SociJam System Review

SociJam System Review Facebook Software

Name: SociJam System




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Price: $24.97 (Elite) — One Time Payment; $67 (Deluxe) — On a per Month basis

Owners: Cindy Donovan (partners Viktor Grant & Gary Alach)

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

In simple terms, SociJam is a cloud-based viral social post creation software product. It is a platform where you can more effectively post on Facebook. The software actually adds elements to your post to help it go viral. It helps to grab a person’s attention immediately so they will not wander off without spending adequate time to your post or ad.

Cindy Donovan is the creator of this software, and she has a good reputation within the internet marketing industry. Some of her other products include Commission Bullseye, Viral Loop, Covert Commissions, Pixly Pro, WP Blazer Suite, ShopABot, Text Deliver, and WP Scope. She has had one hundred (100) successful product launches.

Cindy provides extensive training which educates you on the ways to best use this product as well as its specific features and benefits.  Within the training she also reveals a special Facebook hack which she uses to increase her engagements and conversions.

This product is used to increase your CTR (click through rate) and engagement stats, as well as increasing the likelihood that your posts actually get seen. For those who are running paid ads on Facebook, or wish to do so, this software will help reduce your ad cost because of your added engagements.

Here is a short video which gives you a good overview of this software product.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  2. User friendly
  3. It is cloud based so there is no need to host or install anything
  4. It is compliant with Facebook policies and procedures
  5. Allows you to add icons, bolds, italics, underlines, emojis, images, and colors to your post
  6. Easy to edit
  7. Increases your ROI (Return on Investment) on your paid advertising
  8. Works with all major browsers
  9. No high degree of technical skills need — copy and paste

The Not So Good:

  1. It does take time to get used to the product and go through all the training so that you can maximize your results.  You will also have some trial and error in gaining maximum effectiveness from this tool.

Who is SociJam System For?

This product can be useful for any type of Internet marketer who is interested in increasing engagement to their Facebook posts, and getting more clicks on their Facebook ads. This is a helpful piece of software whether you are into eCommerce, affiliate marketing, product development, local marketing, social media, or blogging.

Tools & Training

There are extensive training videos which take you through a Four (4) Step Process:

1st Step: Use the function of the software which selects the best words in order to customize your post or ad. Add your content to the WYSIWYG Editor — stylize your content

2nd Step: Generate and copy content

3rd Step: Paste and post it to Facebook

4th Step: Monitor your comments, shares, and likes

Within the Dashboard of this product you will find extensive video training with a number of videos which walk you through the process of setting this up, and creating posts and ads which increase engagement and conversions. There are over six (6) features which contribute to customizing your posts and paid advertising.


Email Support is available.


Elite $24.97 One Time Payment

Deluxe$67 per month (this is an Upgrade where you get twenty-two (22) additional social media and website services as well as Reseller Rights and Agency Access

Final Thoughts

This is a software product which will help you to create more engaging posts and ads on Facebook. By styling your text you set yourself apart by creating posts and ads which leads to more engagement and sales. More reach and engagement is critical to your marketing campaigns.

When paying for ads on Facebook you want to maximize your investment, and this product allows you to add the type of creatives which draw highly targeted traffic at the lowest possible cost. This product helps you increase both your free and paid traffic.

It has a number of features and benefits such as you don’t need any design or coding skills to use, it is cloud-based so there is nothing to install, you just have to copy and paste to get stuff done, you have unlimited posts, ads, and comments, the training videos are detailed, it works all on devices and major browsers, you can use emojis to generate emotion, get more exposure and clicks, it is easier to go viral, and you are able to bold and underline your text for better communication.

All these things add up to increase your effectiveness with your posts and ads on Facebook. Your overall marketing strategy will produce better results because of the effectiveness of setting your posts and ads apart.

So if Facebook is part of your marketing strategy this product can be of some assistance. But as always this is just one aspect of your overall marketing efforts in running your internet business. This is not for everyone, but it can be of help to some. Take your time in evaluating this product in terms of your overall vision for your business and your marketing goals. If nothing else, it is good to know about this product. And for those who do give it a shot, there is a thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee.

To your Success in All your Marketing Efforts,


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14 thoughts on “SociJam System Review”

  1. Hey thank you so much for the post!  I’m so glad to see that SociJam is not a scam.  I have been looking into them for a while now, because I’m worried about be scammed online.  I really need their assistance because I want my business to have good engagement on Facebook.  I’m real active on there, but it seems like no one else is.  This might actually help!

    • Thanks Jesse.  You do have the 30 day money back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with the results so on that basis you can determine if it helps you to the degree you desire.  All the Best.

  2. Hello there thanks for this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the pinlic.on a more serious note,Soci Jam is a software tool for Facebook. It allows you to underline, italicize, bold text and more to impress and diversify for your posts on FB instead of only emoticons. Thanks to using its functions , your Facebook will be more prominent than ever.

  3. I have always wanted to convert my traffic from social media. I am a bit skeptical though because ultimately I want my ROI from organic but in the meantime SociJam can help me make some income while I am working on my organic search. I will give it a try, I am glad that it is money back guarantee. Thanks for the review 🙂 

  4. Hi, Joseph.
    Thanks for sharing unbiased review on Socijam System. What I could understand is that this software helps in creating more engaging posts or ads on Facebook. As everything is cloud based and there is no worry of installing bugs, so I would love to give it a try . Learning curve should not be a distraction, what do you say.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Thanks for your comments.  Learning curve should be no distraction at all. Just need to spend the time to learn it and apply effectively. All the Best.

  5. There is so much positive that has been said about this program that it is worth a try and who would not want help when it comes to binging more effective with your business on facebook. The price is also good so I believe that if you are interested in investing the time then this is the product to get.

  6. Thank you Joseph for this review of SociJam!
    I agree that having eye-catching emojis and unique fonts can help in grabbing the attention and getting someone to stop at your social post and start reading.
    But I believe what is important for getting engagement in the form of comments, likes and shares is the content and the copy of the post itself, which has more to do with learning copywriting.
    The good thing about SociJam is that it is a bit inexpensive and that there’s a money back guarantee, which makes it safe to try out.
    Thanks again!


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