The Art Of Procrastination – The “If Only” Syndrome

Procrastination is most definitely an art.  Especially when we review some of the excuses that we and others have come up with over time, it is quite apparent that it is a well developed and thought out art form. The one thing which the art of procrastination proves is how creative we can be.

Bored & Uncertain

The key to our success is to channel some of that creativity into areas which will produce the results which we truly desire. A lot of our creativity is wasted on ways to procrastinate; as a dear friend one said to me, that when you need an excise there’s no need to be fussy as anyone will do.


The Advantages of Procrastination

There are many advantages to procrastinating when we use it to protect our ego and to help stay in our comfort zone. We are able to avoid the pain and discomfort of trying new things, and risking getting hurt and disappointed.

As a protection mechanism it works extremely well as we can employ the “If Only” process to almost anything which we do not want to do. When used on a consistent basis year after year, it develops into a syndrome which keeps us frozen in time unable to progress in many areas of our lives.

There are many short-term advantages to this as we do not risk failure, criticism, and judgment of our efforts. In the long run we cheat ourselves out of a much more exciting, vibrant, and adventurous journey. We fail to test ourselves fully as to what is  trulu possible for us and we fail to discover our true potential, and exactly how far we can go in our desired direction.


Breaking Free from a Liminting Mindset  Free & Inspired

When we are caught up in the “If Only” syndrome, life is a repetitive process of if only I was older/younger, thinner, better looking, richer, healthier, more talented, etc. Obviously this can go on and on forever.

How do we break free from this? Just Stop It, and Stop It Now!!

Once we recognize what we are doing to ourselves the excuses stop, and we realize there is no one or nothing to blame. The buck stops right here with us. I am using the word “stop” quite frequently on purpose, because that is the decision we much make in order to turn things around, and “stop” depleting our energy with wasted thoughts of inadequacy and limitation.

We can use that energy instead in a way where we channel it into projects and endeavors which enhance our lives and the lives of others.



Face-To-Face with the Truth

Just by recognizing our current situation we are able to see things as they really are, and take responsibility for our part in our experience. This in itself is an enlightening moment.

By accepting what is, and surrendering to what is to be, we no longer resist our current situation by all these needless “what ifs”, and we use our new-found energy to inspire ourselves to excel in any area we are most drawn.   Self Discovery

We discover that there is nothing to be afraid of by admitting our mistakes and recognizing our weaknesses. This in fact strengthens us as there is no more resistance cutting into our energy supply.

When we come face-to-face with the truth of ourselves and our circumstances, we can then make constructive changes instead of denying what is.


A New Kind of Freedom

We now have a new kind of freedom to not only dream again, but to bring these dreams into fruition. This is Our Life and we have opened Our Eyes to what is actually possible for us. At this point we ignore and dismiss any detractors in our life as needless noise. We are now focused on and determined to achieve our heart-felt and most cherished dreams, and we Will Not be denied.

With this new-found freedom comes a responsibility to give our best effort and bring value to others and to the world in general. We succeed not only in monetary terms, but by making a positive difference to people and the planet. We are then truly free to enjoy our well-earned prosperity.

This is not simply a bunch of words to motivate you to make a change of direction. The is a Manifesto which challenges you to become a Changemaker is this world by exposing your unique abilities, skills, and strengths for the benefit of all who are blessed to cross your path.

It’s time to Break Free and continue your journey with renewed vigor and commitment. I encourage everyone to do so, and I visualize a positive outcome for all concerned.


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To your Freedom & Success as a dedicated Changemaker!



6 thoughts on “The Art Of Procrastination – The “If Only” Syndrome”

  1. Hi Joseph, I never know why I procrastinate until you mentioned the some hidden advantages of it above.

    I think you are right. I tend to procrastinate to avoid the discomfort of trying new things especially. For things I have no clue to get started, I always tell myself to leave it first and I can always come back when I have the idea. Instead, I should have look for the solution proactively.

    This is a good wake up call for me to face the truth, so I can truly breath freedom every day.
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more epic content on your site =)

  2. This is a very interesting article. I like how you begin talking about procrastination as an art form. I can see from this that it truly is an art form. An art form that we ourselves create. I have been plauged with this art form for many years and as soon as I realize everything rests on me, I can be completely free from this plauge. Great post!

  3. Hi, you got me there right today.

    Yesterday I started a new morning ritual, on Friday, Nd today I was already too lazy to repeat it again.

    I wasn’t too creative, I said ok it’s Saturday, weekend and I should have some slower going than during the week.

    I don’t know why people are trying to lie to themselves that everything is ok although they know better.

    Usually, I’m quite open for changes but when it comes to rituals and keep them regular I have a problem.

    Ok, now I know, now I can work on it 🙂


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