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SocialRobot Pro Review Social Bookmarking

Name: SocialRobot Pro


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Price: $47
Owners: Joshua Zamora, Mitch Balazic and Mike Thomas

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This is software used for video marketing and social bookmarking. It is designed to get your videos ranked higher and faster. You are able to build hundreds of social bookmarking backlinks to the URL of your choice. There is a module within SocialRobot gives you access to over one thousand (1000) bookmarking sites which get updated on a weekly basis.

By doing this you will increase your organic rankings as well as receive more referral traffic as well as saving time and money from having to create your own list of these sites or to buy lists. You can get your YouTube videos ranked a lot faster.

Joshua Zamora has a number of products which he has created over the years and marketed through sites such as JV Zoo. A few of them are Tube Sniper, Zamurai PBN Blueprint, Samurai BluePrint, and Seamless SEO.

This software, once set up, has the advantage of performing all tasks on auto pilot such as posting content, account creation, verifying links, and indexing your links. The Pro Version has a built-in drip feeding feature which produces a very flowing and natural feel to your campaigns.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. No extensive tech skills needed
  3. Once set up it works on autopilot
  4. Saves time from doing it yourself
  5. Saves money from having to outsource this task
  6. Reasonably priced

The Not So Good:

  1. There are upsells
  2. This is a Windows application so to run on other operating systems it requires virtualization software like VMware or Parallels.

Who is SocialRobot Pro For?

This product is designed for internet marketers of all types who desire to increase their search engine rankings especially through video marketing.

Tools & Training

There are step-by-step training videos which explain the process.

Here are some of the main features of this product:

* One-Click Posting — to begin you will get your project configured to your specifications then click the button which puts the whole process on auto pilot from social bookmarking account creation, email verification, posting, and link verification.

* Multiple CMS Support — the following platforms are supported with this product: Pligg, PHPDug, Scuttle and ScuttlePlus etc. There are new additions on a continual basis.

* Local Database Storage — everything which you add to your sites are stored in a local database.

* Multithreaded — you can use up to twenty (20) threads at the same time (this is similar to having multiple browsers open simultaneously)

* Proxy Support — there is a proxy handling interface which provides anonymous and private HTTP proxies. The interface will measure response time as well as check if proxies are alive and working.

* Spinning — several spinners are supported with this software such as WordAI, Spinner Chief, The Best Spinner, and Spin Rewriters. This allows for content rewriting, and nested spinning is also supported with this product.

* Captcha Support — there is a built in captcha solving engine in this software. It will figure out the simpler types of captcha such as GSA Captcha Breaker, Captcha Sniper, Death ByCaptcha, ImageTyperz, and DepCaptcha. You are also able to enter the text manually as well.

* Links Indexing — within this software product is a built in pinger to assist in your link building work. It is also integrated with LikPipeline, Linklicious, and Indexification.

* Export Links — you are able to export both posted and already verified links in a TXT file or Excel format.

* Live Links Checker — the software will check for the presence of your links in your posted articles so that your are able to export live links.

* Automatic Updates — updates are provided on a regular basis as well as requests and ideas from customers are most welcome and often implemented within future versions. Any bugs which are discovered are given immediate attention and fixed promptly.

* Blacklists — you can add bad sites to a Black List which excludes them from your link building in order to protect your rankings.

* Scheduler — this is a function which schedules tasks such as posting, registration, email verification, and link verification. You can schedule your tasks and jobs either hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly while indicating the number of sites for each task.

* Logging Facility — every action is logged and reviewed so that you can fix any problems which occur.

* SocialBase — this is the large database of social bookmarking sites to which you have access. These sites are monitored on a consistent basis and updated as needed. (This is an Upsell with a Monthly Subscription)

* Site Filtration — you are able to target your desired sites by filtering your projects and specified social bookmarking sites. A few of the filters include Captchua Filter, Edu and Gov Filter, Platform Filter, Do-Follow Filter, and PageRank Filter.

For additional insights here is a video which Demos the product:


Email Support is available to get help as needed from the development team. There is also a Community Forum as well as a detailed User’s Manual.


One Time Payment — No Free Trial

Pro Version$47 [Six (6) platforms, two hundred (200) threads, No limit on projects, Unlimited sites per project, Scheduler for Drip Feeding, two (2) computer installs, one hundred (100) sites loaded]

Lite Version $17 [Two (2) platforms, twenty (20) threads, two (2) projects, three hundred (300) sites per project, one (1) computer install, fifty (50) sites loads, No Scheduler for Drip Feeding]

Standard Version $27 [four (4) platforms, fifty (50) threads, five (5) projects, five hundred (500) sites per project, one (1) computer install, fifty (50) sites loaded, No Scheduler for Drip Feeding


1) List of Authority Bookmarking Sites with high Page Rank (PR)

2) Zamurai Video Blueprint — training on how to rank videos including best affiliate networks, how to optimize videos, and keyword suggestions

3) Gold Digging Video — shows you exactly how to locate the best keywords for highest conversions. Covers the entire keyword process.

4) Q & A with Additional Training — advanced video rankings strategies are covered in this live session with an opportunity to ask questions.

Final Thoughts

For those into video marketing and want to rank their videos quicker, this product can be of help since it is a social bookmarking tool which is specifically designed to employ video marketing techniques. It assists in creating backlinks without the need to do all that time-consuming work manually.

Although good, none of these tools are a panacea to bring about instant success. Time spent in creating good content and building your brand so that you have an authority site is what will pay big dividends down the line, and enable you to scale your business to any extent that you so desire.

This product does have a thirty (30) day money back guarantee so if this fits in with your marketing strategy it is worth checking out.

Final Conclusion Social Bookmarking Softwared

All the Best in your Online Marketing Efforts,


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27 thoughts on “SocialRobot Pro Review…”

  1. Site looks good and page content i had a read but didnt really understand what the produt is or what it has to offer i understand increase rating but how and why maybe get some more images to motivate people and maybe a yourtube vido of your own in there as well. i wish you luck and nice looking site 

  2. Thanks for the review. I was looking for something about video marketing. But maybe something more long term, more dedicated as a community and not a product. And besides having additional sales doesn’t make me very happy. So what is offered is not ALL we need seems …

    Does it really work on autopilot as you say?

    Equally 17 dollars to start seems a reasonable price, so it is worth checking out.

    Thank you very much for the review.

    • Thanks Pablo. Appreciate your thoughts. Once you get the process going the majority of the tasks take place automatically but it is by no means a magic formula. It is just an additional tool to add to your online toolbelt. Some of these tools work better than others. All the Best.,

  3. Thanks a lot for summarizing such an amazing review about SocialRobot Pro and all the explanation given. 

    For me is the first time when i hear about this software and you really got me with this. I have on youtube a lot of workouts videos in which i try to help all the people to work more correctly. Unfortunately my traffic is limited and lately I even thought about giving up this passion. I can say that you have given me another chance  to going forward with my videos and I really want to take this opportunity. If you don’t mind, i want to share your article on my social media account where I have a lot of friends who will enjoy this useful information s.


    • Thanks so much. Please do share this article with your friends. I appreciate your thoughts on this and look forward that this product is helpful for you.

  4. Socialrobot pro is one of the best video marketing tool that I have seen so far Its cheap and have a very good accessible platform…I tell you if into video marketing like me then this product is for you.thanks alot for this awesome article I know it would be of help to me as it has been of help to the public

  5. I think this software sounds pretty helpful and really appreciate your detailed review. Your articles are really thorough! Quick question though – you gave it an “about average” rating…just wondered if there is a product you like better that serves a similar purpose? Thanks for helping out this newbie. 🙂 

    • Thanks Katie. Appreciate your comments. Gave it “about average” because it is a good product but it will not instantly bring in success without doing all the other necessary tasks of building a strong foundation for your online business. All the Best.

  6. Hello Joseph, thank you for sharing this helpful review of SocialRobot Pro to help us make well informed decision regarding the purchase of this product. A beautiful website or channel with valuable content is totally useless to the owner without getting traffic on them. From this review, I think this software is a nice one to help improve our traffic. I also love the features of the program and I think it is reasonably priced too considering the value it offers.


  7. I like the fact that you pointed one thing people should have in mind when going for product like this. Although promise to make your life better, it won’t be an instant success. A lot of hard work is needed to make this possible by building quality content regularly on your website and other things needed to have an authority online.

    This product is really good for video marketing. I also liked that it has a 30 day money back guarantee to see if this is what one wants. I’m not a big fan of upsells, but it is fine if they made it known to users before subscribing.

    • Thanks Kell. I appreciate your thoughts and insights on this. Upsells can be okay if they “significantly” add to your results once applied. All the Best.

  8. Hi, joseph,

    I see that you are able to provide a lot of good reviews on your site.

    I like the “Un-retired entrepreneur concept.” I agree. I “retired” in 2016. People ask me what I do with my time. All I can say is I don’t understand how I ever had time to hold down a “job.”

    I have been working with online marketing for several years. My time commitments varied with the challenges of my “day job.” Now, I have time to do more online marketing as well as write and do more public speaking. I am also a bi-vocational minister, and that certainly keeps my time occupied, as I serve currently as an interim pastor.

    Anyway, back to your site. I like the concept. I did have to look around a little to find out more about what the site is about as a whole. I found the info I wanted by going to your “About Joseph William” page.

    The review you did on this page is well done. I appreciate that you rank the products as “The Good, About Average, and The Not So Good.” Anyone interested in SocialRobot Pro should be able to find the information they need to make an intelligent decision by reading your review and then going to the accompanying links.

    Wishing you the best,

    From one Un-retiree to another,


  9. I find Social Robot Pro quite interesting. I’ve heard of Joshua Zamora throughout the years. He does a lot of great products, which you have already listed, plus more, such as Pro Renegade. He does tons of great work. I would recommend his products as well, especially for any and all online marketing entrepreneurs of all business models. Thanks for sharing this article. You’ve provided me with information that I was not aware of, which is what I appreciate the most. Finding content that has valuable information to assist me with my work. Thank you.

  10. Thank you for this review of the Socialrobot Pro software!
    I like tools that solve a problem and save me the time, but the thing about bookmarking and building backlinks is that it can have a negative effects if thee backlinks were on websites or pages that are not that relevant to the YouTube video.
    Have you seen good results with this tool?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Thanks Amjad for your comments. I have not used this tool because at this point I am not that much into creating videos. I have a handful on my Channel which I produce from time to time to add to my content or explain further a blog post. All the Best.

  11. This product seems to offer a lot and will be a great tool for those who depend on video marking like youtube. I guess it is worth a try, if a tool like this can help you to get ahead making your work easier then why not invest in this system.

  12. Thank you for the information Joseph but I am not sure at this time to grasp the importance of the benefits that such an application could bring me.
    I will have to read your article again to understand the advantages of such a tool.
    Thank you for opening my eyes to new perspectives.

  13. Nice review of Social Robot Pro, Joseph, it looks like it could be a handy software.

    I use a Mac, though, not Windows, so how hard would it be to set up the software to get it running on Mac?




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