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Name: TrafficWave Autoresponder Review -- Email Marketing




Price: Free Thirty (30) Day Trial then $17.95 per Month

Owners: Brian Rooney (co-founded by Stephen Hambright and Brian Rooney in 2000)

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This review covers the main components of this autoresponder. This is a follow up on my article, What Is The Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketing, in order to give more insight into the TrafficWave product. In that article, I mentioned the importance of having a mailing list as an internet marketer.

A good autoresponder is essential in managing an email list. All established autoresponder companies such as Get Response, Aweber, and TrafficWave have established relationships with large internet service providers that ensure much higher deliverability rates than if you managed the list on your own (self-administering a mailing list requires good programming skills).

TrafficWave has all the main features of any autoresponder program in addition to allowing you to have an unlimited number of mailing lists and unlimited subscribers for the same pricing. You can merge lists, move members from one list to another, and import lists from another autoresponder system (some autoresponder companies do not allow this). You can also send a single message to multiple lists. There are also filters so you can send messages to a segment of your list. You can also decide on what kind of data you want to collect as well (first & last name, just first name, phone number, address).

You can also see who has been opening your messages and the percentage of people who clicked on a link. This allows you to improve your open and click-through rates by making a few adjustments here and there.

For opt-in forms, you can either create your own or use one of their templates. There are images, multiple fonts, and graphics to assist you in designing your form. Extensive training is provided on blog posts, video training library in the back office, and a member forum where answers to questions are readily available. There is also a support system in place as well as live weekly training by the owner of the company, Brian Rooney, who will answer your questions live.

You can create your messages in HTML or text format or use the available templates.

Most autoresponders base their pricing on the size of the list. Thus, as you scale your business the price increases. The price of TrafficWave stays the same ($17.95/month) for unlimited mailing lists and unlimited subscribers within the lists.

With the recent upgrade of their system, pages load faster and deliverability remains very good.

CLICK HERE and try the TrafficeWave autoresponder system FREE for thirty (30) days to determine if it meets your needs and standards of performance.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. east of use
  2. excellent pricing for what you get
  3. unlimited subscribers
  4. unlimited campaigns
  5. detailed video training
  6. live training sessions with the owner of the company
  7. a fair and lucrative affiliate program
  8. have a user forum
  9. no installation necessary
  10. excellent deliverability and sender reputation as indicated by third-party monitory services such as Watchguard Reputation Authority, SenderScore, and SenderBase (A Cisco Company)


The Not So Good:

  1. Not as sophisticated as the more popular brands
  2. Doesn’t have the advanced features of some of the top brands

Who is TrafficWave For?

It is a reliable cost-efficient autoresponder easy for beginners to learn with plenty of functionality for experts as well.

Tools & Training

Here’s a short video with the company CEO, Brian Rooney, explaining the importance of learning and using the tools available in order to maximize the efficiency of this autoresponder.

An extensive blog with in-depth training articles as well as a video library in the Back Office filled with basic and advanced information to maximize your use of this autoresponder.


  • Save time with its excellent functionality and save money with this fixed-rate system
  • Create professional images for branding
  • Preset messages
  • Personalize messages
  • Easy to set up and use with training videos
  • Contact Management System
  • Customize opt-in forms


There is a comprehensive support center with a Documentation Page, Knowledge Base, Blog, a User Forum for discussions, and the sharing of ideas, live chat, and support tickets.


Free for thirty (30) days then $17.95 per month. (Unlimited Campaigns & Subscribers)


Final Thoughts

For any online marketer who plans to be in business long-term, a mailing list is essential. Although TrafficWave may not be as sophisticated as some of the other autoresponder systems out there, TrafficWave offers a good set of features and excellent deliverability at a very fair price. It is affordable, reliable, and effective.

It takes approximately seven (7) contacts with a prospect in order for that person to make a decision regarding your product or service. Email marketing is essential to get this done.

I have created several lists over the years with this system and am very satisfied. The other products out there are excellent products as well, and I have used several. This system has a lot less notoriety but does get the job done very efficiently. It allows you to create a long-term asset knowing you have a reliable system to contain and manage that asset.

With a tool this powerful, you can see outstanding results even if you are not a marketing expert. Send your messages right away or schedule broadcasts for future events. This system will help you generate new business and bring in repeat business.

Their affiliate program is generous and allows you to have the service pay for itself as well as create an additional income stream. Also, the product support you receive from this company is exceptional.

Finally, the reason that TrafficWave is a very reliable service is that it maintains several test accounts over a diverse group of carriers to test for any delivery issues and they proactively monitor this, constantly monitor undeliverables so the system is clean and functions optimally, unsubscribe and removal requests are handled immediately, they enforce best email marketing practices by consistent communication with the major service providers, and they have a very stringent anti-spam policy. By having these policies and procedures in place, the company ensures that your emails will get delivered over a variety of platforms.

Either take the FREE 30-Minute List Challenge which guides you in creating an immediate autoresponder series, or Click Here to go directly to your FREE thirty (30) day trial.

Final Conclusion Review -- Good

P.S. For an entire online marketing training platform here is my #1 Recommendation. Review -- Online Marketing

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  1. It’s very thoughtful of you to share this amazing article here, getting traffic to your website is very important and it is always good if you’re able to get a very productive program that can help you improve it. Traffic wave is a good product and I like it because it is not so expensive and it’s easy to use.

  2. Wow! This is really good to see here and considering what we stand to benefit from this autoredoonder, I will say that it is actually a steal when compared with the price of it. Surely being able to automate response and also automate our mails would makevthibfs a lot better for us and allow us focus better on other areasm thank you for this

  3. Hello Joseph,

    That are so many steps to be taken to help your business grow and own of which is having a good autoresponder system that helps with the mails and so far making use of a reply can’t be well trusted. Having a platform that helps you with this part of the business is very nice and I’m pleased with the subscription fee and video training they offer. Great program

  4. Great article! I haven’t gotten to the point of mailing lists yet; I am still building my content. But your review here is very informative and I am going to bookmark it to come back to when I am ready.
    I appreciate that you listed the pros and cons. I especially like that you told us it is affordable and not dependent on how many contacts we have. I am assuming that you don’t need the advanced features of some of the other brands? I don’t have a clue what those would be.
    Love the video. A great reminder to use the products we purchase! Like taking advantage of Wealthy Affiliate and all it’s features. I’ll check out TrafficWave when I am ready by coming back to your site.

  5. Hi Jo, thank you much for this review, I was a part of this platform, it is certainly fitting for newbies and even those who have bin working for a while now. Its not well known as the others, but has nearly as all they have too, at-least for some, great article, comprehensive for all to understand and much needed information, thank you much Jo.


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