X Ranker 360 Review

X Ranker 360 Review Video Marketing

Name: X Ranker 360

Website: X-Ranker360.com

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Price: $697 or $997 One Time Investment

Owners: Joshua Zamora, Han Fan

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is designed to get your videos ranked on the first page of Google. It basically comes down to selecting the keywords for which you want to rank, and then create your campaigns, build some backlinks, and then observe which videos rank over the next few weeks.

It is a web-based app which you can access from any type of computer. All you need is an internet connection and a web-browser.

This software was created to give you an advantage over your competitors who are also attempting to rank for the same keywords. The original version came out in 2016.

Joshua Zamora is an experienced software designer who has created several previous products such as Targetr, VidPro, Tube Sniper, Smart Video Metrics, PBN Builder, P1 Profits, SyndLab, DFY Chief, Wiki Robot, SyndLab 2.0, Video Chief, Serplify, Video Chief UK Edition, and SyncBuddy. He originally started out as a marketer but did not find the level of success he desired, so he decided to design tools to eliminate many of the challenges he experienced as a marketer. He now designs and tests all of his products in order to make sure the products work before releasing them.

Joshua has a personal blog on which he promotes his products call Zaurai Blogger as well as giving some insightful tips.

Check out the video below for some additional information on X Ranker 360:

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Saves time from working on campaigns which you are not sure are going to rank
  4. No monthly fees

The Not So Good:

  1. Quite expensive

Who is X Ranker 360 For?

This product is for any internet marketer who is using video to promote their products or services. This works for folks selling their own products, affiliate marketers, eCommerce, CPA marketing, local marketing, list building, or any other area in the online world.

Tools & Training

Training videos included in the back office.

It is a Four (4) Step Process:

1) It has a Keyword Suggestion Engine which you use to find keywords which will convert and be profitable. (input any seed keyword and then the software will generate hundreds of possible keywords for your campaign)

2) Create a You Tube Live Stream Event within X Ranker 360 (this is what greatly increases your probability of ranking on the first page of Google; the software is able to track your keywords and determine where these live streams are ranking and once one hit the first page of Google you are immediately notified. The key here is that you will then only work on campaigns which are going to rank on the first page. You will know this ahead of time. This saves you a lot of time and needless effort.)

3) Once you determine your keyword will rank you then Load your Video into Live Stream (once you know which live streams are ranking you then know which ones on which to focus. You rank before you do any further work on your campaigns)

4) Now is the time to Syndicate Your Videos to all social bookmarking and social sharing sites (and the nice thing about this is that this all happens automatically)


1) Twenty (20) You Tube Thumbnails (these images are professionally done and designed to stand out and set you apart from your competition and increase your traffic)

2) Twenty (20) CTA Images (you can create several variations of your videos with these Call To Action images. These are professionally designed to increase conversions)

3) Zamurai Keyword Bootcamp (this is additional training where Joshua goes over his seven (7) types of keywords which have worked well for him over the years in producing good profits)

4) Zamurai Video Immersion [this is a four (4) week video marketing training which was filmed live with a small group of Joshua’s students}


Email support


Personal Version: $697 One Time Payment [Fifty (50) Keyword Searches per Month] — [Fifteen (15) Live Streams]

Pro Version: $997 One Time Payment [One Thousand (1000) Keyword Searches per Month] — [One Hundred plus (100+) Live Streams]

Final Thoughts

This is a web-app which was created to save you time by allowing yout to work only on campaigns which you know ahead of time are going to rank well. This saves weeks of wasted time and effort.

I do agree with Joshua that many folks do waste a great deal of time by trying to figure out their keywords and then spending the time and effort in creating a full campaign. After that, they spend additional time in building a bunch of backlinks for their videos, and then waiting for weeks to determine which videos will rank. It is much better to figure out which keywords will rank first, before going to all that effort and trouble which can end up with wasting a lot of time.

You Tube Live Events are where the emphasis is now. Live streaming is the new standard which prompted Google to discontinue Google Hangouts. These live events are similar to Facebook Live.

With this software you can create a You Tube Live Event, don’t actually run or stream that event, and still get indexed and ranked in Google. You only choose which video to insert into the Live Stream after you know which keywords are ranking. The video is then syndicated automatically with their proprietary syndication system.

It’s the Keyword Engine aspect of their software which sets them apart.

The only negative I have found is the price. Both the personal and pro versions do cost a tidy sum. What I do not understand is why it is so high now, because when it was first launched, and even after the next version came out,  the cost was under a $100, and not much more even with the upsells. In any event, this does seem like a very good product based on what it is able to do in order to increase the effectiveness of you video marketing campaigns.

Final Conclusion Video Marketing

All the Best in your Marketing Efforts,


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8 thoughts on “X Ranker 360 Review”

  1. This is a very nice program to enable you get good google ranking and only a few platforms can really give you such service and assure smooth running overtime. Video marketing is a nice thing and a very easy means to conveying the message across to people. I am really cool by its service and its exposure it gives to its users is nice. I am really cool with it, but its pricing is quite in the high side and that may turn some people assy from it.

  2. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I started creating videos for my business for a while now, but the outcome is not as good as I expect.

    Here comes your review of X Ranker 360 Review, which provides nice guidance on how to create effective videos, including selecting the keywords to rank high at Google, creating campaigns, building backlinks, and monitoring the video rank process.

    This is something I am thinking about to improve and I am definitely going to take advantage of free trial opportunity and to give a trial. It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. 

  3. Excellent review of X Ranker 360, Joseph!

    I actually, did a bit of a double-take when I saw the price of this one it is pretty expensive… but I guess you get what you pay for.

    I know Joshua Zamora has a good reputation and if the software works as you say it does, then it may well be worth the investment.

    Thanks for explaining what X Ranker 360 is all about.


    • Thanks John for your thoughts on this. He did raise the price substantially from when it was first launched and then updated. It really does seem quite expensive but as you say if the results are there it is worth it. All the Best.

  4. Base on your review it seems to be a good product which can help in so many ways making life a lot easier but the downside is that it is pretty costly I guess that the creator of this program is sure from his standpoint that you will get your monies worth. Again a good product but a bit pricy.


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