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Name: VidSnatcher Commercial Review


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Price: $49.95 One Time Investment

Owners: Todd Gross

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

VidSnatcher Commercial Review covers a video creator that is designed to expand your video editing capabilities by allowing you to import and edit any video as well as use a blank canvas video editor to create new videos. It is a cloud-based video creation and editing software that is designed to be especially effective in creating online courses for e-learning, marketing videos, and training videos.

Contained within this software package is a complete library of different types of media options from which to choose. You can also create training and videos in sixty (60) different languages with its text-to-speech and language translation features.

You can create, edit, and enhance any type of video needed for business promotions or create new videos with the blank canvas video editor. You can tailor these videos specifically for the social media platform you desire (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram).

This version of the product was launched on April 2, 2020, by its creator Todd Gross.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. User friendly. No need to be overly technical as there is step-by-step training provided
  2. It is cloud-based so works well with PC or Mac
  3. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee (send a copy of your receipt with refund request in a support ticket)
  4. Open Canvas Video Editor with Screen Capture
  5. Ready-made templates
  6. Text-to-Speech Engine
  7. Drag-n-Drop Timeline Editor
  8. Green Screen Removal Tool
  9. Pre-made transitions, shapes, and icons
  10. Commercial license included


The Not So Good:

  1. Does take a bit of time to get used to this tool in order to use it effectively
  2. There are upgrades

Who is VidSnatcher Commercial For?

This product is ideal for any online marketer or small business owner interested in creating

  • Presentation Videos
  • Video Lessons
  • YouTube Videos
  • Meeting Recording
  • Demo Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Online Courses
  • Training Videos

Tools & Training

Step-by-step training videos that cover all aspects of the software


  • Screen Capture Technology and Live Voice Recording
  • Unlimited projects
  • Video Editing
  • Language Translator
  • Text-to-Speech Editor
  • Blank Canvas Editor
  • Movie recording capabilities on any mobile device
  • Automatic transfer from mobile recording to the media library
  • Updated user interface
  • The commercial license allows you to sell the videos for profit
  • Drag-N-Drop Timeline Editor
  • Import Video, Audio, Images from your computer
  • Green Screen Removal
  • Icon and Shapes Library
  • Transition Effects
  • Text Editor with any text font and size in the language of your choice
  • Voice Recorder to record and import audios
  • High-Resolution Rendering that provides videos in full HD Quality
  • Editing capabilities such as trim, undo, redo, copy, cut, paste, crop, etc.
  • Done For You (DFY) Niche Video Template




Knowledge Base and Email Support available through the Support Desk


$49.95 One Time Investment — this is the Front-End product with Advanced Video Technology that creates online courses, training videos, e-learning videos, etc.

  • Complete Black Canvas Editor For Full Flexibility
  • Creates E-learning videos and tutorials
  • Built-in Text-to-Speech Engine with language translators
  • Cloud-Based for maximum compatibility for all operating systems
  • Sell any video you create for 100% profit
  • Commercial License Included
  • Screen and Voice Recording
  • Unlimited Projects with no monthly fees after the one-time investment


#1) Pro Editor’s Suite$47 — used to boost video quality and value

  • Media libraries are integrated directly into VidSnatcher Commercial
  • Unlimited Sources of high-quality images and videos in the library
  • Access to a music library that continues to expand
  • Boost the value of each video you create

#2) Agency Suite$67 — this provides a professionally designed website with a marketing video and templates for a local niche

  • Access to fifty (50) done for you (DFY) Local Video Templates
  • Professional Plugin
  • Agency Marketing Video to sell your services
  • 100% Full Agency Rights
  • One Time Investment with no additional fees

#3) Local Video Template$27 — this allows you to auto-populate in the editing timeline in order to save time and get more done in your editing work. You can also customize the template and resell it if you so desire.

  • Load fifty (50) local video templates at a time
  • Increase productivity and save time with pre-loaded templates
  • Target your local niche market
  • Full commercial rights to resell the videos you create

#4) Template Hub$27 — use to increase client base

  • Ten (10) New Local Video Templates added monthly for an entire year
  • Expand your market and increase the number of prospects and clients
  • New templates are created from suggestions supplied by users
  • Commercial rights to resell the video you create
  • One-Time Investment with no additional fees

#5) Animation Suite$17 — this provides a good number of engaging animated icons to increase the value, quality, and appearance of your videos

  • You are provided with a large Library of Animated Icons
  • Easily Edit Icon Properties for Customization
  • Get instant access to newly added icons
  • It just requires one click to upload into your editing timeline
  • No additional charges or fees

Final Thoughts on VidSnatcher Commercial Review

VidSnatcher is a video editor with many features for video creation and editing at a reasonable one-time cost without any monthly fees. This tool has a text-to-speech translation, a drag-n-drop editor, screen capture technology, and advanced mobile recording.

There are many similar products out there but VidSnatcher tends to differentiate itself from the competition with its language translation features so your marketplace for your products and services are greatly expanded, and it is affordably priced without any additional continuity fees.

It is an alternative to more expensive products such as Camtasia, but it still has many of the premium features such as Advanced Text-to-Speech, Green Screen Removal, and adding subtitles. Given its many features, ease of use even for the technically challenged, and its Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee, this may be something you want to check out if videos are part of your promotional efforts.

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Final Conclusion: VidSnatcher Commercial Review -- Good

To your Success,

Joseph William

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VidSnatcher Commercial Review -- Online Marketing

4 thoughts on “VidSnatcher Commercial Review”

  1. Thank you for your review on Vidsnatcher. I came across this platform the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. I love the fact that there is one time payment thing and I can enjoy so many features. I think I can get used to the platform, just have to play with it and take it from there. Will check it out. 

  2. First off I really like the title of your website, I’m with you, why retire if you love what you are doing. I think I’ll work till I drop dead, just because I enjoy it. 

    I am really into video editing and art in general. The one-time cost of about $50 is a very good price. Do you think the $50 base product is sufficient, or do you think the upgrades are really needed? Are the upgrades worth it?

    • Thanl AL. I appreciate your comments. I really don’t think the upgrades are necessary to use this tool effectively. Later after you have achieved your desired results you can decide it they may increase your results or not. All the Best.


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