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Name: ShopMozo – Store Review



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Price: $49.95 (one time investment for unlimited stores)

Owners: Dr. Amit Pareek, Asha Kumar

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a cloud-based piece of software which is used to build affiliate stores. It does this by accessing products from affiliate sources such as Ali Express, Amazon, and Ebay. You just set up an account and enter your website details. The store website which you create is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized.

At this point you can create viral traffic through social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

This product was created by Dr. Amit Pareek who has a track record of the software products such as SociDeck, ProfitMozo, SociTrafficJet, VidMozo, and several more.

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. User friendly
  2. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Cloud-based so no hosting needed
  4. Option to create unlimited stores
  5. The One (1) click curator selects review videos from YouTube and adds them automatically in order to increase rankings on Google
  6. Amazon product curation
  7. Automatic Facebook sharing of your product offers

The Not So Good:

1) Several Upsells

2) Doesn’t have a blog on the websites

3) Sites like Amazon do not pay generous commissions so you need to make a lot of sales

4) No way to add articles

5) Not sufficient control over page design

6) Thirty (30) day guarantee requires proof you tried the product and show it didn’t work

Who is ShopMozo For?


Internet marketers who are interested in setting up eCommerce stores on autopilot while increasing traffic to sites.

Tools & Training


Check out this video to get an idea of how all this works:

1) Sign into account and then insert store details

2) Insert Amazon affiliate details and then website is created with products automatically inserted

3) Free video reviews set up and access to social media traffic

Training videos are available.

— It has several designs with five (5) different color themes.

— Insert affiliate ID and keywords to build site and it is automatically populated with products.

— SEO is built in and is designed to get high ranking in the search engines.

— Sets up your social media automatically to set your viral traffic in motion.

— Access hundreds of video related reviews which are relevant to your niche and niche related keywords.

— There is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature which sets up your store on autopilot in accessing additional products, curated more videos, and drives social media traffic to your site. Every hour your information is checked so that it is up to date, and when necessary will automatically update product prices.

— The website site is mobile optimized utilizing CSS3 and HTML5 technology.

— Built-in sliders designed to display multiple products to increase engagement.

— Product Management: edit products and set up categories and tags.

— Every product page has Social Media buttons to increase viral traffic.



24/7 support is available through Help Desk:



$17 — One (1) Store License — One time investment

$29 — Three (3) Store License — One time investment

$49.95 — Unlimited Stores License — One time investment


Upsell #1 (ShopMozo Pro) $57

Upsell #2 (ShopMozo Enterprise) $97

Upsell #3 (Reseller License) $97

Allows you to Sell ShopMozo and keep 100% of the profits

Upsell #4 (Membership With Agency License) $27/month

Final Thoughts

With ShopMozo you are able to create a SEO-optimized affiliate store loaded with product video reviews. You are able to set up as many stores as desired and keep them updated with less time and effort. You are basically combining the benefits of SEO, videos, and social media to increase your chances of success.

Because it is cloud-based it doesn’t let bloggers run their sites while promoting products. So for bloggers who are monetizing their sites there are better alternatives out there.

This is a way to build websites from large e-Commerce sites and generate traffic as well. The only thing is that these large e-Commerce sites do not pay huge commissions so you have to generate a large amount of sales in order to make significant money. So this requires investing in the “unlimited stores” option in order to increase your overall revenues and profits.

In my opinion this is an okay product for those looking to sell products from large e-Commerce sites. It will most definitely save you time and effort in getting these sites up, running, and populated with products. As I mentioned, there are a few drawbacks as well as several upsells. It is just a matter of what your online goals are, and if this would fit into your overall strategy.

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Conclusion ShopMozo

All the Best,


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20 thoughts on “ShopMozo Store Review”

  1. Having the right traffic on ones site is a really good way to go with having potential customers who can purchase your products as an affiliate marketer. Offers like this are quite rare because there is a money back guarantee involved in it and its involvement of social media would also help one grow their business using a wider means. However I’m not a fan of upsell in business, but is the upsell made compulsory?

    • Thanks for your feedback Benson.  The upsells are not compulsory.  For the multi-site option you can build as many sites as you want.  It is just a matter if this fits in with your overall online strategy.  All the Best to you.

  2. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your review of ShopMozo!  I have never heard of it before until now.  While on the surface, I do like the options it presents.  However, the upsells worry me a little.  I wouldn’t want to get involved in some business such as this and in order to continue, have to keep forking out money.  There are much better ways out there – I have found Wealthy Affiliate!  Thank you for sharing this advice.  I appreciate your research and time!  

    • Thanks so much for your comments and feedback.  They are much appreciated.  I agree that Wealthy Affiliate provides all one needs to build a successful online business.  All the Best.

  3. Good afternoon Joseph,

    I am amazed at all the things that are available on the internet. As I understand from reading your post on ShopMozo Store it gives you the possibility to have a shop online which nearly is ready to start selling products for you.

    I know that nowadays it is very normal to go shopping online and especially the younger generations does it. Personally I prefer going to a physical shop and have a good look and if it is clothes I like to try it on.

    I understand being the owner of an online shop you can earn money through commissions. It seems that this product makes it halfway easy to set up such a shop. I also understand you do not have a lot of freedom to give this shop your personal touch.

    Thinking this over I have come to the conclusion this is not for me. I will continue writing for my sites, which is more in my line.

    Regards, Taetske

  4. Hi there thanks for this review. I was actually looking into e-commerce and had never heard of shopmozo until now. It is hard to find programmes with no upsells these days, but I liked what you said about traffick. I think the price for the unlimited stores is also fare but the licence is pretty high. Overall I think its something worth a try.

  5. I think this Shopmozo unlimited store seems like a very good platform that offers just enough to help enhance one to build an online store that would help in making sales much easier. I have a colleague who wishes to own a store where she can sell her things and also help others to sell. Please I would like to know if this shopmozo offers an opportunity to sell personal products rather than rely on other retail outlets?

    • Hi Shelley.  Thanks for the feedback.  This app is primarily set up to build and populate a site from retailers like Amazon.  If a person has a blog and wishes to sell other products (affiliate or own products) it would be better to use another software system.  All the Best.

  6. This looks to another one of those things that pop up in email boxs all over the world. It may be the way the internet is going, it is not really dropshipping as we understand it, no affiliate marketing reviews
    Just an impersonal rpoduct site populating itself around the WWW world.

    The good thing about these cloud based software toys is they are generally marketed and sold to people who dream of getting rich in the Biz Op world and buy things only to put them on a shelf and never use them.

    A good review and maybe the creator of Shop Mozo made a few bucks but most Shop Mozo apps will never be used

    • Thanks Michael for your thoughts on this. Yes, there are many products like this out there promoting them as shortcutd to success. The only shortcut of which I know is proper training and application of marketing techniques which are based on solid principles which work. And then stay consistent with good work habits. All the best.

  7. The Shopmozo store looks interesting to me while arising some questions inside.

    It is the first time I am reading a Shopmozo store review. Although I listened about Shopmozo in the past, I never got a chance to accumulate some knowledge about it before I read your content. So thank you very much for sharing the details about Shopmozo.

    You don’t have an option to write a blog in Shopmozo sites, then how the SEO possible??!

    Do Shopmozo stores really drive a lot of traffic to the cloud-based website? A lot of traffic means a lot of sales. Then why people are wasting time by writing content for affiliate marketing?! SEO is one of the main reason for which people creates content on their website. It a readymade webshop is already SEO optimized, and able to drive lots of traffic then blogging is worthless, I think. Do you have some clarification?

    I am wondering you have rated it only 70/100, what are the reasons? Are the reasons only things like upsales or something more?

    • Thanks so much for your comments. I rated this as average because tools like this come and go and may or may not produce as promised. This app allows you to quickly set up a site and populate it with products from Amazon and other large retailers. It is not something of which I choose to pursue because I believe a solid long term business is based on sound marketing fundamentals which need to be learned and applied. Only then would I consider an app to shorten the time frame in getting things done. So many of these products are over promoted as if they can produce instant success. Once you have an estabished and profitable online business, you can then more easily evaluate products like this to determine their worth in your overall online strategy. Again, I consider this an average product that may assist people dependent on where they are in their online business. Not a shortcut to get rich quick. All the Best to You.

  8. This is the first time that I have heard of this system there are sure a lot of cons with this program and while it may not be a program that will get you where you want to go in the ture sense of the word it is a program that can help somewhat non- the less. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thanks Norman. I agree that dependent on what type of business you have this can help automate some of the tasks, but I am not quite so sure of its effectivenss in delivering large amoounts of traffic as stated. All the Best.

  9. Great, in-depth review about ShopMozo, Joseph… you’ve left nothing out here!

    It sounds like this may be a decent option if you are interested in creating affiliate stores on Amazon.

    I’m personally not a huge fan of affiliate marketing on Amazon as the margins are so low… I’d much prefer higher ticket digital products with a higher profit margin and products with recurring commissions.

    Nice review 🙂

  10. Maybe I would start e-commerce sometime, and this looks like a good alternative to shopify. At least for a beginner. It’s surtenly something I would consider. I haven’t heard about ShopMozo, so this was a welcomed review. Thanks!


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