Semi Retired And Looking For Work

Semi Retired and looking for work is something that may be necessary for some in terms of financial need, while others may desire to open a new chapter in their lives that will keep them busy doing something enjoyable and challenging. Let’s explore this area a bit whether we currently have a job or are just getting started to find something.Semi Retired And Looking For Work

In a previous article, Best Semi Retirement Jobs, I outlined some specific areas that offer opportunities dependent on your interests. Now let us explore how we can make this a fun process that results in obtaining the job or business activity for which we are best suited.


Semi Retired And Looking For Work — Getting Started

First of all, it is important to realize that we have many options available depending on our current needs, interests, and health. Check out my article on Semi Retirement Options for additional ideas.

According to AARP here are The Top 25 Part-Time Jobs for Retirees. This will certainly stimulate a few ideas if nothing else but indicate what we don’t want to do.

Being clear on what we don’t desire will keep us focused on what not only makes logical sense for us but also ignites our feelings in a certain direction. When we have this type of intuitive urge or gut feeling, it is important to trust ourselves enough to test it out.

Now that being said, a few practical ways to get started semi retired and looking for work is to check out job boards for people over fifty (50) years of age. Some job boars specialize in seasonal, part-time, and more flexible types of work schedules.

Also, look locally as well as contacting former colleagues and employers. You may get a part-time gig or some consulting work with a former employer or a company for which your colleague knows works.

In addition, volunteering in an area for which you have an interest or passion can lead to some part-time work as well. Let’s allow our creative juices to flow a bit and we will be surprised with what surfaces.

Enjoying the Job Search Process

Regardless of the reason that we are semi retired and looking for work, it’s important to have fun with this. We may currently have a part-time job that we don’t like, and are looking to change. Now if money is not an issue we can just quit and spend more time looking for alternatives. If we need the extra cash, then we are more motivated to find a more ideal job.

Indeed,.com did a study of people sixty-two (62) and over who were looking for part-time work and found most people were looking for some type of driving job whether that was Uber or driving in some professional capacity. They also noticed that medical jobs were prevalent and that even retired doctors were looking for part-time work in areas like telemedicine.

Also, teaching jobs were mentioned such as being a tutor or part-time instructor. Hospitality jobs included receptionist, hostess, bartender, event planner, and front desk associate. There were numerous retail jobs such as merchandiser, brand specialist, sales agent, assistant manager, and cashier.

Again, let me emphasize that there are plenty of alternatives out there once we do enough research and expand our awareness of the job market. By enjoying the job search process we are more open to different alternatives that we may have not before considered. We are less likely to make premature judgments and miss out on an ideal opportunity.

Semi Retired And Looking For Work — An Avenue of Self DiscoverySemi Retired And Looking For Work

Regardless of the specific reason, we are semi retired and looking for work, this is an ideal opportunity to get to know ourselves better. We are able to spend some time reflecting on what is most meaningful to ourselves, and what other qualities that we desire to express and share with the world.

Now I don’t mean to get too esoteric here, but we all desire happiness and fulfillment regardless of what we may do along to way to attain it. As I have written in several other articles on this blog in the Personal Growth category, happiness and joy are present moment experiences not dependent on any outside factors lining up in a certain way.

The ironic part of all this is when we are happy and joyful we do attract all that we need at any given moment. It is more a matter of letting go of the doubts and fears and allowing the good stuff to flow in.

Now I know that we were not educated to think in this way, but being semi retired and looking for work is an ideal time to expand our thinking a bit, and get to know ourselves better. Just thinking in this way about what is possible can be a very revealing experience.

I wrote a book several years ago about learning to trust ourselves, and there is no better time to start than now. This goes along with regaining our ability of “how” to think in creative ways, rather than merely accepting “what” to think based on outside sources and influences that may or may not be accurate.

Okay, let’s finish this up with a bit more practical advice. AARP is also a great source for looking for part-time jobs. Check out the AARP Job Board for plenty of listings that will spark your imagination. These listings cover many areas with call center customer service jobs being rather popular with the semi retired folks.

Whether you are semi retired and looking for work to get into a more preferable job that is more enjoyable and pays better, or you are just getting started on your semi retirement adventure, I look forward that I have presented some viable ideas and opportunities to explore.

Have fun with the process and remember the best job fit for each of us is dependent on our interests, passions, skills, and overall goals based on the lifestyle we most enjoy. There are plenty of options so don’t settle for less. Embrace the attitude that you have much to contribute, and it is just a matter of locating the appropriate place for your services.

I wish you all the very best, and contact me with any questions in the comments sections or message me on my Contact Page.

Always remember that “Happily Ever After is Now”,

Joseph William

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6 thoughts on “Semi Retired And Looking For Work”

  1. This is an informative article for anyone who is semi-retired and looking for a little extra income. 

    I am only in my early 30’s so this doesn’t apply to me specifically, or at all really. But believe it or not this is some useful information as my mother is getting close to that age and could really use some type of supplemental income. 

    Thanks for this article, Joseph. I’ll be sure to let my mother in on this information! 

    • Thanks for your comments, Caleb. Semi retirement is a viable option at any age with the proper planning and strategy. All the best to you and your mom.

  2. Hi Joseph, Semi-Retirement is a dream for many of us regardless of age. To go to work part-time is a choice for many who wish to keep an active lifestyle.

  3. Sadly, today’s economy has it where comfortable retirement is only possible for folks who’ve managed to stay far enough ahead with their financial planning. The percentage of such people who’ve managed to achieve this is extremely low! And, the percentage continues to drop as the current direction this world is going continues to run down the wrong way!

    I recently turned 51, but even as a much younger adult, I clued in the importance to diversify income and strive to be as financially independent as possible. When the guacamole hits the fan (and it will!) I definitely don’t want to be relying on sources I know won’t be there. The information you provided is most valuable, to say the least! I’ve already bookmarked the 25 p/t for semi-retirees to see what I can find in there that matches my niche roster.


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