VidToon Commercial Review

VidToon Commercial ReviewVidToon Commercial Review - Animations

Name: VidToon Commercial

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Price: $47 Recurring Each Month

Owners: Cindy Donovan
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a piece of software which allows you to create animation videos without having to have a lot of technical knowledge and skill. It is a tool for beginners, as well as seasoned professionals, to add to their internet marketing tool belt. Videos play a key role in marketing efforts these days, and this is a way to get animated videos done while saving both time and money.

The product was recently launched on April, 20, 2020. Cindy Donovan has launched several other products successfully, and has several years of experience in the online marketing space as a product creator and affiliate marketer. She previously created SociJam, Viral Loop, Sticky Post, and Traffic Ivy to name a few.

You get a variety of animated characters from which to select and they can be customized for most any niche. You can add voice and text to your animations. This animated video creator can be used on several platforms to address a variety of audiences.

This product provides a fast and easy way to create animated videos, which have been found to increase opt ins and conversions, as well as build your brand and authority in the marketplace.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. User friendly
  2. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Save time
  4. Save money
  5. No restrictions on the length of the video

The Not So Good:

  1. As always you have to spend the required time to learn how the software operates so that you can effectively utilize its potential for maximum results
  2. Simplistic characters. Software is too basic and simplistic.
  3. Not as easy to sell to earn extra money with commercial license as is depicted as it is a competive field
  4. Upgrades needed to get full value from this product
  5. There is a monthly fee

Who is VidToon Commercial For?

Internet marketers who want to use video as a marketing promotional tool to gain greater market share (affiliate marketers, product creators, You Tube channels, eCommerce, local marketers, coaches, consultants, social media, bloggers).

Tools & Training

You have training videos in the members area.

Check out this video to get an idea of how the software works.

Some of the Features:

  • Create professional-looking animated videos
  • A variety of scenes and characters to address several niches
  • Music files and HD images
  • Pixel Positioning makes it easy to move objects around and locate them specifically where you want them on the screen
  • Commercial license available
  • Step-by-Step Training
  • Easy to re-size objects
  • Can upload and add your own images as well as using their extensive library
  • Operates on both PC and Mac platforms

Three (3) Step Process:

1) Activate — download the software and then drag and place your objects on the screen

2) Customize — edit as needed the background images and animated characters

3) Publish — export your video immediately to use and share

This is what you get with the commercial license of the software:

Commercial license

* Twenty-five (25) characters are available for almost any scenario you can imagine

* Thirty (30) character animations

* Two hundred (200) music tracks to increase the responsive value of videos with background music

* Can use the software on multiple computer systems

* Thirty-four (34) HD backgrounds in a variety of scenarios

* Over two hundred and fifty (250) sales graphics including badges, headlines, buttons, and many additional elements

* Able to flip any objects’s orientation to get it just right

* Ability to transition in and out

* The PNG file is available for each image and the source PSD file which makes it easy to customize and edit

* Google and Microsoft test to speech options (don’t have to use your own voice; just add the text and script)


Commercial License — Here you get the license to resell the product without an upgrade cost. You get to market all your video creations and keep one hundred (100%) of the profit. You are also able to install the software on ten (10) systems.

Additional Recordings and Software — You get ten (10) days of additional marketing resources, software and training videos all accessible from your dashboard.


    Knowledge base, support tickets, and video tutorials can be accessed on the link below:


    $47 per month with no contract so you can cancel at any time

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re into video in your marketing promotions and want to use animation, this animated video editor will certainly save you time, money, and effort in getting them done. Plus, Cindy Donovan has a good reputation in providing quality products.

    The “drag and drop” features simplifies things quite a bit. Also the member dashboard is pretty easy to use, even if you are just starting out, and the support is available if you have questions.

    You can use these videos to increase engagement, leads, and sales. The challenge is that these type of videos are not easy to create. You either have to develop the skills, or hire it out at a premium price if you want a quality product.

    One thing is you get the Commercial License without having to pay any upgrade fee. So you have the rights to sell your video creations and keep all the profit. This is a good way to make a few extra bucks. But on the other side, the field to sell these videos is very competitive with a lot of talented people who are producing very professional videos to compete against your more simplified versions. So it is not as easy as indicated on the sales page of this product.

    In today’s online market the use of video in your sales and marketing campaigns will only enhance your offer, increase engagement, and show up on your bottom line with higher conversions and sales. Major brands have gone this route because it works. Since so much video is being consumed daily, using animation in creative ways will get people’s attention and interest. This trend will allow you to get your message across more effectively.

    If video is something you may want to use in your promotional campaigns, this is a product that may be of help. There is a thirty (30) day money back guarantee, so the risk is minimal. But the main thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to use this to earn extra income it has its drawbacks. If the simplified nature and quality of these videos are sufficient for your own promotional campaigns, then for the price it may be worth it. 

    Final ConclusionVidToon Commercial Review- Animation Video Editor

    Enjoy your marketing,


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    VidToon Commercial Review -- Online Marketing

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    1. Thank you for this detailed review. It would have been a good product for one time fees, however there are few other character animation Softwares like toonly available for one time fees. Are there any OTOs?

      • Thanks Prav for your comments. For the price this is only an average product since there is a monthly fee and the quality of the animations are not equivalent with more professional versions. For personal use it can be okay but not to sell.

    2. This was an excellent review of Vidtoon and I just say I really appreciate you honest style of writing, very trustworthy. being extremely non technical my self it does appear that this program would be exceedingly difficult to use and I don’t think I would have the patience to use something so simplistic. 

      You certainly come across as an expert in your field and I would appreciate a suggestion of a better product that may be able to recommend??

      • Thanks for your comments Amy. I do not use animation in my promotions at this time so I haven’t done enough research to give you a good recommendation. All the Best.

    3. Thanks for the review. Interesting animation software. For quick YouTube videos or sales videos, it might come in useful. Like you said however, the market place is getting very competitive and the quality may not measure up to your competition. The recurring fee also might be a problem expecially for newbies on a limited budget.

    4. Helooo over there I really find vidtoon commercial a nice software.. Anyways a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and unbaised review. I have been considering getting making some videos for Marketting as a real estate consultant. This software is exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing this,it really helped.

      • Thanks Oscar. It is good for your own use but I do not recommend for selling the videos because the quality will not compete well with graphic designers and others who create very professional videos. All the Best.

    5. hellooo dear, wow what an amazing post you have here, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post. i really find these post amazing, it really has so much nice information, ,your website is plain and simple easy to navigate and understand, i really do fancy these post alot thanks i already saved these post so as much as to come back for future reference

    6. Nice review on this software. With softwares like this people can now make their own animated videos by themselves without having to spend money paying a professional. We all  know you are not going to get a perfect video from it but it can actually be used for a start mostly when resources to pay a professional are not available.

    7. Hello there, This is an amazing review that you have got here. Vidtoon is a very great tool that has influential features. As I go through this review here on your website I found out that this tool will be of great assistance to many online marketers, and to anyone who disire to create quality content for their website. I will ensure to give vidtoon a try, thank you.

    8. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I am intrigued with the features of Vidtoon. However, the use of animation videos in advertising has proven to be effective in attracting more audience to a product. I am delighted to have stumbled into a software that is user-friendly and can guarantee quality animation videos at a low cost

    9. This product is great because I love cartoon videos and would have given this a try if it was for a one time fee provided that one time fee was reasonable.

      I still believe it is a great tool base on what you stated in the pros section. Thanks for sharing.


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