Review of The Internet Marketing Newsletter — PLR Membership

The Internet Marketing Newsletter — PLR Membership Review

Name:The Internet Marketing Newsletter with PLR Membership Private Label Rights

Price: A Fourteen (14) Day Trial for $1 then $29.99 per month with upgrades
Owners: Nick James
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a PLR (Private Label Rights) service for the internet marketing niche. What sets this apart from other similar programs is that all the content is created in-house. The products include E-Courses, videos, PDFs, articles etc.

The content is written, managed, and published by Nick James, a full-time internet marketer who started his first online business in 2001. Some of this content was originally written for his Internet Marketing Training Club which he started in 2004. Initially, he never intended to release the licensing rights to this content since it is of such high quality.

Nick James has a reputation of creating innovative web-based technologies. He also specializes in new media marketing. Product developers and online marketers have been members of his Internet Training Club. Being a full-time product developer, Nick has created a number of software programs, membership sites, and information products. He continues to host teaching webinars and has a radio project call My Social Radio.

So basically you are receiving good content from which to create your own publications. Each piece of monthly content is thirty-two (32) or more pages. It can be used As Is or adapted for your specific needs.

The product was released on June 14th, 2018. The program is all about content creation and list building.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Better than average quality products/content
2) User friendly

3) Includes PDF newsletters, autoresponder series, ebooks, blog posts, online/offline magazine

4) Audio recording/podcast

5) List building reports

The Not So Good:
1) Upsells

2) Not your original stuff

Who is The Internet Marketing Newsletter with PLR Membership For?

Internet marketers looking for high quality content to market or use as a bonus. For folks in the online business world who want to save time by not having to create their own content for promotional purposes.  They are able to use this content as it is, or edit it to make it more personal for their specific niche market.

Tools & Training

Each month a newsletter with at least thirty two (32) pages of good quality content is published with the following content/topics:

— Fifty (50+) plus niches: covers most any market you can think of

— Marketing tips and advice: in depth ideas and strategies to immediately apply to your online business

— Blogging: plenty of content for blog posts for your specific audience

— Joint Ventures (JVs): you are provided with twenty (20) ways to find profitable joint venture partners and contact them to initiate a profitable relationship

— Outsourcing: learn how to effectively scale your business by finding qualified talent in all areas of internet marketing and content creation

— YouTube: video marketing techniques which generate targeted traffic on a consistent basis to your website or capture page

— Listbuilding: learn to create a list of Buyers without having personally sold any product or services to them

— Conversions: learn how to increase conversions and increase profit from the same traffic

— Persuasion techniques: learn to turn prospects into buyers with twenty (20) techniques and strategies which have been porven effective by the author

— Five (5) services to offer offline/brick and mortar businesses who are in need of establishin an online presence so that they get noticed by their target market

— Podcasting: utilize twenty-five (25) techniques to generate increased revenues and profit

— Webinars: learn to host webinars with a step-by-step system designed to increase profits

— Facebook: learn to generate income on this social platform with a fifty ($50) budget to start and then scale from there

— Fiverr: learn how to generate a few hundred dollars per week in additional income completing simple tasks which do not require any large degree of skill

— Latest internet marketing news, techniques, and resources are provided on a monthly basis

— You get the .DOC file for each monthly newsletter so that you can edit it


Email support available when needed


$1 trial for Fourteen (14) days and then $29.99 per month with a One Time Offer of a $97 upsell for back issues which is followed up by a down sell of a two (2) payment option. Additional upsells are available during the course of membership. Actually, as far as upsells goes this is not bad as it provides access to additional quality content from the back issues which can be used in your marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Although I am not a fan of PLR because it is mostly written by ghostwriters who get paid by the number of words they write, and do not have real life marketing knowledge which they have applied and from which gotten results. You end up having to rewrite and fact check everything.

The difference here is that this content is written by a team of internet marketing professionals, which greatly increases the quality of what you receive. In addition, you have access to many resources and marketing techniques to increase your online knowledge and skills.

This program will certainly help you with your list building as well as establishing and nurturing client/customer relationships. The content is both educational and entertaining. It can be used in numerous ways.
Included is a PDF newsletter you can send to your Internet Marketing niche As IS, or you can re-purpose/rebrand it in many ways such as: eCourses, blog posts, products and services, Ebooks, articles, autoresponder series, newsletters, videos, emails, radio shows, podcasts, magazines (both online and offline), list building reports, membership sites, and anything else your imagination can come up with.

I suggest taking a look at the information to determine if it may be helpful to your specific situation.

Final Conclusion

About Average

For a Complete Online Marketing and Training Program with Effective Tools and Support Check Out my #1 Recommendation Here.

To your Continued Success,


10 thoughts on “Review of The Internet Marketing Newsletter — PLR Membership”

  1. I’ve never really heard of Private Label Rights companies and as such, this post does open up some new insights and shows me something I’ve never seen before. It just shows that the amount of online business strategies out there is un-comprehendable. As for the Internet Marketing PLR Membership, I’m not sure how much the content is worth. Could you maybe show us some examples of the things we get? Great post though, it has definitely shown me something new!

  2. Sounds like a decent opportunity to get into internet marketing. Would you join this if you had the choice? Assuming the high-quality content they obviously provide it would be worth a try but then again, there are just too many blown up services out there. I came to WA through another program which was way too overpriced and I was looking for an affordable and reasonable opportunity.

    • Thanks Simon. Actually there is no need for a service like this if you enjoy creating your own content like I do. But if a person is looking for shortcuts, this is one of the better PLR sites out there.

  3. Sounds like a decent opportunity to get into internet marketing. Would you join this if you had the choice? Assuming the high-quality content they obviously provide it would be worth a try but then again, there are just too many blown up services out there. I came to WA through another program which was way too overpriced and I was looking for an affordable and reasonable opportunity.

  4. Now we are getting somewhere, PLR as explained here is a real good solution to online business because you never run dry of what to write on, With this PLR your site will be filled with contents regularly and visitors to your site will be satisfied having enough to read and get solutions.

    Nick James the PLR writer is a known authority in the online content writing and I am very sure he must have covered solid ground in different topics. Most newbies in the online business will find this very useful to boost their website contents and drive in visitors. As a matter of fact, this is a very useful tool for business and the price is right considering the gain at the long run.

  5. This is the first time that I have heard of this product, it has a lot of features besides the upsells. I guess it is worth a try to see if it is worth the investment because this will vary from persons to persons.

    • Thanks Norman. This is one of the better PLR sites but I still prefer to write my own content. If I were in need of such a service this would definitely be one of my choices.


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