Viral Loop 2.0 Review

Viral Loop 2.0 Review  Wordpress Theme

Name: Viral Loop 2.0


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Price: 49.97 (this is a Single Payment/One Time Investment — Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
Owners: Cindy Donovan and Keith Gosnell
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is the next generation of this Word Press theme system which builds an optimized affiliate website for you. It is easy to sep-up, and does not need any advanced technical skills.  It works well with desktop and mobile devices. It enables you to drive free traffic to your website by automatically generating content from other members of the program.

The content which is generated with targeted keywords is designed to increase your rankings in the search engines as well as encourage viral sharing.

Themes are not only designed to make your site look good, but they provide many advantages in terms of functionality and other features. In that sense, it is a vital tool in your marketing efforts. Viral loop is a very functional theme which has many pre-made designs from which to choose. It is very flexible in that it is easy to customize.

It has an automatic slider which builds slides based on existing posts. Normally you would pay twenty-five ($25) or more for a Word Press (WP) plugin which provides this type of functionality. And for those into product or affiliate marketing it has a built in banner system.

For those into promoting physical products on Amazon, niche relevant posts are automatically created. It has an autoresponder integration to capture emails as well as share/social functionality.

This theme is ideal for all sorts of sites including niche, affiliate, Amazon, and authority sites. With the front-end price you also get full developer rights and an unlimited site license. You can sell the sites you build with this theme, as well as use them to build client and customer sites.

Cindy Donovan, a very competent programmer, developed this product and is a well-known online marketer and software developer with such prior products such as Video Overplay, Sticky Post, Text Deliver, SociJam, Level X, Words Deliver, Commission Bullseye, WP Scope, ShopABotWP Blazer Suite, Pixly Pro, and Covert Commissions. Actually, she has had approximately one hundred (100) successful product launches.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Does not require a lot of technical skills
  2. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Easy to use and flexible themes to set up a blog
  4. Reasonably priced
  5. Ease of customization
  6. Easy to set up

The Not So Good:

  1. There are upsells and upgrades
  2. Will take some time and effort to implement properly

Who is Viral Loop 2.0 For?

This product can be helpful to all types of internet marketers including video marketers, offline marketers, Amazon marketers, product reviewers, email marketers, bloggers, Facebook marketers, beginning online marketers, Sellers of T-Shirts, CPA Marketers, eCommerce sellers, network marketers, and affiliate marketers.

Tools & Training

Full training is included in the back office with videos and text.

  • Create impressive designs using templates you can set up with One Click or you can use the Theme Designer to modify your theme
  • The Integrated Spinning Tool allows you to spin your posts automatically. This is part of the Multiple Media Content Tool Module
  • Member contributions to topics and suggested content
  • Add Social Media sharing button for posts and build your media following
  • Autoresponder integration to capture leads
  • Share with your Topics Module to attract visitors and subscribers
  • Different CTAs (Calls to Action) displayed dependent on whether new or current visitor
  • Multi-media Content Creator Module

Here is the Process to get this Set Up and Operational:

1) Use the Step-by-Step Wizard with related training materials

2) Select a Theme — there are several designs from which to choose on various topics which are fully customizable from layout, font size, color, etc.

3) Set up multiple Banners to Advertise — this allows you to change, rotate, and publish your content to increase your click through rates (CTR)

4) Monitor your Guests and Members — you can enable or disable any account set-ups

5) Integrates with several Autoresponders to build your list

6) Member Profiles are set up

7) Screen Messages — keeps your members current on your latest updates and opportunities as well as encouraging visitors to sign up

8) Monetization of your Theme — through hyperlinks and banners

Below is a short video of how this whole process works:


Email support provided by contacting this address:

Their response time is usually twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours.


$49.97 is a Single Payment/One Time Investment which includes the Developers’ and Multisite Licenses. There is a Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee as well.

Final Thoughts

Compared what you would pay for themes from various developers with equivalent or even less functionality, this is quite a bargain. Plus many of these developer sites charge you for support. Also getting developer rights and an unlimited site license without having to upgrade is quite appealing.

This theme includes so much functionality, pre-made designs, is very flexible, with no need to pay for additional plug-ins. This product has amazing value for the investment required.

This is a viral traffic strategy which uses social proof based on word-of-mouth sharing. A viral advertising campaign is certainly gaining popularity among internet marketers and website owners in order to increase their audiences. This 2.0 product was launched about a year after the initial release of Viral Loop (released on October 27, 2016) with added functionality and other improvements.

As you submit your own content you will attract more and more people adding their unique content to your site, which increases your authority status. This may be a tool which will help you build your brand and authority at a quicker pace. Again as always, make sure that this tool fits in with your overall business strategy and objectives.

All the Best for your Continued Success,


Final Conclusion Viral Loop 2.0

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  1. There are multiple ways of actually making money with this method: Amazon, Affiliate sales, Lead Generation, Adsense, Clickbank and JVZoo. In fact… the limit is only your imagination.

    Just think. Could you do this once a day for the next 30 days? By the end of that period you would have 30 profitable mini sites all set up and ready to go.

  2. Hey Joseph, Thank you for writing on Viral Loop 2.0 Review. I enjoy a lot while reading and find many thing useful for me. It is helpful for video marketing, offline marketing, product review, email marketers, bloggers and many more. As you submit your own content you will attract more and more people adding their unique content to your site, which increases your authority status. Thank you for your review.

  3. This seems to be a great tool that can be a game-changer. Anything so to speak that can help to get a jump start in your niche if I can use those words is worth the investment. I believe with a tool like this you have nothing to lose and everything to gain as you build your presence through your brand in this line of work.

  4. A top review of Viral loop 2.0, Joseph… very in-depth!

    All up, this looks like a pretty handy tool at a fairly reasonable price… this could be well worth picking up.



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