WP SociXplode Review — Is It For Real?

WP SociXplode Review  

Name: WP SociXplode

Website: WPSociXplode.com

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Price: $27 Unlimited Site License, $16 Single Site License (One Time Payment) —

Owners: Dr. Amit Pareek

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a product which was launched on January 24, 2017. This is a software product used to increase viral traffic from social media sites such as Facebook on autopilot. It creates a Facebook Viral Campaign in three (3) steps.

With the Unlimited Site option you can install the plugin on as many sites as you desire. In order to install on a client site you have to upgrade and obtain the Developer’s License.

If you are an affiliate marketer this software integrates with product sources such as Warrior+Plus, JVZoo, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, Max Bounty, and Amazon Associates.

The creator of the software is Dr. Amit Pareek who has also developed other software programs over the years such as

Snapchat Marketing, InstaVideo Agency, Facebook Ads 2.0, IM Conversion Suite, WP Income Formula, Insta-Consultant Ancillary Toolkit and other digital product launches which have done quite well.

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Doesn’t require any major technical skills
  2. Designed for experienced marketers and newbies as well
  3. Saves money from ad spends
  4. Easy to use
  5. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  6. Nothing to install or download
  7. No monthly fees
  8. Compativle with PC and Mac

The Not So Good:

  1. Upgrades needed to utilize tool for additional social sites other than Facebook
  2. Not as easy as it sounds based on sales page
  3. It still requires a learning curve.
  4. In order to fully automate the system it does require an upgrade

Who is WP SociXplode For?

This software product is designed for those in the internet marketing world (bloggers, affiliate marketers, product developers) who desire to increase traffic on a viral basis from Facebook, and even other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram (requires an upgrade to generate traffic from social sites other than Facebook – see below for upgrade info). It addresses practically any nice as well as eComm

Tools & Training

Step-by-Step Training videos provided to assist with the Set Up process and explains every feature so that it can be easily applied. There is also 24/7 support to answer any question which comes up..

1) Keyword Search — enter a keyword into the software which will then locate all related offers and posts in your website. Then just select the URL or blog post for which you desire to get traffic.

2) Select Social Media Accounts — set up the Facebook pages, groups, and timelines from which you wish to drive traffic to your blog or website. Share you post to the groups or pages selected.

3) Traffic Generated to Specific Niches — software provides traffic from your desired niche.

  • You are able to promote and generate targeted traffic for unlimited posts and pages — eliminates the need for paid ads –generate Facebook traffic from anywhere in the world without paying for PPV, PPC, or any advertising at all.
  • You can preview and edit if necessary your posts before they go live on Facebook to ensure maximum engagement
  • With Traffic Finder you are able to locate Facebook pages and groups which offer the highest potential for your offers
  • Use the built-in Scheduler to start your campaign and schedule your post at the ideal time
  • Manage all your campaigns from the intuitive Dashboard where it is easy to set up, edit, or delete any of your campaigns
  • The software operates continuously in the background generating targeted traffic while you work on other tasks on your computer. It is one hundred (100%) percent automated and easy to use.


Receive support through their Help Desk and Knowledge Base.



$27 for Unlimited Site License and $16 for Single Site License


1. WP SociXplode Pro ($47-$57)

Allows you to automate the complete process to increase traffic even more to any number of pages or posts. Also receive the Developer’s License to the product.

2. WP SociXplode Elite ($77-$97)

Increase your exposure to Instagram and Twitter.

3. Complete Re sellers Rights ($97)

Receive a RESELLER license to WP SociXplode so you can market WP SociXplode and keep one hundred (100%) of the profits.

Final Thoughts

Well I would have to say that this software product is certainly for real. But like the majority of products these days, you will find numerous one time offers and upgrades within their sales funnel. This can be both good or bad dependent on the specific situation. As long as the primary product offered delivers as promised without any upgrades then I don’t mind them at all.

It is only when you have to buy one (1) or several upgrades in order to get the full benefit of the initial offer, that I have a problem with upgrades. If the upgrades are designed to improve what is already working, then they offer an intelligent choice after you are already making money and benefiting from the initial product.

This product seems to deliver on its initial offer when using it to generate traffic from Facebook, although it is necessary to upgrade in order to use the same system for other social sites. Facebook can be a wonderful source of traffic, but similar to Google Adwords it has become very expensive to advertise effectively.

That being said, this software tool will help increase traffic and generate leads without that expense. By using Facebook effectively, you can more easily access your target market in order to generate the type of traffic and leads which will more likely convert by increasing visitor engagement.

Again, in order to maximize this software system by putting it on complete autopilot with various social media sites, it is necessary to upgrade. Overall I think this can be a helpful product in one’s marketing campaigns, but like with any other tool or traffic strategy, there are no guarantees as to results. If you desire utilizing social media to generate traffic, this can help. Personally, I use social media to a minimal extent and much prefer to increase traffic through my sites organically through SEO, as well as selective paid advertising. Once again, it all depends if something like this would fit in and benefit your overall marketing strategy.

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Final Conclusion: Online Marketing

Enjoy your Onlime Marketing adventure,


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16 thoughts on “WP SociXplode Review — Is It For Real?”

  1. This sounds like an interesting plug-in to me because social media is not something I’m familiar with. I would definitely prefer it if I could just automate all the Social Media stuff. It sounds like something I might try, but it helps to know ahead of time that you end up having to pay about $100 all together instead of just the initial $16. Thank you for this review it was very informative.

  2. Hello Joseph :),

    I enjoyed your review on wp socixplode as it was easy to understand and straight to the pont.

    One thing i love most about this product is that it doesnt require you to have any technical skill and i am one who struggles with the technical stuff so i always look for that when i look for products. Best still is the money back guarantee option which means they have faith in their product so this is what has me sold.

    I do not like the upgrade but i would be trying it out. Thanks

  3. Hi Joseph,

    I appreciate this review of WP SociXplode and the product overview. It’s comforting to know that the product is legitimate and has some positive points. Understanding the shortfalls of any product before you purchase is also important. So, thanks for pointing out the potential issues and shortcomings.

    Like you, I also rely heavily on organic SEO traffic. I feel I have a better chance of attracting relevant viewers with SEO techniques. That said, I’ve been considering doing more with Facebook. It sounds like WP SociXplode may be a viable option to consider.

    Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks Linda for your comments and thoughts.  Yes these tools can be helpful in gaining more traffic but I also believe the highest quality leads do come through organic search using SEO to generalte.  All the Best.

  4. wow, some of my friends have been complaining about wanting to generate traffic and all, but I really dont know much about if, so I hardly know how to help out. But reading this post can be of help to them in what they are doing. I certainly will show this to them and see how it can be of help to them. I love seeing such enlightening post. 

  5. Hi, your post is unique and helpful to promote.my business, a friend of mine have once told me abut Wp socixplode but he.mentioned it briefly am.hapy to see full review about the program.from your post i can derive the advantages and disadvantages.

    because with this data provided on your website it  will help me to make decision for my business, I am.a lover of tools that will boost my business. Thank you for sharing your post is helpful.

  6. I found this article very interesting, thanks for sharing, I have been looking for a way to activate viral traffic into my social media accounts, especially Facebook, the tools and training look spectacular so will be going in to take a closer look, thanks

  7. Thanks for the WP Socixplode review. There are so many similar products out there these days that I decided to look for a review before deciding on which to select and use. It does seem that this one is legitimate and if it does what it says for the front end offer, I am happy.

    As you mention, there likely will be a learning curve to get the full benefit from the software, but that is normal for me at least. I always have to start slow and after trial and error, get things working the way I want them to or as they should per the sales page.

    Good that you mention you will need to upgrade to maximize the automation features that it offers, and that tells me I will look to see how the cost for the upgrade compares to the competition. This review has been very helpful for me, I really appreciate your time and effort putting it together… 


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