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Sqribble Commercial ReviewSqribble Commercial Review -- eBooks


Website: Scribble.com 

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Price: $67 One Time Investment

Owners: Adeel and Ali Chowdhry

Overall Rank: 77 out of 100

Product Overview

This is eBook creation software where you use templates that are pre-designed and a drag-and-drop process to create eBooks a lot easier and of good quality. You can save time from creating them yourselves, and money from having to outsource the task to a freelancer.

Designing, writing, and formatting can take hours of your time better spent on overall business strategy and business development. This product is a very viable lead magnet creator and simplifies the eBook pdf creation process.

This cloud-based eBook creation software was developed by Adeel and Ali Chowdhry, who are online marketers and speakers in the internet marketing industry with over ten (10) years of experience. Prior products created are Pixel Studio FX and Social Studio FX. They were also featured in The Laptop Millionaire and in a New York Times Best Seller.

With this product, you can create whitepapers and reports as well as eBooks.

The Good & the Not So Good:


The Good:

  1. Save time from having to create your own ebooks
  2. Save money from having to outsource the process
  3. Commercial license included
  4. Easy to use with the drag-and-drop function
  5. 3D eBook cover
  6. Flipbook creator
  7. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee

The Not So Good:

  1. There are upgrades in order to access all of the features
  2. Quality is good but not as good as if professionally done
  3. No free trial

Who is Sqribble Commercial For?

This is an ideal product for internet marketers and bloggers who want to save the time of creating ebooks themselves or the expense of outsourcing it to a freelancer.

Tools & Training

The Process:

  • Log in
  • Choose a template from a category that fits your niche
  • Click “View”
  • Choose between:
    • Grab Content From A URL (automatically pulls content from page and adds it to eBook after analyzing the HTML code. It also credits the author. You will need to do some additional editing using this method.)
    • Start From Scratch (enter your own original content which many prefer to do even if it takes longer)
    • Copy And Paste (can copy and paste content and the software will automatically format it into your eBook)
    • Upload Word File (upload Word files and it is automatically formatted into your eBook)
    • Start From Article Collection (extract content from the product’s private library using the article at no cost without needing to link back to the source or credit the author, but you can link back if you so desire)
  • Edit eBook as to the size of text, banners, calls to action, adding media, etc.
  • Click “Generate e-Book” (it’s good to preview it prior to saving it as a PDF file)

Sqribble Software

You are able to create professional and high-quality eBooks and save time because you get pre-filled content. You can personalize it by adding your own content as well.

Tutorials And Support

There are Interactive modules that lead you through the process, as well as support.

 Sqribble Commercial License

You can design eBooks, reports, or whitepapers for local business and online clients. The software automatically creates a Table of Contents.

Create eBook Covers

The software creates good-looking designed eBook Covers with fifty (50) pre-built templates for a variety of niches. This is ideal if you are selling your books on Amazon or other related platforms. This will save you quite of bit of money from having to outsource it to a graphics designer.

Create Flipbooks

You can also create flipbooks to make your digital product more like an actual book with page-turning animations. This feature can increase opt-ins and mort other eBook creation software products do not have this feature.

Automatically Creates The Headers And Footers

It automatically creates headers and footers in the eBook so that you can have logos and Calls To Action (CTAs) on each page.

Drag N’ Drop

You are able to edit your content with this drag n’ drop function. No coding skills are needed, so you don’t have to deal with codes in the backend, but use this frontend editor that lets you see the changes that you make as you edit.

Automatically Generates Page Numbers

Each page is automatically numbered.

Fully Customizable

The entire eBook is fully customizable to match and align with your specific website design, brand, and individual needs and preferences.




FAQ and email support through their Help Desk


$67 One Time Investment


  • Upgrade #1. Sqribble Professional ($97).  You get about one hundred and fifty (150) additional templates for several different niches.
  • Upgrade #2. Sqribble Prime ($47). Every month you have access to fifteen (15) limited edition eBook templates.
  • Upgrade #3. Sqribble Fantasia 3D ($77).  This gives you access to a 3D cover creation tool so that you can transform your flat covers into 3D covers. For a more interactive experience, you can also create flipbooks.
  • Upgrade #4. Auto Job Finder ($197). This tool finds jobs for eBook creation in the marketplace.

Final Thoughts

In this Sqribble Commercial review, you get a pretty good idea of what this product is all about. It can be a real time saver as well as saving you a few bucks from having to outsource.

Once you’ve chosen the content for your eBook, you can edit the text, move content around, and media (images), links, CTA, etc. You can also add new pages with different layout designs to make your eBook more personalized.

Although Sqribble does a very good job there are other products out there as well that have more features and some with a lower price. One such product is Designrr that is a very good product but more expensive. They do however offer a free seven (7) day trial. A feature that Designrr lacks is that it does not extract content from the internet, while Sqribble does that and turns it into an eBook saving you tons of time. Sqribble also is a little bit easier to use and has more templates, but both are good products.

Another good product out there is Canva. Canva is great for creating images and getting your graphics work completed, but not as good for eBook creation. But they do have a ton of templates from which to choose. Sqribble does a better job in creating and designing ebooks with its great number of features such as drag and drop.

For a one-time investment without any monthly charges, it just may be worth checking out. You also have the thirty (30) day money-back guarantee.

To your Success,

Joseph William

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Sqribble Commercial Review -- Online Marketing

Final Conclusion

12 thoughts on “Sqribble COMMERCIAL Review”

  1. Thank you for this great review. I have been thinking about writing a book for a while but I do come across road blocks dealing with time and stretching myself too thin. I appreciate how you laid out all of the important things people would look for when researching this product. I may investigate a bit more on this but thank you again. I never heard of this product but do want an easier way to write a book and have it ready for sell.

  2. I was under the impression that making an e book was a very complicated process to undertake.  After reading your article it sounds like even I could do it. I’m not very technically minded at all. I like the drag and drop feature and that you can get information was a URL. Having a book professionally done would cost quite a lot of money each time, so even with the upgrades I think this is reasonably priced. I learned a lot of new things from this post.

    • Thanks for your comments Lisa. Keep in mind it is always good to edit the content yourself to give it your unique flavor and presence. But this tool will save you time in the process. All the Best.

  3. This is a really interesting product that I wasn’t aware of before reading this review. I can definitely imagine many situations where this would be a great tool to have. I am curious to know where the content is taken from if one were to choose to “Grab content from a URL”? Is this free to use material and is it of a good quality?

    • Thanks for your comments, Paul. The quality of the content varies so you will need to do editing which is no different if you outsource it. It always needs editing to give it your unique twist and flavor. A lot is free content but it is always good policy to credit the source.

  4. This is a great review on the sqribble software.  I am happy to find a product that can assist me with making eBooks.   The price, in my opinion is good since it is a onetime fee.   After reading your review, I agree that this is ideal for saving time creating pdf eBooks.  The only drawback for me is that there is not a free trial offered with the purchase.  The good news is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  Overall, the product sound like a great investment and I will check it out and compare it to the other products mentioned.  Thank you for this review.

  5. I had written an ebook at one time and to be honest with you it was a challenge for me, but it is good to know that a system like this can help to take the hassle out of creating an ebook. Though not perfect based on the cons section it is still worth giving a try because this platform has some value. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey Jo I’ve read about Scribble before but didn’t get such a comprehensive review like this about it, you’re certainly laid it out here for me. I is another call Instant product lab that does the same as creating e-books but this one look like it has a lot more features. I like the original content and the whole purpose of scribble is to save that time of having to write, I will take a more in-depth look at it, you certainly share much here.

    • You’re welcome, Earl. Thanks for your comments and for sharing your thoughts. I agree it is a decent tool to save some time when putting together an eBook for a lead magnet or to sell. All the best.


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