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Videract Pro ReviewVideract Pro Review -- Totally Interactive

Name: Videract Pro


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Price: $39.79 One Time Investment

Owner: Victory Akpos

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Product Overview

This is basically a piece of software you can use to create promotional videos for your products and services. The main feature is the ability to add interactive elements into your videos. These elements are designed to increase more engagement resulting in a larger number of conversions and sales.

There is nothing to install and it has a number of features such as opt-in forms, quizzes, calls to action, and video overlay (enables you to highlight testimonials in a review video). You can actually click on a button inside the video that will take your visitor to a designated page of your choice. Also, you can click and add products to a cart inside the video as well. It is also integrated with Youzign so you can access all your Youzign media.

Interactive video technology seems to be the next hottest thing in the video creation software arena. With greater engagement, the intention is to have your visitors stay on your site and watch your videos longer. This will help with your videos getting ranked higher thus increasing the amount of traffic you receive. The video itself becomes your landing page. The main idea behind each video is to have your visitor take action. With most videos, more than fifty (50%) percent of viewers don’t watch the video long enough to get to any call to action, while completion rates for interactive videos are around ninety (90%) percent.

Victory Aptos has been around for a while and has created other software products. In the affiliate marketing world, he is considered a super-affiliate. He has used video to promote affiliate offers and his own products for quite some time.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. No technical skills are needed
  2. Cloud-based
  3. Free video hosting
  4. Nothing to install or download
  5. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  6. Integrates with major autoresponders
  7. No monthly or annual recurring fee — one time investment

The Not So Good:

  1. There are a number of upgrades

Who is Videract Pro For?

For any marketer (eCommerce, affiliate marketing, product developers, bloggers) or small business owners who desire to use videos to promote their products and services. They can be used for blogs, sales pages, site builders, and eCommerce stores.

Tools & Training

— Ability to create thirty (30) interactive videos per month

— No hosting fees

— Several designs available

— Support available


* Call To Actions — the ability to click buttons within the video and be directed to sales pages or any other page you desire to direct your prospect. You can also click on social icons, include countdown timers and “add to cart” buttons within the video as well. Integrated with Facebook pixels and Google Analytics.

* Add Videos to your Videos — this enables you to highlight items within your video such as testimonials, and also add slides and download files in the videos. Texts, logos, and images can also be added.

* Add Optin Forms — use this to generate leads and add automatically to your autoresponder. Insert an opt-in form right into your videos. This allows the prospect to fill in the opt-in form, subscribe, and then continue on with the video. You can add this opt-in feature to any of your existing videos.

* Quizzes and Polls — collect feedback with your videos by embedding questions and quizzes to initiate communication with your audience. You can ask questions while they are viewing the video and give them immediate feedback.

They also offer some Bonuses on a limited-time basis so you need to check their website to see if they are still available. Click Here to check this stuff out.


There is a help desk with a knowledge base where you can also submit support tickets.



$39.79 One Time Investment — This is the Pro Agency Version. They also have a Pro Commercial Version for $37.77 but you don’t get as many features. I suggest going with the Pro Agency Version.


— Ultimate Agency License Upgrade

— Forty (40) Videos on Money Making Affiliate Reviews

— Unlimited Influencer Marketing Traffic Agency License

— Reseller License

Final Thoughts

This is quite an interesting piece of software. You can not only create new interactive videos for your promotional efforts, but you can include this interactive feature in your existing videos as well.

Compared to traditional videos where you are basically limited in the functionality (play, rewind, fast-forward, pause, restart), interactive videos allow you to use a variety of tools to actually interact with the video. Your audience can complete calls to action, scroll, gesture, hover, click, and drag within the video. This is used for buying your product or service as well as for utilizing polls, asking questions, quizzes, and surveys. Also, it is easy to add or overlay text, download files, insert images, buttons, timers, logos, sliders, opt-in popups, and embed maps.

There is a lot you can do with this technology to give your videos added appeal, and more importantly, induce your viewers to convert and increase your sales. It’s a way to set yourself apart from the competition. If you created these types of videos on your own you would need quite a few tools and that could get expensive.

This can be used for many types of videos including walkthrough videos, sales videos, review videos, and training videos. To get these types of interactive videos created can cost several hundred dollars. This option is quite affordable and actually easy to use.

You can even make a few bucks creating and selling these videos to local businesses such as dentists, restaurants, online stores, boutiques, software creators, and real estate firms. These businesses are willing to pay good money to get interactive videos. You can charge a couple of hundred dollars just to convert their regular videos into interactive ones. Even though the commercial license is considered an upgrade, they are offering it for a limited time as part of the initial investment.

With a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee, this may be worth checking out to determine how much it does increase your traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. If interested Click Here to check out their site.

Final Conclusion Videract Pro Review -- Final Thoughts

To your Success,


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Videract Pro Review -- Online Marketing

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  1. Joseph,

    I really appreciate this review on Videract Pro.  I am a blogger and currently looking into how to create different things for my bog, products to sell and video marketing.  This review gave me a good stepping stone to do some more research on this type of service (not to mention I love that you say someone non technical can use it!).  Thank you for putting in the effort to give some quality feedback on this software.  



  2. The use of video marketing is a big thing these days, people seem to be more relax and engagig when it comes to this form of advertising. The product that you are advertising seems to be pretty advance with so much to offer even though you have to pay for the upgrades. I believe that a person who is into video marketing and even those who may be seeking to eneter this line of work should give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing.


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