Importance Of Prioritizing Tasks — More Important Than You Might Think

Do It Now

I am going to spend a few moments today addressing a very important issue in all aspects of our lives. Whether it is in our business or personal lives, the importance of prioritizing tasks cannot be ignored if we desire maximum results in our endeavors. prioritizing tasks

It is so very easy to get distracted from our main purpose when we are trying to multi-task or when we are pulled in several directions by business colleagues, customers/clients, as well as friends and family members. By developing the habit of prioritizing our tasks, we position ourselves in a way which facilitates the completion of all our necessary responsibilities in a timely fashion.

So Easy to Ignore

Learning to prioritize, and actually doing it on a day-to-day basis, is something which is so easy to agree to, but at the same time not that easy to implement consistently. For one thing, habits are not easy to break without giving them our full focus and attention, and it is also very easy to get caught up with the many distractions of daily living which occur over time.

When we learn to choose wisely and truly understand the importance of prioritizing our endeavors, we will then position ourselves to make any necessary changes in our daily routines which will facilitate completing our most important assignments first.

There is only so much which we can accomplish in a day, and if our most important ventures are not on our list, we our doing both ourselves and others a disservice. When this truly sinks in, we will then make any necessary changes to our daily routine in order to get our most important duties completed, while leaving the less vital engagements for another time.

We all need to slow down a bit and get organized in our thinking processes. When we do this, we avoid stress and overwhelm along with being able to approach our necessary endeavors with confidence and a clear mind. We will not feel rushed, and our next task just becomes part of the process of living in a harmonious way.

Let’s Welcome a Bit of Peace & Harmony into Our Lives

Sometimes we forget that we are making the decisions and choices which directly affect all aspects of our lives. It is easy to blame others or outside circumstances when things are not working the way we think they should.

When we take full responsibility for our achievements as well as our mistakes, we empower ourselves to move forward toward our goals and objectives on a consistent basis. We are not only moving forward, but we are progressing in a harmonious fashion.

Each small step which we take care of inspires us the take the next step. We learn that when we are confronted with an obstacle, the size of the challenge does not matter because there is always a ” next step” to take, which will get ourselves moving in the direction of solving that particular challenge.

Peace and harmony are available to us right this very moment. It is all about being aware it is so. This awareness which leads to that harmony and peace, results from letting go of any unnecessary thoughts and beliefs which may hinder our progress. Just by being aware of thoughts like “I cannot do this”, or “it’s not possible”, etc. is a step in the right direction, because we are able to “pause” and then “reflect” on what the results of that type of thinking has and will continue to produce in our lives.

Let’s choose to be nice to ourselves and allow ourselves to experience that peace and harmony. The only price we pay is the letting go of thinking it is not so.

Choose Simplicity Rather Than Complexity

The test to determine if we are on the right track with all this is are we keeping things simple. The truth is simple, while all stress and difficulties are the result of making things complex.

Whenever we find things being way too difficult with a large amount of struggle involved, that is the time to take a beak, step back, and reevaluate what we are doing.

When we break things down properly into easily accomplishable tasks, the Next Step is Never Too Hard or Complex to do. If it is, this is a Red Flag indicating our need to break things down further or change direction completely.

When it isn’t fun and enjoyable, it is not worth our time. If nothing else, this indicates we are doing it for the wrong reasons. Take the hint, and reassess things before proceeding further.

So without belaboring this point, keep things nice and simple while proceeding to your goals and objectives one step at a time.

A Few Tips on Prioritizing

For those of you who have read Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you are familiar with the Eisenhower Matrix. It is also called the Urgent-Important Matrix, and it does a good job on setting us on the right track of prioritizing our tasks on a scale of importance and urgency. Here’s a short video to bring this point home clearly, and assist us in organizing our days most effectively.

Dwight Eisenhower was the thirty-fourth (34th) president of the United States, serving from 1953 to 1961. Prior to that he was a Five (5) Star General in the U.S. Army as well as the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe during World War II. He had many other distinctions as well, but the point being for us here is his incredible ability to maintain high productivity over long stretches of time (days, weeks, months, years, and even decades).

One is not able to do something like this without proper task and time management. He developed this Eisenhower Matrix (also referred to as the Eisenhower Box) in order to simplify his decision-making processes, and get more done within a specified period.

As you just saw on the video, this is the essence of what this technique is all about:

  1. Urgent and important (tasks to be done immediately).
  2. Important, but not urgent (tasks that can be scheduled for a later time).
  3. Urgent, but not important (tasks to be delegated to someone else).
  4. Neither urgent nor important (tasks that you can be eliminated or postponed indefinitely).

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” — Dwight Eisenhower —

Increasing Awareness To Do List

As we proceed in our efforts to form the habit of prioritizing our tasks and getting the most important and urgent ones completed on a timely basis, we will discover an increased awareness of our surroundings and our entire beingness. We will enter a zone where we will only desire to accomplish things which contribute to our specific goals and objectives in which we are totally committed,

At this point, our increased awareness will carry us forward day to day almost effortlessly. We will experience joy in what we are doing which will benefit ourselves as well as the lives of others.

Laziness and boredom will be a thing of the past if it they had existed at all for us.

“Being busy is a form of laziness — lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” — Tim Ferriss —

We will not stay busy just so that we feel we are accomplishing something. In fact, this may actually be taking us in the wrong direction. Our thoughts and actions will be laser focused and directed specifically toward where we desire to go. We will be in total alignment with our deepest passions and purpose in life.

I suggest spending some time re-evaluating what you are doing in order to ensure it is even necessary to do, and if it is, determine in what order of priority it belongs. This one habit, once developed, will increase your productivity and enjoyment of your work tremendously. Not to mention elevating the quality of your lives to immeasurable heights.

Enjoy and Have Fun with this,


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What To Visit In Seward Alaska? — It’s Worth A Peek

Iditarod Trail

This is a town in southern Alaska which is on an inlet of the Kenai Peninsula. It has a population of around three thousand (3000) people, and is located on Resurrection Bay, a fjord of the Gulf of Alaska. Seward Alaska

Located about a hundred and twenty (120) miles from Anchorage (Alaska’s largest city), the city is named after the former Secretary of State, William H. Seward. In fact, he is the person who set up the acquisition of Alaska from Russia in 1867 when Andrew Jackson was President.

Some Interesting Facts

— On the southern end of town is Mile 0 of the Iditarod Trail to the interior of Alaska.

— It is the southern terminus of the Alaskan Railroad.

— Seward is actually pronounced “Soo-word”.

— It was a vital port for military buildup in Alaska during World War II. Even today it has a minor military installation where the USCGC Mustang is based.

— During the 1964 Alaska earthquake the town suffered damage by the local tsunami as well as the shaking.

— Even though it has a subarctic climate, it is not as cold as other parts of Alaska. This is as a result of the Gulf of Alaska which is nearby. Temperatures below zero are very rare, and only in January does it average below freezing. Also because of this influence from the Gulf of Alaska, there is quite a bit of precipitation, with the majority being in the fall and winter months.

— The economy is driven by tourism and commercial fishing. The tourist season runs from the middle of May through the middle of September, and this is when the majority of restaurants and shops stay open.

— It is the northern end-point for several cruise ship lines.

— The population is around 3,000 give or take a few folks.

— The medium household income is about $44,306.

— Unlike most small Alaskan communities, Seward does have road access to Anchorage via the Seward Highway. There is bus service as well. The Alaska railroad serves Seward on a seasonal basis with the Coastal Classic train.

— Many people bicycle around the town as there is a paved bike path from the downtown area which circles around the waterfront going through the harbor and along the highway for a few miles. You can rent bikes, and there are also bike tours available.

— They have a small airport, Seward Airport, for general aviation services, but commercial flights are at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and the Kenai Municipal Airport. Both are about one hundred (100) miles (160km) away. Bus service is available to Seward.

Now What Is There To Do?

Even for a small city like this in a very remote part of North America, there is quite a bit to keep one’s interest during the day. For one the scenery is just amazing with much natural beauty all around. It’s an historic town with a very active harbor, and it is known as the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park”. You can observe plenty of wildlife by just taking a boat tour during the day from Seward to the National Park.

In addition, just by hanging out in the downtown area you will immediately pick up on the magnetic quality of the local vibe. There is a sense of authenticity among the locals, which is evidenced by their welcoming and friendly nature. Now let’s figure out some stuff to do.

Let’s begin our journey with a short video which will give you a very good idea of what Seward is all about:

  • A Coffee Lover’s Delight — whether you desire nice intimate cafes or an expression shack to get a quick dose of caffeine, you will not be at a loss in locating any interesting spots to hang out and drink your java. A few spots are Nature’s Nectars, the Sea Bean Cafe, and right inside a refurbished church you will find the Resurrect Art Coffee House.
  • Hiking — there are quite a few world-class trails around here to explore and travel about. With everything from high alpine lakes to very lush rain forests, you will have plenty of trails to hike. The Exit Glacier trail gives you the opportunity to check out an actual glacier. There is also Lost Point and Tosina Point which have interesting trails, but the Mt. Marathon Trail is quite legendary as it attracts the top flight trail runners each year from around the world. If nothing else you can take a casual walk along the waterfront and pick up some sea shells.
  • The Harbor — this is a fun place to hang out as you can view the otters swimming around the fishing boats as the fisherman come in with their latest catch. There are also the cruise ships as well, so there is always a lot of activity around there.
  • The Drive from Anchorage — this is a very scenic drive which is about one hundred and twenty-six (126) miles (202 km) and it takes about two and a half (2 1/2) hours. Bald Eagle in Seward Alaska
  • The Wildlife — in the mountains or on the coast the wildlife around here is plentiful. Checkout the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward, and also Kenai Fjords National Park will provide a wide variety of wildlife viewing. There are bears in the mountains as well as a bald eagle who spends time flying over the harbor. The waters are filled with sea lions, otters, gray whales, Orcas, and Humpbacks. Puffins can also be sighted along the coast.
  • The Seafood — since commercial fishing is a main industry around here you will not be at a loss for enjoying fresh and delicious seafood. At the Seward Windsong Lodge, the Resurrection Roadhouse has a great Creole Bouillabaisse consisting of cod, salmon, King Crab, scallops, and Alaskan halibut. The Cookery has fresh oysters as well as numerous vegetarian options. A nice place overlooking the harbor is Ray’s Waterfront where you can get some killer King Crab.
  • Resurrection River — this river begins in the Kenai Mountains and runs down into Resurrection Bay which is just north of Seward. In fact, you can get great views of the River from the deck of the Resurrection Roadhouse while you enjoy a nice meal. You can also get nice views of the river from the Goliath Bar and Grill while enjoying a micro brew.
  • Lowell Point — at the end of the road just south of Seward you will find this interesting little town. Beneath the massive trees you will discover a number of hobbit-like dwellings. Each home has its own individual character and connection with nature. It is an area well worth checking out.
  • The Locals — last but not least are the people who live around here. Like other parts of the world with a high level of community bonding, you will find an aura of authenticity among the local folks who display a genuine love for this area. These people take pride in where they live and work, and they value their natural environment. It is a vibrant community with a lot to do. There is plenty of arts and culture, as well as marine science non-profits and athletic clubs.

What I Personally Like About This Area

Aside from the obvious beauty of the area, I really appreciate the sense of community with people who really care about each other and their environment. It is a nice change of pace from the hectic pace of most metropolitan areas.

This is a place you can just relax and enjoy the scenery and take part in as many activities as you desire. The food is above average and the people are welcoming and friendly.

Also the weather for Alaska is not as severe as other parts of the state because of the Gulf of Alaska which I mentioned earlier. There are actually seven (7) golf courses in the area between Seward and Anchorage, which is an important consideration for folks like me who enjoy the game. The only thing is that golf season is limited because of the weather.

All in all this is a great place to visit and even consider living. Each to his own, but this is definitely an area I will consider spending some time.

May you always enjoy your travels,


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MobiFirst Commercial Review

mobile optimization

MobiFirst Commercial Review Mobile Optimized

Name: MobiFirst Commercial


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Price: $49.95 for Commercial Use; $39.95 for Personal Use — One time investment

Owners: Scotty Carter, Silvio Porcellana, Todd Gross

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This product launched on 6/10/19. It is a mobilie-friendly website builder designed to increase the effectiveness of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It was created by the team of Scotty Carter, Silvio Porcellana, and Todd Gross. They have created several successful online marketing products such as Animation Studio, Video Robot, and Automation Bundle just to name a few.

With this product you can easily create websites that are both user-friendly and professional looking with high load speeds. They look good on both desktop and mobile devices, and are designed to get indexed by Google quickly. They call this Mobile-First Indexing.

No programming skills are needed as this software is primarily point and click. You can also easily customize templates as well by just dragging elements around.

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1. User friendly

2. No technical skills needed

3. Point and Click feature

4. Save money from not having to hire someone to do SEO

5. Save time from doing SEO on your own

6. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee

7. Built-in autoresponder

8. Secure and DDOS protection

9. Closed source cloud-based builder

The Not So Good:

1. There are upgrades

Who is MobiFirst Commercial For?

It is designed for any internet marketer who is looking to increase their organic traffic by optimizing their websites for mobile as well as desktop devices.

Tools & Training

Here’s a short video which outlines the features and benefits of this product very well.

Training Videos are provided.

* Word Press Style Templates — Template are provided for most any niche which are professional looking for your website (s). These templates can be customized to the exact level of your specific needs.

* Selective Viewership — this allows you to decide what is viewed on each device. The software automatically detects what type of device is being used, and then displays the type of content which you desire to be shown on it whether it is a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

* Integrates E-commerce Capabilities — the software integrates payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe for direct payments. You can also add additional features such as sending invoices, recording sales, and getting email notifications. There are no limits on bandwidth or product limits. It is easy to sell products by installing an E-commerce widget.

* Style Selection — you can customize the style of footers, headers, backgrounds, CSS, fonts etc. When you want to change the look of your website you can select a different theme.

* Theme Selection — you have a selection of over seventy (70) themes for various niches. Each theme can be customized to your desired look.

* Widget Selection — you have access to over twenty (20) widget designs which also can be customized.

* Clone Widgets — for sections of your website which you desire to use on other of your sites, you can save and clone a widget which duplicates your designs and content.

* Clone Sites — when you are getting good results from a website and want to create a similar one you can use this product to clone your site and then install a new theme.

* Free Updates — you have access to regular updates which are provided to improve the software so it is more effective in building and designing your sites. The MiFirst team is also open to any suggestions you may have to improve their software.

* Multiple Languages — you can build websites in different languages so that you can target a variety of audiences around the world. They will be adding more, but at the present time German, Italian, French, and English are available.

* SEO Optimized Pages — this software is specifically designed to create SEO-optimized pages that get indexed quickly and are more likely to rank well. You can add social media buttons, titles and descriptions as well.

* Blog — you can add a blog to any of the web pages with just one (1) click.

The following additional features are included in the Commercial Version:

* Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) — keep track of your leads and prospects and monitor them through the sales process. Keeps you organized and helps with conversions.

* Proposals — you can send proposals direct to the phone of your prospects and this function is directly integrated with the CRM.

* Invoices — once your prospect becomes a client/customer you can send an invoice for payment. This is also integrated with the CRM.

* Agency Website Template — you can promote and sell MobiFirst services with this multi-page website template.


Email support is provided. The Zendesk help center support button on their website is no longer valid as they do not use Zendesk any longer, and have not updated their info on their site.


$39.95 for Personal Use

$49.95 for Commercial Use


1) Template Club — you get an additional one hundred and twenty (120) templates throughout the year.

2) Local Lead Pack — offer services to niche businesses.

3) MobiFirst University — six (6) hours of training from Silvio Porcellana.

4) SSL Certificate Service

Final Thoughts

The MobiFirst website builder competes well with other products on the market such as Weebly, Go Daddy, Duda, Wix, and Squares Space. It has several features which the others don’t have.

Website speed and mobile performance are two (2) critical components in ranking higher by satisfying the requirements within the Google algorithm. Mobile responsive websites tend to rank higher. Traffic from smartphones and tablets is increasing each year. More and more customers are using their mobile devices to search for new products and brands.

This is why it is important to have high load speed websites which are optimized for all devices. Being mobile responsive is now a necessity. This product will help in building websites with high performance on every device. Google considers optimal website loading speed to be three (3) seconds or less on mobile.

These websites have unlimited hosting.  They also have very high security so that they will be hard to hack. Dependent on your specific circunstances this can be a very useful tool.

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Final Conclusion Website Builder

All the Best, Joseph

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Real Time Is Now — And Of Course Here As Well

The Timeless Moment

I am not going to go into any major immersion into quantum physics here and the mysteries of the universe, but I did want to broach this subject and give it some attention. Real time is “Now” because the present moment, no matter how fleeting it may appear to be, is all there is and all we have.  Here and Now

In addition to this, we are always “Here” experiencing that present moment as well. Let’s spend a few moments exploring the importance of this seemingly simple statement. Then we will have positioned ourselves in a way to embrace our power whic we possess to consciously direct our lives.

Here and Now

I can’t think of a better way to get our journey started than to share a musical composition from one of my favorite singers of all time, Luther Vandross.

Now that should have definitely put you in the mood to dig a little deeper into the essence of the present moment where all the “real” action takes place. Stuff like sharing, forgiveness, and unconditional love, are just a few of the attributes of life which are available this very moment for us to embrace.

None of these attributes need to be put off to some idyllic time when things are just right and everything falls into place. Whether we realize it or not, that time is Now. The crazy part of all this is that if we put it off now, we will be putting it off then, because that is what we are programmed to do.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”Marcel Proust

Having new eyes is a way to go beyond perception to true vision. In this way, we see things the way they are, and not how we think they are or want them to be. This is a process of letting go of stuff, rather than adding to our bank of data and info. When we release these misguided ideas, beliefs, and images which we have accumulated over time, we can then see with the “new eyes” of which Marcel Proust speaks about. This allows us to consciously experience the Here and Now.

What About “Fake” Time

We have been briefly discussing how “real” time exists in the here and now, so what exactly is fake time. Well, when we are not present and aware of what is going on this very moment, we are off experiencing different dimensions of thought and images which just flicker in and out of our mind.

It is so easy to get caught up with thinking that we “are” these thoughts and images, and that they actually mean something. This is the trap into which we all fall. We are trying to make sense out of nonsense while living in a fake version of time.

When we are truly present, time as we understand it does not exist at all. Anything past and future actually exists right now. Without those past and future thoughts, all we have is our Presence in the Moment. This is where our power lies, as we are only able to make decisions in the now. Everything else is just mind play or fake time.

Let’s now explore a few ways in which we can more easily experience “real” time; after all, that is where all the action is. It is just a matter of removing a few of the obstacles which we have inadvertently put in our way.

How To Enjoy Each Moment   Enjoying the Moment

On the surface this may sound like an impossible task given our current circumstances. Let’s dig a little more into this and discover why this is possible, and actually the natural way to be.

The key word here is “Be”, as that is who we really Are. When we get caught up in all the random thoughts which flicker through our minds on a daily basis, we create a false impression of who we are by thinking those thoughts are us. Those thoughts are not only not us, but they are actually meaningless.

It’s like an old recording being constantly replayed in our heads. A few of the lyrics change here and there over time, but we  are just replaying the same music in our heads.  It’s all “borrowed knowledge” which we learned, and which we use to create  different versions of the same experiences. The form changes but the content remains the same. We can also throw in some worry and fear about future events as well, which is again based on ideas about ourselves which we have developed from our many prior experiences, some of which were very emotional and even traumatic..

The only way we can experience the true essence of the present moment is to first observe this onslaught of thoughts, and then choose to replace them with more life enhancing ideas related to the Truth of Who We really Are. The last thing we want to do is resist them, or pretend they are not there by getting defensive.

Non-acceptance, resistance, and defensiveness are Red Alerts for us to notice, and then choose to go in a more fulfilling direction. When we are present and aware, we can use our old conditioning to our benefit in order to advance in the direction we truly desire to go.

So it is possible to enjoy each moment regardless of our circumstances by choosing to release the intrusions from the past and future. We can choose to think the way we desire to think, and in a way which advances and not detracts from our goals and intentions.

Waking Up to Who We Truly Are

It all comes down to a choice between Love and Fear. Each side of the fence presents a totally different picture of reality. One is true and the other fake, but even the fake reality seems so real that we find it hard to accept it is not real.

It’s time to start remembering the truth about ourselves, and stop living the lies. Anything fear-based is a lie. Eventually it will be like having an Internal Lie Detector where we can always detect when something is not right either internally or externally.

A few simple exercises to get us started in this direction is to wake up in the morning, and as we open our eyes, and are still in that in between state of sleep and wakefulness, we ask OurSelves for guidance during the day on any specific issues with which we may be dealing. The intuitive part of ourselves will then go to work in leading the way or providing answers to any specific questions. The key is to be specific.

Then during the day we must remind ourselves as often as we remember to do so, that “We choose to be content and happy right this moment” and “We choose to feel good now as well”. This is all based on Presence and Observation. The more we remind ourselves to stay present and observe our feelings, thoughts, and reactions, we then can more easily choose to replace any disturbing stuff with thoughts and ideas which contribute to our overall health and growth.

Once again, we are not pretending that negative thoughts and feelings are not there, but we are choosing to observe them in the present moment, and then making a conscious choice to change direction. Over time this gets easier as the cloud cover begins to dissipate, and our Internal Sun is able to break through and shine.

The Essence of Who We truly Are has always been there, but merely hidden within the confines of our own self-constructed barriers of fear, guilt, and false impressions. It’s time to break free and experience the life we were “meant to remember” to live.

Be Prepared for Quite a Ride Sun and Clouds

As we can see, living in “Real Time” encompasses a lot more than merely finding ways to stay present. It is unearthing much of the garbage we have accumulated, and this can be very uncomfortable to experience while observing and letting this stuff go. But it is a small price to pay in order to break through that cloud cover and release our True Selves.

What we will eventually realize is that things are “good already”, and it does not matter what is happening “out there”. We now understand what is most important is that we can choose to make a Positive Impact in our lives and in the lives of others right this moment, with things exactly as they are or appear to be. Things on the outside do not need to change for us to do our own thing so to speak.

This very insight empowers us as we move forward in accomplishing our business and personal goals, as well as in discovering and fulfilling our Life Purpose whatever that may be for each of us. We are now a Light within the Darkness of Fear and Uncertainty, and we are able to awaken others to Who They really Are so that they can make their own individual contributions.

So strap on your seatbelts, or not, if you are the more adventurous type, and be prepared for many wonderful and enlightening experiences. Once the roller coaster gets moving and we acclimate ourselves to all the twists and turns and new discoveries, we will not want to live any other way. Fully engaging in the Present Moment is living our lives to the fullest with no regrets.

Let’s all experience Real Time in the Here and Now, and use that time as a learning and communication device to awaken ourselves, and then spread the word in order to awaken others to their true Magnificence. It is quite a ride for sure, but not one to be missed.

All the very Best,


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Why Visit Lesotho? — Let’s Find Out


The Kingdom of Lesotho is what is called an enclave, since it is completely surrounded by South Africa. It was previously the British Crown Colony of Basutoland. Let’s find out a bit more and determine why visit Lesotho. Lesotho

The capital of Lesotho and its largest city is Maseru (300,000+). The country is relatively small, 11,583 square miles (30,000 km) with a population of about two (2) million people. It is now a sovereign state, having gained its independence on October 4, 1966, from Great Britain.

A Little Background Info

Lesotho was under British rule from 1869 to 1966,. After gaining its independence, it gained membership in the United Nations, Southern African Development Community (SADC), and the Commonwealth of Nations.

The word “Lesotho” translates to “the land of the people who speak Sesotho”.

The government is set up as a parliamentary or constitutional monarchy. The current Prime Minister is Tom Thabane, and is the King is Letsie III.

The climate is on the cool side because of its elevation. It is the only independent state in the world with an elevation in excess of one thousand (1000) meters (3281 feet). Its lowest point is the highest in the world at four thousand five hundred and ninety-three (4,593) feet (1400 meters), with over eighty (80%) percent of the country exceeding five thousand nine hundred and six (5,906) feet (1800 meters).

Summer temperatures in the lowlands are around eight-six (86 F) degrees (30 C), while in the winter Nineteen (19 F) degrees (-7 C) is not uncommon. It is quite coller in the highlands [zero (0 F) degrees (-18 C)] with plenty of snow between May and September with the higher peaks having snow year round.

In this part of the world there is obviously a variety of wildlife. This includes seventeen (17) species of reptile (snakes, lizards, geckos), the endangered white tailed rat, three hundred and thirty-nine (339) species of birds, and sixty (60) mammal species. Because of the mountainous terrain, the flora in this area is Alpine. To observe a large collection of medicinal plants and flora, check out the Katse Botanical Gardens.

The first official and administrative language spoken in Lesothos is Sesotho. It is the main language spoken by the Basotho people. English is also widely spoken as well.

The population is ninety-five (95%) percent Christian.

The economy is based primarily on manufacturing, mining, livestock, and agriculture. Being surrounded by South Africa, both countries have strong financial and economic ties.

The national dish is Motoho. which is a fermented sorghum (cereal grain) porridge. The cuisine consists mainly of African traditions, but it does have a British influence as well. The majority of the families raise their own livestock and food. Locally brewed beer and tea are beverages of choice.

The currency is the Loti, but the South African Rand is generally accepted as well. (LSL equals One (1) ZAR)

Now Let’s Find Some Things To Do

Check out this short video to give you an idea of what the area looks like as we describe a few of the more popular things to do:

Because of its elevation Lesotho is called “Kingdom in the Sky”. Its mountainous topography provides plenty of outdoor activities and adventures. A relatively new slogan for the country is “an unexpected high”. By the way, it does have the highest peak in Southern Africa and the highest bar/pub in the entire continent of Africa. Both are at eleven thousand four hundred and twenty-three (11,423) feet (3482 meters).

The Kome Cave is a village of cave dwellings which were used by past generations of the Basotho people to escape and hide from cannibals in the area. They are under towering rock formations, and descendants of the people who built the caves two (2) centuries ago still live there.

Thaba Bosiu was once the capital of Lesotho. It is a three hundred and ninety-three feet (120 meters), and is a plateau, which is one of the most important historical sites in Lesotho. It was a place of protection, or natural fortress, in dangerous times while it was not uncommon to be under seige. You will find much of Leotho’s past here, where you can personally experience traditional village life. After you climb the mountain, you can rest up a bit as there is a great place for lunch.

High in the Maluti Mountains you will find the Katse Dam which was built as part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. It is the highest and second largest dam in Africa. The second largest dam in Lesotho is the Mohale Dam, which is the highest concrete-faced rock-filled dam in Africa. In order to get this dam built an entire mountain was crushed. This area of where the dams are located are a great place to spend time for a hike, a canoe ride, or even a pony ride. It is also a great place for a picnic. This is such a beautiful area that the ride getting there is worth it for all the gorgeous views. Maletsunyane Falls_Lesotho

Abseiling or repelling is a fun adventure activity for many who visit this area. The highest single drop waterfall in Southern Africa is located in Semonkong. The Guiness World Record for the highest commercial abseil point is Maletsunyane Falls. Adventure seekers from around the world are attracted here with its six hundred sixty-nine (669) foot (204 meters) drop.

Don’t forget that with the high elevation around here the Skiing is great. June through August is the best time. The ski slopes are in the Maluti Mountains in the Oxbow area and are only about three (3) hours from Maseru.

Lesotho is the envy of many other African countries because of the amount of water it possesses both for commercial revenue producing use, as well as offering a variety of Water Sports. Whether you want to take an occasional swim, go trout fishing, sail a small boat, or get into a more extreme agenda like white water rafting, you will find plenty of opportunities around here.

One way to check out the scenery through the gorgeous mountain ranges is Pony Trekking on the Basotho pony. Travel through both the highlands and lowlands in order to get a good feel of what this country is all about. You will come across many of the locals who still live in thatch and stone huts.

Finally, another way to take in the magnificent sights of this country is by Hiking. You can hike or camp anywhere around the area and explore the rugged terrain and the natural beauty. You will find a variety of hiking trails in the national parks, such as Bokong Nature Reserve, Sehlabathebe National Park, Sani Pass, and Ts’ehlanyane National Park.

Now for those who prefer city life there is Leotho Sun Casino which is located on a hillside overlooking Maseru. The accommodations are stylish, with views of the mountain ranges. Gourmet meals can be found in any of the several restaurants, and there is a fun bar scene as well. They also have a convention center for conferences and events. And of course, there is plenty of gambling to be done for those so inclined.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind Lesotho African Hut

South Africa has some new tourist rules so be advised that by visiting Lesotho or Swaziland you do not get any additional days added to your South African visa. In other words, visiting neighboring or internal countries and then going back to South Africa does not qualify as leaving South Africa for visa purposes.

Also if your are entering Lesotho in a vehicle which you do not own, you have to get a Letter of Permission from the rental company or owner of the vehicle. There is a small road tax fee of about two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50).

There are thirteen (13) border crossings from South Africa into Lesotho. Always check your visa requirements before taking off since some crossings require 4×4 vehicles, and not all crossings are open twenty-four (24) hours.

If you are driving from Johannesburg it is about two hundred and sixty (260) miles (420 km) and takes about four and a half (4 1/2) hours. By air Moshoeshoe I International Airport is the main airport to get to Lesotho.

Plenty to Keep You Busy

This is an interesting part of the world to check out, and you will find the people and culture quite unique and quite different from their surrounding neighbor of South Africa. While this is most certainly a place for folks who enjoy outdoor activities, there is also plenty to do in the city as well.

Maseru has about three hundred and thirty thousand (330,000) people with plenty of shops, restaurants, and historical sites such as the Dinosaur Footprints. Maseru Central Park is a local gathering place. There are beer tasting tours, the Lesotho National Library, the National Museum, Katse Botanical Gardens, the Royal Palace, Makoanyane Square, Our Lady of Victory Cathedral, Morija Museum and Archives, and Pioneer Mall for the shopping enthusiasts.

This is most definitely an out of way place hidden right in the midst of South Africa, which can provide a wealth of enjoyment. Check it out and add it to your travel plans if you feel so inclined.

All the Best,


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Whiteboard Video Packs Review

whiteboard videos

Whiteboard Video Packs Review Whiteboard Videos

Name: Whiteboard Video Packs



Click Above for More Info

Price: $37 One Time Investment

Owners: Kayte-Lee and June Ashley

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This product launched in September 20015, and this is a product which is designed to enable you to add emotion to your videos with the use of specific images. It includes thirty (30) video packs comprised of over five hundred (500) hand drawn characters in different types of poses and expressions in order to create an emotional impact.

In order to create a unique expression for your specific video, it offers a choice of three (3) different artistic styles: full color, outline, and black and white. Again, this is designed so you can create the appropriate emotional response for your specific offer in order to increase conversions.

Whiteboard Video Packs is compatible with other popular video and graphics software programs such as Photoshop, Keynote, Powerpoint, Explaindio, VideoScribe, Adobe Illustrator, and Easy Sketch Pro.

This product can be used in a number of ways for different purposes in addition to whiteboard videos, such as for your blog, website, social media avatars, print projects and T-shirt designs, and in other promotional ways.

This is a way to create engagement through storytelling. By entertaining your client base you get them to relax and thus are more open to your offer. This is done through cartoons and animation.


Click Here in order to obtain more Details on this Product

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Compatible with other graphic and video software programs
  2. Save money on outsourcing
  3. Add a unique touch to your videos
  4. Effective for both online and offline marketers
  5. Makes storytelling about you and your business easy and persuasive
  6. Customize content with exclusive rights
  7. Easy to use
  8. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  9. No additional editing needed


The Not So Good:

  1. Need to devote the time to familiarize yourself with all the packs and modules to learn how to most effectively utilize them for your specific needs.
  2. There are upgrades

Who is Whiteboard Video Packs For?

This is an effective tool for any internet marketer, product creator, affiliate marketer, blogger etc. who are interested in using whiteboard videos to create their own stories. By creating your own unique stories you are then able to present your offers in an appealing way. This also builds your authority and allows you to create brands in an entertaining and fun ways which lead to greater conversions and sales.

Tools & Training

Here’s a short video which reviews this product:

Six (6) Video Packs with approximately five hundred and twenty-seven (527) unique elements with which to create your whiteboard story in order to positively influence your audience.

* Pack #1: Colored Whiteboard SVGs — this comes in SVG and PNG formats. There are three (300) hand drawn elements and character in either black and white or multiple colors.

— Module 1 — Business and Money Male Collection

— Module 2 — Business and Money Female Collection

— Module 3 — Health and Fitness Male Collection

— Module 4 — Health and Fitness Female Collection

— Module 5 — Internet Marketer Collection

— Module 6 — Work from Home Mom Collection

— Module 7 — Personal Development Collection

— Module 8 — Military Army Collection

— Module 9 — Icons Collection

— Module 10 — Ideas Set

— Module 11 — Arrows Set

— Module 12 — Financial Set

— Module 13 — Love and Romance Set

— Module 14 — Bubbles and Speeches Set

— Module 15 — Banners and Badges Set

* Pack #2: Vector Animated Background Loops — this comes in MP4 format (Full HD 1920×1080) and includes nine (9) colorful background loops designed to enhance your storytelling.

* Pack #3: Vector Animated Elements — this is in MOV alpha and MP4 formats (Full HD 1920×1080) and includes nine (9) animated elements with three (3) choice of colors.

* Pack #4: Vector Animated Transition Effects — the formats offered are MP4 and MOV alpha (Full HD 1920×1080); it includes nine (9) colorful vector transition effects to move your prospects through your story in a smooth and enjoyable way.

* Pack #5: Abstract Image Backgrounds — this comes in JPG format and includes one hundred (100) high resolution abstract backgrounds with a good variety of textures and colors from which to choose.

* Pack #6: Royalty Free Music Tracks — in MP3 format there are one hundred (100) music tracks included used to keep the flow going in your videos to enhance your storytelling.


A FAQ section is provided and you can also access directly at:


$37 One Time Charge with Three (3) Upgrades

Final Thoughts

This is basically a good product if you want to use graphics and videos in a creative way to individualize your offer to set it apart from your competitors. It all depends on what your overall objectives are with your campaign, and how you like to present your offers.

It is not for everybody, but it can give your campaigns a unique twist using whiteboard animation. It also can save some time and effort on your part, as it is time-consuming to shoot and edit video. It is good to ask, given your specific circumstances in your online business, if utilizing this product will lead to more sales?

The answer to that will be different for everyone. Before making a decision on this take some time to assess your current strategies and their effectiveness, so that you can logically determine if this product will help your business. By doing an effective cost/benefit analysis you will know if it can benefit your business.

Finally, there are many ways to create an emotional impact with your audience in your market niche. This product can help you do it through video, but you can also accomplish this by offering value and being authentic in your blog posts, sales pages, offers, and videos.

Click Here for Additional Information on this Product

All the Best to your Success,


Final Conclusion

Online Marketing

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Is The Truth True? — Or Are We Just Kidding Ourselves…

Truth is true

Sometimes it is rather challenging differentiating fact from fiction. There are so many variables involved that we can easily get lost in the myriad opinions out there vying for our attention and acceptance. When I hear someone say this is absolutely true, I have to ask myself is the truth true, or is it just mere theory begging for our validation.  Truth or Fiction

In a world which we are inundated with tons of data of “what” we should think, it gets a bit arduous to really know what’s what. Always questioning what is presented to us as fact is step in the right direction.

What are Facts?

In a way facts are merely a form of fiction which we buy into both individually and as a civilization. As soon as we enter any type of “formal” education, our innocent minds get filled with a lot of data which we are expected to accept on face value.

The majority, if not all of our formal school-time, is spent on “what” to learn and “what” to think without questioning any of the sources. We are not taught “how” to think so that we can evaluate each bit of information before accepting it as true.

We only need to examine the history of science to conclude that what were solid facts only a few years ago have now been placed in the trash heap of outmoded theories, now replaced by current and up-to-date findings. Check out this article on how these apparent Scientific Facts Have Changed in only the last few years.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. We can do an entire short story on how major developments in quantum physics and neuroscience have completely revamped what we once thought was true. It does get a bit mind boggling to say the least.

Before we move on let me mess with your mind a bit with the Double-Slit Experiment in what has to do with wave-particle duality in the quantum physics realm. Check out this short video to have your mind either expanded or blown:

Where Do We Go From Here?

At this point it is only important to realize that things are not always what they seem to be no matter how many so called “authorities” put their stamp of approval upon it. This can either be beneficial or threatening to us based on how we choose to approach things.

Years ago I was working in the mental health field with kids who had some severe emotional challenges. This one day I accompanied a child to the medical doctor for a physical check up. The medical physician was about the closest thing you would find to what used to be a family doctor or general practitioner, and who really spent the time to get to know his patients on a more personal level.

After the exam, I spent some time talking to the doctor about how he handled his diagnoses, and some other aspects of his practice. The doctor looked me straight in the eye and said that much of his findings are idiopathic. I wasn’t sure what that meant, and when I asked him he said it is just plain guesswork.

Now here is a professional in his field who was willing to be honest.

That is one very important reason that we should always take the time and effort to get more than one opinion when we are dealing with our health or any other aspect of our lives. The core takeaway is not to give away our power to others who may only have an “idiopathic” solution.

We Live In an Amazing World

Nothing in our world, including the people around us, should be taken for granted. No matter how many false messages we receive through the many “authority” sources and figures out there, we still retain our ultimate Power to Decide. This is no mere small attribute which we possess. It is a tool which can release us from struggle and fear, and produce the freedom we so desire.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” — Tony Robbins —

Living under false premises which we believe to be true will still produce the effects we anticipate and expect even though the premises may be false. We get what we expect and may not like, because we don’t realize we have the Power to set things up a different way. We ARE NOT a Victim by any means. We have just surrendered our Power to others Out There, whoever or wherever that may be.

What makes this world of ours so amazing is the potential and possibility in which we are surrounded, but are completely unaware. In the movie Joe Versus the Volcano, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, there is a scene where they are talking and Tom Hank’s character had this to say,  Truth Within

“Who am I? That’s the real question, isn’t it? Who-who am I? Who are you! What other questions are there? What other questions are there, really! You want to understand the universe? Embrace the universe. The door to the universe is you.”

Then later Meg Ryan’s character relates what her father once told her,
“My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.”

It may be a good idea to recognize that now is the time to awaken, and embrace some of this amazement, which is right here and right now, only waiting for us to clear up our vision a bit.

Illusions are Not Facts

No matter how much we buy into what we believe to be true either individually or as a group, it still comes down to What is. We may “believe” our car is parked in a lot across the street where we left it, but if someone jacked it, it is not there no matter what we believe or think.

The same goes for any so-called facts which just may not be true, as we may have not investigated them enough to make a  prper determination. We live in a world of illusion, basing our decisions on premises which may or may not be true. When we awaken to this, a whole new world appears before our eyes. Rather than being immersed in false perception. we have gained true vision which leads to knowledge.  Asking Whay

A good question to ask ourselves, only when we are ready to do so (no need to rush), is “why am I unaware?”. This goes back to embracing the Power of “Why” which I talked about in a previous post, about Progressing in Life. When we question ourselves and others, we empower ourselves to dig out the Truth which remains buried within, under a cloud cover of illusion.

This can be instantaneous, or more likely will take a bit of time. It all depends on how resistant we are to letting go of “what we know to be true”. Having lived under these false premises for most of our lives, we are not likely to immediately jump on board of a whole new way of viewing things without a bit of yelling, screaming, and struggle. But we can still enjoy the process. Each moment gives us the choice of choosing happiness or not.

When we begin to ask “Why” we start the process of ” Reasoning things out”. Reason leads to clear vision and ultimately knowledge. Vision and knowledge lead to the Truth which never varies. When things change, we can be sure it is not the Truth.

Let’s Have Fun with This

The proof of the pudding is in the eating so to speak, so when we are aligned with our vision and knowledge we will see the results. A sense of “Peace” will descend upon us which cannot be mistaken. There will also be a release of fear and uncertainty. In other words, we will Know that we Know.

In the process of getting There, which is really Here , just waiting for us to awaken, there will be the resistance and struggle which I just mentioned, but we can make the choice of enjoying the ride. This is no different from paying money to get a few thrills at an amusement park on the roller coaster or other rides. We actually pay a price to be scared and break up the monotony of our existence.

With this procee which I just described, we are paying the price of a bit of resistance, uncertainty, and struggle in order to be released from all of the fear which stands in the way of our clear vision and knowledge. When we get to this point, we realize that it is a small price to pay in order to locate and embrace the Truth, which leads to our ultimate Freedom.

And with that I will finish up here and wish you all a fun journey into the recesses of your minds. Bringing up all the silly thoughts and nonsense about not being good enough, being a victim, not have any power or control, and all the numerous other insane ideas we bought into during the course of our lives, will give us the opportunity to let it all go.

We can then stop kidding ourselves by pretending things are what they are not. And once we do, what we will discover cannot be put into words. I leave it to You to Experience.

Enjoy the journey,


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Where Is San Marino? — I Don’t Have A Clue

San Marino

I just happened to come across this location, and I didn’t have a clue as to where it was. I know there is a San Marino, California, but that was not anywhere near where this place was. So I had to ask myself, “where is San Marino?”, and then get busy doing some research. San Marino

What I found was rather surprising and most interesting. It is another off of the beaten track place in the world that most folks probably haven’t come across. So let’s check it out and first find out where it is, and what is happening there.

So Exactly Where is San Marino?

First of all San Marino is a micro state. Now what is that? Also called a mini state, it is a sovereign state having a very small land area or a very small population. Most of the time it is both.

It is located in Southern Europe on the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains surrounded by north central Italy. Officially known as the Republic of San Marino, it is also called TheMost Serene Republic of San Marino as well. A few European states have had this secondary title down through the years, and it indicates the sovereignty of the republic.

It is one of the world’s oldest republics with plenty of historic architecture. The capital, also called San Marino, is located on the slopes of Monte Titano. The largest town or settlement is Dogana, which is located in Serravalle which is a municipality.

It is merely twenty-four (24) square miles (61 km), and its population is approximately thirty-three thousand and four-hundred (33,400). This is the smallest population of any country in the Council of Europe, which is separate from the European Union (actually no country has ever joined the European Union without first joining the Council of Europe).

A Few More Facts to get us Started

  • Its official language is Italian although Romagnol is also spoken
  • San Marino derives its name from Saint Marinus who was a stonemason on the island of Rab (today part of Croatia) which was part of Rome way back in the third (3rd) and early fourth (4th) centuries.
  • The people here are referred to as Sammarinese and not Italian
  • It is one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GDP
  • It’s main industries are finance, tourism, and business services
  • It has a budget surplus with no national debt contributing to a very stable economy
  • One of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe
  • The only country in the world which has more motor vehicles than people (it has the world’s highest car ownership rate)
  • The fifth (5th) smallest country in the world and third (3rd) smallest country in Europe next to Vatican City and Manaco
  • It has a humid subtropical climate. It has the warm summers and cool winters characteristic of inland central Italy. Temperatures range from around forty-five (45 F) degrees (7 C) in the winter to about eighty-six (86 F) degrees (30C) in the summer.
  • Politically it is set up as a parliamentary representative democratic republic.
  • They have one of the smallest militaries in the world
  • The religion is predominantly Catholic
  • Public transport is limited (some bus and taxi service with aerial tramways as well). There is no railroad.
  • Abraham Lincoln was made an honorary citizen by the government of San Marino
  • San Marino remained neutral during World War I nd World War II
  • The country was the first democratically elected communist government in the world. It was a coalition between the Sammarinese Communist Party and Sammarinese Socialist Party which existed between 1945 and 1957.
  • Although it uses the Euro as its currency, it is not a part of the European Union.
  • San Marino has had more female heads of state, fifteen (15) as of 2014, than any other country
  • The capital gains tax is five (5%) percent, there is a thirteen (13%) percent withholding tax, and the corporate profits tax is nineteen (19%) percent.
  • While its cuisine has its own unique dishes, it is very similar to Italian combining the recipes from the Marche and Emilia-Romagna regions.
  • Mount Titano and the Historic Center (San Marino City and Borgo Maggiore) have become World Heritages sites in 2008.

A Great Place to Visit

Before we get into a few reasons whey this is a part of the world worth checking out, spend a few minutes watching this short video to get a bird’s eye view of this beautiful country.

Especially if you love history, San Marino provides plenty of historic sites as well as much natural beauty. Although it is not technically Italy, it is completely surrounded by Italy, which makes it the perfect place from which to extend your Italian adventure. Also it is not far from the Adriatic Sea.

Here are a few specific reasons to visit:

  • For souvenirs or any type of Italian brands you can save enormously because there is tax-free shopping in San Marino. There are hundreds of boutiques and specialty shops to satisfy the craving of even the most ardent shopper, as well as malls and factory outlets with an amazing variety of products and gifts.  
  • The cuisine is basic but delicious, combining local ingredients and herbs with creations from other regions of Italy. Some of the favorites are rabbit stew and chocolate and hazelnut layer cake. All the dishes go very well with the local wine.
  • Watch the changing of the guard at the Palazzo. This takes place every half hour from 8:00am to 6:00pm April to September.
  • The perfect place to Relax. It is a green oasis filled with many wonderful places to explore. The rolling hills, fortresses, and wineries are just some of the places to check out. Also this area is much less crowed than the Tuscan countryside for example. From certain parts of the country you can even catch a view of the Riviera Romagnola beaches on a clear day.
  • Easy to move around — since there is no border control you do not need a passport to leave or enter the area. You can easily move about between San Marino and other regions of Italy. Most shops and restaurants speak English in San Marino.
  • The museums — there are a variety of museums in this country. They range from the State Museum which has archaeological items, coins, and an extensive collection of paintings. The San Francesco Museum has an interesting collection of sixteenth (16th) century paintings. Other museums include the Ferrari and Abarth Museum, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Museum of Ancient Arms, the Wax Museum, and the Museum of Curious Objects.

Don’t Overlook This Little Gem of Europe San Marino Castle

With a capital city by the same name which  has medieval streets filled with many interesting shops and cafes as well as plenty of hills from which to view the beautiful surrounding countryside, it is a hidden gem right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the more popular destinations in Italy such as Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan.

This is certainly an advantage for many who travel here and are able to stroll the uncrowded streets and take in the many gorgeous sights from the towers in a more tranquil way. It is a place which most likely will exceed your expectations.

Also the food is great, and the views of the vineyards in the nearby Italian countryside are fantastic. It is so much fun just to walk the streets of this ancient city. They are so clean and the area is so very charming and quaint. You can find a variety of items in the many shops such as sunglasses shops, perfume shops, clothing shops, etc.

Piazza della Liberta is the most popular public square where you can check out the changing of the guard, Palazzo Pubblico (the town hall), and many lovely views. The three (3) towers (Guaita, Cesta, Montale) with fortress walls are fun to climb and catch some delightful views as well.

Add in all the interesting museums as well as Cava dei Balestrieri, where you can view an exhibition of crossbow shooting, and you can keep yourself very busy moving about this small country.

The area of this country is so small that you can check out quite a lot by taking a day trip by car from many outlying areas in Italy. But San Marino is just so romantic, attractive, and charming that it is well worth taking a few days to relax and take in the sights and just relax a bit.

Personally, I enjoy locating out of the way places which are not overly crowded and which offer a wealth of opportunities to learn a new culture, meet many wonderful people, and take in the sights. More popular destinations do have their advantages, but even there I enjoy finding the out of the ways spots where the locals hang out, so that I can immerse myself in the local scene and learn a lot about a different part of the world.

Whatever your particular preference may be in your travels, don’t overlook some of these out of the way places like San Marino, which is a little gem right in the midst of Europe.

Happy Travels,


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Review Of Content Gorilla — Check It Out

Content Creator

Content Gorilla Review
Content Creation

Name: Content Gorilla


Owners: Neil Napier

Price: $37 One Time Investment or $19.95 per month

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a rather interesting product as it is a cloud-based app which assists you in creating unique articles and posts for your website or blog as well as to post on social media sites. It is focused on creating client-based articles which provide high quality content which is of value to your specific audience.

This kind of quality content is ideal to increase your SEO rankings.

The product creator is Neil Napier. He has been in this business for quite some time, and you can find a number of his past creations on JVZoo. A few of his past products are, Social Ad Maker, Video Cloud Pro, WP Niche Storm, Video Outro Funnel Creator, FB Business Finder, The Store Launch, and Social Ad Maker.

It’s has a few interesting features such as you are able to convert your YouTube videos into blog posts, as well as having your photos and images added automatically to your posts. They also have a content spinner to make your content unique.

The software is set up so you can search for content in one hundred and five (105) languages, then sort your results with search filters to determine views, relevance, and creative common license. You then convert the video into a blog post, and correct grammatical errors in your extracted content. Then you use the Article/Content Spinner to make your content unique so you do not get hit up for duplicate content. Then based on your keyword research, images are automatically added to your content. The YouTube video thumbnail is your featured image automatically, but you can edit it or even replace it with your own image. Tags from the videos are automatically converted to post tags.

You can create up to ten (10) posts at once, or drip-feed them over time.

There is also a Multi-Post feature where you can publish the same post to multiple blogs.

An article rewriter can be used to rewrite any of these articles.

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Save time from having to write article yourself
  4. Save money from hiring content creators by outsourcing

The Not So Good

  1. Not a fan of content spinners
  2. The quality of the content generated is not always the best
  3. While you save time from having to write the content yourself or pay for content to be written, you do have to spend a lot of time editing and improving on the quality of this content before publishing it.
  4. Not as easy to rank as it is promoted to be on sales page.

Who is Content Gorilla For?

Content Gorilla is oriented to anyone into the internet marketing business such as bloggers, content creators, affiliate marketers, SEO professionals etc.

Here is a short video on Content Gorilla:

Tools & Training

Video training Modules:

Module #1 – Introduction:

  • Overview
  • What is WordPress and why you should use it.
  • The difference between &
  • Difference between a blog and a website

Module #2 – Domain & Hosting

  • Selecting a niche.
  • Picking an appropriate domain name.
  • Buying the right hosting package.
  • Hosting the domain.

Module #3 – WordPress Basic:

  • Installing WordPress on your domain.
  • Changing basic settings.
  • Installing required plugins.
  • Picking and installing the right theme.

Module #4 – WordPress Advanced

  • Setting up the appearance of your website.
  • Understanding built-in WordPress’ features.
  • Optimizing your website for higher rankings.
  • Using plugins to maximize the potential of your website.
  • Installing an SSL to secure your website
  • Creating Content with Content Gorilla.


FAQ and email support.


$37 One Time Payment or $19.95 per month

This does not make sense to me. Why offer a one time payment and then give a choice of a monthly payment for the exact same features. I didn’t look into the upgrades, but this tells me that there has to be several upgrades after you pay your $37. In my opinion, not the best way to promote a product. Seems a bit sneaky.


Final Thoughts

I do agree that content is certainly king, and the degree of “quality” will greatly affect your rankings. This product can certainly save you some time and energy, and it does have some appealing features.

I personally enjoy writing my own content, and putting it out there in drip fashion. Content spinners which make your content unique to avoid you being flagged by the search engines for duplicate content is not my thing. I know people who use it, and get great results in terms of quicker exposure and conversions, but at the same time I consider that I am on a long-term journey with my business, and things naturally unfold as I continue to create value for others.

You can never go wrong with creating your own relevant and high quality content yourself.

That being said, I consider this an okay product, but not my cup of tea. My rankings continue to increase naturally as I build my brand in a way I enjoy, find satisfying, and helpful to a few other folks along the way.

Also, the quality of the content is not consistent. You have to spend quite a bit of time editing the content. In addition to that, I do not feel real good about taking other’s people’s work and pasting it on my blog. Even though with the article spinner which is part of this product package, you can get away with not being flagged for duplicate content. The reason I am in business is to provide quality content that helps people solve specific challenges/problems they may have, and not just to make some bucks.

When your intention is to serve and bring value to others, the money flows in naturally. This has always occurred in all of my businesses down through the years. When your intentions are good, the last thing you have to worry about is being compensated fairly.

To me personally, being in business online is not about buying some plugins and other software to help me make some quick sales. Creating a brand and establishing oneself as an authority in a niche requires consistent content that is relevant to your audience’s specific needs. This is something you can be proud of over time, and create a solid foundation which provides a consistent stream of income.

This product can be a fun thing to play around with a bit if you want to buy a domain or two and practice different ways of blogging, but as for building a solid long-term business with a sustainable source of income, I would not recommend this product.

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Final Conclusion

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How To See The Good In People — Listen Up

Goodness and Love

This can be a challenge for many of us, especially with all the crazy stuff happening all around us throughout the world. Other than the love and intimacy we experience in a few special relationships here and there, we often find it hard to see beyond all the misery and chaos to what truly resides in the hearts of others. Regardless of all of this, it is vitally important not only to others but to ourselves, to ask ourselves how to see the good in people.  Goodness in Others

There are some important reasons why this is so, which we will shortly explore. I encourage all to let go a bit of the reasons why this may not be so, and the stacks of proof to back that up. Let’s just go on a fun and spirited journey within and without, and see what turns up.

Try to see the good in others. When you’re tempted to judge someone, make an effort to see their goodness. Your willingness to look for the best in people will subconsciously bring it forth.Marianne Williamson

Chaos is the Norm, or Is It?

Several years ago I was vacationing in a resort in Central Mexico where I met a very talented artist. His sculptures were really something to see. Whether you are a connoisseur of art or not, you would definitely appreciate, at least to some extent, his work. He was an internationally well-known artist with quite a following.

I remember asking him what was the inspiration for his work, and without any hesitation at all, he told me it was all the chaos in the world. As we continued to talk I kept asking questions, but I was equally insistent that our Universe is governed by specific laws which provide an overall sense of order, safety, and precision.

Eventually we agreed to disagree, but this left a lasting impression on me all those many years ago. I realized that most people buy into this chaos premise as the norm. Why not? It seems to exist everywhere you look, at least to some degree.

The point I spent quite some time making to my artist friend was that what looks like chaos has an internal mechanism of a Divine Order within it, which keeps the world and the universe operating like clockwork. Without this divine order we would quickly evaporate into nothingness.

All of our natural laws operate with keen precision. All that goes into a seed being planted and growing into its specific type or variety of life is quite a miracle all in and of itself, but which we easily take for granted. When we allow ourselves to pause for just a mere moment, we quickly discover that there is so much to learn by observing a flower, an animal, or any part of nature in the present moment.

All the planets, galaxies, solar systems, etc. operate flawlessly in our universal system. They would not exist at all if this was a chaotic system.  They would be colliding left and right, and disintegrating into nothingness. Chaotic Thoughts

The point being that chaos is NOT the norm, either in our personal lives or in the operation of our universe. The universe is all ordered and precise. So why do we experience all these chaotic conditions in nature and our personal lives? That is a very good question, and one that will lead us in the direction of discovering why there is goodness in All.

Beyond Guilt and Sacrifice

Okay Joseph William, what does guilt and sacrifice have to do with chaos, order, or the goodness or destructiveness of others, including ourselves? Well, quite a bit actually. This is some of the stuff we as a species spend quite a bit of time burying deep within ourselves, and out of sight. We think it is too scary to look at.

I have mentioned previously, and I think it was in this post about the miracle showing up, where we embrace the present moment with forgiveness and gratitude. This leads to a transformation of our thought process which then allows us to open up to other scenarios beyond fear, sacrifice, and guilt.

It is as important to forgive ourselves as well as others.  Without true forgiveness of ourselves, we do not have the willingness to forgive others in a sincere way.

When we feel separate from others, we think it is okay to project our fears and uncertainties onto them. When we refuse to look within and embrace our fears, we then choose to project them outside of ourselves. Now we have proof that chaos exists and people are to be feared. Now we can justify attacking others, as well as different systems of thoughts and ways of living.

All of this stems from our sense of guilt for not being the perfect people we think we should be, and our need to sacrifice ourselves for others or something outside ourselves like a greater cause etc. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with contributing to the world and serving others. It all depends on what our motivation to do so is.

When we contribute out of love and a sense of purpose, we are making valuable inroads to society and the lives of others. On the other hand, when we do it out of a sense of guilt and sacrifice, we are doing others and ourselves an injustice. Let’s move beyond this with inspired intentions.

Going with the Flow

All I have been talking about involves a lot of stress and struggle. It is painful not to get the results we desire, and it is actually harder not to succeed. It is much easier to allow things to flow to us as a result of our acceptance and surrender to What Is.

Wherever we are is our Starting Point. When we accept this, both the good and the bad, we are able to move beyond any challenges and restrictions. We then can wait for our Marching Orders, which arrive in the form of Inspired Intentions. We are inspired to move forward in the right way and at the right time. This is truly going with the flow of life minus the fear, doubt, and worry.

We are now empowered to create our lives consciously in the Present Moment.

There is no point swimming upstream once we become aware of our present circumstances, and fully accept them without any needless sense of guilt. Our guilt is what fuels our fear, and keeps it in place as well as vice versa. It’s a vicious circle which we can choose to break free from, once we awaken and see things with a clear vision of the way they are, and not how we think they are, or think they should be.

A Simple Choice

The choice is between fear and love. Once we realize this consciously, we recognize how we have kept ourselves trapped. All the excuses and justifications we have created over time are just the symptoms of this fear, which we have kept buried deep inside. We felt if we looked within and embraced this fear we would die. It is that emotionally charged because that fear was put in place by ourselves to protect ourselves.

We formed certain beliefs to keep us safe when we were young, but now these beliefs have outlived their usefulness. As adults we no longer need someone to hold our hand when we cross the street, and neither do we need limiting beliefs which protected us when we were young and vulnerable.

We need to replace these ideas with the truth, which is that we are okay right this very moment. Minus the guilt and fear, who we are is just fine. We are able to live fully minus the fear by choosing to remember that we are innately good. Any mistakes we have made were just a learning experience. Becoming compassionate and forgiving ourselves will clear our perception, and allow us to forgive others as well, and see the best in them.

Our Vision Clears

When our vision clears and we have released our fear, we desire to share the love within ourselves. We no longer see others as different, or in worse case scenarios as the enemy. We recognize them for Who They Really Are, and understand that we all are either expressing love or asking for it.

Yes, even the dictators, murderers and other wacked out folks have this essence of goodness within. Granted, in some it is buried rather deeply. There is a difference between our behavior and Who We Really Are. While our behavior may not always be loving, who we are is Love.

Just because the sun isn’t shining where we can see, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  At the same time, we have built up quite a dense cloud cover of guilt and fear, and it will take some time to break it up so that our Inner Essence can shine through.  The timing is different for everyone.Unconditional Love

Now all this may sound very silly to some, but I believe we all are able to see the good in people at least to some degree. When we do, we have moved beyond only expressing our love in special circumstances with special people (family and friends); we have allowed ourselves to love unconditionally.

When we love unconditionally, we love the Essence of others, not necessarily their choices and actions. And it all starts with a “smile”.

The Power of Presence

When we are content within ourselves and feel blessed for being alive, we smile a lot. We desire to share our goodness and happiness with others. Laughing and smiling soon become a pleasant habit.

A mere smile can affect other people in a positive way and make a difference in their lives. Never prejudge what a smile can do. It is a reflection of our divine nature and presence. People cannot help but being affected in a good way.

When we let go of our fears we are less likely to act in silly ways which do not benefit ouyselves or others. We experience a kind of transformation where our very presence has a positive effect upon others. We emit many positive vibrations whether we realize it or not. Eventually we get to the point of effortlessly seeing the good in others, and knowing that things are good already. We are content with “being”, and have no concern about “doing”. The doing takes care of itself in just the right time and right way.

We only take action when “divinely inspired” to do so. We choose love over fear. We embrace What Is and allow it to Be. Our presence takes us beyond struggle to an effortless existence which is our birthright. It always has been this way, and once we take off the shades we realize this is what we deserve.

Awaken to you Presence and see All the Good within yourselves and others,


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