Whiteboard Video Packs Review

Whiteboard Video Packs Review Whiteboard Videos

Name: Whiteboard Video Packs

Website: WhiteBoardVideoPacks.com


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Price: $37 One Time Investment

Owners: Kayte-Lee and June Ashley

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This product launched in September 20015, and this is a product which is designed to enable you to add emotion to your videos with the use of specific images. It includes thirty (30) video packs comprised of over five hundred (500) hand drawn characters in different types of poses and expressions in order to create an emotional impact.

In order to create a unique expression for your specific video, it offers a choice of three (3) different artistic styles: full color, outline, and black and white. Again, this is designed so you can create the appropriate emotional response for your specific offer in order to increase conversions.

Whiteboard Video Packs is compatible with other popular video and graphics software programs such as Photoshop, Keynote, Powerpoint, Explaindio, VideoScribe, Adobe Illustrator, and Easy Sketch Pro.

This product can be used in a number of ways for different purposes in addition to whiteboard videos, such as for your blog, website, social media avatars, print projects and T-shirt designs, and in other promotional ways.

This is a way to create engagement through storytelling. By entertaining your client base you get them to relax and thus are more open to your offer. This is done through cartoons and animation.


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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Compatible with other graphic and video software programs
  2. Save money on outsourcing
  3. Add a unique touch to your videos
  4. Effective for both online and offline marketers
  5. Makes storytelling about you and your business easy and persuasive
  6. Customize content with exclusive rights
  7. Easy to use
  8. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  9. No additional editing needed


The Not So Good:

  1. Need to devote the time to familiarize yourself with all the packs and modules to learn how to most effectively utilize them for your specific needs.
  2. There are upgrades

Who is Whiteboard Video Packs For?

This is an effective tool for any internet marketer, product creator, affiliate marketer, blogger etc. who are interested in using whiteboard videos to create their own stories. By creating your own unique stories you are then able to present your offers in an appealing way. This also builds your authority and allows you to create brands in an entertaining and fun ways which lead to greater conversions and sales.

Tools & Training

Here’s a short video which reviews this product:

Six (6) Video Packs with approximately five hundred and twenty-seven (527) unique elements with which to create your whiteboard story in order to positively influence your audience.

* Pack #1: Colored Whiteboard SVGs — this comes in SVG and PNG formats. There are three (300) hand drawn elements and character in either black and white or multiple colors.

— Module 1 — Business and Money Male Collection

— Module 2 — Business and Money Female Collection

— Module 3 — Health and Fitness Male Collection

— Module 4 — Health and Fitness Female Collection

— Module 5 — Internet Marketer Collection

— Module 6 — Work from Home Mom Collection

— Module 7 — Personal Development Collection

— Module 8 — Military Army Collection

— Module 9 — Icons Collection

— Module 10 — Ideas Set

— Module 11 — Arrows Set

— Module 12 — Financial Set

— Module 13 — Love and Romance Set

— Module 14 — Bubbles and Speeches Set

— Module 15 — Banners and Badges Set

* Pack #2: Vector Animated Background Loops — this comes in MP4 format (Full HD 1920×1080) and includes nine (9) colorful background loops designed to enhance your storytelling.

* Pack #3: Vector Animated Elements — this is in MOV alpha and MP4 formats (Full HD 1920×1080) and includes nine (9) animated elements with three (3) choice of colors.

* Pack #4: Vector Animated Transition Effects — the formats offered are MP4 and MOV alpha (Full HD 1920×1080); it includes nine (9) colorful vector transition effects to move your prospects through your story in a smooth and enjoyable way.

* Pack #5: Abstract Image Backgrounds — this comes in JPG format and includes one hundred (100) high resolution abstract backgrounds with a good variety of textures and colors from which to choose.

* Pack #6: Royalty Free Music Tracks — in MP3 format there are one hundred (100) music tracks included used to keep the flow going in your videos to enhance your storytelling.


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$37 One Time Charge with Three (3) Upgrades

Final Thoughts

This is basically a good product if you want to use graphics and videos in a creative way to individualize your offer to set it apart from your competitors. It all depends on what your overall objectives are with your campaign, and how you like to present your offers.

It is not for everybody, but it can give your campaigns a unique twist using whiteboard animation. It also can save some time and effort on your part, as it is time-consuming to shoot and edit video. It is good to ask, given your specific circumstances in your online business, if utilizing this product will lead to more sales?

The answer to that will be different for everyone. Before making a decision on this take some time to assess your current strategies and their effectiveness, so that you can logically determine if this product will help your business. By doing an effective cost/benefit analysis you will know if it can benefit your business.

Finally, there are many ways to create an emotional impact with your audience in your market niche. This product can help you do it through video, but you can also accomplish this by offering value and being authentic in your blog posts, sales pages, offers, and videos.

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Final Conclusion

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  1. This is a really nice piece of information I must confess. So many people out there would need the services of such company to help them present their businesses in a better view to the world . Looking at the offers coming  with this program, its something I’ll love to introduce to my son. He is running a blog where he makes video reviews of online games and sometimes he complains about having a bad video. I hope it can help him with it. Best regards. 

  2. Great work you have really done with providing great review about the whiteboard video pack, I think this is indeed a great product as it will help add the best emojis and image to video with touch of professionalism,the price too is budget friendly. I will try to purchase it and share my experience of it with you thereafter.

  3. As an affiliate marketer, I think Whiteboard video pack will be very useful for me, in order to create my own stories and I think its gonna aid uniqueness in my work, though this is my first time reading about Whiteboard video pack, I know it’ll be of great benefits to me. Now I’ll be able to use it to make my work different from others. Thanks for sharing this post, I really love it.

  4. Great innovation and a fun to use product it will be, because the ability to add emotion to videos must be entertaining. So, I can use it to upload videos to YouTube, and does it also have features to compress large videos into smaller sizes?

    In my opinion, I would say this product is relatively not expensive for the values. Thanks

  5. It is so good to know that there are products out there like this that can help a person with their business. It’s so amazing how generating traffic to your website is so important in order to make the sale. With a tool like this will help you in your business to go a long way.


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