Stream Store Review

Stream Store Review   Word Press Theme for Amazon

Name: Stream Store

Price: $28 or $29.90 ($37 to $67 upsells)

Owners: Ariel Sanders

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

WordPress theme. Software to build automated stores for Amazon products. Streamlines the running of an Amazon affiliate business.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Stores are mobile friendly

2) Stores look professional and you can sell a variety of products

3) Traffic plugin to access social networks

4) Free themes and built-in cart

5) One click takes you to desired product on Amazon

6) Stores easy to set up and geo-targeted


The Not So Good:

1) Many upsells

2) Poor support

3) Difficult to get a refund and there have been disputes

4) Poor communication with customers

5) Low commissions. Around 10%.

6) Competing against Amazon

7) Very slow to respond to refund requests

8) Theme doesn’t work if added to existing Word Press site. Need to install new copy of Word Press as a sub domain or separate Word Press install


Who is the Stream Store For?

For affiliate marketers interested in Amazon marketing.


Tools & Training

Click and Ready – Creates one store or a network of stores. Choose niche by keyword or category.

Click and Social – Customizes posts and shares them on six (6) social media networks.

Six training videos:.

  • WordPress install, Installation of the Stream Store theme, store templates, and Dynamic Posts plugin.
  • Amazon keys and IDs and setting theme options
  • 4-step process to setting up store.
  • Store Design Settings – customize every aspect of site.
  • Dynamic Posts setup – plugin which allows you to auto post updates to social media sites. Each site needs an App ID.
  • How Dynamic Posts plugin works.



Email tickets. Support desk is on a different site (a sub domain) which requires you to register separately.



$28 – Single site license

$29.90 – 50 site license


#1 – Stream Store Developer License + All Store Control Plugin

Manage unlimited sites from one location. Can develop network of sites. $37

#2 – Dynamic posts pro plugin

Automates all posts, distribution, and schedule. $47.

#3 – Bundle 60 templates – $67


Final Thoughts

This product has many fine features and benefits but many drawbacks as well. I cannot recommend a product where the company does not respond promptly to customer requests and in some cases disputes are involved with payment processor in order to obtain part or entire refund. This lacks transparency and integrity no matter how well the product performs.


Final Conclusion:   Product review


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10 thoughts on “Stream Store Review”

  1. Thanks so much for a good review and doing our homework for us so to speak so we don’t make the mistake of getting in a program that is not good. It is good to see the pros but the cons is another story. But good review. Thanks for shading the light on this program.

  2. Very interesting Joseph…

    You make me aware of the variety of themes WordPress has. Even though this theme is not so good, the idea that you can create an Amazon store with a WordPress theme is one to be seriously looked at.

    The thing is to find very good themes or well-executed ideas from the net and scale it up if it is ethical.

    You are on the right path and I enjoyed reading this.

  3. First time I’m hearing about Stream Store. I really don;t understand why entities like Stream Store don’t get their act together. Most affiliate marketers are individuals who are struggling to make it online. And for them to offer average service at best, doesn’t seem fair for a paying customer.

    Thanks for sharing this review, I’m sure to look elsewhere if I ever need a similar online service.



    • Thanks for the comment Kevon. There are a lot of quality programs out there like WA, but some are more interested in making as much profit as possible without considering the best interests of their customers/clients.

  4. Wow! I just learned about Stream Store and the advantages seem so great and would be if the customer service and support were there!

    Hope the get those issues resolved because I was really looking forward to utilizing the ease of setting up my store.

    Appreciate the review!


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