Tee Inspector Review

Tee Inspector Review   T-Shirts

Name: Tee Inspector

Website: TeeInsector.com

Price: $67

Owners: Dave Guindon

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100


Product Overview

This product helps you design and sell T-Shirts using services such as Skreened and TeeSpring. It’s comprised of two (2) software tools (one is a download and the other online) to research T-Shirt ideas.

This research tool allows you to upload your own designs to sell on sites like TeeSpring.

Video Training Course included.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Thirty (30) day guarantee

2) Save time in researching T-Shirt campaigns

3) Very good training videos

The Not So Good

1) Some knowledge of PhotoShop or similar software needed

2) Requires money to advertise on places such as Facebook to make this work

3) Teespring.com doesn’t show the number of sales on a lot of their shirt campaign pages


Who is Tee Inspector For?

Online marketers interested in the T-Shirt niche.


Tools & Training

Tee Inspector software (download from members area) – search T-Shirt campaigns (enter keyword and get list of designs from slogan or description). The software provides links to shirt sales pages. Information is provided for when a campaign started, when or if ended, number of shirts sold, number of “likes” each received on social network Wanelo (used for product recommendations), cost, style, and color.

Tee Profit Spy – Online Tool – this tool gathers Teespring campaigns from Google and Twitter and extracts sales data.

Video Training

Seven-module video training: Dave Guindon’s Tee Marketing System – guide to researching and designing tee-shirts for TeeSpring and marketing them on Facebook.

1. Research (11 videos)

2. Tee Designs (10 videos)

3. TeeSpring Campaigns (4 videos)

4. Facebook Ads (6 videos)

5. Bulk Tee Case Study (11 videos)

6. Case Studies (8 videos)

7. Tips and Tricks (6 videos)



Email support


$67 with upgrades: Collection of 62+ t-shirt designs for Teespring campaigns. The second isl for a very WordPress plugin used to create show case pages for Teespring shirts.

Final Thoughts

For those interested in marketing T-Shirts this is a good course which researches what is selling, creating your designs and then publishing them on sites such as TeeSpring.

The downside is PhotoShop is expensive and has a learning curve. This program requires at least a basic familiarity with this software

Overall it is a good product For people interested in tee-shirt marketing, you get more than enough research data to set-up your business.

Since it focuses on one specific approach to making money from tee-shirt marketing concentrating on TeeSpring, you can most certainly apply this research to create designs for other sites like Skreened as well.

Also there other less expensive options than PhotoShop like The GIMP, but this course concentrates on PhotoShop to create designs. Dave mentions these other options in the video training, but doesn’t cover them in detail like he does PhotoShop.

Because TeeSpring limits the data on their shirt campaign pages (this occurred about two (2) years after Tee Inspector launched in 2014), some features may no longer work in Tee Inspector.  You can still use it as a campaigns research tool, and with the training videos it is still a valuable resource.


Final Conclusion   product review


Since this software only concentrates on T-Shirts, I have included a comparison chart below to compare Tee Inspector to a more comprehensive Online Training Program, which allows you to market any product you desire with a variety of promotional methods.



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  1. It is great that it will assist those who want to go down this path, however like you said, then advertising and other associated costs come into play.

    Going by your comparison I think the Wealthy Affiliate program gives more value, support and tools etc to help you succeed online. Thanks for the insight into this program.


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