Why Do I Feel So Overwhelmed?

With the rapid pace of life these days, and the constant advances in technology, is it any wonder that I often ask myself “Why do I feel so overwhelmed?” Overwhelm has become the new disease of the modern era.  

Many folks are running to therapists and taking numerous types of medication to combat this new villain, but there just may be a much simpler and far less expensive way to handle this.



What’s Wrong With Technology?

Since I have personally worked in and around technology for many years, I have been privileged to see both the pluses and the minuses of this worldwide industry. It has made life easier in so many ways, but at the same time, just like medications, it does definitely have it’s side effects as well.

It seems like every twenty plus (20+) years after a new invention in technology, we experience a higher level of stress in the general population. This started with the invention of the telephone, increased when cell phones became commonplace, and has taken a strong upward trend with social media.

What will stress levels and overwhelm be like in a few years when nearly the entire worldwide population has access to the net?

It really doesn’t have to be this way. Technology is a tool, like any modern appliance or hand tool which we have used. Is this tool in control of us, or are we in charge?

Like any tool, it pays to spend the time and effort in learning how to utilize it properly. There are no shortcuts when we desire to become good at something. When we utilize technology properly, overwhelm is not an issue.


There Is A Solution

When we are doing so many things at once, we do not do them well or efficiently.  We not only rush around like road runners, but we are so distracted, that we do not even recognize, and acknowledge when a job is completed and well done.  This merely results in a very unhappy existence, no matter what outward signs of success we achieve.

We are so busy sending emails and texts, making phone calls, holding a lot of meetings which are mostly unnecessary a large part of the time, that we have forgotten why we are doing all this to begin with. It really does not take very long for burn out and frustration to set in.

It can set in whether we accomplish our goals or not. It really doesn’t matter, because we are not really happy.

First we need to learn to slow down, and do one thing at a time as efficient as we can. We will not only get better results, but we will actually experience what we have been looking for all the time; just a little bit of joy, fulfillment and happiness.

Can we slow down? Of course we can!  It takes a little practice of observing ourselves, and making corrections along the way.


Take It Easy

When we take things slow and easy, we are more likely to enjoy the experience. By staying present and alert, we begin to notice when we get out of sorts.  Taking it Easy

Instead of ignoring this, or accepting it as the way it needs to be because it always has been since we can remember, let’s pay attention, and then allow ourselves the opportunity to choose.

Once we get tired enough of all the stress, frustration, and overwhelm, we will more inclined to choose a bit differently.


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Enjoy the moment! It is All we really Have.



Review of Landing Page Monkey

Landing Page Monkey Review   Landing Page software


Name: Landing Page Monkey

Website: landingpagemonkey.com

Price: Trial for $1 for fourteen (14) days then Future Payments: $37.00 will be billed every 12 months for 9 payments or until cancelled.

Owners: Promote Labs Inc. out of Nevada in the USA

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100


Product Overview

This is landing page software which creates landing pages with the ability to embed videos as a background image.  It’s web-based, so it doesn’t require any software installation.  Emphasis is on lead capture pages, but can also create other short form pages.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1) Easy to use

2) Web-based

3) No software to install

4) Can embed videos as background

5) Reasonably priced

6) Fourteen (14) day trial period for $1

7) Hosting included

The Not So Good

1) Emphasis is on lead capture pages

2) No templates

3) Videos don’t show up on most mobile devices

Who is Landing Page Monkey For?

This product is ideal for all types of Internet marketers and entrepreneurs.  Basically for anyone looking to grow their subscriber list.



  • Ability to integrate your videos and insert them into the background of any of your landing pages, which were created with LandingPage Monkey.  This is a very unique feature.
  • Easy to use in order to create eye catching designs to promote your webinar,  create affiliate offers, or build your list.   Definitely user friendly
  • Allows you to create pre-selling affiliate offers in order to increase conversions by building a presell page, which sells the click. This positions your prospect for your main product or service.
  • Since there is no drag and drop interface, you create your pages by answering a few simple questions.
  • Integrated with Constant Contact, Aweber, Amazon Web Services, MailChimp, YouTube, Vimeo, Rapid Mailer, Dailymotion, Flickr, and Wistia.


You get twelve (12) tutorial videos in the members’ area. The topics included are an introduction, page content, advanced design, button design, SEO, video options, page stying, autoresponder integration, script customization, and a few bonus videos that are worth viewing.

If need be, you can also contact LandingPage Monkey’s support helpdesk, which you access in the members’ area.



Final Thoughts on Landing Page Monkey

This landing page creator provides a lot of value for the price.  You are able to create attractive landing pages with video integration, where you can add any video to the background of your landing page.  This will impress your prospects before they even opt-in.

For a reasonable price, you have lifetime access to this software with unlimited pages.

Additionally you don’t even need a website to begin or continue building your email list.  Landing Page Monkey provides 100% hosting.

Dependent on where you are in your internet marketing career, Landing Page Monkey may be a good choice as to providing the solutions you need.


Final Conclusion:  


product review


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Much Success,





Thinking On Purpose

Over the years we have picked up so much garbage information from both well-meaning, and not so well-meaning sources, that we spend very little time thinking on purpose. Rather, most of our thoughts are generated accidentally, to a response of what is happening around or to us.  

This lack of purposeful thinking contributes greatly to our lack of results, and creates more problems and obstacles for us. When we spend the time to learn “how” to think, we give ourselves an enormous competitive advantage.



True competition is when we compete with ourselves, and not with others. It is more important to reach our own personal goals and track our progress over time, than worry about what others are doing and how we can surpass them.

When we are truly focused on improving our performance day-to-day, competition in the marketplace does not even exist for us. The only way that it can is if we focus on, or worry about it, and then we are actually creating our own competition by giving it value that it does not deserve.

This is a topic we can spend a lot of time on, but the key take away here is that what we focus on (give energy to) expands. It happens to be one of those universal laws, principles, or things which makes our world go round.


What Is Our Purpose?

To be able to think on purpose, it helps to know what our purpose is. We can have a different purpose for each project in which we are involved, but at the same time, each of us has an Overall Purpose which inspires us to do what we do. Discovering that purpose makes life a lot easier, and much more fun.

Our purpose is actually part of our uniqueness, as we then use our own individual gifts, abilities, and talents to fulfill that purpose. At this point, all of our thoughts and intentions are aligned, so that thinking on purpose becomes natural. If an accidental thought appears, it is immediately recognized, because it does not fit in.

The easiest way to discover our purpose is to spend some quiet time, and reflect on what is most important to us. Ideas will arise, and somewhere in there we will discover what our genuine reason for being here right this moment is.

Another way to do it is when you awaken in the morning, while still in that half-awake state, ask yourself the question: “what is my true purpose in life?” or “What do I most want to accomplish in this lifetime?”.  Then go about your regular routine, and at some point when you least expect it, you will get a revelation, as to what is most important to you to achieve in this lifetime.

This can also work by asking yourself before you go to sleep the same questions, and then you may get the answer upon awakening, or you may even dream about it.


Downhill or Uphill

It is much easier when riding a bike to be traveling downhill, rather then pumping those pedals up the hill. This is rather obvious.

But what is not so obvious is that we have the exact same situation in life. When we know what we desire, and that desire is in alignment with our True Purpose in life, then we are traveling downhill and picking up speed all the time.

On the other hand, when we allow ourselves to take random actions based on reacting to people and events in our lives, we are then putting in a lot of effort as we pedal uphill in life. The choice is ours, when we realize that we have this choice.


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May your ride through life be both enjoyable and with the least amount of effort!



ProfitBuilder Review

ProfitBuilder – Professional Review  Squeeze page software

Name: ProfitBuilder

Website: WPprofitbuilder.com

Price: $67.67

Owners: Sean Donahoe

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Product Overview

Squeeze page/landing page creation software which generates leads and increases revenue using the drag and drop landing page builder for WordPress with full suite of powerful tools for marketers. Product has been available for two (2) years now.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good

1) works with any Word Press website

2) no coding required

3) library of 60+ pre-designed marketing, lead, and sales pages

4) Drag & Drop style page builder

5) no monthly fees (cut overhead costs for your business)

6) 100% responsive & mobile friendly squeeze pages

7) high converting squeeze pages set up quickly

The Not So Good

1) Takes a little time to get things set up and learn how to use


Who is Profit Builder For?

All levels of online marketers Any website owner looking for a bigger audience.



50 Personal Sites
(Only sites you OWN and RUN)

10 Personal Sites
(Only sites you OWN and RUN)

3 Personal Sites
(Only sites you OWN and RUN)


Final thoughts

For high converting squeeze pages which are easy to create, ProfitBuilder is a great choice. This is a squeeze page builder that’s newbie friendly and easy to set up.
You can set up squeeze pages within a few minutes which convert well with cold traffic. It also creates professional looking pages without a monthly fee.

I highly recommend this product. In order to get the highest conversion rates, it just requires that you write good copy for your page.

This product delivers on what it says.


Final Conclusion:   product review


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All the very Best,



The Ultimate Power Tool

We all have the most amazing vehicle for success right within us. This ultimate power tool is our mind. Unfortunately, it does not come with a user manual, so we erroneously assume we know how to use it.  

When we assess the results we have achieved in each department of our lives, it is most likely evident that we are not all that proficient is using this powerful tool.


What’s the Score?

Just because we have a mind with which to think and process our every choice and decision, does not mean we are doing it correctly. Our scorecard is our results. Are we happy with the results which we are getting?

Since we were young, we have been taught all sorts of things from tying our shoes, riding a bike, learning to read, and even baking a cake, but the most important skill of all, we have never been taught, which is “how” to think.

We have certainly been instructed by our teachers, parents, the media, the government, and so called experts in every field in existence, “what” to think, but none or very little time in teaching us how to utilize this most potent device we possess.

It’s like we have this high-powered machine running wild, instead of supporting us in creating the life which we desire. Is it any wonder that when we add up our score (results), we quite often find ourselves below average.



Out of Control

When this is the case, we find ourselves out of control in many areas of our life, and blaming others and circumstances for our poor performance or lot in life. This is because it seems so real to us, that we are convinced that anyone else in our position would think the same about these circumstances.

And that is where the very Trap lies.

And that is a very good expression, because this “trap” actually is a lie which we have bought into. Unless we are able to break free and “externalize” our view on this, we will remain trapped.

We have “interiorized” this thought pattern or belief system to such an extent, that it has actually become a part of us. To let it go now, would be like cutting off a limb, which we are not very likely to do.

So our “out of control” lives make perfect sense to us, as well as all the reasons why.



Breaking Free

To get control of our lives so that we attain the results we desire requires us to examine, and then let go, many cherished beliefs and assumptions which we so dearly hold tight. We must dig down deep to discover what we really think about all aspects of life, and then question those ideas by asking “why”, and then letting them go if necessary.

Without learning how to use this power tool of ours, we will continue to take action based on false assumptions. And why are they false, because they do not bring us the results which we say that we want.

Taking action is easy, when we have a fully functioning power tool which is assessing things without any misconceptions, and then producing thoughts which results in constructive action.

There’s no doubt about it; this will be some of the hardest work we have ever done in our life. We have avoided this for years. Learning how to think is our greatest challenge, but once achieved, will serve us well for our entire lives.



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May you attain all you desire,





Viddyoze Review

Viddyoze Review   Video Automation Software

Name: Viddyoze

Website: viddyoze.com

Price: $47 Personal Version; $67 Professional Version; One Time Payment

Owners: David Chamberlain- Co-Founder

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100


Product Overview

Viddyoze is a cloud-based online platform for creating high quality animation videos with pre-made animated templates. Since it is cloud-based, there is no need for any software to install.

This platform is growing rapidly with over 75,000 users and over One (1) million animated videos.

The current release is Version 3.0

First version came out in 2015.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Easy to use

2) Has features other similar products do not

3) Just came up with 3rd version of their platform

4) Have come a long way in three (3) years

5) Saves time and money since it’s cloud-based

6) Professional looking videos


The Not So Good:

1) Company is relatively new. First version came out in 2015.

2) Template library is not very large as of yet

3) Have to spend additional money for the Template Club

4) No free trial period, as you have to register your credit card for the 30 day guarantee

5) Platform can be slow to process some videos


Who is Viddyoze For?

For folks who want to use video as part of their content such as video creators, vloggers, as well as online and offline entrepreneurs


Product Features


* Alpha Technology

* 100% Cloud-Based

* Movie Filters

* Template Club for $37/month or #347 /year

* Professional lower thirds

* Intros and Outros

* Social Media Calls to Actions

* Live Action Animations

* Smooth Animated Transitions

* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – 100%


The main differences between the Commercial and Personal options do make the Commercial option more appealing. With the Commercial you get an unlimited number of video renders per month, along with unlimited usage rights on both personal and client videos. With the Personal option, you only get 30 renders per month, and unlimited usage rights on just personal videos.

There are a number of different template options. Once you select a template, you can then customize it. Different templates will give you different customization options.

In some of the templates, you can customize the title and text, along with some background colors. While in others, you can also add an image.



There a re two license options– Viddyoze Personal and Viddyoze Commercial. The former is available for $47, while you can get the latter for $67.

The licenses for the Viddyoze 2.0 platform cost $77 and $97 respectively so you do get a better deal with Viddyoze 3.0

Template Club for $37/month or #347 /year

Final Thoughts

Although there are certainly some shortcomings with a relatively new company in this competitive marketplace, they have done well for only their third year in business.

Once they address some of the shortcomings, such as their processing speed, and add more templates, they should be a competitive force.

For those who are interested in creating production quality video content, this is certainly a viable choice.


Final Conclusion:   


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All the Best,




Why Ask “Why” Questions

Not all that long ago in terms of time, we were much younger, and also much more inquisitive. We wouldn’t even consider discussing why ask “why” questions, because it was second nature to us, and we did it automatically.  

It is so true that we can learn much more about ourselves, and how to productively navigate through this world of ours, by observing young children, or even taking a walk in nature.



There Was A Time

There was a time, when we looked out into our world without all the many filters which are now so sturdily in place. Instead of a clear picture of reality, we now settle for the water downed version. This version has been, and is currently being interpreted, by our many perceptions, assumptions, and beliefs.
When we do this, we construct an invisible wall beyond which we cannot see. There can be wonderful opportunities in front and all around us, and we will be blind to them. This is so unfortunate.

By doing this, we are denying ourselves many rich experiences in all areas of our lives.

When we were young, like our little friend in the photo above, we were able to see unlimited possibilities and potential, and we were not afraid to ask “why?”. Also, we were willing to make mistakes, and keep on going.
We thought for ourselves in a natural way, without the constricting limits and barriers put in place by our later conditioning. Basically, we were free.


It’s Never Too Late

The good news is that it is never too late to break free from our self-imposed limitations. Yes, self-imposed, because whether it was conscious or unconscious, we still chose what to think and believe.

Actually, some of those beliefs did serve us well when we were young for survival reasons, like ‘don’t cross the street by yourself’, but just like this one, we have outgrown many of these beliefs, and it’s time to let them go.

We can be that little child again, with just a little inner work. This involves questioning our most precious assumptions when they come to mind, so that we make visible what we have taken for granted, those ideas and thoughts which are running our lives on an unconscious, automated basis.
Now we are learning how to think again, instead of continuing to accept what others think is real.


Keep Asking “Why”

Just like we used to drive our parents nuts by constantly questioning them by asking “why”, we can now drive ourselves sane, by asking ourselves “why” when our preconceived notions appear.

Asking ourselves “why” many times a day will slowly uncover some of these mechanisms which we forgot we accepted as real over these many years. Once they are exposed, we can then decide if they are helpful or not, and then choose to keep or release them.
Learning “how” to think, rather than “what” to think, is some of the hardest work we will ever do. At the same time, it is the most rewarding work we will ever do, as we reacquaint ourselves with our long-lost friend, the child who we used to be and really still are, and that child is most eager to come out and play.


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Stay focused and enjoy the Moment!



Review of Jim Daniel’s EZ Web Business Builder 2

EZ Web Business Builder 2 Review   Online Training

Name: EZ Web Business Builder

Website: ezwebbusinessbuilder2.com

Price: $14.95

Owner: Jim Daniels

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100



EZ Web Business Builder 2 Product Overview

Jim Daniels is one of the really authentic guys out there, and he teaches the basics and fundamentals of online marketing in an easy way to understand and apply. Jim’s been online since 1996, when he founded Biz Web 2000.com. He went full-time earning an online income within that first year.

Whether you are a beginner or looking to expand your current online business, this program teaches you how to create online income with step by step instructions.



The Good & the Not So Good


The Good

1) Comprehensive online training

2) Taught by someone who has made a full time income on the internet since 1996

3) Step by step lessons

4) Inexpensive for the quality of instruction

5) Taught by an experienced marketer
6) Can implement techniques with low initial investment


The Not So Good

1) Requires a commitment of time and resources

2) Need to be consistent in implementing what you learn


Who is EZ Web Business Builder 2 For?

This product is targeted to people just starting their online careers, as well as experienced internet marketers looking to pick up some new strategies from an experienced and successful business builder.


Tools & Training

There is a 163 page PDF report which covers all aspects of the online business world which you need to know in detail, and it’s easy to understand and apply.

In addition there are One Hundred (100) hours of video training which takes you by the hand, and explains everything so you can follow along and implement the information while you are watching. The video training is in mp4 format, so it can be viewed on any device.

There’s also some additional training on setting up your website and monetizing it.



I have worked with Jim in previous years, and he has always provided top of the line support on all of his products.




Currently $14.95 with no ongoing fees. Not sure how long this will last, but it is an extreme bargain. This is normally on a monthly fee basis.


My Final Thoughts

I have known about Jim Daniels over the years, have been a student, and have communicated with him. As a result, I am extremely impressed by his integrity and knowledge. He teaches exactly what he uses in all of his own web businesses.

This course has produced thousands of successes over the years. It does take time to get things going in order to get your foundation built, but you are learning methods which you can implement for your entire business career.

I highly recommend this course.


Final Conclusion:   


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To your Success,



SEO Made Simple

For those of you who are currently doing some online marketing, as well as for those who would like to, I am going to talk briefly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Actually, SEO Made Simple will give you a jump start on this seemingly esoteric subject.

If you are not familiar with the term, it is a strategy used by people promoting and publicizing their businesses and websites, in order to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to their website through organic search engine results (free traffic).


Not That Mysterious

SEO is not nearly as mysterious and complicated as many make it out to be. Most probably, the ones who want it to seem this way are the folks who are selling their web promotion services. They don’t want you to know that you can learn to do at least some of this on your own pretty easily.

The main purpose of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is to get more visitors to your website, and turn a percentage ot them into paying clients or customers.
Now, as I already mentioned, you can pay to have this done, as their are numerous people and companies offering this service all over the world. You can also take online and offline courses to learn about this as well, or simply buy a good book which explains it in detail.

Nevertheless, especially for people starting out and learning the basics of the online marketing world, it’s important to keep things simple, and learn just a few basic concepts, which will produce results.


Something You Can Learn and Apply Today

This is something which you can do, which will create some free traffic over time. While learning online marketing, it’s not necessary to spend money on paid ads until you have some sales coming in, and your business is beginning to flow. At that point, it makes sense to increase the momentum through paid advertising.


Here’s what you can do today…

This SEO technique is very simple to apply: A. Use a free Keyword Tool such as the Google Keyword Planner, (you need to first open a Google Adwords account) or Click on My Link on the Top of this Page, and find some low competition keywords. B. Then write up a number of blog posts about your website’s main subject matter. This will increase your ability to rank (which means free traffic). C. Then build some links to your site from other sites by guest posting (writing posts for other websites, and then linking back to your website).

This might seem a bit complicated but it is not, and you will learn a lot which will serve you well over time, and continue to increase your profits.

You will save a lot of time and money in the long run by learning some basic SEO strategies.

Give this a try, as over time I will be writing about more internet marketing techniques which can be easily learned and applied.

My whole intention here is to help people who want to learn how to make money online providing products and/or services of value in a way which is not complicated at all. This is most definitely something you can learn to do if you desire it.


Here’s a short video to explain even more how to set your website up in a favorable way for search engines.  Click on the image below.


Understanding Search Engines & SEO


We’ll talk soon with more help and advice on increasing your profits!


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All the very Best,


Review of LifePreneur

LifePreneur Review  Online Training Review

Name: LifePreneur

Website: lifepreneurlaunch.com

Price: $2000 until May 2018 and then prices go up

Owners: Chris Record and Peter Sorenson

Overall Rank: 47 out of 100


Lifepreneur Product Overview

LifePreneur was pre-launched this year in February 2018. This is an internet training program which covers most aspects of the business.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Investing
  • SEO
  • e-Commerce
  • Facebook Ads

Additional products will be available in June 2018.

  • Social Influencer Academy
  • Digital Agency Builders
  • Penthouse Mastermind
  • 4C Investor Roundtable


The Good & Not So Good

The Good

1) Well rounded training in doing business online

2) Good lead generation strategies

3) High profit margins in affiliate program

4) Several prospecting methods and marketing methods

The Not So Good

1) Questionable background of Chris Record in previous business ventures

2) Content of course can be gathered less expensively elsewhere

3) Designed to make money promoting their affiliate program

4) High cost to join

5) Make it sound easy to succeed

6) Too much hype for me personally



Who is LifePreneur For?

The product is targeted to entrepreneurs of all levels of experience.



Tools & Training

“The LifePreneur Journey.”

  1. Build Your Influence
  2. Grow Your Income
  3. Scale Your Company
  4. Multiply Your Wealth

LifePreneur Vault – Instant Access to the LifePreneur All Access Vault

– Affiliate Payouts – Exclusive ability to receive 50% commission payouts during pre-launch (everyone else waits until June 2018 for the official launch)

– 1-Day Mastermind Session – Choose from several upcoming masterminds to attend 1 with 6 hours of in-person training.

– Social Influencer Academy Digital Course

– Digital Agency Builders Program & Agency Website

– 4C Investor Roundtable Stream Access



Weekly training where you can ask questions. .



Concluding Thoughts on LifePreneur

LifePreneur is a product which provides a wealth of information on entrepreneurship for sure. You can definitely learn a lot and make money with this program.

For me personally, it is overpriced for many who could benefit by the information, and by doing enough research, a person can locate other less expensive alternatives, which teach the basics of online marketing and set a person up for long term success.

My major issue with this program is the history and background on Chris Record. I would suggest doing your own research on his past business endeavors prior to joining this program.


Final Conclusion:   Product review



Here is my Review of what I consider one of the Best Online Training Programs available!



Stay positive and Never Quit on your Dreams!