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LifePreneur Review  Online Training Review

Name: LifePreneur


Price: $2000 until May 2018 and then prices go up

Owners: Chris Record and Peter Sorenson

Overall Rank: 47 out of 100


Lifepreneur Product Overview

LifePreneur was pre-launched this year in February 2018. This is an internet training program which covers most aspects of the business.

  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Investing
  • SEO
  • e-Commerce
  • Facebook Ads

Additional products will be available in June 2018.

  • Social Influencer Academy
  • Digital Agency Builders
  • Penthouse Mastermind
  • 4C Investor Roundtable


The Good & Not So Good

The Good

1) Well rounded training in doing business online

2) Good lead generation strategies

3) High profit margins in affiliate program

4) Several prospecting methods and marketing methods

The Not So Good

1) Questionable background of Chris Record in previous business ventures

2) Content of course can be gathered less expensively elsewhere

3) Designed to make money promoting their affiliate program

4) High cost to join

5) Make it sound easy to succeed

6) Too much hype for me personally



Who is LifePreneur For?

The product is targeted to entrepreneurs of all levels of experience.



Tools & Training

“The LifePreneur Journey.”

  1. Build Your Influence
  2. Grow Your Income
  3. Scale Your Company
  4. Multiply Your Wealth

LifePreneur Vault – Instant Access to the LifePreneur All Access Vault

– Affiliate Payouts – Exclusive ability to receive 50% commission payouts during pre-launch (everyone else waits until June 2018 for the official launch)

– 1-Day Mastermind Session – Choose from several upcoming masterminds to attend 1 with 6 hours of in-person training.

– Social Influencer Academy Digital Course

– Digital Agency Builders Program & Agency Website

– 4C Investor Roundtable Stream Access



Weekly training where you can ask questions. .



Concluding Thoughts on LifePreneur

LifePreneur is a product which provides a wealth of information on entrepreneurship for sure. You can definitely learn a lot and make money with this program.

For me personally, it is overpriced for many who could benefit by the information, and by doing enough research, a person can locate other less expensive alternatives, which teach the basics of online marketing and set a person up for long term success.

My major issue with this program is the history and background on Chris Record. I would suggest doing your own research on his past business endeavors prior to joining this program.


Final Conclusion:   Product review



Here is my Review of what I consider one of the Best Online Training Programs available!



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