VideoRankr Pro Monthly Review

VideoRankr Pro Monthly Review  Video Ranking Software

Name: VideoRankr Pro Monthly


Price: $1 Trial & then $47/month

Owners: Joshua Zamora

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

This is video ranking software which is web-based and helps rank your YouTube videos in search engines for your selected keywords. It creates back links by building links to your videos on different websites including video blogs and social bookmarking sites.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1) You can create different types of links

2) Not highly technical to implement

3) Ranks YouTube videos in Googe

4) Relatively easy to use

The Not So Good:

1) Only operates on YouTube videos

2) With extra costs it can get expensive

3) Unless you get the more expensive Pro Plan pinger, drip feed and reporting not included

4) Exaggerates how quickly your videos will rank

5) Interface issues


Who is VideoRankr Pro Monthly For?

Internet marketers who are interested in video as a promotional tool.

Tools & Training

  • Ranks your YouTube videos on autopilot.
  • Built-in pinger which ping all the links
  • Easy to set up a campaign
  • You can create different types of links to rank your videos.
  • Drip feed option.
  • List of links are posted.
  • Has a user-interface which is user friendly
  • Includes some bonuses.

These are the Steps to Get Started:

  • Create Your Account
  • Add Campaigns
  • Boost Videos
  • Rank Higher




Lite: $27/month

Standard: $37/month

Professional: $47/month


Final Thoughts

This product is more of an ordering system than software. You order several services with credits which you must buy in order to prepay for the services, and buy more credits to continue to use this product.  Also, without the Professional Plan at $47 per month many needed items are not included.

Also, the list of directories to which your videos are submitted for back links may not be relevant to your product niche. For social bookmarking sites it would be less expensive to get it done yourself on Fiverr. Also their video syndication service can be quite expensive if you have multiple videos to get syndicated.

If you do decide to purchase Video Rankr, be aware of the additional costs such as the link indexing system and the credits. You may be able to get these services at an upgrade offer of One Time discount.

The link indexer is a must in order to index all your links to have a good chance to be found on search engines.

Overall for the money required to get this up and running which may or may not be effective for your particular niche, I personally think there are better options out there even if you do it yourself.


Final Conclusion   Product review

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4 thoughts on “VideoRankr Pro Monthly Review”

  1. Looks like it is a useful tool to use to rank videos. But it is also overpriced in my opinion because it is missing some important features. I will think about this but most likely won’t be going for it anytime soon. THanks for the review.

  2. Even though there are some cons this products seems to offer some help but then there is other money to invest. It is something that is probably worth giving a try but then there are better and effective ways.


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