SPYFY Review

SPYFY Review   Undercover Research


Website: SPYFY.io

Price: $87 or $97.00 One Time Investment

Owners: OJ James & Austin Anthony

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is a suite of tools which allows you to spy on profitable campaigns on social media. You get current results because their database automatically updates on a daily basis in real time. It’s a web-based application that saves you research time by letting you access competitor ads, products and campaigns.

You can see the most current trends on social media and research the best-selling items, and then create your own campaigns. It’s a comprehensive research tool which covers a variety of platforms such as Amazon, CPA, eCommerce, affiliate offers, eBay etc., and it allows you to generate new ideas and test some of your products. It helps you to discover low competition niches that may be profitable.

The Good & the Not So Good:

The Good:

1) Web-based

2) Responsive interface

3) No monthly fees

4) Full training

5) Don’t need to be highly technical

6) Money Back Guarantee

The Not So Good:

1) Time to learn and apply

Who Is SPYFY for?

Best designed for E-Com, Affiliate Marketers, CPA Marketers, T-Shirt Marketers, and content marketers.

Tools & Training

Web-based — Enter Username and Password

Updates automatically

Module One: Trending Term Search — Buzzfeed, Twitter, and Google trending tools

Module Two: FB Ad Tool — search by URL and keyword, target specific interests and keywords, upload created audience to Facebook Ad Manager, Fan Page Search, Graph Search for Fan Pages

Module Three: T-Shirt Module — Access current and past campaigns, Filter active and non-active campaigns, Filter by Social Network, Review front and back of T-shirts, Generate ideas for campaigns

Module Four: eCommerce — Find niche products that are best-selling and most popular, Database of over 28,000 Shopify stores, maximize ad ROI (return on investment), Use reviews to determine top eBay and Amazon platforms, Save searches to My Favorites

Module Five: SEO — Review Backlinks for competition, Keyword Research function, Keyword Suggestion feature

Module Six: YouTube Video Analytics — YouTube Video Analytics, Video Rank Tracker

Module Seven: Brainstorm — Obtain designs and viral content from popular sites such as Cafe Press, Instagram, Skreened, Zazzle, and Pinterest as well as locating quotes based on your niche keywords

Module Eight: Bookmarks — Use My Favorites to save selected searches




Lite: $87

Pro: $97

Final Thoughts

Especially for those who are challenged in defining and effectively selling to a niche, this product has tools which guide and assist in that area by locating the most searched and trending products. For an extra $10 the Pro Version is well worth it for the additional features.

Final Conclusion:   product review

For a much more comprehensive Internet Marketing Training platform Check Out my Review for my Top Recommendation.

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10 thoughts on “SPYFY Review”

  1. Thank you for educating me on Spyfy. I get the impression that this is a very sophisticated, yet affordable, tool that would be quite useful for those who not only want to do well in eCommerce but want to do very well. To me, this would be an excellent way to gauge the merit of other eCommerce offers and more accurately rate them, without having to pay the cost of joining them. Seems like this would be a great tool to have for those who blog and write reviews of other systems, as a way of marketing the one that they’re promoting. Thanks for heads up on this.

  2. The spyfy suit seems to be a potentially useful tool for web entrepreneurs specially in the e-com a affiliate marketing business.

    The review is not very in depht regarding what the suit consists off.

    The main positive thing is that is a one payment software rather than a subscription.

    This could represent a major cost advantage overtime especially considering you’re in this business for a long time.

    This is a very competitive market niche with major software companies striving for supremacy.

  3. This looks interesting. I’m glad to find out about it. Personally, I don’t think Facebook Advertising is the best way to get traffic and business. However, I recently received a credit from Facebook for the purpose of advertising, so I just tried it out. Aside from being able to target a specific audience based on demographics and interests, I didn’t know much about it when I set up my ad. So far, after about three days, I am getting a 1% click-through rate. Based on your review, it looks like if a person is really sure they want to use Facebook ads, this would be a good tool to make their advertising much more effective and profitable.

    • Thanks Danette for your comment.  It is a timesaver but as with any tool it does require time to get good with it and persistence in using it.  

    • Thanks Norman. It does require putting in time in learning how to use it effectively as well as spending the time in doing the necessary research and testing the products.

  4. Not sure that I would be a fan of this tool simply because it is not really a niche of my understanding. I am not about promoting individual productions found on such places as Amazon and others but more about promoting tools and courses that support our industry of making money online. I do, however, see the use if you are involved with these affiliate niches. Thanks for the review.


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