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Video Induction System Review Video Marketing

Name: Video Induction System


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Price: $47 — One Time Payment

Owner: Joey Xoto

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This product will help internet marketers and business owners create sales videos which are designed to convert up to thirty (30%) percent higher using the very same sales techniques and promotions which you currently have in place.

It uses screen capture software and powerpoint technology. You take your current sales letters and convert them into sales videos which are more likely to convert.

This is a package of twenty-four videos which instruct you with marketing tips for creating persuasive videos which convert well. This is an affordable way to create your own videos without the high cost (up to $3000 or more according to Joey) or taking the time to learn all the intricate detail on your own.

Joey Zoto took from his own experience in creating his own videos as well as videos for others in putting this package together. Joey has created videos for some big time internet marketers such as Peter Roszak (he created VideoMakerFX), Mark Thompson, and Frank Kern.

Here is a brief video which will take you through the process and give you a good idea of how this all works:

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Saves money from outsourcing the creation of your videos
  3. Saves time from learning all the detail on how to create these type of professional looking and high converting videos on your own
  4. Works on PCs and Mac

The Bad:

  1. Requires some basic technical skills in using Powerpoint, Word, and screen capture software
  2. There is software of which you need to learn and use (free or paid versions)

Who is The Video Induction System For?

This is primarily for business owners and internet marketers who are currently selling products and services who desire to add video to their promotional campaigns in order to increase traffic and sales.

Tools & Training

The training is comprised of video lessons with PDF downloads as well as forms and training bonuses.

Here is a brief description of the videos and worksheets:

Part One (1): Video Persuasion Profits

  1. How To Script Your Videos in Sixty (60) Minutes — design your videos to motivate your audience to take action whether it is to comment, subscribe, opt-in, or purchase. This is a much quicker and efficient process than writing traditional sales letters.
  2. How To Motivate Your Buyers to Buy Long-Term — learn to structure your script in a way which increases the likelihood of repeat sales.
  3. The Four (4) Pillars of a Profitable Video — use these four principles in every video you create in order to ensure that conversions are maximized. Joey explains that in most videos one or more of these pillars are left out.
  4. The Secret Ingredient Behind the World’s Most Powerful Closing Tactics — this one strategy will increase sales and opt-ins by making it very compelling to take action.
  5. Easy Cheatsheets — these help you to learn and apply the information as you watch the videos.
  6. Fill in the Blank Video Scripts — use these worksheets to more easily compose your sales promotions. You simply answer a few questions which allow you to write a very compelling video script.
  7. Tapping into your Audience’s Subliminal Mind — use these seven (7) questions to get to know your audience better so that you create irresistible sales promotions by instilling confidence and trust.
  8. Mistakes to Avoid — save time and money by being aware of common mistakes which are easy to overcome or avoid in the first place.

Part Two (2): Fast Production Secrets:

  1. How to Create Your Video — this gives you detail on how to save time creating professional looking videos which convert.
  2. Freebie-Lovers’ Toolkit — a list of tools for both PC and Mac which will allow you to create your videos. These include the free versions of editing and screen capture software.
  3. The Pros Tip on Editing — this is information on how to reduce or even eliminate your editing time by getting your videos created correctly on your initial try.
  4. Making Fancy Easy — this describes ways to eliminate mistakes and add background images, music, and other effects as well as optimizing your videos.


  1. How to Get a Pro Corporate or Whiteboard Animation Video — this describes how to get these created for fifty ($50) dollars or less. This saves you money on creating your own videos and allows you to earn money by creating them for others.
  2. Free Access to Eighty-Six (86) page Report: Video Persuasion Manifesto — this report is a written format of a scripting formula which is highly persuasive in attracting clients and customers.


Email Support provided


Forty-Seven ($47) is a One Time Payment

Final Thoughts

In the internet marketing world video marketing promotions are a very effective way to build successful campaigns. It has been shown to increase sales and conversions over the everyday text sales letter.

There are several reasons for this, including the way they are produced. In order to determine what the offer and price of the item or service is you have to watch the whole video. There are no play or pause or rewind buttons. With sales letters you can just scroll to the bottom to find out what is going on with the offer and price.

In addition, since video is still relatively new in the marketing game, it presents the same information in different ways which is attractive to people, so they are more likely to take your requested action. Also, on sales video you can provide greater details in a variety of ways with a real person explaining things to your target market. This type of presence increases trust in your audience.

With videos you have an opportunity to demonstrate your product or service to provide a more realistic view of things. When you are aware of what a product will do, and how easy it is to operate, you are much more likely to purchase.

According to Joey, sales videos can increase conversions over regular text letters by as much as eighty-five (85) times. This may or may not be true, but with his experience in this area, it does indicate that there is a significant difference whatever the exact figures may be. One example he gives is text converting at 4.6% and video at 17.58% for the same sales presentation.

With this product you have the tools to transform your text sales promotions into sales videos. The training videos are detailed but also concise in their explanations. You can also use templates in order to structure your text correctly before making the video.

All in all if video is something you desire to add to your sales campaigns, given the thirty (30) day money back guarantee, this is worth giving a try.

To your Success,


Final Conclusion Video Sales Letters

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  1. I believe in the internet marketing world, it is a given by now the important role video contents play in an overall internet marketing strategy. I know from experience how daunting it is to create video content from scratch. Judging from this review (and other users I’ve heard from), this tool would absolutely simplify the process. Thanks for sharing 

  2. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I learned about video induction through your article.This device I personally have used and I think it is a nice device and it helps me get my sound quality very easily. With this device I am getting high quality picture and using it I can control many videos simultaneously.This is a wonderful device and I hope that many people will buy this device after reading your article .And I want to share your article on my social media, and I think sharing on my social media will help many people to know about it and benefit.

    • Thanks Shanta for your insights into this product and your experience with it. I appreciate your thoughts and am grateful for your sharing it on social media. All the best.

  3. Hi Joseph 

    Thank you very much for this interesting review of Video Induction system. It seems to be a promising programme and the training seems to be comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of video selling. I believe that this is the future, as people will be looking more into videos to find products that  they want. Not everybody will be comfortable with putting their face or  or voice to videos, but I believe with the right training you can become more comfortable. After all you are not auditioning for a part, so you do not want the performance to be too polished. For 47 dollar it seems to be a bargain but you worry that the programme may not be extensive enough. You will probably need to try and see if it suitable for you.



    • Thanks Antonio. Your thoughts are well taken. This can be a helpful tool for video but only a tool. No one program or piece of software is the overall answer to one’s success. It can be helpful though in the right circumstances.

  4. I think people don’t use videos as they should in marketing Generally, it definitely converts better, I need some advise and knowledge about making my own video, this is very helpful to me, only yesterday I was doing a research, looking for something like this, its certainly a help to me, and I hope more Marketers will read this.
    Thanks Bro

  5. Hi Joseph

    This looks like a really great option to consider. I am going to check it out for sure. Thought the price may be a bit high for me, will see.

    Thank you for sharing, much appreciated.


  6. So glad I found this article
    I am just about to start shooting the videos as my secondary source of traffic.

    The cons actualy are not issues for me, as I use the PowerPoint and word on a daily basis.
    Video Induction System seems like a perfect product for me and the price is forgettable as well – at least in my opinion.
    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks a lot!


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