SyndBuddy 2K Review…

SyndBuddy 2K Review

Name: SyndBuddy 2K



SyndBuddy Software Review

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Price: $19 One Time Investment

Owner: Joshua Zamora

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Product Overview

This web-based tool is designed to help you get increased targeted traffic from your keywords by increasing your rankings of your websites and videos. SynBuddy has a community of users who will syndicate your content throughout the internet.

This is a social exchange piece of software based on a credit system. You can either purchase credits or earn them by watching, sharing, bookmarking, and liking the content of other members. You drive traffic to your sites and videos by using those credits to increase the bookmarks, shares, and views of your content.

This is a group of people socially interacting and syndicating each other’s content on a day-by-day basis.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Easy to use — Works on PC and Mac
  3. Web-based
  4. Increased traffic

The Not So Good:

  1. Need to purchase more credits to get adequate exposure or spend quite a bit of time performing social actions on other members’ content
  2. Pricing doesn’t make sense to me. The choices seem contrived and not authentic. It’s called a summer time special.
  3. Sounds too much like a magic formula rather than just a functional tool
  4. Credits can expire in forty-five (45) days if you are not active enough
  5. Upsells

Who is SyndBuddy For?

Internet marketers and local businesses who are interested in increasing targeted traffic to their websites and videos.

Tools & Training

Here is a short video by Joshua Zamora which outlines the main features and benefits of this product. Some of the info is outdated as there is no longer the offer he speaks about and instead of three thousand (3000) there are now over five thousand (5000) members and users of this product.

Training videos are provided in the membership area.

  • Credit Based System — this automatically is set up for each member to get views from other members to increase rankings on Google and YouTube. Getting views from a variety of locations and IP addresses throughout the world gets Googles attention which results in higher rankings.
  • Real Google +1s — this function is built right into the platform which enables you to use Google’s social network to increase your rankings.
  • Real Twitter Tweets — organic growth and sharing is the result of social shares. Social syndication and backlinks are gained through generating actual tweets from numerous people to increase your social presence rather quickly.
  • Facebook Likes and Shares — social media shares greatly affect your rankings because of how Google’s algorithm works. More views and shares enhance your rankings.
  • Social Bookmarks — this is a very effective means of syndication for all of your marketing and promotional campaigns. Although bookmarking your own site definitely helps, but when large numbers bookmark your site you get noticed and bookmarked by the major authority sites as well such as Medium, Diigo, SkyRock, KiwiBox, and Plurk.
  • Web 2.0 Syndication — you will be able to locate people to link to your sites and post your content on Web 2.0 sites like Instapaper, Tumblr, Joomla, Blogger, and
  • Universal Access — no downloads or special equipment are needed to effectively use this web-based portal. You can log-in with any type of device using your private user ID.
  • Actual Video Views — with this software you get real views of your videos and websites from real people all over the world. These video boosting features make a difference in your overall exposure.
  • Step-by-Step Training — videos are provided which explain all the functions of the dashboard.
  • Reporting and Tracking System — this is built in order to make it easy to track your the specific kinds of social signals which your campaigns are generating as well as the specific URLs where your content is posted.

Three (3) Easy Steps:

  1. Login with your user ID
  2. Choose the specific type of social interaction you desire for your content. You can use a mixture of bookmarks, shares, and views.
  3. One click and then monitor your results with the reporting and tracking system


Live Online Training — this is to supplement the training videos and tutorials with a live training call where you can ask questions

Fifteen (15) Niches PDF — these niches have already been researched as to their potential for profitability and suggested products are also included as well

Replay of a Live Call about their $400K per month Strategy — this is a call hosted by Joshua Zamora interviewing a person who is said to be earning $400,000 per month in his SEO and consulting business.

Zamurai Video Bootcamp — Joshua held this four (4) week training bootcamp with a small group teaching them how to quickly rank on the first (1st) page of Google. He takes it from research to video creation to getting those videos ranked.


Email support is available from the company’s support staff.


Three Plans are available:

Lite Plan$77 One Time Investment (Membership in SynBuddy, One Hundred (100) credits to start, earn unlimited credits, Ten (10) Active URLs, Personal Rights)

Plus Plan$87 One Time Investment (Membership in SynBuddy, Five Hundred (500) starting credits, earn unlimited credits, Thirty (30) Active URLs, Personal Rights)

Fully-Loaded Plan $19 One Time Investment (Membership in SynBuddy, Two Thousand (2,000) credits to start, earn unlimited credits, Three Hundred Active URLs, Agency Rights)


# 1 — Lock in the discounted rate of the credits at $1 and then renew at the discounted rate in thirty (30) days. Credits are sold at double the price inside the members’ area or you can earn own credits.

# 2 — SyndLab, which is the platform on which SyndBuddy was built, allows you to share your content on your own networks and SyndBuddy allows you to leverage the exchange to get shares from other people’s accounts. They are integrated for maximum effect in Social Syndication.  $37 on a quarterly basis or $34.95 per month for agency license.

# 3 — Speed up results with X Ranker 360 products. This allows you to create video marketing campaigns to submit to SyndBuddy. SyndLab is integrated with X Ranker. $47 per quarter or $42/month.

Final Thoughts

It is definitely a challenge to get consistent traffic from Google to your websites and videos. It takes times to learn how to do effective keyword research, increase the effectiveness and quality of your content, and build up a number of high quality backlinks.

This software tool helps to speed up the process of getting your videos and websites ranked. It also enables you to use a variety of content such as blog posts, YouTube videos, client websites/videos, eCommerce sites, and niche affiliate sites to be syndicated.

One thing is that I do not like the pricing as the package with the most features and functions is priced the least by quite a bit. It is run as a summertime special, but it just leaves the wrong impression with me. If the product is really good, charge a fair amount for it without playing the pricing games. If the product works, it is worth the money charged. Also agency rights are included in the Fully-Loaded Plan, and then mentioned as one of the features of the upsells.

In any event, that is my rant about pricing and sales promotions. This does though seem like a decent product, and there is a thirty (30) money back guarantee. After many years in the internet world, I have found that nothing is as easy as it sounds. It may be a helpful tool, but it can never replace building on a strong foundation of quality content, excellent products and services, consistent marketing, and prompt customer support.

Final Conclusion SyndBuddy 2K Review

All the very Best to Your Success,


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10 thoughts on “SyndBuddy 2K Review…”

  1. I’m also facing a huge challenge getting my new web site, I understand that we should not expect traffic from Google to come early but I really need traffc and sales that’s why I’m exploring tools like this SyndBuddy. 

    Pricing is also my number hesitation to try this service. Yes, one can get in for as low as $19 but with the other packages like the $77 and $87 I think they’re a bit overpriced for the service they offer. They should be priced half of those prices, like for example $37 and $47. Also, I noticed the mention of Google Plus. We all know that Google Plus has been parked by Google months ago, so they should update the list of services they offer and not include Google Plus anymore in the list.

  2. Well if a system says that they can do this but then if questions start to arise base on our findings then we should proceed very slowly before we take the dive. though it may sound good we should take another look before we are sold on what is being said.

  3. This is more of a great idea but I dont like the pricing and I think that you have to build slow and steady to reach real success, but the ide is good.

    This thing should be free inside a platform and have some perks when charing content but for me, this seems to be a short way and with short ways you often get bad content so I should not try this

    • Thanks Andreas for your comments. I totally agree. There is no shortcut to success in any business. These are just tools that can help you along the way. All the Best.

  4. I’ve briefly come across SyndBuddy before and, to be honest, I found its pricing structure and overall offering confusing and convoluted, which was enough to put me off handing over any money. I think you’ve come to roughly the same conclusion, although you’ve clearly put a lot more work into finding this out than I did. Thanks for confirming what I already thought and saving me more time (and money!) in the future.

    • You’re most welcome. Again this is an okay tool but definitely not necessary to build a successful business. When a person’s promotions are not straightforward and simple I see that as a red flag.  Thanks so much for your insights. Joseph

  5. Very good review of SyndBuddy 2.0. I like the concept of it, but it does seem like tedious work to get the targeted traffic to your website. I see that there are 3 different plans, but one of them has me kind of surprised. The Fully Loaded Plan that you listed says it’s a one time payment/investment of $19, but the other 2 plans are much more expensive and don’t come with as many features. Is that really the right price for the fully loaded plan?


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