VTG Pro Review

VTG Pro Review
Video Marketing

Name: VTG Pro

Website: zamuraiapproved.com/final-vtg-pro

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Price: $47 for Unlimited Installs — One Time Investment

Owners: Joshua Zamora


Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a piece of software, Video Traffic Genie (VTG), which allows you to locate videos in your specific niche which are generating high levels of traffic, and then use them for your own projects. It is designed to take advantage of the marketing effectiveness of videos with the benefits of social media and SEO.

Social signals are certainly important for your websites to get noticed in the search engines, and in getting ranked. Optimizing your channels, tags, and descriptions within your URLs is critical in obtaining traffic. The challenge is getting all of this set up properly and in an efficient manner. Most folks don’t want to spend the time learning how to do all this stuff, or spend money to have it done for them.

After you do get things set up you need to invest some bucks in paid advertising to see if you can generate some traffic from these videos. So this product is designed to give you a shortcut to all this by generating free targeted traffic.

What you are basically doing here with this software is “legally” stealing the traffic of others who have already established profitable streams of traffic in various niches. You do this by selecting your keyword or niche, and the software searches and locates the appropriate videos for you; then you register the expired domain, and redirect the traffic to where you want it to go..

Joshua Zamora is the creator of this product, and some of his previous products are Smart Video Metrics Pro and SynBuddy.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) day Guarantee
  2. Save time from having to create your own videos
  3. Save money from having to buy videos and pay to get them ranked

The Not So Good:

  1. Upsells
  2. Overly promoted with many promises which may or may not realistically occur

Who is VTC Pro For?

Internet marketers who desire to use video in their marketing campaigns to increase traffic.

Tools & Training

Training videos are available in the back office in the Members’ Area. There are also some live case studies as well.

Here’s a short video which will provide some insights into this product:

There are Seven (7) Video Modules which show you in detail how to use the software, how the VTG method works, and there are also included some very revealing case studies.

MODLE 1Introduction

This is a quick introduction about the creator of the program, his marketing back story and the reasons why he is qualified to teach you this stuff.

MODULE 2 — The Video Traffic Genie Approach

This explains the entire concept on which this technique is based. It explains in detail exactly how and why it works and its specific benefits.

MODULE 3Case Study #1

There are two (2) videos in this module which outline a real example of how to implement this software effectively in order to get your desired results. In order to do this, an actual buyer keyword is used which is already getting searches and traffic. This lets you see what is possible, and also you may want to use this keyword yourself for some future projects.

MODULE 4 Case Study #2

In this module another buyer keyword is used to bring to light its potential within its specific niche and how you can use it yourself to generate traffic.

MODULE 5Case Study #3

Within this module you are made aware of things to avoid in order to eliminate mistakes as you move forward using this software. Advice and solutions are provided on how to best maneuver around these roadblocks.

MODULE 6The best ways to Enhance the VTG Approach

These are additional strategies you can employ to improve your use of this software in your marketing campaigns.

MODULE 7Conclusion

In this last module things are put into perspective and summarized to ensure you have a total understanding on how best to utilize this software to your marketing advantage.

Let’s review some of the Features of this product:

  • Unlimited Keyword and Niche Research
    Within this system you are able to search and locate an unlimited amount of keywords, niches and videos which are available to be accessed. You will also be able to clearly identify if the domain is available for your use. You can also search videos based on the time they were uploaded. You can then determine whether you desire videos based on number of views or relevance.
  • Add Or Remove Domains To Skip From The Results
    From the results you receive from your search you can then add or remove domains based on specific needs.
  • Export data in CSV and Text Files
    This allows you to download the results to your computer in order to analyze and sort through the information.
  • Access To Premium Private Facebook Group
    When you acquire this software product you then are part of a Premium Private Facebook Group of other purchasers of this product. This allows you to share information and get your questions answered.

Here’s basically all you have to do to make this work:

  1. Insert your target niche or keyword that you want to access
  2. Then the software finds all the videos that are available to in this specific niche
  3. You then register the expired domain and redirect the traffic to where you desire re it to go
  4. Relax and wait for the results to show up
  • Bonus 1: Private Affiliate Program Training Learn how to find private affiliate programs with fewer affiliates with which to compete and which pay better than average. Learn also how to promote these programs after you find them.
  • Bonus 2: Easy Video Payday Seven(7) additional modules describing how to create videos using the tools already on your computer.
  • Bonus 3: 15 Hot Niches PDF 
  • You receive fifteen (15) niches which are trending really well today so that you can understand how this relates to your own individual niche and how the results are transferable. You can also decide to address one of these niches as well. These niches are also analyzed so that you see their specific benefits.


Email support


$47 for Unlimited Computers Installs — One Time Investment

$42 for two (2) Computer Installs — One Time Investment

There are three (3) upgrades. One is called Gold, and the others SyndLab 25K and SyndLab Pro.

Final Thoughts

This can be a helpful product for those interested in using videos as part of their marketing campaigns. Like all other software, it is just a tool to add to your overall marketing strategy.  You will need to test its effectiveness in your particular niche and audience.

Like all similar products which are designed to assist you in increasing traffic in cost effective ways, most are overly promoted and do not produce the results which they claim. This can be a helpful tool, but only one of many which need to be employed in order to build and maintain a successful online business which produces consistent results and is scalable.

My own strategy is to provide extreme value to my audience based on their specific needs (which may change over time) and develop long-term relationships. There are many products like this in the marketplace, and as I mentioned some of these kind of products can be a useful addition to your overall online strategy dependent on your specific situation and needs. Overall, I consider this an average product.

Final Conclusion Video Marketing

All the Best,


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8 thoughts on “VTG Pro Review”

  1. Thank you so much for this article!  I usually find videos on Youtube, but my niche is pretty easy to find videos on as it deals with occult things, and that’s controversial, which makes it easy to look for in my opinion.  I do like the initial price of this product though.  I’m not a fan of upselling, but if one could avoid that, do you feel it a good product?

    • thanks for your comments jessie.  It seems like an okay product but I would not do the upsells until you are getting positive results from the initial offer.  All the Best.

  2. VTG Pro looks interesting in terms of the technique to draw traffic to a website. Videos are really a great idea to attract traffic and convert. Are the prices for one time or you have to pay it on a monthly or yearly basis? What are the prices for upgradation? What is included in upgraded programs? Are they worth to use?

    • The initial prices are one time investments and the upgrades vary in price. I believe any program that is worthwhile should be able to deliver consistent results without any upgrades and the upsells should only be frosting on the cake. Like I mentioned in the review this is an okay average program that may assist you in your overall marketing strategy but not to be you main technique to depend on. All the Best.

  3. This program seems to be a good investment, the fees seem to be good but as you said it takes time to set up but if this system can get you all of the leads that you need which will convert then this is worth your time and every dollar.

  4. Thanks for this review of VTG Pro, Joseph!

    Video marketing is definitely huge and if software such as this helps with that, then it’s worth looking at.

    A couple of things I like are, even though there are upsells, the frontend offer looks like it will work without them, and that there seems to be quite a bit of training that comes with it as well.

    At the end of the day though, you will be better off creating the videos yourself, rather than looking for a short cut with software such as these!

    Top review, cheers 🙂



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