Holiday In East Timor — Let’s Have Some Fun

Holiday In East Timor

Let’s take a holiday in East Timor, also known as Timor-Leste, which is an island country in Southeast Asia. Having regained its independence in 2002,, it is currently one of the youngest countries in the entire world. Dili, its capital city, is a mixture of Indonesian and Portuguese architecture that contains much history and cultural … Read more

Where is Kamchatka, Russia? — Are You Sure You Want To Know?

Where is Kamchatka Russia

I had no idea when I asked myself where is Kamchatka, Russia? Since Russia is such a big place, I soon discovered that this is a peninsula that is very remote with very little tourist activity. One reason for that is the high cost of accessing this area because it is so out-of-the-way. It is … Read more

Things To Do In Moab Utah — Bring A Camera

Moab Utah

With its large red rock formations, buttes, mesas, and Native American rock art, this eastern Utah city provides much to see and do. Let’s investigate some of the things to do in Moab, Utah so that you can decide if it is a destination of choice for you and your family.  In addition to the … Read more