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VoiceBuddy Review Voice Buddy Review -- Audio & Video

Name: VoiceBuddy

Website: VoiceBuddy.io

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Price: $38.34 One Time Investment

Owners: Ali G and Yogesh Agarwal

Overall Rank: 83 out of 100

Product Overview

This product, VoiceBuddy, is Text to Speech software and the product was launched in November 2019. This product generates speech from text to create effective sounding media.

This eliminates the need for voiceover professionals who can be quite costly or having to spend a lot of time recording your own scripts. This software produces naturally sounding audios.

The creators of this product are Al G and his partner Yogesh Agarwal who have a track record in online marketing. They have developed other digital products such as Viral Vidly, LingoBlaster, LiveVidRanker, 1st Page Ranker, and Video Marketing Blaster.

This software combines the attributes of Google WaveNet and Amazon Polly with its own unique features. With VoiceBuddy you do not need to have the technical knowledge to access the power of this technology, and it is a much less expensive option.

This All-in-One text to speech software makes it simple to create realistic-sounding audio for your content.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. No in-depth technical knowledge needed
  4. Cloud-based
  5. Good support
  6. Operates on PC and Mac

The Not So Good:

  1. Limited capabilities in the main product requiring upgrades for increased functionality
  2. Upsells
  3. Does require time and effort to use the product properly to maximize its benefits


Who is VoiceBuddy For?

This is ideal for social media marketers, affiliate marketers, video marketers, freelancers, product creators, bloggers, video agencies, and business owners who use voiceovers in their videos for promotional purposes.


Tools & Training

Four Steps

1) Add a new campaign

2) Select the voice type and language and customize parameters

3) Paste the text into the dashboard of the software

4) Click to generate and download the audio


  • Choose from thirty-three (33) languages and one hundred and forty-one (141) voices
  • Advanced capabilities that allow you to create enhanced audio for high-quality videos
  • Customization capability allows for editing of audios — can add sentence breaks etc.
  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • Text to speech editor allows you to control pitch, speed, sentence breaks, paragraph breaks, emphasize parts of the audio as needed, locate previously created audios, add notes to audio files and has a search box to use as needed
  • Cloud-based software works on all devices
  • Creates MP3 file format that is easily exported as needed


1) Commercial License — can market audio clips to your clients

2) Fiverr Template — offer your own voiceover services

3) Audio Services Website — created so you can sell your own voiceover services with a pre-written sales letter and the capability to add your payment options

4) VSL Script Templates — written by copywriters to enhance your sales process. Edit as necessary.

5) Audio to Video Merger App — drop audio files into the app and merge with any video


They have a support page for questions and technical issues.


$38.34 One Time Investment


1) Pro Version$37.97 One Time Investment $9.97 per month — unlimited text to speech files for unlimited length in all included languages [standard version limited to five (500) words for each audio]. — Unlimited copy and pasting of text [standard version can paste-up to five hundred (500) words] that is good for creating speeches. — Import text files. — Import text from URL so can create audios from web pages, blog posts, and podcasts. — One hundred and eight (108) additional voices. — Royalty-free background music.

2) VoiceBuddy International$37.97 One Time Investment — helps you translate your script from current to other languages.

3) Video and Image Creation Engine$47.97 One Time Investment — create videos with natural sounds where you select desired images and add a voice-over. — Pixabay integration so that you can select copyright-free images by just entering a keyword.

4) VoiceBuddy Agency Version$47.97 One Time Investment

Final Thoughts

This software allows you to avoid the robotic, unnatural sounds of some audios. For your campaigns and projects, you can produce audio with natural sounding voiceovers without having to go to the expense of outsourcing or more expensive software. In fact, this software has the power of Google and Amazon’s voice engines without needed the technical know-how or programming skills.

You can import your mp3 file into Audacity, Camtasia, After Effects, VideoMakerFX, Video Spin Blaster, and any other software since mp3 is the normal format. You can use this software for your own promotional media or to provide services for others and create an additional income stream.

If you have a need for voice-over technology this is worth checking out for your evaluation. There is a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee.

To your Success,


P.S. My #1 Recommendation for an All-in-One learning & earning platform for online marketing.

Final Conclusion VoiceBuddy Review -- Good

VoiceBuddy Review -- Online Marketing

10 thoughts on “VoiceBuddy Review”

  1. Thank you for this review, Joseph. I have wondered about the value of such a product to my business. From your article i see where it could be quite useful especially since I want to step up the kind of services i offer. The price is affordable, it is easy to use and I would have 30 days to delve into all the many ways I could use it. It would also cut down on my periodic payments for voice over services. Thank you

  2. Thanks Joseph,
    I had heard a lot last year that 2020 is the year of Amazon Polly and Google preferring websites with voice search and text to voice capabilities. However I have not seem that many websites take this up – or perhaps I have not been looking widely enough.
    So this is good to know about this option. I can see that the Standard version wouldn’t suffice as its limited to 500 words per article and most web content needs to be longer than that.

    Can I ask what are you personally using on your website?
    If VoiceBuddy does the App or Plugin slow your website down at all?
    When do you see as the critical take-up or essential time to have text to voice capabilities on our affiliate websites?

    Thanks in advance, John

    • Thanks for your comments. I reviewed this product but currently am not using this technology. I am creating a new website so I am preparing options for that. Personally, I tend to only use a few tools like this as I am more focused on creating and curating content for my audience and creating products and services. All the Best.

  3. This is a great tool to have because it offers so much giving you the choice of selecting what you need to grow your business and the prices are really affortable. This platform make a great investement.

  4. Thank you much for this Jo, there is more and more automated tool now online making online Marketers work much easier, this is just another tool that we can all use in our online business. The price seems very reachable as well, thanks again Jo


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