Seeking Happily Ever After

I think it has been a desire of ours since we were children to find some sort of contentment or happiness by locating some entry into a secret or hidden gateway. As we grew older we found ourselves more and more conditioned to look for satisfaction outside of ourselves, which resulted in turning over every rock and stone in seeking happily ever after.  Seeking Happily Ever After

While this may have been fun at times, the ultimate result has been losing our sense of purpose and understanding of our true source of happiness. We run around in circles searching for something that is actually very close to home; right within ourselves.

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.”

— Marcus Aurelius — 

Seeking Happily Ever After — Why All the Fuss?

Have we ever actually paused long enough to contemplate why we are not content with the present moment, and why we keep searching for something to make us more whole and complete? Is there anything missing right now? If there is, it is not something out there which we can acquire to alleviate the fear, discomfort, and uncertainty of being alive.

All the energy is flowing through us right this moment, and it is that energy that not only keeps us physically alive and functioning, but it is also the substance from which we create our every experience. With that much power within our grasp, does it not make sense to awaken to that realization, and learn how to properly utilize it to guide ourselves in the direction in which we truly desire to go?

We are like mini-power plants out of control. Instead of being channeled to light our cities and towns, and power our appliances and vehicles, the energy is dispersed in a haphazard way so we end up being in the dark. And the ironic thing is, that we then have the audacity to blame others or fate for our circumstances.

We create a lot of fuss about not being able to accomplish or do this and that when it has always been within our power to do so. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.

There Must Be An Answer

If we can find only one person out there who has found happiness and contentment in the present, then it is possible for anyone to do so. And trust me, there are many folks out there who have discovered their inner source of power and joy.

Learn to welcome the noise in your head when it tells you that this is all a lot of nonsense and will never work. Don’t resist the fears and anxieties which arise when you confront your limiting beliefs and assumptions. It is all good because this stuff is getting Exposed; maybe for the first time since we accepted it as real, and then promptly pushed it aside to go unnoticed in the corner of our minds.  Unfortunately, the results have not gone unnoticed.

Many of these ideas and beliefs served us well at one time in terms of physical and emotional safety and protection. But now many of them have outlived their purpose and are just getting in our way. It’s time to bring them to the surface, and replace them with more life-enhancing ideas about ourselves, other people, and the world in general.  In other words, it is time to tell the truth.

Keeping things hidden while we play make believe just keeps us in the vicious circle of seeking “happily ever after”, and never quite getting there. This leads to more disappointment, frustration and regret.

The answer is plain to see once we get tired enough of running around in circles. We continue to use damaged thoughts, based on hurtful and painful experiences to guide our choices and decisions on a day-to-day basis. This is because we are caught up in a Web of Fear and do not know any better.

Actually, there is a part of ourselves that we need to access that does know better and is willing to come to our aid. But this part of ourselves needs to be accessed right Here and Now, and not in some imaginary future when things supposedly may get better. When we recognize and realize this totally, we are then inspired to do what it takes to make any necessary changes.

Seeking Happily Ever After — Beyond The Face of Fear Seeking Happily Ever After

Once we make this decision to change, we set ourselves up to move beyond fear. Maybe for the very first time, we experience the saying that “fear is only an illusion”. We realize that feelings are just that; something we feel. Without the various labels to which we attach to these feelings, we would not resist any of them.  Objects are just objects and not rocking chairs with a story attached to it of how grandma rocked us to sleep when we were little.

Without this resistance, energy is allowed to flow through us freely, which not only results in the easier accomplishment of our goals and desires but also ensures more physical and mental vitality. When energy is blocked because of fear and resistance, we expose ourselves to many ailments which could not exist in a free-flowing energy state. It is the blockage of energy that allows bacteria and germs to adversely affect us. They exist within and around us all the time, and left alone they just do their thing, and actually provide some beneficial effects.

Having grown up in the medical profession, I was fortunate to learn much at an early age from both traditional and non-traditional healers, which inspired me in a life-long pursuit of knowledge in this area. Our bodies are amazing mechanisms that do just fine without our conscious and unconscious interference. Thank God for our auto-immune system; it puts up with a lot and keeps on ticking.

Now it is pretty apparent that fear and resistance don’t do us any good. They contribute to a lot of unnecessary challenges in our lives. When we do break free, we experience a whole new level of existence. Let’s finish this up with a few more ideas about the “happily ever after” theme.  Seeking Happily Ever After

Guess What?

We as a civilization find ourselves rushing here and there in a frenzy, seeking this and that when we can just relax and let things play out according to the intentions we set in motion. When our thoughts are in alignment with our goals and dreams, action at times isn’t even necessary. An interesting movie made back in 1980 called, “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, vividly displays the total insanity of the Rat Race of modern life. They made one or two sequels but the original movie is the best.

There really is nowhere to go and nothing to get. All our running around, unless we are in alignment with our intentions, just creates a lot of stress and tension in our lives. And here is the answer to all our striving and seeking for this and that:

Seeking Happily Ever After is Now!

No more need to fuss and worry about getting this or achieving that. It’s all happening Now. Don’t dismiss the apparent simplicity of this statement. Once it sinks in your life will never be the same. Why? Because there is an Essence within each of us that is striving to break free, similar to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. We are that butterfly.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite sayings from Lao Tzu (Chinese philosopher born 601 B.C.} which will mess with your head a bit:

“In the study of the Way each day something is dropped.  Less and less do you have to force things, until finally, you arrive at the place of non-action?  Where nothing is done and nothing remains to be done.”

Enjoy the process of awakening to your True Selves as each moment is valued for what it offers. Without judgment and expectation, we allow ourselves to move beyond fear and grasp the Love within.  There is a Power within ourselves that is urging us to awaken.  Take the hint.


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Enjoy the journey of self-discovery,


Seeking Happily Ever After

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12 thoughts on “Seeking Happily Ever After”

  1. What an awesome and intriguing topic. I have been somebody who has struggled with claiming my identity and finding peace in my own life. I am always frantically searching for the next big thing in my life and never give myself time to slow down and find peace.
    I believe that it is the peace and acceptance in yourself that provides true abundance in your ambitions as well.
    Thank you again,

    • Thanks Ben. Your comments are much appreciated. We not only miss out on a lot by not choosing happiness now and being grateful for what we have, we also do not focus our energy fully where it will do the most good to bring about the results we desire. All the Best.

  2. What an awesome and intriguing topic. I have been someone who has struggled with claiming my identity and finding peace in my own life. I am always frantically searching for the next big thing in my life and I never give myself time to slow down and find peace.

    I believe that it is peace and acceptance in yourself that provides true abundance in your ambitions as well.

    Thank you again,


  3. Hi Joseph,

    I have read many articles stressing the importance of living in the present moment. But hardly have found any of them which are so well written and easy to digest.  

    About the topic you have addressed in your post, I think increasing competitiveness, fear, insecurity, and uncertainty of the future are some of the major reasons one if forced into not focusing on the present moment. 

    Have you got some solution, strategy or perhaps a tip that can help people start living within the moment?



    • Thanks for your comments Nick.  Staying present can be attained by doing your best to be the “Observer” of yourself and reminding yourself as often as you can that This Is It.  No dress rehearsal but Life.   Practicing continual presence and observation is the key.  All the Best.

  4. Great article Joseph! You are so right, we have become a society of people who have become so focused on a ‘final destination’ that we often forget that for every goal we kick, our goal posts move. And every time we say “I’ll be happy when……”, we never reach that happiness because the goal posts miraculously move every time we kick that goal. We all need to relearn that the happiness we seek is always within and if we were to just a few moments each day to recognise the peace and joy and happiness that we hold inside us, we will start to feel those feelings all the more, even as our goal posts move. We will start to enjoy the journey even more than the destination!

  5. This was such an amazing read. The part about relaxing and letting things play out in accordance with intentions struck a cord. For the last few years I’ve been kind of doing that and things have definitely gotten better, in many senses.

    And you’re right, happily ever after is now. I think more people should look into becoming awaken. 

  6. I believe it all starts with appreciating the small things in life as we smell the rose along the way. We should look not at what we do not have but what we have because there are so many out there who wish they had what we have. Happiness is in being content as we work to reach our goals.


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