest level works out to about $141.90 per month


Final Thoughts

Pure Leverage is definitely not for beginners. It does require some skills already in place to make money with this system. This is a platform intended for those who already have an online business, and this would be a way to get more affordable tools.

That being said, they are not transparent about the true nature of 100% commission. You actually make 100% the first month, and then 50% after that.

This is not a scam, but basically an income opportunity with an autoresponder. In my opinion, this is not for beginners. This does not take you by the hand, and teach you the basics of building a successful online business step-by-step.

Also network marketing or MLM programs are not easy to build, and require quite awhile to create unless you already have a large group from another company to transfer over like the top dogs in that industry do.

There are other much more viable programs out there which will assist both beginners and experienced marketers in building a successful online business.


Final Thoughts:   Product review


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Stay focused and enjoy the journey!


Get Organized Checklist

Getting organized properly in business or our personal life is critical to our overall success in life. Putting together a “Get Organized Checklist” enables you to stay focused on the most important tasks on a day-to-day basis.  

When we are organized, we take care of our highest priority tasks first. We do this by putting three (3) or four (4) tasks on our checklist each day. These are the things that we must get done, which provide the biggest return on our efforts.


A Bit Of Organization

Running a business, or even our personal affairs, requires a bit of organization in order to reduce clutter and overwhelm, as well as to allow us to get things done on a consistent basis. When it comes to running a home-based or brick and mortar business, this is extremely important.

There are many good apps available for keeping track of things we need to do, or even a simple notepad on or offline will get the job done. Prioritize all tasks to ensure the most important get done first.

List all tasks needed to get done so that they are not forgotten, but to be most efficient, and to stay inspired to get them done, one’s priority list should be no more than three (3) to six (6) items, with the intention of completing the most critical immediately.

Rewarding Our Progress

Once we complete a task, it is important that we reward ourselves by taking a break or doing something fun. This not only renews our energy, but we acknowledge our achievements and progress. It does not matter how big the task, because each step brings us closer to our goal.

When we push ourselves to just keep working to get more and more done, and not praising ourselves for what we just did, we create a vicious circle of feeling the need to do more and more, but never being satisfied with our progress. We feel like we have not done enough, which ultimately leads to stress and overwhelm.

Letting Go

Once we decide on what we desire to get done, it helps to relax and let things flow. We are then best situated to handle any obstacles that come up, and still stay focused on our end result.

When we do feel a bit stressed or overwhelmed, this is the time to take a break and relax a bit. Even when we are under a time deadline, stopping what we a re doing and wasting some time sends a message to our worried self that we will get this done. A part of us then knows that we have all the time in the world (which we do when we choose to see it that way).

Then when we return to work, we will be more energized having let go of any unnecessary baggage from stress and overwhelm. The most important stuff will get done, and the other things that don’t will come back around if they really are that important.

This goes back to the old 80/20 rule, where all our results come from 20% of our efforts, and I am of the opinion that it is actually less than 10%, as part of that 20% includes our mistakes and failures to get to our destination.

Less Effort Than We Thought

When we have our “Get Organized Checklist” in place, we find that we use a lot less effort to get done what previously seemed so tiring. When we are organized we “know” what our next step in the process is which will get us where we want to go.

So spend a few minutes the night before to organize you day, so that when you get up in the morning you will be inspired to get things done, which provide you the most beneficial results.


Here’s a Review of an Opportunity which with the proper organization and effort will provide amazing results!


Keep focused as always on your intended goal, and as long as it is what you truly desire, it will happen!


“Learn Build Earn” Review

“Learn Build Earn” Review   Internet Training

Name: Learn Build Earn

Website: LearnBuildEarn.com

Price: $2497

Owners: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Learn Build Earn

Product Overview

In addition to Learn Build Earn (LBE), Mark Ling has one of the better affiliate educational programs available. LBE is about learning how to market digital products online.

In order to be effective in the digital product world, you need training which is well rounded in all aspects of this business, and Mark does a great job in getting this done.

The Good

1) Step-by-Step training & plenty of it

2) Covers all aspects of building a business in this area

3) Well known developer of this training with good credentials (Mark Ling)

4) Excellent support

5) Work within your own time limits and availability


The Not So Good

1) Requires a strong commitment as you cannot know if this is for you until after your purchase

2) At $2497, it is one of the more expensive training programs around

3) Can be challenging for some in creating your own product


The Actual Training

There are fourteen (14) modules in this training program.

Here is a rundown of what you get:

  1. Profit Funnels, Niches and Influence
  2. Creating Products That Sell
  3. Chapter Outlines
  4. Sales Pages and Mini Mechanisms
  5. Creating Great Bonuses
  6. Creating Graphics
  7. Story Component of Salescopy
  8. Email Marketing & Writing Tips
  9. Set Up Your Website and Install WordPress
  10. Quality Content and Outsourcing
  11. Improving Members and Affiliate’s Area
  12. Facebook, Email Lists, and Continuity
  13. YouTube Organic Traffic
  14. Hurricane Method and Finding Affiliates

Concluding Thoughts

The training within Learn Build Earn is excellent, and Mark Ling is a well respected mentor in the online world.

This program teaches how to be successful online with a number of different training tools and techniques. Also, the business model is built around digital products which is a very lucrative and expanding part of the internet marketplace. Once created, digital products can be sold over and over again without a lot of additional work, and there is no cost of materials or production involved.

They actually limit the amount of positions which they accept into the program. This is genuine, and not a marketing hoax.  The reason for this is their excellent level of support, which they do not wish to dilute.

The reason I gave they a ranking of 90 out of 100, and not higher, is the price.  $2497 is a bit high for many folks, especially those just starting out.

Overall, this program is put together pretty well, with a lot of valuable information. Because of the price,  it’s not for everyone.

My highest recommendation for a training program for beginners, as well as experienced marketers, is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s affordable and extremely effective. Read my full review below of this online training program.


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All the very Best in your Online Adventures,


Brainstorming The Future – Turbocharging Our Creative Thought

Whether we do it on our own or with a group of like-mined folks, brainstorming the future has many benefits for us, both now and down the line. We are able to come up with many viable ideas which will get us started, and then moving along toward our most cherished passions and dreams.  


It All Starts With A Thought

We just have to look around in our immediate environment to notice that everything we observe was once a thought. Whether it is a coffee cup, skyscraper, lawnmower, a chess set, or the setting sun, it is all a manifestation of someone’s mind, or in the case of the sun, the Mind of the Universe.

What is important to take from this is that when we observe what we are actually thinking at any given moment, we can trace this back to the originating thought in our mind. That thought may have occurred many days, weeks, or months ago, but it was there.

We then reinforce that thought with similar thinking to keep whatever object or situation in place. This is how we actually create our lives, but we mostly do it unconsciously through habit, and then we wonder what the heck is going on!

Without getting too deep with this mind stuff, it is basically important to note that we can change those thoughts, and create something different. But to do that we have got to stay conscious of what is going on, and brainstorming is one way to do it.


Let’s Quiet Things Down

Sitting still a few minutes or more per day in a reflective pose will bring tremendous long term results, since all that we have experienced throughout our lives has been the result of our own very own thoughts. For many of us, the majority of time this has occurred on an accidental basis.

So quieting our mind, and doing some brainstorming with others or by ourselves, will allow us to access our intuition and come up with some viable ideas which will serve us well. This is a fun process. Getting outside in nature can help stimulate our senses and get us in that reflective mood, or relaxing inside our office or home will do just as well.  Some relaxing music in the background is also an option.

In order to gain access to the tremendous power that is within each of us, it is imperative that we bring this unconscious, accidental process into our full awareness on a moment-to-moment basis. In this way we consciously create our lives by thinking the thoughts we desire to think, and not the thoughts that just show up randomly.

Specific Ideas Will Appear

Whatever our goals and intentions are in life, we can attain them as long as we are  “specific” as to what we truly desire, and consciously choose to focus only on that, beyond all the many distractions which occur in our lives day-to-day.

These brainstorming sessions will accelerate this process.

This goes beyond thinking or believing that we can attain our objectives or dreams, and gets to the heart of the matter, where we actually “know” we will attain them, and at this point any obstacles are most welcome, as they are just there to keep us conscious and on course to our destination.

As I mentioned previously, we can brainstorm ideas on our own or in a group, that does not matter. What does matter is that we follow our passion and acknowledge our dreams and goals, and treat them with the reverence and respect which they deserve. After all, success is merely a state of mind!

Here’s a review of an opportunity which came my way after a brainstorming session, and for which I am most grateful.

Enjoy the Moment,


The Art Of Asking The Right Question

In this fast paced technological world of ours, it’s so easy to get distracted when looking for solutions to challenges.  One way to begin our search is by learning the art of asking the right question.  Right Questions

Whenever we feel lost and on our own, it is best to just surrender and let go.  At that point we are able to access a much greater intelligence to which we are most definitely connected.


So What Do I Ask?

To get started, determine what your desired final result is.  Once you know what you want to have you can work backwards in determining the steps required to get there.

At this point, you actually know what you have to “do” to get to your destination.  Otherwise, you will most probably find yourself taking random actions, running around in circles, and then wondering why you are not making any progress.

So formulate your question specifically attuned to your goal or destination.


Trusting Ourselves

Learning to trust our instincts or intuition, allows us to make decisions from our heart, and not our head.  When we do let go and allow this source of wisdom to come through, we amaze ourselves with what we are able to accomplish effortlessly.

It is very important to realize that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves, there is most definitely a solution to our challenge.  It may be just a minor issue such as what to buy someone for the holiday, or something much more critical related to our family or business life.

Once we trust ourselves in making decisions on small things, our confidence grows which allows us to make major life choices “knowing” that it will all work out fine.

Mistakes Are Okay

Even when we form the habit of asking questions related to our final result, we will still make mistakes along the way, which is totally fine.  We know we are headed in the right direction, and merely need to make a few adjustments here and there.

At this point our journey through life becomes a fun adventure, where we are not attached to our final result having to happen in a certain way and in a certain time period.  At this point, it’s all good.


Receiving Our Answer

It does not matter the size of the issue, as when we quiet the noise in our mind, and trust the answer is there, we can then be certain that a solution is on its way.  At this point, it is best to relax, and occupy our time with some unrelated activity, as we are now prepared to receive with gratitude and joy.

Once you get the hang of this, it is a fun process of finding solutions in all areas of our life.  We look to ourselves first, before rushing off to some presumed authority who may or may not have the proper solution for us.

The “Art of Asking The Right Question” is well worth the time investment so that we have a valuable resource on which to call upon as needed.

For those of you who are looking for a few answers on how to create additional income, check out my review about this Online Training Platform.  This may be the answer to your question.


If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

All the Best,