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Content Gorilla Review
Content Creation

Name: Content Gorilla


Owners: Neil Napier

Price: $37 One Time Investment or $19.95 per month

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a rather interesting product as it is a cloud-based app which assists you in creating unique articles and posts for your website or blog as well as to post on social media sites. It is focused on creating client-based articles which provide high quality content which is of value to your specific audience.

This kind of quality content is ideal to increase your SEO rankings.

The product creator is Neil Napier. He has been in this business for quite some time, and you can find a number of his past creations on JVZoo. A few of his past products are, Social Ad Maker, Video Cloud Pro, WP Niche Storm, Video Outro Funnel Creator, FB Business Finder, The Store Launch, and Social Ad Maker.

It’s has a few interesting features such as you are able to convert your YouTube videos into blog posts, as well as having your photos and images added automatically to your posts. They also have a content spinner to make your content unique.

The software is set up so you can search for content in one hundred and five (105) languages, then sort your results with search filters to determine views, relevance, and creative common license. You then convert the video into a blog post, and correct grammatical errors in your extracted content. Then you use the Article/Content Spinner to make your content unique so you do not get hit up for duplicate content. Then based on your keyword research, images are automatically added to your content. The YouTube video thumbnail is your featured image automatically, but you can edit it or even replace it with your own image. Tags from the videos are automatically converted to post tags.

You can create up to ten (10) posts at once, or drip-feed them over time.

There is also a Multi-Post feature where you can publish the same post to multiple blogs.

An article rewriter can be used to rewrite any of these articles.

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Save time from having to write article yourself
  4. Save money from hiring content creators by outsourcing

The Not So Good

  1. Not a fan of content spinners
  2. The quality of the content generated is not always the best
  3. While you save time from having to write the content yourself or pay for content to be written, you do have to spend a lot of time editing and improving on the quality of this content before publishing it.
  4. Not as easy to rank as it is promoted to be on sales page.

Who is Content Gorilla For?

Content Gorilla is oriented to anyone into the internet marketing business such as bloggers, content creators, affiliate marketers, SEO professionals etc.

Here is a short video on Content Gorilla:

Tools & Training

Video training Modules:

Module #1 – Introduction:

  • Overview
  • What is WordPress and why you should use it.
  • The difference between &
  • Difference between a blog and a website

Module #2 – Domain & Hosting

  • Selecting a niche.
  • Picking an appropriate domain name.
  • Buying the right hosting package.
  • Hosting the domain.

Module #3 – WordPress Basic:

  • Installing WordPress on your domain.
  • Changing basic settings.
  • Installing required plugins.
  • Picking and installing the right theme.

Module #4 – WordPress Advanced

  • Setting up the appearance of your website.
  • Understanding built-in WordPress’ features.
  • Optimizing your website for higher rankings.
  • Using plugins to maximize the potential of your website.
  • Installing an SSL to secure your website
  • Creating Content with Content Gorilla.


FAQ and email support.


$37 One Time Payment or $19.95 per month

This does not make sense to me. Why offer a one time payment and then give a choice of a monthly payment for the exact same features. I didn’t look into the upgrades, but this tells me that there has to be several upgrades after you pay your $37. In my opinion, not the best way to promote a product. Seems a bit sneaky.


Final Thoughts

I do agree that content is certainly king, and the degree of “quality” will greatly affect your rankings. This product can certainly save you some time and energy, and it does have some appealing features.

I personally enjoy writing my own content, and putting it out there in drip fashion. Content spinners which make your content unique to avoid you being flagged by the search engines for duplicate content is not my thing. I know people who use it, and get great results in terms of quicker exposure and conversions, but at the same time I consider that I am on a long-term journey with my business, and things naturally unfold as I continue to create value for others.

You can never go wrong with creating your own relevant and high quality content yourself.

That being said, I consider this an okay product, but not my cup of tea. My rankings continue to increase naturally as I build my brand in a way I enjoy, find satisfying, and helpful to a few other folks along the way.

Also, the quality of the content is not consistent. You have to spend quite a bit of time editing the content. In addition to that, I do not feel real good about taking other’s people’s work and pasting it on my blog. Even though with the article spinner which is part of this product package, you can get away with not being flagged for duplicate content. The reason I am in business is to provide quality content that helps people solve specific challenges/problems they may have, and not just to make some bucks.

When your intention is to serve and bring value to others, the money flows in naturally. This has always occurred in all of my businesses down through the years. When your intentions are good, the last thing you have to worry about is being compensated fairly.

To me personally, being in business online is not about buying some plugins and other software to help me make some quick sales. Creating a brand and establishing oneself as an authority in a niche requires consistent content that is relevant to your audience’s specific needs. This is something you can be proud of over time, and create a solid foundation which provides a consistent stream of income.

This product can be a fun thing to play around with a bit if you want to buy a domain or two and practice different ways of blogging, but as for building a solid long-term business with a sustainable source of income, I would not recommend this product.

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All the Best to You on your Online Adventures,


Final Conclusion

Internet Marketing

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8 thoughts on “Review Of Content Gorilla — Check It Out”

  1. When I went to your site, I got the notification that it is briefly unavailable due to maintenance! Please notify me when it is up and running again. However, feel free to edit this comment space and place whatever content will engage your readers! Think of it as a free comment to utilize however you would like! Good luck to you!

  2. Hey there,

    I agree with your conclusion, I think that it is best to create your own content from scratch, rather than installing a bunch of plugins hoping that you will get quick results. The pricing was also concerning to me, so that was a red flag that it might be a scam. I personally would feel more confident knowing all of the content was organically created myself, and not by some auto generator.

    • Thanks for your comments Joshua.  We are on the same page with this.  Offer value and have fun creating relevant content.  All the Best.

  3. It so amazes me the many tools that are out there that can make life so much easier and this tool though it has its cons seems to be worth the investment, nothing is perfect. This program has some great features.

  4. I saw when Content Gorilla launched a while back, and I was wondering about it. Thanks for the info. Something also worth mentioning is that some hosting accounts do not allow apps to publish content on your behalf. So it wouldn’t work with on some wordpress blogs. If someone is thinking about buying CG, they should check with their hosting provider first.


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