What To Do In Moldova — A Few Hidden Gems


Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe, and it is one of the hidden gems in terms of wine growing and pure natural beauty. It is also formerly part of the Soviet Union. It’s capital is Chișinău, which has a lot of Soviet-style architecture within the city. Let’s explore a bit of what to do in Moldova.  Moldova

In fact, in Codru you will find some of the largest wine cellars (measured by the number of bottles, Milestii Mici is the largest

anywhere in the world). Also, Nistreana is the Purcari Wine Region which is known for its red wines such as Roşu de Purcari and Negru de Purcari. This region resides along the Western Dniester coast.

A Little Background on the Area

The country has a diverse terrain which includes vineyards, rocky hills, and forests. It has a lot of history which is reflected in its architecture, such as the Old Orhei Monastery which has been around for two thousand (2,000) years. The mansions of Gypsy Hill are quite spectacular adding to the local ambiance.

Every October in the capital city of Chișinău there is a wine festival for an entire weekend which promotes its ever expanding list of wines.

Officially this country is called the Republic of Moldova. This territory dates back to the fourteenth (14) century where the majority of it was part of the Principality of Moldavia until 1812. At that point in time the Ottoman Empire relinquished it to the Russian Empire. It was then called Bessarabia.

Then in 1856 southern Bessarabia was brought back to Moldavia. Romania was formed three (3) years later when Moldavia joined Wallachia. In 1878 Russian rule returned to the whole region. Romania yielded Bessarabia to the Soviet Union in 1949, which formed the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (MASSR).

After the break up of the Soviet Union the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (MASSR) declared its independence on April 27, 1991, and chose the name Moldova. In 1994, it adopted its constitution. After gaining independence the economy declined which produced many trade obstacles, energy shortages, and a lot of uncertainty in the political realm.

After forming agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank the economy picked up in the late 1990s. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has increased on a steady basis since 1999. Even with a significant decrease in poverty over the past several years, Moldova still remains one of the poorest countries in Europe.

The country’s wine industry is well-established with the majority of its production destined for export. Many grape varieties and recipes have been passed down within families for many generations. Milestii Mici, the world’s largest wine cellar, holds nearly two million (2,000,000) bottles of wine.

Since ancient times, Moldova has been one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world due to its rich soil and a temperate continental climate, which has mild winters and warm summers. Products include grains, wine, fruits, grapes, and vegetables, as they are one of the main suppliers of agricultural products in southeastern Europe.

The cuisine is influenced greatly by neighboring Romania, but it is also impacted by Ukrainian, Turkish, and Russian dishes. There are a variety of cereals as well as cabbage, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, milk products, beef, and pork among the food choices. Some of the most well-known dishes are Branza, Borscht, Ghiveci, Mamaliga, Sarma, and Ciorba. The beverage of choice is “dvin”, a Moldovan brandy, but there is also plenty of beer and local wine.

Here is a short video which will give you a good idea of what Moldova is all about:

Now for a Few Facts

  • Moldova is a parliamentary republic where the Prime Minister (Ion Chicu) heads up the government while the President (Igor Dodon) is the head of state
  • In per capita terms this is the poorest country in Europe
  • It is also the least visited European country
  • Over sixty (60%) percent of the nation’s GDP is from the service sector
  • The name of the country, Moldova, was gleaned from the Moldova River
  • The capital, Chișinău, is the largest city in the country with a population of approximately 635,994 people
  • The population of Moldova is about 4,033,963
  • The currency is the Moldovan Leu (MDL)
  • Although close to the Black Sea the country is landlocked with the largest part between the Prut and Dniester rivers
  • The highest elevation is one thousand four hundred and eleven (1,411) feet (430 meters) which is Balanesti Hill
  • The climate is moderately continental being cool in the spring and summer [20 °C (68 °F)] and colder in the autumn and winter [−4 °C (25 °F)]. These are average temperatures. On January 20,1963, they experienced their lowest temperature ever at −35.5 °C (−31.9 °F), while on July 21, 2007 the highest temperature was recorded at 41.5 °C (106.7 °F).
  • The airport is Chișinău International Airport
  • Railroads and highways are the main forms of transportation in the country
  • This was the first country in the world to have HD Voice (high definition voice services) for mobile devices as well as the first European country to launch 14.4 Mbit/s mobile broadband nationally.
  • Seventy-five (75%) of the population is comprised of Moldovans (or Moldavians)
  • The official language is Romanian while the national language is Moldovan. Also, spoken are Ukrainian, Russian and Gagauz (Turkish dialect). Although many of the younger generation and those in the tourism industry speak English, it is not common for the older generation.
  • The National Library of Moldova was created in 1832
  • There are fifteen (15) private and sixteen (16) public institutions’ of higher education
  • In 1946 the two main scientific institutions came into being: the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Moldova State University
  • The literacy rate is approximately ninety-nine (99%) percent
  • The cultural traditional has its roots in Romanian origins
  • In the musical realm the leading composers are Eugen Doga, Stefan Neaga, and Gavriil Musicescu. In the pop music area O-Zone was popular in 2003, while Carla’s Dreams came to the forefront in 2015. Pianist, Mark Zelster, and Marie Biesu, a world-leading soprano, are the most prominent in the classical music area.
  • The national sport of Moldova is a form of wrestling called Trinta. Football and rugby are also popular.
  • The Strong Drinks Museum, which is located in Tirnauca, is the largest building in the world shaped like a bottle

What is There to Do in this Part of the World?

Right between Ukraine to the east and Romania to the west, you will find a mix of these cultures as well as some aspects of Russia as well. But on its own right, you will find much of Moldova to appreciate. Since it is rarely visited and so remote, you can enjoy exploring this area of the world without a lot of crowds and tourists.

Also, a large part of the people who do visit are knowledgeable about wine, and they realize that Moldova produces some of the best wines anywhere in Europe. In addition to this, the hospitality of these people is authentic, and there are many local traditions of which to learn. Moldova

* Monasteries and Churches — there are many beautiful churches and monasteries throughout the country to visit. For example, the Voronet church is known as the “Sixtine Chapel of the East” and dates back to 1488 with its unique Moldavian architecture. It was built by Stefan the Great, the ruler there at the time. Căpriana monastery is one of the oldest monasteries of Moldova, and it is located in the town of Căpriana. One of the most beautiful monasteries in the country is Manastirea Curchi. On its grounds many churches have been constructed over the years (about 6). Presently today, there are five (5) churches, an outer wall, entrance tower, abbeys, reflectory, and cells. The largest and most imposing church on the grounds is the Mother of God which was built some time between 1866 and 1872. One of the most fantastic sights is the Orheiul Vechi Monastery Complex as it is situated on a huge limestone cliff in a very remote area of the country. People from all over the world come there just to see this area of the country. On the western banks of the Dniestr River, dug out of the rocks, is the Tipova Monastery, which has three (3) main complexes. One of them, the Church of St. Nicholas dates back to the fourteenth (14th) century. There are many panoramic waterfalls on the Tipova River.

* The National Museum of History of Moldova — dating back to the Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron ages, you will find twenty-two thousand two hundred and nine-two (22,292) specimens and objects unearthed from archaeological finds, donations, and other finds.

* Alexander Pushkin House and Museum — this is a very interesting place. It is a cottage where Russian poet, Alexandr Pushkin, resided between 1820 and 1823 while he was in exile. This is where he wrote a number of his poems, including the world-famous “Eugeny Onegin”. There are only two (2) Pushkin houses remaining in the world. The other being located in St. Petersburg, Russia.

* National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History — there are one hundred and thirty-five thousand (135,000) pieces of natural history housed here on the Republic of Moldova. It is the oldest museum in the country.

* The Wine Country — this is a great place to taste some of the best wines in the world. Since it is off the beaten track, you can enjoy a leisurely time without the crowds and hectic activity which is common in most well-known wine areas. This country has the highest production of wine in the world per capita. It ranks twelfth (12th) in the world among wine exporters. “Château Vartely” has some great wines as well as a hotel and restaurant. You may also want to check out Pucari Vineyards as well. The Cricova Winery is about a thirty (30) minute drive from Chisinau, and is the world’s second (2nd) largest underground winery (tastings and tours are available).

* Touring the Country — one of the best ways to see the area is to take a train ride. You will see a lot of beautiful scenery.  The route between Chisinau on they way to Bucharest is especially stunning. It is about a fifteen (15) hour trip.

* Visit Saharna — this is a small village which is located approximately sixty-eight (68) miles (110 km) from the capital city of Chisinau. It has one of the most gorgeous waterfalls which creates a deep cove which is called “Gipsy Hole”. It is situated close to the well-known Holy Trinity Monastery. The landscapes and overall natural sites of this area are simply breathtaking. There are twenty-two (22) waterfalls along the River Sharna.

* Chisinau — the capital city offers modern conveniences within a historical setting but you still get the feel of nature here with plenty of parks and open green areas. Memorial Park has a World War II memorial orange pyramid. You can also check out Pushkin Park, St. Theodor Tiron Church, the Nativity Cathedral, and take a walk under the Triumphal Arch. You can also find some talented folks within the Art Market. Last but not least, there are plenty of spas, art galleries, casinos, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants within the city limits.

So Why Visit Moldova?

Well one reason is the lack of crowds since it only averages around twelve thousand (12,000) visitors per year, making it the least visited country in Europe. In addition to that, there is so much stunning natural beauty for you to take in and enjoy and in very relazing fashion. In fact, Chisinau is a very charming city due to its beautiful countryside, parks, and natural setting.

The people are friendly and genuinely appreciate people visiting their country. Unlike some former Soviet countries, the people share their feelings freely about what it was like to be under Communist control, both pros and cons. There is an excitement in the air now that they have gained their independence, which is exemplified in their attitude and current projects. 

Since they are a very poor nation, it is not an expensive place to visit compared to other parts of the world. You can definitely have a very nice time on a modest budget. For example, you can get a very good meal for about three ($3 USD) dollars. As far as lodging is concerned you have a few choices. On the low end there is the Chisinau Chill Hostel for about six ($6 USD) in a dorm setting, the Bazar Motel which is more mid range at twenty-nine ($29 USD) dollars for a double, and on the higher side there is the City Park Hotel which will cost about ninety-four ($94 USD) dollars per night.

If you are into wine at all this is the place to be. Some of their very own grape varietals produce some extremely delicious whites and reds. Castel Mimi is a must for a tour and tasting. In addition, you can also get some very good cognac, called divin, here. Check out the Kvint Distillery in Tiraspol.

The food is delicious and you can get some of the best tasting vegetables and fruits here. In the Central Market or Piata Centrala you can find household supplies, clothing, and produce.

This is most definitely Europe’s little secret hangout for those in the know. Even though there are more glamorous places to visit, this is one place you may want to consider.

Happy and Safe Travels to You,


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Viddictive 2.0 Review

Online video marketing

Viddictive 2.0 Review
Video Marketing Ads

Name: Viddictive 2.0
Website: Viddictive.co

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Price: $147 One-Time Investment
Owners: Mario Brown and Oliver Goodwin

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a Video Ad Creation Platform designed to create videos for Facebook video marketing. You are able to create ads on this platform and then post them to Facebook. It can be used for every kind of niche to create video ads including local marketing, eComm, YouTube ads, and SEO. It even creates animated video ads which enable you to get your message across effectively.

Since this simplifies the process of creating video ads, it is especially helpful to those new to internet marketing as well as a helpful tool for more seasoned online marketers. This marketing platform is specifically designed to provide the training and tools to make this process a lot easier and more cost effective than outsourcing the creation of marketing videos.

Mario Brown got into the internet marketing business world in 2008. Originally from Germany, he has created a number of software products and training programs. Some of his products include Mobile Lead Flow, Online Marketing Mastery University, 7 Day Facebook Commission Formula (with Alex Costan), AdQuizVideo, Visualei, DealCount, GDRP Pro, Soci Cake Traffic Bundle, DFY Video Agency, YouStudio, EverZippy, Playboost, and several more.

This 2.0 version of this product was launched on April 29, 2018.

With this platform you can target specific audiences and then run retargeting campaigns with the Wizard Tool which is provided. With the agency license and white label rights you can then sell these videos to your clients and prospects.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Ideal for beginners
  2. Good training provided
  3. Way to increase traffic
  4. Save money from having to outsource
  5. Save time by having pre-made templates provided which have been tested
  6. Nothing to install since it is cloud-based
  7. These videos can be used on various platforms in addition to Facebook such as Instagram, Shopify, Twitter, and YouTube
  8. Works on any device

The Not So Good:

  1. Upgrades
  2. Only a Fourteen (14) day money back guarantee
  3. Some of the background images can’t be changed so this limits the amount of editing and customizing you can do on the templates

Who is Viddictive 2.0 For?

This is designed for internet marketers interested in creating video ads for Facebook and other social platforms. This is ideal for affiliate and social marketers, local marketers, small offline businesses (brick and mortar), social content marketers, bloggers, as well as product developers.

Tools & Training

Video tutorials recorded in HD are provided.

In addition to extensive training here are the main ingredients in this platform:

  • Video Ads Templates — you are provided with a variety of templates for your video ads which are created to increase conversions.
  • Drag and Drop Functionality — to customize the text and images within the templates it is just a matter of a “drag and drop” process.
  • Image Library — you have access to a large selection of images withing their library or you can choose to upload any other image you desire
  • A Facebook Marketing API — since this platform is fully integrated with Facebook it is just a matter of uploading your ads to Facebook.
  • Video Ad Scheduler — this allows you to set-up your campaigns in advance and then schedule them for the specific time you want them to run
  • Lead Generation — tools are provided to generate traffic and leads for your business.

Here are the Steps to take:

  1. Set-up and create your video ads by first selecting the type of template which best works for your specific audience and niche
  2. Now spend some time taking that template and customizing it with the type of sound, images, logo, and text which are most ideal for your specific audience and campaign
  3. Set-up your video ads campaign on Facebook (begin by going to your Facebook account and setting up Facebook Custom Audiences). Get your Facebook targeting and preferences set-up and then pick your headline and desired keyword-rich description
  4. Monitor your results in terms of traffic and conversions

Here is a short video where Mario Brown, the product creator, actually takes you through the process:


Email support provided


$147 One Time Investment for the Front-end product. There are also upgrades for extra templates, the Templates Club, and other additional functions and features. In this current offer the label rights and agency license are included in the main price without having to upgrade for them. This allows you to sell your videos to your clients and prospects.

Final Thoughts

This can be a helpful tool if it fits in with your overall online marketing plan. Current statistics show that ninety (90% ) percent of a specific market audience find videos helpful in making their buying decision, and sixty-four (64%) percent are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

This is a tool which makes Facebook marketing easier by providing a platform to create your video ads. You can set-up a campaign which integrates with the Facebook Ads Manager to make it easy to upload your videos.

You get plenty of pre-made templates as well as a few hundred of background soundtracks. Since it is mobile-responsive you will get the same impact with your videos addressing the every growing mobile market.

There are other competitive products out there which you may want to compare such as Clipman, Reevio, Viddyoze 3.0, and Doodly.

For those into creating video ads to market their products and services, especially through Facebook ads, this is most definitely worth at least checking out to determine if it fits within your over online marketing business plan.

Have fun, enjoy the process, and always realize that each step taken, and task completed, makes a difference whether you see immediate results or not. Stay on the court and keeping shooting as the ball will eventually find its target as your learning and experience continues to grow and expand.

All the very Best and Kind Regards,


Final Conclusion: Video Marketing

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Empower Retirement — A Few Things To Consider

Empower Retirement

How do we empower retirement? Or maybe it is better said, how do we find ways to empower ourselves when retired to stay focused and energetic while contributing to the welfare of others as well as to society in general? When we are able to answer that question we not only will enjoy our retirement years more, but will find that we are just beginning to live.  Empower Retirement

All of our years of experience have provided us with the skills and knowledge to create a very special way for others to learn and take advantage of what we know to advance their lives and careers. Let’s discuss a few ways where we can empower our retirement so that we begin to feel the satisfaction which comes with lending a helping hand where it is most needed.

Providing Solutions in a Creative Way

All too often we underestimate the value of what we know from our years of employment, running businesses, travel, raising children, and all the other life experiences which we gather along the way. We take a lot for granted, and don’t realize that we can use what we know to help others while creating additional income and satisfaction for ourselves.

I’d like to break down a few specific ways to share what we know in a meaningful way. Of course, there are many volunteer opportunities available in which folks can get involved. This can be quite a fulfilling experience. Just spending time with others allows us to both share and learn from each other. Churches and non-profit agencies are places to investigate. You can also find overseas opportunities along these lines.

For those who enjoy speaking, creating your own YouTube Channel is an excellent way to share valuable information. Others who enjoy writing, will find writing a Blog in your specific area of expertise a most rewarding experience. These are ways of not only helping others find solutions to their challenges, but also ways to monetize your efforts and earn an additional income if you so desire. You can also write a novel, how-to guide, your memoirs, or even a cookbook.

If you are interested in Public Service you can get on a local school board or become a member of various local political groups.

One of the most rewarding activities I have found over the years on both a professional and volunteer basis, is to be a Mentor to young kids. You can do this through Big Brothers or Big Sisters, or establish yourself in business as a life coach. There is an enormous need among the young for good role models. I am very grateful and honored to have worked with kids with special needs, where I have been able to plant a few seeds here and there, but also learn as much or more from them about my strengths and weaknesses as a person. We are all teachers and students of life.

It is never too late to go back to School for anyone who wants to learn a new profession and contribute in a different way. Whether it is taking classes of interest or getting a more formal degree, it is only a decision away. Also, many universities and schools offer discounts to retirees.

It is just a matter of spending some quiet time and discovering what it is that would bring you joy, and using that in a creative way and to extend it to others. This is too important to let any fear or uncertainty get in our way. Any illusionary roadblocks can be handled in one way or another. We must never forget that we are in charge of our thoughts and feelings and their results, even though it may not seem so at times.

Some Other Ideas to Empower Retirement

For some there is no need or interest to get involved in any type of formal activities, since we have already contributed so much over our lifetimes. That is a valid choice for many. The key here is to make that choice consciously and not by default, in order to ensure ourselves that what we are doing brings us fulfillment, happiness, and joy. Choosing to do nothing at all can be fulfilling as well, as it is most important only to do what inspires us.

Hanging out with friends on a daily or weekly basis can be most fulfilling whether it is playing cards, tennis, swimming, golf, or getting to know other retirees in the area. The specific activity doesn’t matter.

Exploring your roots by Traveling to different places to visit family, we can learn more about our heritage and ancestors. We  can discover relatives we never knew we had in some cases. Even Babysitting for family and friends can be an enjoyable experience.  Empower Retirement

One activity which I enjoy and find time during the day no matter how hectic my schedule is Reading. You can even add a social element to this by going a meetup group or book club. In fact, I enjoy reading much more than watching videos when I an researching new topics of interest.

Learning a new Language can serve you well should you choose to travel about to other areas of the world. Also, learning to play a Musical Instrument can be a very fulfilling experience.

For those interested in an active lifestyle joining a Fitness Group where each member keeps each other accountable can  serve a number of purposes. In addition to being a social and fun event, before you know it you may be in the best shape of your entire life. Even taking up a New Sport is an option. There are people in their nineties and even hundreds who are competing in track and field races for seniors. I even heard of one woman who competed in the pole vault in her eighties.

Going along with this line of thinking there are many Hobbies in which to get involved such as painting, photography, gardening, hiking, fishing etc. It’s just a matter of doing what the American author and professor, Joseph Campbell, espoused through his writings and talks about “following your bliss”.

It’s Only a Decision Away

Finding ways to empower retirement is only a decision away. We just need to ask ourselves what is our First Step to get us going. It may be just to get online and google a few topics of interest, or speak to family and friends about some of our passions and ideas. 

It so important not to shortchange what will make us happy and fulfilled. We deserve the best of every moment which we experience. Any boredom or indecision can be overcome by just getting started in a new direction, and then allowing things to play out as they may, while we make other decisions along the way.

There is no magical formula other than staying fully engaged in life. We owe this to ourselves and others.

When a person first retires, or is even contemplating to do so, there is certainly an element of uncertainty about how to utilize the increased control which we now have over our lives, and exactly how to spend our time. One thing which I have mentioned in other articles on this blog is to live within your means by sticking to a budget. Many experience reduced income levels while now living on pensions and social security. Make sure to do your research as to withdrawal rates on your retirement accounts as well as tax consequences. Empower Retirement

In an earlier post called Baby Boomer Emergency Retirement Plan I go over some ideas on how to handle some of the challenges of retirement.

A Few Options

Now that you have the time you can travel throughout the world on extended vacations. What may happen is that you may decide to move to another country to live on a permanent basis. This is definitely a way to cut the cost of living by picking a country which offers a lot at a reduced cost. Also, there are always ways to a make a few extra bucks no matter where you are.

Another way to get around and see the country on a budget is to purchase a new or used Motor Home. Some folks have been doing this for years.

If you can think of nothing else to do you can spend some time on Home Improvements and even remodel your entire home. This works well if you are a hands-on on sort of person, even if you have to learn a few extra skills to get things done.

There are different ways to Downsize your current living arrangements. You can either move to the city or the country. The city is good for folks who want all the necessities within a few blocks. You get to have access to lots of arts and culture nearby. The other way is to go to a smaller community which has less traffic and noise, while usually being less expensive than city life. I have friends who left a large metropolitan area here in the USA, and moved to a small community in Belize where they now run an organic farm and enjoy a slower pace of life. They told me this was the best decision of their lives.

I can go on and on with various examples of ways to get creative in our retirement years. If you have any specific questions just either comment on this post or send me an email through the “Contact Page” on this site.

Let’s Sum Things Up

All in all, retirement is meant to be a pleasant experience no matter when we choose to retire. On the other hand, “when we love what we do why retire at all?” The key point being is to find things to do either on a paid or non paid basis which bring enjoyment into our lives.

Life is precious and short and needs to be enjoyed and appreciated. I have so much gratitude for all the wonderful people in my life both past and present. Life is a continuous process of adding value to the lives of ourselves and others. That never stops. People are in our lives for a reason. There are no coincidences.

That being said, let’s all empower retirement whether we are retired or not. We can most definitely empower ourselves on a daily basis to choose to do what we most enjoy, and to add happiness to the lives of others by serving them in the best way we can. There are no ordinary moments. Each moment is significant.

There are tons of dos and don’ts about how to keep active and healthy and engaged in our later years. Some of this stuff is helpful, while for some it is too structured and the last thing we want after retiring is a set schedule. Getting back to my reference of Joseph Campbell earlier in this article, we will find that when we “follow our bliss” things naturally fall into place. Being in alignment with our innermost desires and passions will lead us effortlessly wherever we choose to go.

I look forward that this has stimulated some thought about life in general no matter your age. Being connected to who we really are is critical to living a fulfilled life. So whether we are twenty (20) or one hundred (100) years old, we can Empower Retirement by being true to ourselves and living life to the fullest.

May All your Dreams come True,


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Where Is Fernando de Noronha? — We Are About To Find Out

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de NoronhaWhen I first asked myself where is Fernando de Noronha, I had no idea at all. In fact, I had never heard of this place. It is actually a volcanic archipelago off of Brazil’s northeast coast about two hundred and seventeen (217) miles or three hundred and fifty (350) kilometers. The main island is referred to as “Noronha,” and it has some of the most gorgeous tropical landscapes anywhere in South America.
These islands are comprised of very diverse ecosystems with many undeveloped beaches. It is a great place for snorkeling, scuba diving, and checking out the marine life in the clear, warm waters. There are plenty of reef sharks, rays, dolphins, and sea turtles with which to get acquainted.

Let’s Begin with a Few Basic and Not So Basic Facts

  • The archipelago consists of twenty-one (21) islands and islets
  • The population is approximately two thousand nine hundred and thirty (2930)
  • Only the main island, which is also called Fernando de Noronha,, is populated and accounts for ninety-one (91%) percent of the total area of the archipelago
  • Seventy (70%) percent of the area of the islands was established as a national maritime park in 1988
  • The islands are a state district of Brazil administered by the state of Pernambuco
  • Because of the importance of its environment Fernando de Noronha, was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001
  • The time zone is UTC-02:00 and does not vary at all throughout the year
  • There are fifteen (15) endemic plant species here as defined by the United Nations Environment Program
  • There is a tropical climate here with the rainy season being between February and July, while the rest of the year is relatively dry. Temperatures stay rather consistent throughout the year ranging from about eight-six (86 F) degrees (30 C) to seventy-five (75 F) degrees (24 C)
  • The currency is the Real or Reais (R$) (BRL) which is the Brazilian currency
  • These islands were discovered by the Portuguese on August 10, 1503 by Fernão de Loronha who was a Lisbon merchant
  • The pirate known as “Black Bart”, Bartholomew Roberts, was on the islands for nine (9) weeks in 1719
  • The main island was utilized as a penal colony in the nineteenth (19th) century. It was a political prison between 1938 and 1945, and the prison was closed in 1957.
  • This area has gained the attention of many scientists researching fauna, geology, and flora
  • The economy is dependent on tourism which consists mainly of charter fishing, dolphin watching, and diving
  • The most popular beaches are Pig Bay, Sueste Bay, Dolphins Bay, Praia do Leão, and Baía do Sancho
  • The main airport is Gov. Carlos Wilson Airport (IATA: FEN, ICAO: SBFN)
  • Prices here on the islands are more expensive than on the mainland of Brazil. For example, hotel rooms average around one hundred and seventy ($170) dollars USD per night (R$550)
  • Charles Darwin visited these islands in the 1830s
  • The “Beaches Bible”, Brazil’s Guia Quatro Rodas Paias, only gives Five Stars to Five (5) beaches throughout the country, and three (3) of them are on Fernando de Noronha,
  • Only four hundred and twenty (420) people are allowed on the island each day so you will really have the place to yourself
  • Hiking, surfing, diving, snorkeling as well as just hanging out on the beaches will keep you busy

What is there to Explore on these Islands

* Pico Mount — this is the largest volcanic peak on the islands. It is located on the main island of Fernando de Noronha,

* Baia de Sueste (Sueste Bay) — here you can go snorkeling and observe may species of marine life such as tropical fish, turtles, and lobsters. From here it is just a short drive to Praia do Leão (Lion Beach), which is one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches anywhere in these islands.

* Let’s do some Hiking — there are numerous deserted beaches hidden among the caves, hills, and cliffs which are only accessible by hiking in. You will find plenty of trails throughout the area. One great place to hike is around Praia do Leão since it provides great views of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

* Check Out the Shark Museum — this is a small museum located on the northern peninsula, but it is a great place to spend some time and learn more about the marine life in this area. There is no entrance fee, and you can get plenty of information and even see the skeletons of whale sharks, reef sharks, and hammerheads. You get a good idea of just how large these creatures are.

* Take a Boat Tour of the Islands — this is a great way of getting a different view of where you are and how all the islands are spread about. You get a different perspective of the high cliffs, lush vegetation, and sandy white beaches. You can do some snorkeling and enjoy the scenery. Your hotel can help you arrange this and the average price is about thirty-seven ($37 USD) dollars or 140 R$ BRL.

* Rent a Dune Buggy — this is an ideal way to get around the island because you can access some hard to get to places. These more secluded places are off of the main road and it gets rather muddy as it follows along the coast. The place to rent them with the most options is LocBuggy and it costs about sixty-seven ($67 USD) per day or 250 R$ BRL.

* Have some Fun Kayaking — this is a fun way to check out the various beaches and enjoy the area. There is a three (3) hour paddle from Porto Santo Antonio which will take you along the coast with stops at beaches as you paddle along. These are tours which come with water and snacks. It costs about thirty-three ($33 USD) dollars or 125 R$ BRL.

* What about some Horseback Riding — this is an enjoyable way to check out the back roads, trails, and beaches. You can get this set-up through your place of lodging. It costs about sixteen ($16 USD) dollars per hour or 60 R$ BRL.

* Bay of Dolphins — this is the place where you can see dolphins and at some times there will be hundreds of them swimming around. This area is part of National Marine Park, and you have to take a path along the cliff in order to get to the lookout. It is best to go early for ideal viewing. Get there around six (6) am. Dolphins in Fernando de Noronha

* Plenty of Historical Sites — Noronha, was once a military base, and there is a walking trail on Vila dos Remedies which passes by many of the remaining sites. You can see some remnants of forts, the Noronha Memorial historical museum, the Church and Fort of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, and the Palacio of São Miguel.

* Atalaia Beach — natural aquariums from water pools left between the reefs are formed when the tide goes out. This is a great way to check out the marine life since fish get caught up here in these pools and can’t get out until the tide returns. You will see plenty of tropical fish as well as starfish.

* Time for some Diving — this area is considered one of the best diving areas in South America because of its warm water and very clear visibility. At Buraco do Inferno you will find an underwater cave to explore, and at Caverna da Sapata there is a rocky wall of sponges. You can get diving lessons at Morro de Fora which cost about one hundred and twenty-five ($125 USD) or 470 R$ BRL.

* Check Out the Beaches — For its fantastic rock formations, white sand, and turquoise waters you will find Paria de Sancho one of the favorite local beaches. At Boldro you will find long stretches of gold-like sand with beautiful sunsets filling the sky with every color imaginable. At Baia dos Porcos  there are clear waters and ragged peaks.

* Project Tamar — this is a Brazilian environmental entity which focuses on the conservation of turtles. Here you will learn how the turtles have become endangered and the steps which are being taken to protect them. December to June is hatching season where you can view newly hatched turtles heading out to the sea. The entrance fee to the Center is two dollars and fifteen cents ($2.15 USD) or 8 R$ BRL.

Here is a short video to give you a better flavor of what this area is all about:

A Few Other Incidentals to Know About

In addition to all that there is to do around these islands, let’s discuss a few practical items. You can save money on food by shopping at local grocery stores. The stores on the island are about thirty (30%) more expensive than on mainland Brazil, but it is less than eating out all the time.

The most popular dish around here is seafood and you can get a good meal at an average restaurant for about twenty ($20 USD) dollars or $80 R$ BRL. There are also all you can eat seafood buffets, but they are a bit more expensive [sixty-one ($61 USD) dollars or 230 R$ BRL]. The least expensive options eating out would be at a juice bar where you can get a drink and a sandwich for about six ($6 USD) dollars or 24 R$ BRL.

Lodging can get pricey as well. A Two-Star hotel will cost about one hundred and twenty ($120 USD) dollars or 450 R$ BRL per night. This does include a free breakfast. A Three-Star hotel will run you about four hundred and eighty-five ($485 USD) dollars or 1952 R$ BRL. There are two (2) hostels (Ilha Hostel and Vila Hostel) in Vila dos Remédios with prices ranging from thirty ($30 USD) dollars or 113 R$ BRL to eighty ($80 USD) dollars or 300 R$ BRL per night dependent on how much privacy you want.

You have a lot of options with Airbnb from shared or private rooms to entire homes or apartments. Prices range between thirty ($30 USD) or 113 R$ BRL to two hundred and seventy-six ($276 USD) dollars or 1037 R$ BRL per night.

There is also a nature or environmental tax charged to visitors which is about twelve ($12 USD) dollars or 45.6 R$ BRL per day. The national park fee is thirty-five ($35 USD) dollars or 130 R$ BRL which covers ten (10) days.

Mainly because of its remote location, things here are more expensive than the mainland. You can save a few bucks by shopping around for best prices and visiting during their slow season between April and November. Many people couch surf where they hook up with locals so they can stay for free and also have someone who knows the ins and outs of the area show them around.

Make sure you have sufficient travel insurance because if there is a medical emergency healthcare is limited on the island, and you will need to be transported to the mainland. Also bring plenty of mosquito repellent. It is best to use brands which are environmentally sensitive to comply with the island’s conservation policies and regulations.

There are practically no ATMs or money changers on the island so bring sufficient cash in the form of Real. Also, at lunchtime there is something called “comida por peso” which is “food by weight” where you save money and get plenty to eat.

You can get around the island by taxi, bus, buggy, or even hitchhiking. Taxis work on a fixed rate and it is eight ($8 USD) dollars or 30 R$ BRL between the airport and Vila dos Remédios. Dependent on where you are going on the island the rates range from 20 to 45 R$ BRL or $5.30 to $12 USD.

Buses run from 7 am to 11 pm daily and there are signs for bus stops on the roads. They come by every thirty (30) to forty (40) minutes. They go from one end of the island to the other. From the airport to Vila dos Remédios costs about $1.35 USD or 5 R$ BRL.

The easiest way to get around is to rent a buggy which costs about sixty-seven ($67 USD) dollars or 250 R$ BRL per day. This does not include fuel and you need a Class B driver’s license. On the other hand, hitchhiking can be fun and a great way to get around as well as to meet the locals.

Not a Bad Place to Visit

Even though the prices are high due mostly to its remoteness from the mainland, and because this has become a haven for celebrities from Brazil, this is the place to be if your are looking for a relaxing time with a deserted island feel, but also with a bit of luxury thrown in. It really is one of the most beautiful places in South America.
These islands have the most consistent temperatures in the world as it hardly ever gets colder than 64°F (18°C) or hotter than 90°F (30°C). Although the rainy season runs from May to August the rainfall is very sporadic and doesn’t last a long time. During this time you can get better deals on tours and lodging.

The ocean is usually the calmest during April so this is the best time to go diving. Peak season here is winter in North America, but it never gets real crowded since only around four hundred and fifty (450) people to five hundred (500) are allowed on the island at any one time.

Even though there are plenty beaches to explore, from January to June some of them are closed or have limited access due to the turtle nesting season. This allows the turtles to have some peace and quiet while nesting. This is something you can check out with your hotel.

All in all this may be an interesting place to add to your travel itinerary.

All the Best and Happy Travels,


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Viral Loop 2.0 Review

Word Press Theme

Viral Loop 2.0 Review  Wordpress Theme

Name: Viral Loop 2.0
Website: ViralLoop.io

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Product Overview

This is the next generation of this Word Press theme system which builds an optimized affiliate website for you. It is easy to sep-up, and does not need any advanced technical skills.  It works well with desktop and mobile devices. It enables you to drive free traffic to your website by automatically generating content from other members of the program.

The content which is generated with targeted keywords is designed to increase your rankings in the search engines as well as encourage viral sharing.

Themes are not only designed to make your site look good, but they provide many advantages in terms of functionality and other features. In that sense, it is a vital tool in your marketing efforts. Viral loop is a very functional theme which has many pre-made designs from which to choose. It is very flexible in that it is easy to customize.

It has an automatic slider which builds slides based on existing posts. Normally you would pay twenty-five ($25) or more for a Word Press (WP) plugin which provides this type of functionality. And for those into product or affiliate marketing it has a built in banner system.

For those into promoting physical products on Amazon, niche relevant posts are automatically created. It has an autoresponder integration to capture emails as well as share/social functionality.

This theme is ideal for all sorts of sites including niche, affiliate, Amazon, and authority sites. With the front-end price you also get full developer rights and an unlimited site license. You can sell the sites you build with this theme, as well as use them to build client and customer sites.

Cindy Donovan, a very competent programmer, developed this product and is a well-known online marketer and software developer with such prior products such as Video Overplay, Sticky Post, Text Deliver, SociJam, Level X, Words Deliver, Commission Bullseye, WP Scope, ShopABotWP Blazer Suite, Pixly Pro, and Covert Commissions. Actually, she has had approximately one hundred (100) successful product launches.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Does not require a lot of technical skills
  2. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Easy to use and flexible themes to set up a blog
  4. Reasonably priced
  5. Ease of customization
  6. Easy to set up

The Not So Good:

  1. There are upsells and upgrades
  2. Will take some time and effort to implement properly

Who is Viral Loop 2.0 For?

This product can be helpful to all types of internet marketers including video marketers, offline marketers, Amazon marketers, product reviewers, email marketers, bloggers, Facebook marketers, beginning online marketers, Sellers of T-Shirts, CPA Marketers, eCommerce sellers, network marketers, and affiliate marketers.

Tools & Training

Full training is included in the back office with videos and text.

  • Create impressive designs using templates you can set up with One Click or you can use the Theme Designer to modify your theme
  • The Integrated Spinning Tool allows you to spin your posts automatically. This is part of the Multiple Media Content Tool Module
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  • Multi-media Content Creator Module

Here is the Process to get this Set Up and Operational:

1) Use the Step-by-Step Wizard with related training materials

2) Select a Theme — there are several designs from which to choose on various topics which are fully customizable from layout, font size, color, etc.

3) Set up multiple Banners to Advertise — this allows you to change, rotate, and publish your content to increase your click through rates (CTR)

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$49.97 is a Single Payment/One Time Investment which includes the Developers’ and Multisite Licenses. There is a Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee as well.

Final Thoughts

Compared what you would pay for themes from various developers with equivalent or even less functionality, this is quite a bargain. Plus many of these developer sites charge you for support. Also getting developer rights and an unlimited site license without having to upgrade is quite appealing.

This theme includes so much functionality, pre-made designs, is very flexible, with no need to pay for additional plug-ins. This product has amazing value for the investment required.

This is a viral traffic strategy which uses social proof based on word-of-mouth sharing. A viral advertising campaign is certainly gaining popularity among internet marketers and website owners in order to increase their audiences. This 2.0 product was launched about a year after the initial release of Viral Loop (released on October 27, 2016) with added functionality and other improvements.

As you submit your own content you will attract more and more people adding their unique content to your site, which increases your authority status. This may be a tool which will help you build your brand and authority at a quicker pace. Again as always, make sure that this tool fits in with your overall business strategy and objectives.

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Final Conclusion Viral Loop 2.0

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How To Trust IN YourSelf — Looking WithIn

Living in the Now

We have so much power and potential within ourselves which is quite often wasted when we do not recognize it. We fail to give ourselves credit for what we inherently possess. How to trust in yourself is most definitely an inward journey, which leads to outward results in alignment with our desires and where we want to go. Trusting Ourselves

It becomes a challenge to look within for answers when we have been programmed throughout our lives to seek for knowledge and advice primarily outside ourselves. This is not to say that we shouldn’t research and locate information from outside sources, but it is vitally important what we do with this information as well as understanding that it is only one part of the process of discovery.

Logic and Reason Go a Long Way…

When we learn to analyze the information and data which we receive from various outside sources, we are in a much better position to make sound decisions which will benefit ourselves and others. By questioning all the information we receive by asking “why is this so?”, “what is this for?”, “how was this determined?”, “where did this information originate?”, “who is the source of this information?”, “when did this information get discovered?”, we then go a long way of applying some reason and logic to determine if what we are learning is fact or merely “accepted fiction”. Clear Thinking

No one can do this for us. Learning to trust ourselves involves taking the time to learn who we really are, and also learning “how” to think, and not just “what” to think.

“Through systematic exercising of our thinking faculties, we can train ourselves for exact clairvoyance. Imaginative Knowledge is the first step in supersensible perception, and through it we reach the first element of the supersensible it is possible to reach, namely, the supersensible body that we bear within our earthly body in physical space.”

Rudolf Steiner

When we employ logic and reason on a consistent basis we will approach what Rudolf is speaking about by accessing our inner faculties on a more consistent basis. What we have come to recognize as hunches and inspiration will occur more and more frequently. This is the beginning of intuitive insight.

In Whom or What Should We Trust?

It can get rather confusing when we have been raised to believe in certain things, and not to question them. Whether it is parental advice, teachers at school, politicians, the clergy, friends, or family, there is no shortage of folks and institutions willing to offer us their advice or even do our thinking for us. It is easy to get blinded by the so called facts pretending to be the truth.

But fortunately all is not lost. There is light within the darkness and despair. No matter how many tunnels we go down which lead nowhere, there is always a Safe Space to which we can return. This is no outside location to which we need to travel, because it exists right within ourselves.

The only requirements to enter is an awareness it is there and a willingness to do so. This may appear easy to do on the surface, but simple tasks can often get very complicated when we are used to making decisions based on a weak foundation which is very hard to trust or in which to have faith.

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” 

 Aristotle —

Learning “how” to think based on Logic and Reason will lead us out of these dark tunnels and into the light. Very often when we first emerge, we will still have doubts as we will literally be “blinded by the light of knowledge”, and we will be tempted to return to the safe confines of our tunnels of “accepted fiction” and “borrowed knowledge”.

So do we take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? Do we emerge from the darkness and risk uncertainty by taking the Red Pill, or do we stay safe within the confines of our tunnels of illusion where we feel safe and secure and take the Blue Pill? This is a choice that may not be that easy to make for many of us.

Just getting to this point of being aware of this choice is an accomplishment many do not reach for quite some time. Each step on this journey is important and should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Eventually our intuitive insight kicks in more and more and we are led to this point once again when we are more willing to opt for the Red Pill. There is actually no rush, as we are all on the path to waking up to Who We truly Are whether we realize it now or not.

Dancing in the Light Mind Expansion

As we progress through life and experience more of our true purpose for being here, we tend to lighten up quite a bit. All the seriousness and heaviness of everyday life starts to dissipate. Just doing simply daily tasks take on a feeling where things just begin to flow. This is actually our natural state kicking in.

Laughter, fun, and joy are all part of this process where we are actually dancing in the light of our very own Essence. We begin to trust in ourselves more and more because we are “listening” to our intuitive selves, rather than to the rehashed noise which has been playing in our heads for quite some time.

It is impossible to be defensive and resistant when we are enjoying our day-to-day existence. Feelings of joy and happiness naturally occur, and at this point we are most anxious to share our insights with others. We trust ourselves enough to Know that we have always had this knowledge and power, and that it is accessible right this very moment.

This is not unlike Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realizing that all she had to do was click her ruby slippers together to not only get back to Kansas, her home or intuitive Self, but to unleash all of her wishes and desires as well. This is the true meaning of waking up to our Essential Selves.

So let’s spend a little time learning to trust ourselves so that we are “dancing in the light” much more often and consistnetly.  There is nowhere to go and nothing to get in order to arrive at this state, as it all exists now. It is just a matter of becoming Aware of What Already Exists.

Emerging from the Cocoon

Learning to trust our Real Selves requires persistence even when the going gets rough. It also requires brutal honesty with ourselves about our thoughts and feelings. This is no time for guilt or regret. It is about acceptance and surrender to What Is. And what is, not only reflects our current thoughts and beliefs, but also our life situation which is much different from Who We Really Are.

The butterfly within us is buried within a cocoon of false perceptions and beliefs which leads to an illusionary existence. To break free, we only require the willingness and courage to be honest with ourselves, so we then know where we stand, and then can eliminate the parts of us which are holding us back.

This is a Process of Undoing, not learning more. We have actually learned enough to last us several lifetimes. Just as Ebenezer Scrooge in the movie Scrooge, based on the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol, states as he is prancing about after his return from the Ghost of Christmas Future, that he now realizes he doesn’t know anything, and he is happy about not knowing anything.

When we can honestly admit to this, we are ready and open to receive much more than we ever realized. Once we awaken our Intuitive Self there is no going back. We are on the adventure of our lives.

So let’s decide to emerge from our cocoons. It really is only a decision away. There are no esoteric mysteries to solve. We just choose to let go of our false perceptions of ourselves and others, and allow the essence of who we really are to flow through. No matter how much inner work it takes, it is worth it.

There are No Shortcuts to Clear Thinking

This is a process of inner discovery which we all must take on our own. No matter how many courses we purchase or books we read, which by the way are very helpful to getting us to the Starting Gate, it is up to us to decide on our own who is responsible for pulling the trigger and letting go.

We are basically faced with the choice between fear and love. Fear keeps us imprisoned, while love releases us to be Who We Really Are. It seems simple, and it is, but it is not easy.

This can happen in an instant or it can take some time. The only delay is motivated by our fears. It is much similar to jumping into the deep end of the pool when we are just learning to swim. Once accomplished, we progress from there and never look back. It is the same thing here. It is that first fearful step of letting go which is our challenge.

At some point we get tired of the delay and just jump in. Our thinking will clear as we see things with an expanded vision beyond any illusionary perceptions. We realize our needs have always been met, and our only desire is to awaken others and rejoice in our freedom.

No matter where we are on our journey, there is always a Next Step. We are here to support each other in taking that next step. When I observe how so many folks are hesitant to do so, it brings me back to when I was faced with similar fears and uncertainties. Let’s progress together and support each other’s progress.

Taking that next step is so critical that I am currently writing a series of short books which address this issue with the intention of making this transition easier for others. We are all on a wonderful journey, and there is so much to explore and meaningful things to create. Let’s trust ourselves enough to emerge from our cocoons, and spend our valuable time on expanding our gifts, so that we all become aware and awake to our very own Divine Essence.

In Peace and Love within the Light,


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What To Do In Lapland — Where It’s Christmas Every Day!

Northern Lights

In the northernmost region of Finland (it is actually a part of Finland and Sweden) there is an area of the country which borders the Baltic Sea as well as Russia, Norway, and Sweden. Even though it is sparsely populated, when we ask what to do in Lapland, we are pleasantly surprised to discover many fun and varied activities.  Lapland

The Russian Empire annexed the eastern part of Sweden in 1808 and created the Grand Duchy of Finland which split up Lapland into both a Finnish and Swedish part which still exists today. Actually, the region of Lapland extends through Sweden, Norway, Russia, and Finland.

With Father Christmas roaming about, it has a Christmastime aura every day of the year. This subarctic wilderness displays the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. Let’s get going and learn a bit more of the details of this most fascinating part of the world.

Breaking Down a Few Interesting Facts

  • The Gateway to this region of Finland is its capital city of Rovaniemi
  • It is the homeland of the indigenous Sami people
  • The Sami are the only remaining indigenous people in all of Europe
  • The home of the Sami Parliament is in the town of Inari in Finnish Lapland
  • Numerous pines and spruces coupled with its wintry cold climate has been responsible for its association with Christmas in many countries including Great Britain where Lapland has become a holiday destination
  • The third busiest airport in Finland is Rovaniemi Airport
  • In 1927 Finish radio host, Markus Rautio, inspired the idea of Father Christmas being associated with the area (although possessing several similar characteristics, Father Christmas is not identical with Santa Claus)
  • It begins to snow in late August or early September with the winter lasting about seven (7) months. It snows between one hundred and seventy-five (175) and two hundred and twenty-five (225) days per year. Due to its subarctic to continental climate the temperatures vary between mild summers and snowy cold winters. The average temperature in the winter fluctuates between about three (3F) degrees (-16C) to thirty-seven (37F) degrees (3C), but occasionally it will get as low as minus twenty-two (-22F) degrees (-30C). The dry crisp air does modify the effect of these low temperatures somewhat. The summers’ rainfall is moderate and the temperatures are around fifty to sixty (50F to 60F) degrees (10C to 15C) on average. Just be aware that in this part of the world weather conditions can change very quickly, especially in the winters months, so it is wise to be prepared.
  • In June there are twenty-one (21) to twenty-four (24) hours of daylight. The Midnight Sun is responsible for seventy (70) days when the sun stays above the horizon. Naturally, the golf courses extend their hours of operation during the summer.
  • Lapland is the least densely populated area of Finland and comprises only 3.4% (183,320 people) of Finlands’s population which is approximately five million five hundred and thirty thousand (5.53M) people.
  • The number of reindeer and people are about the same (they actually serve reindeer burgers in some fast food outlets)
  • Lapland makes up one third (1/3) of Finland’s total area
  • There are twenty-one (21) municipalities in Lapland
  • The largest town in Lapland is Rovaniemi which is its regional capital. Tornio and Kemi are the next largest towns.
  • The most common languages spoken are Finnish, Sami, and Swedish
  • Although the main foods are game meat, fish, and reindeer, Squeaky cheese (the noise it makes when you chew it) is the oldest and best known gourmet cheese in Finland (it is eaten with cloudberry jam)
  • The currency is the Euro
  • In the two hundred (200) seat parliament of Finland, Lapland has seven (7) seats
  • Lapland was split between two (2) counties in the Swedish realm between 1634 and 1809. Lapland became a Grand Principality and part of the inheritance of the King of Finland. World War II took a toll on the infrastructure of this region. Only a few prewar buildings survived.

Some Things to Do

This area of the world is most definitely a Winter Wonderland. The dark winter days are balanced out by the twenty-four (24) hour daylight in the summer. Also the quiet and peace of the wilderness is balanced by the hectic activity of the ski resorts and the towns.

Here is a short video to get you in the mood of this Winter Paradise:


* Spend some Time in Rovaniemi — this town is not only the regional capital of this part of Finland but it is the home of Father Christmas who many also refer to as Santa Claus. It is located in the Arctic Circle and offers many amenities, activities and modern services.

* View the Northern Lights — this is one of the best places in the world to view the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and the place to be is Abisco National Park. There are about two hundred (200) nights per year when you can view the Lights (August to April). It does require clear nights to view, but you can relax within in comfort within a glass igloo or luxury suite while viewing.

* The IceHotel — this is a perfect example of recycling at its best. Each year it is built out of snow and ice and in the spring it melts back into the Torne River. It is very eco-conscious and the objective is for it to be totally carbon negative.

* Visit the Ranua Zoo — the northernmost zoo in the world is in the town of Ranua. There are fifty (50) kinds of Arctic species here including herds of deer and moose, polar bears, wolves, lynxes, and brown bears.

* The Luosto Amethyst Mine — the amethyst here formed about two million (2,000,000) years ago and summer is when tours are available. From the top of Lampivaara Hill you can get some fantastic views of the northern part of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. You learn about the history and culture of these stones as well as are able to mine some of this precious stones and take them home. Dog Sledding in Lapland Finland

* Let’s Take a Husky Safari — for a unique experience I would suggest taking a dog-sledding ride which can easily be booked through many of the ski resorts such as at Levi and Suomo, Luosoto, and the town of Rovaniemi. You will speed over frozen lakes and through the Nordic woodland, and it will be an unforgettable experience.

* Experience Ruska — the forests in this area of the world are most beautiful for two 2 weeks in mid-September known as the Ruska period. This is time for some “leaf-peeping” and walks through the area to take in the fabulous autumn colors among the firs, pines, and hardwood trees.

* A Relaxing Sauna — in Finland people love their saunas as there is one (1) sauna for every three (3) people. It is the perfect escape from the winter cold as well as a welcome respite during the summer.

* Let’s not forget Skiing — cross-country skiing, the national pastime, is the thing to do here as the area is covered with snow October through April, and is the easiest way to get about. The Big Four ski resorts are Pyhä-Luosto, Ruka, Ylläs, and Levi (which is the place for big resort facilities with forty-three [43] slopes half of which are floodlit).

* Now for some Ice Fishing — this is the way to spend a few hours of quiet time in nature either by yourself or with friends. In the middle of a frozen lake, surrounded by a green forest, you will most definitely get a lot of time for introspection and thinking.

* Let’s Find Santa Claus — the official hometown of Santa Claus is Rovaniemi. This is a child’s delight. While Santa Park is more of a Christmas theme park, you can find Santa’s office at Santa Claus Village and also the post office where all the children’s letters arrive. A real cool pace is Jolukka, where kids can hang with Santa’s elves any time of the year picking berries, caring for the reindeer, and going fishing.

* Now for the Reindeer — you can find places for reindeer rides in any resort or town in the area, and enjoy taking in the winter paradise sights and landscapes. Reindeer are semi-domesticated animals, and twice (2) a year they do a headcount in northern Lapland. Reindeer husbandry is part of the Sámi culture. Reindeer in Lapland

* What about Inari — this is not only the northernmost part of Lapland but of the entire European Union. Being the least populated part of Finland, you will discover pristine scenery with many rivers and forests. Here you can learn about the Sámi culture and people who inhabit this area. You will find a museum called Siida where you can learn about the Sámi way of life, history, and beliefs.

* Hiking and Trekking About — the best time for hiking is August when the weather is mild and daylight is plentiful. There are numerous hiking trails throughout some of the remotest areas you will ever find anywhere. You will encounter  log cabins along the trail in the National parks. You can find out about the ecology of the area from the information boards which are scattered about. Guides are available to take you through this area, and assist in avoiding risks and keeping you safe.

* The Levi Ice Gallery — near the Levi ski resort you will find a most intriguing attraction which consists of structures carved from ice. You can stop by to have a drink and something to eat while checking this place out, or even book a room if you prefer to stay a bit. There is a rather unusual karaoke activity in which you can participate. The ice palace books events such as weddings and holiday gatherings.

* Now for the Cuisine — if you are a meat eater you will want to try the sautéed reindeer (poronkäristys). Thin strips of meat are fried in butter or reindeer fat with cream or beer added in order to tenderize the meat. Pickled cucumber and preserves are included with the main dish which is served on a bed of mashed potatoes. At the summer festivals you will find Suovaskebabs which is smoked reindeer meat in a pita bread and served with garlic sauce and salad.


What About Father Christmas?

Now this is a great place to spend the Christmas holidays whether you have kids or not. The aura of this area is like it really is Christmas every day of the year. Lapland Finland has become quite a popular holiday destination. People from Europe, North America, and Asia flock here for the holidays. Granted, if you want a quieter time, you can still get the flavor of the Christmas spirit at other times of the year as well.

Just north of Rovaniemi you will find the home (Santa Claus Village) of Father Christmas or better known around the world as Santa Claus. The winter darkness in this part of the world adds to the aura of Christmas and the Legend of St. Nick. Throughout Finland, you will find streets lined with Christmas lights and Christmas markets where there are plenty of holiday celebrations and reindeer attractions.

Every day of the year you will discover Father Christmas and the Christmas spirit in Rovaniemi. Santa Claus welcomes visitors to his office in the village three hundred and sixty-five (365) days per year. People come from all over the world.

In terms of daylight and snow, February, March, and early April are good times to go as the days get longer after December. You can do a lot of snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and walking around at this time of year. You will find plenty of locals snowmobiling on the ice of the river Ounasjoki and river Kemijoki.

Although this is not a main holiday destination for many, but when you add in the hospitality and welcoming nature of the local folk here, you may want to reconsider. In addition to the saunas I mentioned, you will also find cozy bars, wonderful dining, museums, and fantastic hotels. Add to this the nearby wilderness with the dense Taiga forest with rustic huts, reindeer farms, and husky kennels scattered about, and you will have no problem finding what to do in Lapland.

A couple of interesting places to stay would be the Arctic Light Hotel and the glass-roofed Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle.

Happy Holidays to all and my Best Wishes. Lapland just may be spot to check out at some point in time whether it is officially Christmas or not. There is certainly plenty to see and do.

Happy travels,


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What Is A Perfect Day? — Let’s Find Out

The Perfect Day

I have read many self development books over the years which ask “what is the perfect day?”, and then go on to describe some possibilities and ways to get there. I’m not quite so sure that I agree with them based on the overall results which I have noticed from people who have engaged in the suggested techniques and activities.  Perfect Day

It seems it is often about ways to get away from where we already are, as if that is not “good enough”. The question to ask is will I really be all that satisfied when I do create that so called perfect day. Why don’t we spend a few moments and find out.

Looking for ________ in All the Wrong Places

It seems we spend quite a bit of time running around trying to fill a void within ourselves with experiences and objects which are powerless to do so. Obviously we believe they do have this power as we initiate our search, but we quickly realize that any satisfaction which is derived from obtaining these false idols of contentment is short-lived. Feel free to fill in the blank above with anything that comes to mind which you think will make your life better in some way.

It is not as if there is anything wrong with experiencing fulfilling relationships and gathering some toys here and there. The challenge is when we “expect” them to bring us the type of gratification, happiness, and joy which they do not internally possess.

When we empower things and people outside of ourselves with the keys to our happiness, we have placed ourselves in a very vulnerable position. We are no longer the conscious determiners of our lives, but the victims of the whims of others and the ever-changing scenes within our view.

We have to go no further than observing the many prominent people who have achieved much worldly success and wealth, but are still experiencing uncertainty and distress of one kind or another. This is not surprising at all when we just dig a little deeper, and are able to see that we have things upside down. Let’s see if we can remedy this a bit.

Why Things Aren’t as Perfect as They may Seem

When we are figuratively chasing our tails, we cannot expect to arrive where we truly desire to go. Regardless of all of our running around, it is happiness which we seek and most cherish. Peace and contentment are more valuable than all the treasures of the world, and there is a part of us which truly understands this.

All the glitter and fame may well produce a very enticing image to be sought after and achieved, but it cannot give us what we most truly desire. There is nothing wrong with accomplishments and a luxurious lifestyle if that is truly what one desires to experience. Our challenge and problem is when we demand these people and things to make us feel good. It is just not possible.

If we are not happy now, we will not be happy regardless what our circumstances may be. How perfect things look on the outside has nothing to do with how we feel within. Our level of peace, happiness, joy, and contentment originates from a much different source. It is not about, “I will be happy when ________ occurs.” Again, fill in the blank with what comes to mind.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.” — Friedrich Nietzsche —

When we ignore the simple things which occur each day we do ourselves and others a grave disservice. We deprive ourselves and those with whom we are in contact in some way during the day, all of the joy which exists right now. Things are not as perfect as they may seem because they lack the substance of this basic simplicity of life.

The Reversal

When we have all these expectations of how things should be, instead of how they are, we get confused as to who is actually creating all this stuff. We have forgotten there is a part of us Who is aware of what we really desire, and that we are responsible for what we see and experience.

When we get caught us in day-to-day stuff where things appear just to happen to us out there, we have neglected our responsibility as creators of our lives. We are acting as pawns in a chaotic world.

Waking up to this can be a Key to Freedom which we have been searching for. Just by questioning what is really going on puts us in the enviable position to regain the reigns of the tremendous power in our possession, which up to this point, we have not been consciously directing.

In order to do this we need to do a Reversal of Roles in which we are engaging. The role of Victim will not produce the type of lives which we deserve and are capable of living. It is only when we take on the role of Creator that we have consciously empowered ourselves to move forward with confidence and certainty.

What we have inadvertently been experiencing is an Effect and Cause phenomenon, rather than Cause and Effect. We have given away our power to the people, objects, and circumstances in our lives as if they were the Cause and we were the Effect.  The Matrix

Now with a set up like this, it is no wonder that we feel powerless and victimized at times. Our beliefs have created a reality which does not allow us to express our True Essence. We are living in an illusionary world thinking it is real. A great metaphor for this is the movie trilogy of The Matrix. This is a perfect example of being lost in an illusionary world.

“I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.” — Alan Watts —

It’s about time we perform the Reversal of Roles so that we can re-empower ourselves to see things for what they really are, and not what we may think they are based on experience and conditioning as well as future aspirations. This does take effort and persistence but it is all so worth it. Let’s begin.

Open Our Minds to Change

When we discover that we have unnecessarily created a situation where we find ourselves as Effect and not cause, it is necessary to change things around a bit. This will take a little time and effort as well as the willingness to experience some uncomfortable feelings, as we break our habitual patterns apart. There will be some resistance (or maybe even a lot) from the habitual part of ourselves which simply does not want to change.

An important thing to keep in mind about all of this is we are merely changing “concepts” about ourselves, and not our internal essence. We are not going to disappear or go anywhere.  In fact, it is this internal essence which we desire to bring to the surface. All this takes is a willingness to open our minds to change.

Changing concepts about ourselves is done by figuring out what these concepts or beliefs are in the first place. It is not like they are hidden from our conscious minds; they are just tucked away in the corners of our minds in which we do not focus our attention. By changing our focus a bit we will discover what is there that has been propelling us through life.

So for the time being, I would suggest carrying a notebook around and jotting down thoughts which come to you in answer to this question, “What do I really believe about _______?”. Don’t force the issue, but let things pop up to you during the course of your Perfect Day. When we are engaged in activities like this, we are having perfect days in which we uncover concepts which have been the cloud cover keeping us from our brilliance and essence. This is an excellent use of our time.

Keep track of your thoughts and feelings in this way, and it will not be long before a whole new world emerges before your very eyes based on love, joy, certainty, and happiness instead of fear, panic, uncertainty, and depression.

So What is a Perfect Day?

It is not what we may have originally thought it was. I would say we are all capable of having perfect days when we accept things as they are by surrendering to the present moment, and in that moment realizing We Are the Cause and not the Effect of what we see and experience. Combining several of those perfect days will catapult ourselves into a world which we may not have previously known existed.

This is something which needs to be experienced rather than described. It is an experience of “knowing” that we are enough just as we are. We do not need to do anything to make ourselves any better, or get the validation of others to feel okay about ourselves.

The part of ourselves which was always there, but merely hidden from view, begins to emerge into our daily lives on a more consistent basis. This is what opens up to us all the opportunity we can ever ask for or imagine.

At this point we have reversed things around so things are no longer upside down where we are in the Effect and Cause paradigm similar to the movie Matrix. We have broken free from the Matrix and have taken our rightful position as Cause of our lives. With this foundation in place we are able to experience the true power which we have always possessed, and direct it in a way which creates for us that Perfect Day.

May All your Days be as Perfect as You!

Love, Joy, and Peace,


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Where Is Eswatini?

Eswatini wildlife

Okay, so where is Eswatini (eSwatini)? Located in southern Africa, it is Africa’s last absolute monarchy. In fact, in 2018 King Mswati III changed the name of the country from Swaziland to Eswatini (Land of the Swazis), as 2018 marked fifty (50) years of independence for this country. Eswatini_Swaziland

It is visited by many folks because of its numerous year-round outdoor activities such as viewing and photographing the wildlife, riding on horseback across the Malolotja grasslands, and whitewater rafting on the Great Usutu River. Let’s now check out some more details about this place.

A Few Interesting Facts about Eswatini

  • The Umhlanga, a week-long festival also called the Reed Dance, occurs every September where girls from all across the country come to take part in the dance
  • The Kingdom of Eswatini (in order to mark fifty [50] years of independence from Great Britain King Mswati III in April 2018 announced the country would be called the Kingdom of Eswatini) is bordered by South Africa on the south, north, and west, while Mozambique is to the northeast
  • It is one of the smallest countries in Africa and was established in the mid-eighteenth (18th) century
  • It has a diverse climate with warm to hot temperatures in the lowlands and cool weather in the mountainous areas
  • Ethnic Swazis compose the main population with a small amount of white Africans and Zulu
  • The official language is Swazi (Bantu language) along with English. Zulu, Afrikaans, Portuguese, and Tsonga are also spoken.
  • The country was a British protectorate from 1903 until September 6th, 1968 when it regained its independence
  • Althoug now independent it does have strong cultural ties with Great Britain as English is one of the official languages and the king was educated in Sherborne, England. They also continue the custom of afternoon tea.
  • The country is run as an absolute diarchy (co-rulers) with a King (Mswati III) and Queen
  • It has a small economy as a developing country with its main local trading partner being South Africa and overseas trading partners are the United States and the European Union. Tourism is a vital component of the economy.
  • The currency is the Lilangeni which is tied to the South African Rand
  • The population of the country is approximately one million three hundred thousand (1,300,000)
  • Artifacts have been discovered dating back to the Stone Age about two hundred thousand (200.000) years ago
  • Eswatini ia member of the United Nations
  • There are four (4) regions in the country: Manzini, Lubombo, Shiselweni, and Hhohho
  • The capitals of the country are Lobamba (legislative and royal capital) and Mbabane (administrative capital) located in Hhohho
  • The country has a diverse topography with a variety of landscapes with rain forests in the northwest, savannas to the east, and mountains along the Mozambican border
  • There are several rivers which flow through the country
  • Four climate regions with June being mid-winter and December is mid-summer. There is a lot of rain during the summer months with mostly thunderstorms. In the winter it is dry. Temperatures vary by altitude. The lowlands can have temperatures as high as 104 F (40 C) in the summer, while it is much cooler in the mountains 68 F (20 C)
  • There are five hundred and seven (507) species of birds and one hundred and seven (107) mammal species. There are seven (7) nature preserves which are protected areas.
  • Manufacturing (sugar-related processing and textiles), government services, tourism, mining, forestry, and agriculture are the main industries
  • The cultural identity of these people are expressed through dance. All are expected to participate during cultural celebrations. The Reed Dance Festival (Umhlanga) is an annual event during the summer solstice where 10,000 women perform for the Queen Mother.
  • Cows are used as currency. A singe cow costs around five hundred ($500) dollars.
  • Prior to 1968, when the country gained its independence, there were no prisons in Eswatini. The reason being is that people found guilty of serious crimes were simply marched up to the summit of Nyonyane Mountain (also known as Execution Rock) and hurled over the edge. Since this is a popular hiking spot, you can check the area out while exploring the area.

A Few Things To Do

Let’s start this section off with a video which will give you some idea of the terrain and the absolute beauty of this part of Africa, as well as all the variety of plants and wildlife.

* Let’s Take a Hike — with so many beautiful landscapes throughout the country, which has been responsible for it being called the “Switzerland of Africa”, you will find hiking to be a most enjoyable experience. Taking a hike through the green terrain and the gorgeous mountains is something not to be missed. A couple of ideal spots to check out for hiking are the Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary and the Malolotja Nature Reserve.

* Check Out the Wildlife by Horseback — the Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary is also a great place to go horseback riding. You can stay at their main camp in one of their beehive structures and ride through the area of Nyonyane Mountain and Execution Rock.

* Take a Drive through the Countryside — driving through the country by car can be fun and a great opportunity to take some photos of this incredible rural area. Not far from Mbabane is Sibebe Rock which is the second biggest monolith in the world (the largest being Uluru in Australia)

* How About Some Mountain Biking — the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is also a great place for some mountain biking. As I mentioned previously the sights and scenes in this area are just breathtaking. Although you can observe a variety of wildlife such as warthogs, wildebeest. zebra, and kudu, the park doesn’t have any predators so you will be safe while cycling. The trails are well-marked, so it’s your choice if you want to take a guide or not.

* Now for Some Whitewater Rafting — the Great Usutu River is the place to be for this type of adventure. The river is located in the eastern part of the country near the Mkhaya Game Reserve. Rafting trips are available either half or full day, and for those adventurous souls you can also do some cliff jumping, abseiling, as well as touring some caves. Rhino in Eswatini

* What about Rhino Trekking? — for those brave enough to get out of their 4×4 vehicles and get a closer look at the rhinos, this may just be the adventure for you. Walking up close to a rhino is both an exhilarating and frightening experience. The best place for this is Hlane Royal National Park. A good guide will put you at ease and keep your safe. African Budget Safaris is one place to check into this activity. The country’s work in rhino conservation has paid off as they have lost three (3) rhinos to poaching in the last twenty-four (24) years, compared to South Africa where two (2) to three (3) a day is common.

* Camping Under the Starlight — there are several national parks throughout the country, including the two (2) I previously mentioned, where you can get in some good camping. Being out in the middle of nowhere the sky is so well lit with stars that it is quite spectacular.

* Time to Go on a Safari — this is one of the best things to do in Eswatini because you have at least four (4) national parks with plenty of wildlife and not a lot of tourists. The country has strict laws against poaching to protect the wildlife, especially the rhinos who are a big target of poachers. One of the best places for a safari is Mkhaya Game Reserve. When on safari be clear on what you desire to see, especially if it is a private outing where you can direct how to spend your time.

* Take a Cultural Tour — this country has very strong cultural traditions and getting to know how the locals live is quite interesting. In today’s day and age some of these traditions, such as ubiquitous polygamy and an absolute monarchy, can be controversial. There is also a custom for women not to eat the head or feet of a cow. The belief is that if she eats the brains she will become intelligent, if she eats the tongue she will talk back to her husband, and if she eats the feet she will run away (that is also why the Swazis say never to buy your wife a pair of shoes). Nonetheless, speaking to the local folks about their beliefs can be quite enlightening. You can tour many villages throughout the country and get an authentic cultural experience. Cultural traditions in Eswatini

* Let’s Shop for some Souvenirs — handicrafts and souvenirs are symbols of this rich cultural tradition. There are a number of handicraft markets scattered about where you can find some unique items. You also get to support the local artists and women’s cooperatives as well. The best place in the country for this type of shopping is in the Malkerns Valley area. Swazi Candles is one of the most well-known handicraft outlets in all of Southern Africa. Located in Malkerns Valley you will find an assortment of pigment-colored candles designed in every African animal shape you can imagine. You can watch the workers while they hand-mold the designs.

* Attend the MTN Bush Fire Festival — considered one of the Best Festivals in the world, it takes place at the end of May and sells out fast. So if you have an interest to go, get your tickets ahead of time. 2020 will be its fourteenth (14th) year of hosting this festival, which provides a combination of international and Swazi acts which include live acts, DJs, poets, filmmakers, a Global Food Village, numerous craft stalls, and a large camp site.

* Visit the National Museum — located in Lobamba you will find many interesting displays of Swazi culture here including a traditional beehive village and cattle enclosure, as well as King Sobhuza II’s cars from the 1940’s. You can also visit the King Subhuza II Memorial Park as well.

Many Reasons to Visit this Most Intriguing Land

As you can see from the information above there are many reasons to check out this area of the world. On the surface, you would not immediately think that this is a place that would offer so much to do or see. It certainly isn’t high on the bucket lists of the people I know.

The interesting thing is that for those who have visited Eswatini they were astonished at what they discovered and experienced. The opportunity to see rhinos, even of the rare black variety, is quite an unforgettable experience. In the big game park in Mkhaya you will find antelope wandering just outside your lodgings.

It is also a lot of fun to participate in some of the cultural activities such as dancing. There is quite a bit to see within this small country (6,704 square miles or 17,363 square kilometers) with its lush scenery and landscapes.

This country is definitely off the beaten track but well worth the time to visit. You get to experience a slower pace of life in an area without a lot of tourists, and even the guided tours are comprised of small groups.

There is a lot of history here with Ngwenya being the world’s oldest mine with iron ore deposits from one of the oldest geological formations anywhere. Mining has taken place here since the Stone Age.

This is a country filled with tradition and art such as unusual museums, lively festivals, arts and crafts, and plenty of outdoor activities. Wildlife is easiest to observe during the winter months of May to September when it is dry with low vegetation and water sources.

For those looking for a place for fine dining while exploring this area check out the Lihawu Restaurant in Ezulwini Valley. It is part of the Royal Villas Resort. The menu is Afro-fusion with meat dishes such as pork belly and oxtail stew, vegetarian choices, and an excellent wine list. For a more Swazi experience with traditional dishes check out eDladleni which has spectacular views in a serene setting located in Mbabane. It also has vegetarian options. For burgers, sandwiches, salads, and homemade cakes there is the Sambane Coffee Shoppe in Malkerns Valley. It is located near the handicrafts outlets.

So that’s about it for Eswatini or the former Swaziland. I look forward that I piqued your interest a bit about possibly adding this area of the world to one of your future destination spots.

Happy and Joyous travels wherever you go,


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