Viral Autobots Review

Viral Autobots  Review  Facebook

Name: Viral Autobots


Price: $49 One Time

Owner: Luke Maguire

Overall Rank: 65 out of 100


Product Overview

This is software which locates Facebook content for your fan page with high engagement value.  Its intention is to increase your Facebook engagement and funnel traffic to your website and affiliate offers.  There are upsells of a Training System and an Affiliate Link Cloaker.

This product is basically a web application that crawls Facebook fan pages locating the most engaged videos and images in a specific niche.  At this point you can either download them to post to your page, or share them to your own fan page.

It’s recommended to download and post, as Facebook prefers the posting of content within its platform.



The Good & the Not So Good 

The Good:

1) Good training

2) Money back guarantee


The Not So Good:

1) Sales page a bit over hyped

2) Will require some paid Facebook advertising to make this work


Who is Viral Autobots  For?

Internet marketers desiring to increase traffic from Facebook.

Tools & Training

Training videos – Eight (8) videos including a case study of product being applied.

Page Finder – locates pages within your niche

Discover Feature – provides posts with the most engagement in your niche

Top Niches – preloaded pages in the most engaged niches

Twitter & YouTube Trends – generates the most viral Twitter hashtags and indicates which videos are trending in certain countries

Google Chrome Extensions – Mass Downloader (downloads images of most engaged Facebook posts) and Facebook Invite All Plug-in (invites all who liked a post on a page similar to yours to like your page)


1. Socialite Pro – One of Luke’s products which sells for $67 (shows you how to manage social media marketing for local businesses)

2. Video case study of a marketer making over $1000 with 2 simple videos.

3. WordPress plugin – brings in data from Google trends.


Three Options:  Lite Edition – $29/year

Basic Edition – $39/year

Bumblebee Edition – $49 One Time


Final Thoughts

Although the sales page seems to indicate that by sharing the viral images and videos you will grow your page, it does require some paid Facebook advertising.  Just posting the content found on their viral autobots will not automatically grow your Facebook fan page.

It is a decent product but it does require some paid Facebook ads to get it generating sufficient traffic, and this is not what you are led to believe in the sales copy.


Final Conclusion   Product review


If you are interested in learning not only how to generate traffic from Social Media but obtain a well-rounded Internet Marketing Education Check Out my Review of this Online Training Platform!


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6 thoughts on “Viral Autobots Review”

  1. This product seems to be good but the downside I guess is having to pay for advertisement. This can be a little hard especially on newbies who may not have the money to put up but then again if you can set aside a little budget then you are in a good position.

  2. Hey Joseph, been around facebook for some good time now, and online marketing not for so long, i had never heard of this tool or app. Thanks for throwing some light about it. Will definitely go check it out.


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