Pure Leverage Review

Pure Leverage Review  Pure Leverage Review

Name: Pure Leverage (Part of Global Virtual Opportunities- Autoresponder and Hosting services); Pure Leverage founded 3/4/12; GVO founded in 1999.

Website: .pure leverage.com

Price: $24.97 per month plus upgrades

Owners: Joel Therien

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100


Pure Leverage Product Overview

This company sets you up to sell a line of internet tools such as a video platform for email and streaming, autoresponders, lead capture systems, websites, and a conference room. These digital tools are designed to improve your marketing efforts. Their main claim to fame, similar to other companies like them, is they emphasize you can make 100% commission on each sale.

In addition to providing marketing tools, this program is also an MLM (multi-level-marketing) where you sell the tools and recruit others.

The Good

1) Digital products mixed with an income opportunity

2) Less expensive internet tools

3) An MLM to promote


The Not So Good

1) It’s not 100% commission

2) Their advertising can be misleading

3) There have been complaints about delays in receiving refunds

4) Complaints about the difficulty in canceling orders

5) Cookie-cutter blog network which makes it hard to get ranked on the search engines

6) This system is set up to primarily market their own company and not yours (forget about branding yourself)

7) Traffic based on viral marketing which is not easy to master

8) Tools require experience and skill to be used effectively


Target Market for Pure Leverage

This product is targeted at all levels of network and affiliate marketers. Since these are tools to enhance your marketing efforts, the folks who will most benefit are established marketers.

Tools & Training

Here are the products and services offered:

  1. Leverage “Authority” Blog
  2. Easy Lead Flow
  3. Elite Coaching Program
  4. Turbo Traffic Generation
  5. Video Email Service
  6. Live Meeting Room
  7. A to Z Wealth Home Study Course


Basic Level – $1 trial period for 7 days, thereafter $24.97 Per Month

VIP Level – $97 per Month

Re seller Fee – $19.95 per Month
Highest level works out to about $141.90 per month


Final Thoughts

Pure Leverage is definitely not for beginners. It does require some skills already in place to make money with this system. This is a platform intended for those who already have an online business, and this would be a way to get more affordable tools.

That being said, they are not transparent about the true nature of 100% commission. You actually make 100% the first month, and then 50% after that.

This is not a scam, but basically an income opportunity with an autoresponder. In my opinion, this is not for beginners. This does not take you by the hand, and teach you the basics of building a successful online business step-by-step.

Also, network marketing or MLM programs are not easy to build and require quite a while to create unless you already have a large group from another company to transfer over like the top dogs in that industry do.

There are other much more viable programs out there that will assist both beginners and experienced marketers in building a successful online business.


Final Thoughts:   Product review


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Stay focused and enjoy the journey!


Pure Leverage Review


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  1. It is good to know that this system do offer help although the downside is that it is not for begginers this is still a good tool to use for the more season. Thanks so much for the breakdown.


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