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Inboxr Review Chat Bots

Name: Inboxr
Price: $47 One Time Investment
Owner: Luke Maguire

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an engagement tool to help your Facebook Page convert better and build your email list. It’s the first multi-social Chat Bot designed for social media management. A Chat Bot is a computer program where you can have a conversation either through text or audio.

The advantages of Chat Bots are many, including getting engagement within your own social media territory by designing your bots to meet the unique characteristics of your specific audience. Contrary to their “robotic” image, they can be quite versatile in a variety of settings, whether you are targeting customers, prospects, or employees. Finally, these chat bots do a great job at overcoming the redundancy of automation by being much more efficient by customizing your bots for different types of social media activity.

This product is entirely cloud-based and handles Facebook marketing and management. It can be integrated with your Twitter account so that it has the same features as your Facebook Page. It does all your marketing tasks on autopilot. You build your database by sending out automatic messages, and reaching both new and established clients/customers. It works impeccably with all your social media accounts.

Luke McGuire is the person who created this tool. He has a number of other digital products including Live Leap, Viral Autobots, Socialite Pro, InstantEasy, Octosuite, and Instamate 2.0. He is considered a leader in social media marketing. In fact, he is a professional programmer with tons of experience in software development, mergers and acquisitions, and business plan implementation.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) User friendly control panel
2) Easier to manage a multiple social media network and follow up

3) Increase conversions with follow up on past purchases and recommending new products and services

4) Integrate with apps through Zapier to create messages and links for upsells

5) Easy follow up with fans and users with link to sales or squeeze page, discount code, or opt-in form

6) Build relationships with your audience by being able to respond instantly to any questions or requests

7) Monetize fan pages

8) Build email list by acquiring email of each Facebook engagement

9) Build trust by drip feeding content

10) Runs on autopilot even with computer turned off

11) Saves time and money

The Not So Good:

1) Quite a few upsells

2) Need to spend the time to use it effectively  

Who is Inboxr For?

This is an ideal tool for online business owners, digital marketers, and social media marketers who desire to save time and effort by having their promotional and marketing social media work automated. This puts your tasks on autopilot. There is no need to do it yourself or spend money outsourcing. So it is for both those who already have a Facebook and social media presence, as well as for those who desire to get started and established in that area.

Tools & Training

1) Bot Training — consists of five (5) sections in this module: Welcome Message, Keywords, Sequence, Broadcasts, and Error Message

2) Lead Generation — this module has three (3) sections which include: website widget, comment response (automatically respond to comments), and Facebook posting (schedule and drip content)

3) Flow Builder — this encompasses all your messages created by Chat Box

4) Analytics — this consists of information related to your messages such as “engaged user” or “user dropped”, as well as the number of messages and from where.

5) Audience — this informs you of users engaged with your bot (identifies name, gender, country, and status)

6) Template Suite — this includes a number of “welcome messages” and “error messages” for you to use

7) Page Manager — this is to manage your current page settings as well as your Fan Page

8) Live Chat — Similar to Facebook Messenger, this allows you to chat with your fans and audience right inside the Members Area

9) Viral Content — this enables you to get free images from Flick and Pixabay as well as locate other content to share on your pages

10) Message Hub — all messages are displayed here and can be edited or new messages added. You can instantly message all your Facebook fans (both old and new)

11) Training — there are Eleven (11) short and detailed training videos to lead you through this process.  It thoroughly explains how to use the basic functions of this software.


For support and marketing questions there is a Facebook Group. It is a Closed Group just for members.


$47 One Time Investment


VIP training ($37 One Time Payment)

White-Label Chat Bot and Resell License ($197 One Time Payment) — only needed if you plan to offer it as a service

Done-For-You Marketplace ($37 per month) — you get an extensive range of One-Click-Install chat bots for a variety of niches including eComm and local marketing.  This helps if you plan on selling bots as a service for an additional income stream.

Final Thoughts

For those looking to establish or increase their social media presence, this tool will assist your marketing and promotional efforts through social media. While focusing on Facebook, it integrates with other platforms as well. In addition to increasing conversions with new prospects, it also follows up with prior customers to keep them in the loop by drip feeding content and making new recommendations. It enables you to connect multiple social media platforms and fan pages all in one area. This automates anywhere from fifty (50%) percent to ninety (90%) percent of your social media work.

Final Conclusion Good

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8 thoughts on “Review Of Inboxr”

  1. The not so good part of this software are really not so much of a problem as long as you get adequate value for all the upsells. I know about chatbot before now but this very tool is all new to me and it’s features are really interesting i must say. Will keep it in mind to try out. What’s their trial periods like? 

  2. Finally, after reading negative reviews all day long, I come across a positive review of an Inboxr. Thanks, Joseph.

    My website is just a couple of months old and I am yet to integrate social media like Facebook into it. I would surely like to create a Facebook page to cater to my audiences through Facebook. The good thing is that I can also integrate it with a Twitter account. 

    Automating my Social media marketing will save lots of my time which I can use in things like writing quality content.

    Your review has provided useful insights to me about Inboxr which I will definitely need in the near future. 

    Thanks a lot


  3. Joseph, really good review on this technology. Luke knows what he is doing so I’m sure this new software will work as expected. I’m with you though, I like to use products with one or two paid membership levels and maybe a free trial level. Not fond of all the available upsells. But it at least allows the user the choice of upgrading if needed. Is there a chart for showing what’s included in each level? That would be a great addition to the review!

    Thanks for the excellent review!

  4. Traffic is the driving force behind this line of work and the difference between getting a break or being a success is having traffic. This tool is pretty amazing. The pros sure outdo the cons which make this tool to be one that is worth the investment.


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