How To Make Money Online Traveling — A Few Things To Consider

There are definitely numerous ways to make money online while traveling, and I will mention a few. I will also include a few ideas for earning money while traveling which are not online. When researching how to make money online traveling, keep your eyes open to a few of the nuances which can make a positive difference.Make Money While Traveling

This by no means is meant to be an all-inclusive list, but to give you enough info to stimulate your interest in doing the extensive research necessary to make this a reality if you so desire. Obviously, much of online marketing while traveling is no different that running your business while at home or anywhere else. But there are a few things you can combine with your online efforts while you are on the road.

Let’s Get Started

When you figure out ways to make money while traveling, both online and offline, it is like being on vacation all the time. You determine where you want to be, and how often you desire to be away from home. Generating income at this point is not an issue.

Obviously if you enjoy writing, monetizing a travel blog or a photography website makes sense. Using Google Adsense on your blogs will bring in some income, as well as creating digital guides of your travels and selling them as e-books. But there are ways to travel on a budget for less than one thousand ($1000) dollars per month. It is not as glamorous as staying at nice hotels but it is quite manageable for many.

If you are a capable chef you can earn extra income at restaurants at various locations as you travel, or get hired as a private chef on yachts sailing around the world.

One thing I should mention is that it is important to set up multiple types of income so that if a few dry up you have others to fall back on. Facebook and Google are always changing their policies and procedures so it pays to be flexible and ready to adapt.


Now when you build up a sufficient following on your blog and social media accounts you become attractive to advertisers. Companies will be willing to advertise on your social media accounts and blog in order to reach your audience in that specific niche. This can take the form of brand ambassadorship programs, Instagram features, or sponsored blog posts. Blogging for Profit

This is a form of “influencer marketing” which can be quite lucrative. Both large and small companies are interested in gaining access to a well-fined niche audience .

Also, whatever products and/or services are related to your specific niche can be offered on your blog through affiliate links. You can use affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Affiliate Window, or offer products from ClickBank, Amazon, or various other suppliers.

For some additional information on the advantages of online marketing for Baby Boomers as well as for folks of any generation check on my post on Baby Boomers and Marketing.

Other Sources of Income

If you are into photography you can market your photos which you take while you travel to various locations. These include media outlets, magazines, book publishers, national tourism boards, outdoor brands, and tour companies. These potential sources of income can find you through social media as well as through your blog. Some direct marketing would be a plus as well.

Destination marketing can be lucrative once you get established. This is where you can be invited by a country’s tourism board to visit their country, and then write something up about your experiences. Similar to a media press visit, this can be paid or unpaid, but they will cover your accommodations, flights, and whatever activities are involved. You will be providing them content from a variety of sources such as photography, video content, blog posts, and social media.

Another way to earn some income is by organizing group tours or workshops related to the specific area and other topics of interest. In addition to showing people around the areas to various sights, you can also hold workshops on budget traveling, cooking, photography, writing, or whatever your particular skill may be. This pays well, but can be a lot of work so make sure this is something you will enjoy.

You can also do freelance travel writing where you write up about your travel experiences for other websites. These websites always need relevant content. You can also submit your work to places like the Travel Channel and National Geographic.

If you enjoy speaking, you can get some paid public speaking gigs related to your specific topic as you travel about. You can speak at conferences amd events related to your specialty. Once you establish your online brand, companies will be calling you to speak. Online Marketing

For display advertising on your website or blog top advertising networks such as MediaVine and Adthrive pay more than Google Adsense for displaying relevant ads. Dependent on your topic, these networks pay anywhere from two ($2) dollars to twenty-five ($25) dollars per one thousand (1000) views.

Another interesting way to make money while on the road is delivering packages. Since you’re moving about anyway, you might as well pick up a few extra bucks while doing so. When traveling internationally there is a company called Worldcraze, and in the United States check out Roadie. You can deliver anything from household products to even pets.

Let me finish off this section with a more common way for many to earn a few extra bucks while traveling which is to teach English. Many non-English speaking countries will pay generously for teaching English. Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China) is a particularly good area for this type of work. A very good online resource to obtain accreditation is Premier TEFL. It takes a bit of commitment and work to get accredited, but once you do, this can be a long-term moneymaking vehicle, especially if you enjoy teaching.

Get Creative

As you travel you will notice a lot of possibilities of which you are not now considering. You will meet people from all over the world who will provide different opportunities and ideas on which to consider. Also, don’t overlook the skills you currently possess which may translate into a fun occupation and income.

Whether it is surfing, scuba diving, yoga, bodywork, hair styling, forms of customer service, cooking or many more types of valuable skills, there are ways to earn an income from them with a little thought and persistence. Part of the fun of traveling is networking with people and learning all the different cultures.

When considering what you want to do, it pays to be honest with yourself. Determine what you like best to do. Getting out and meeting people, doing something physical, or being at your computer. This helps determine the best direction to take. Just make sure your interests, talents, and abilities match up with whatever you choose to do. Creative Thinking

Technology has opened up many more options for us to operate a job or business anywhere in the world. If you enjoy freelance writing some good sites are PeoplePerHour, 99Designs, and Upwork.

But for those who prefer not to be online doing their thing, there are many offline options to consider as well. For example, you may enjoy working with kids and doing some tutoring, or you can become an aupair, do some housesitting, work on a yacht as a steward or stewardess, be a lifeguard, resort or summer camp work, a tour escort, construction work, or do some bartending or be a DJ if you enjoy the party scene.

An easy way to make a few extra bucks while moving about is the Pact app. You get paid for doing healthy things. It’s an extra motivation to exercise and eat a bit healthier.

There are also Work Exchanges where you can work in different parts of the world on a contract basis. WWOOF provides work on organic farms for those into the environment. For a more variety of work exchange opportunities check out HelpX.

Also, if you have an interest working on a cruise ship, here is a site to check called Cruise Ship Jobs. Most folks find it easiest to find their first job in the Caribbean. It gets easier to get jobs once you get experience and become known on the circuit. Working on a yacht or sailboat is also an option. To locate boat owners searching for a crew check out Find A Crew.

To find teaching jobs here is a website, Dave’s ESL Cafe, which will get you going in the right direction. If you’re interested in teaching music, Take Lessons is a site where your can register as a teacher.

Choosing Freedom Over Security

When working for yourself there are no guarantees. So the amount of money earned while traveling will most probably fluctuate from month to month. Not the most secure situation, but the benefits of seeing the world and calling your own shots along the way is most definitely worth it for many.

Embracing risk and uncertainty is just part of the process of getting out there and doing the things you love and find fun. It requires patience, persistence, hard work, and a total commitment.

But if you have the travel bug, there most definitely are viable ways to earn an income both online and offline. I encourage you to follow your heart and do what feels right. I look forward that you will find a few useful ideas from this information which will be helpful on your journey. All the very Best.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online Traveling — A Few Things To Consider”

  1. I’ve heard of a lot of people who are making their living while travelling the world and I definitely want to be one of them. They usually do it by posting photos and stories of their travels on Instagram and then promoting products or sponsored posts through their profile.

    Is something like that possible with a blog too?

    • Thanks for your comments.  Yes you can set up a travel blog and specialize in that.  There are a lot of different options.  Do a little research and you will come up with some viable ideas.  All the Best.

  2. Joseph, I agree that myself and all of us need to choose freedom over security. Heck, I’ve already done this a little by taking a few months to work on my blogs with no guarantee of income. Might be risky, but fun at the same time, as well as rewarding and purposeful. For me, once I attain a good following for my blogs my plan is to start traveling and at the same time, earn money while traveling. No guarantees on income, but to see places I’ve never seen before and experience things that I’d otherwise not experience by laboring away somewhere far outweighs the benefits of guaranteed income. 

    • Hi Todd, Thanks for your comments.  Sounds like a good plan.  What I have discovered through my journey in life is that when you take the plunge opportunities turn up that you could never have envisioned.  There is never a right time.  Follow your heart and your intuition will lead the way.  All the Best.

  3. This is a very helpful article, I always wanted to live a life like that, travel while making money. This sounds like an unachievable dream, but it actually works.

    This article just further motivates me to try, I hope my dream will eventually come true when I put in the work.

    Thanks for taking your time to inform us about the many possibilities 🙂


    • Thanks Isaac.  Appreciate your comments.  Anything is possible when you desire it enough.  Put your plan into action and never give up.  As you take the first few steps toward your dream other things will open up for you.  All the very Best.


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