Storymate Luxury Edition Review

Storymate Luxury Edition Review


Name: Storymate Luxury Edition


Price: $67 One time Payment

Owner: Luke Maguire

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a tool which allows you to create stories for Instagram and Facebook that are professional looking as well as viral. There are plenty of templates from which to choose, and some of them have theme music as well.

The main point being about this product is that currently there are approximately 300+ million of Instagram users who use stories to get their particular message across on a daily basis. In addition to that, about 10% of Facebook users use stories. The rapid growth in this area is real.

The product creator, Luke Maguire, has a track record of producing successful social media software and sales videos. He has a history of producing quality products which get results.

Easily create high converting video stories for Facebook and Instagram in 3 simple steps.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Saves you time

2) Saves money from having to hire a designer

3) Easy to use (Select a template, Customize Your Content and Post your story)

4) Simple interface

5) Stories which convert from Call-to-Action

6) Increased traffic

7) Fourteen (14) Day Money Back Guarantee

The Not So Good:

1) Takes a little practice to get used to and become an effective story teller, although much easier with the templates.


Who is Storymate Luxury Edition For?

This product would be extremely helpful to any internet marketer who is using social media in their promotional and marketing efforts, and is interested in increasing conversions using Instagram and Facebook.

Tools & Training

   * Step 1 – Select a template: 100+ high-quality templates covering a range of niches stocked in its gallery! Just pick one         and customize it

  • Step 2 – Customize Your Content: Choose your images (upload your own or select from library), add/edit your text, select your background music and then simply click away
  • Step 3 – Post and Start Converting: Once you have your story ready, simply 1-Click sync to the Storymate Facebook Approved Android & iPhone apps to post to your Instagram and Facebook Stories.
  • Users don’t have to be on camera – you have the option for users to upload any content they desire or use royalty free content
  • Create niche specific content – Templates are available for Ecom stores, local businesses, personal profiles, and affiliate product offers.
  • Build Your Email List – Create brand specific call to actions to build your email list from your Facebook & Instagram followers
  • Built-in Call to Action – Send users direct to your website on a scale which is higher than news feed posts. Pre-made call to action builders like ‘swipe up’, ‘opt in here’ allow you to create high quality stories, and provide a call to action
  • Do it All from Your Desktop – Create from your desktop, and post to Instagram and Facebook.

Updating your stories from a desktop instead of a mobile phone




$67 One Time Payment

Front End – Storymate


OTO 1 – Affiliate Link Cloaker: Create links that you can use as “swipe up” calls-to-action in FB & Instagram Stories that send your traffic to affiliate offers. ,

OTO 2 – VIP Training: Training series which takes you from 0 to 10,000 fans on Instagram & step by step case studies of how to use stories to maximize our niche

OTO 3 – Storymate Template Suite: 5 – 10 new templates a month with unlimited renders.

OTO 4 – Storymate Whitelabel: Brand Storymate with your own branding and sell your stories to local businesses.. Take their training and start selling stories to local clients near you.

Final Thoughts

This is a tool where you can generate and post Viral Facebook & Instagram Stories without any knowledge of any Video Animation Tools. You can create high converting stories with templates with Stories with ‘swipe up’ call to actions, animated videos, and editable text. ,

Storymate is easy to use for your own sites as well as for other local businesses.

Final Conclusion


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To your Success,


4 thoughts on “Storymate Luxury Edition Review”

  1. I really like your info, the price looks to good to be true. We always have to leave the door open in trying new things I’m going to check this out and see if this is something that is worth doing. I always extra income.

  2. This seems to be a great tool, the pros outnumber the cons by far. There are so many features to this system and with a one-time payment that I believe is a fair price this tool makes a good investment both for those who are new and to those that are season in this business.


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