ReClick 2.0 Review

ReClick 2.0 Review  Product Review

Name: ReClick 2.0


Price: $47 One Time Investment

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Product Overview

This is a quite interesting product. It is a marketing platform which captures visitors that are about to leave your site or landing page and increase conversions. It’s a SAAS app.

It does this by using exit-intent and cart abandonment software. This software stops visitors from leaving your website so that you can convert a higher percentage into leads and/or sales. It is a very intelligent re-engagement marketing platform with eye-catching templates and an editor which allows you to easily customize the templates.

In addition it has over fifty (50) automation rules and global settings which you can mix and match which allows you to configure your campaigns that are one hundred percent (100%) performance based with collaboration technology. It is also more competitively priced than similar products such as PicReel, ExitMist, OptIn Monster, etc.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Step-by-Step training
2) Easy to use software

3) Consistently optimize campaigns to increase conversions

4) Thirty (30) day guarantee

The Not So Good:
1) Training not detailed enough if you are new to internet marketing
2) A number of upsells

Who is ReClick 2.0 For?

Designed for internet marketers of all levels looking to increase sales and conversions.

Tools & Training

Step-by-Step training

Create Campaigns:

  • Opt-in Forms and Lead Generation.
  • Discounts, Coupons and Sales Offers. Segment and laser target your audience to the right offers.
  • Vote or Binary Poll. Let your visitors select between 2 choices.
  • Multi-Poll. Just give your audience a range of choices.

Create Interactions:

  • Light Box Popup with Single or 2-Step opt-in.
  • Floating Bar.
  • Slide-in.
  • Full Screen Pattern Interrupt.




$47 One Time Investment


Front-End (Reclick 2.0 App – $29-$69)

-OTO 1 (Reclick 2.0 PRO – $67-$97)

-OTO 2 (Reclick 2.0 Performance – $99)

-OTO 3 (Reclick 2.0 Console – $147)

-OTO 4 (Reclick 2.0 Platinum Kit – $1)

-OTO 5 (Reclick 2.0 Reseller – $397)

Final Thoughts

This is an innovative product which can assist уоu in орtіmіѕing existing mаrkеtіng саmраіgnѕ, lаndіng pages, and vіdео presentations. This can result in mоrе lеаdѕ and ѕаlеѕ by implementing segmentation marketing tесhnоlоgу.

This web based app does create custom lead generation and sales campaigns targeting visitors leaving your web page. You then are able to Re-capture, Re-engage, or Re-market your visitors in order to increase conversions and sales. It also has one of the the best web based customer driven “popup builder” software with a vote/poll feature.

This type of technology ѕtudies thе bеhаvіоr оf vіѕіtоrѕ оn уоur wеbѕіtе аnd designs the оffеr based on thеіr bеhаvіоr. It can be a very useful product when implemented correctly and consistently.

Final Conclusion   Good

For those interested in Online Marketing here is my #1 Recommendation.

To your success,


22 thoughts on “ReClick 2.0 Review”

  1. So nice to have an easily consumable explanation of reclick 2.0. I have heard about the product but haven’t tasted its benefits this much.
    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative review with all the necessary information. Obviously its pros outweighs its cons which makes it more recommendable. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Joseph, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. It is very important to have this asset as internet marketing is not just writing blog posts. I plan to start video marketing soon and I hope that ReClick will greatly help with that as a video is becoming more and more popular when it comes to marketing.

  3. Hey there,

    Thanks for a great review! Reclick 2.0 seems like a very good product for people who have opt-in pages and/or shopping carts. I might use it when I set up my opt-in page for my email list. I’d love to see it retain visitors, who might otherwise exit without signing in.

    Can you elaborate a bit more on the upsells? Are they essential to the operation of the software in your opinion?



    • Thanks for your comments Marios.  The upsells aren’t absolutely essential but it all depends on the objectives you have with your site and promotional efforts.  Upsells are not my favorite and detract somewhat from this product presentation.

  4. Like all business owners with a website, I’m always looking for more ways to increase traffic, increase leads, increase conversions, and increase sales. One thing that turns me off when considering a new approach is upsells. I’m all for investing in new tools and marketing strategies, but upsells really annoy me. I’m not sure that I would consider this option for that reason. Thanks for providing the info.

  5. Thanks for the pin point review of the Reclick 2.0. This is going to help me with my affiliate marketing website. I have always wonder if there could be a software like this. Most visitors to my  website are indecisive. They need more time to spend in my landing page. Before leaving the site , a redirection to the products could mean so much. 

    The behaviour of buyers is so complex its needs a good software of this nature to improve sales. Thanks for Sharing this information. I think this is right for me.

  6. Hi Joseph

    This is a fantastic piece of software. A colleague of mine mentioned ReClick and I wanted to learn more. I am glad to be able to stop by your site. 

    As you mentioned, the upsells, are a bit hectic. Tell me is there is a trial run, where we can test drive the software?

    I am also curious to know if they allow AB testing of the landing pages?

    Thanks for the review, it was a great help.

    All the best 


  7. Hi there,

    WOW, excellent review, I loved the reading!

    It’s the first time I hear from the Reclick, and it seems really interesting. Did you try this software? If so, how was the result? 

    I would love to try it, but I am afraid of not getting any effect. Is there a video I can watch to see how it works? I still don’t have the picture in my mind:) Anyway, the fact that it increases leads is a wonderful thing. With this kind of software, do you think it could be the end of Facebook Remarketing? 

    Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comments.  This is one of many ways to utilize retargeting, but it does require a learning curve and consistency in maintaining your campaigns.

  8. To capture those who are about to leave your page, this is a good product because if there is no traffic then there is no business. Building traffic is at the heart of this line of work. This program is a good investment and is worth giving a try.

  9. Hi Joseph,

    Many thanks for pulling this review together.

    I have to say that I’m with the others in not liking the upsells – especially as you could end up paying more than $800..!

    In my experience, tools like this don’t stay ‘in fashion’ for very long, and $800 is a lot to spend for a tool that may be out of fashion next year.

    I do like the way you’ve presented the information, though – very concise! So many thanks for that.



  10. This an interesting product and great Idea. I’m glad I came across this. Not a fan of monthly fees. I’ll definetly look into this more when I’m ready.

    Thank you.

  11. Great article,

    Honestly, using this program sounds very tempting, but the up sells are just too much,
    Do they have a free version or free trail available?

    Thanks for the info!


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