Semi Retirement Options — More Than You May Realize

There are many semi retirement options for those who want to continue working after retirement from a person’s main job or business. It has become a popular option for many people and for several reasons.Semi Retirement Options

Sometimes we concentrate on our problems instead of being open to the many opportunities available. Retirement may seem initially as an ideal situation, but once there many discover that it is not what we imagined it to be.



Semi Retirement Options — Keeping Things Simple

Personally, I will opt for simple over complex every day of the week. When it comes to retirement this is also the case. There are many ways to simplify things.

First, it’s important to really get clear on what we most desire without worrying about “how” it’s going to happen. The “hows” always have a way of falling into place once we have some clarity.

When we have a strong desire to do something, it is then relatively simple to put some semi retirement options in place that fulfill our needs in all areas of our lives. Check out my free report on Creating Life Balance on the main page of this website.

We also may want to simplify our lives by downsizing a bit and spending our time and money on what truly makes us fulfilled and happy. It’s nice to have a big house and a flash car, but at the same time, our freedom is most important. Ridding ourselves of excess baggage frees up many parts of our lives.

Semi retirement allows us to leave our full-time work to pursue our passions and still earn a bit of money along the way. A more minimal lifestyle makes this transition a lot easier. This is where clarity comes in again. It’s important that we are not working for things we don’t really want or need.

A Few Ideas on Simplifying Our Lives

Now let’s discuss a few ways we can make this happen. These are semi retirement options that will speed us along our way.

* First let’s start with the understanding that less can be more. Regardless of financial status, there are many things we have that we can do without. Also, when we have less stuff to store or track around we have much more freedom and a less cluttered mind worrying about all this stuff. Fewer things, fewer expenses. This is a way to simplify our lives and save quite a bit of money.

* Another way to simplify is by downsizing our home. This is a way to cut down on expenses in numerous ways. Fewer utilities, lower cost, and much easier and less expensive to maintain. Many folks are checking out tiny houses, container homes, and skoolies. This is definitely a viable alternative for some.

* Next, let’s get out of debt and not incur any further debt. This frees up funds to use during your semi retirement adventure. With fewer bills, you can work less and play more. For a few ideas on how to make that happen check out this article on a debt-free semi retirement.

* By paying off your mortgage early, you free up quite a bit of income and always have a place to live that is a free and clear home. Here’s a mortgage calculator to help you do just that.

* Now my favorite way to help simplify things is to create some extra cash on a recurring basis. With the initial effort and investment in place, these sources of income continue to produce only requiring a small amount of time to manage. This can take the form of peer-to-peer lending, or investing in areas that you have done sufficient research or have a trusted fiduciary advisor. Online marketing is an ideal option as well. With this, you want to get properly trained so that you acquire the foundational skills that will last you a lifetime. This is all about the “learning to fish” metaphor. Here’s a review of My #1 Recommended Online Training Platform to check out.

Semi Retirement Options — The Creative ApproachSemi Retirement Options

We can do our research and due diligence forever and just may end up with all these interesting ideas but being totally confused. It’s important to honor our true values, interests, and passions when making our decisions concerning any semi retirement options. What is right for one person will not always work for another.

This is where the creative part of ourselves takes over, and this includes paying attention to our intuition or gut feeling. The research is important to gather facts in areas of interest so we educate ourselves on what is available. Then the work really begins.

Now just as I was speaking about simplifying our lives in many ways, this needs to be a simple process as well. Once all the practical research has been done, we just let our creative juices flow. There’s nothing to do but “pay attention”. I suggest carrying around a small notebook or pad because you never know when you will get an inspired thought.

This is a fun process because you have already done all the hard work during the due diligence process (although I suggest you make that fun as well). The answers are within us and we just need to listen with an open and non-judgmental mind.

If you need any help with this leave a comment or send me a note through my contact page.

Now semi retirement can be a very fulfilling experience for many, given that many folks find retirement unsatisfactory for a number of reasons some of which I have covered in my article on “What Is Semi-Retirement?”. Staying engaged in life and having time to pursue other interests to vital to our happiness and joy.

These semi retirement options can help us retire sooner and work part-time doing something that we enjoy. We feel less stressed as we are not rushing around trying to get all this stuff done, and still feeling we have not done enough. We can get things done at a slower pace when we are freed up from many other responsibilities including a full-time job.

In any event, I’ll go deeper into some of these topics over time. With this article, I desired to point out that we all have many more semi retirement options than we may now realize.

May you enjoy this process of discovery and determine which options are best for you.

All the very Best,

Joseph William

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8 thoughts on “Semi Retirement Options — More Than You May Realize”

  1. I totally agree that less really is more. The older I get, the more I get rid of and the more I put my focus on experiences. My dad is like you, in that, he semi-retired. He loves to create content and not only works on website content but also content for a quarterly magazine. There is so much one can do in retirement and I’m glad you are pointing these things out. I also appreciate that you carry around a notebook to capture your thoughts. Too many times I have an ah-ha moment and neglect to write it down, only to try and struggle later to remember what it was.

    • Thanks, Alicia. I appreciate your thoughts on semi retirement. It is so important to stay fully engaged in life and pursuing our interests. All the Best.

  2. I always wondered why some people haven’t retired yet, and reading your article just made me realize that if you don’t plan your future in time you might end up working up until you are very old. Debts can hold you back in so many ways. It has become a habit for some to stay in debts.

    Reading your article just made me realize that I have to plan ahead. And also internet marketing is a very good idea because you can always work in the comfort of your home. It will be wise to start training and building your foundation in time, so that you will be earning by the time to think of retiring and if it’s done right you can even retire early.

    • Thanks for your comments, Mimie. Planning is important in all stages of our lives. The sooner we are clear specifically what we desire we can then make a practical plan to implement step-by-step and make adjustments along the way. All the Best.

  3. We all will retire one day those of us who are working so why not make the choice now and try our hand at semi-retirement which I believe once we do our homework and plan well may just be what we are looking for.

  4. This article help me realize that we have been concentrating on our problems instead of being open to opportunities that are available to us. It’s time to get rid of somethings and get out of debt. Thank you for this article!


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