The One Minute Miracle

Achieving a life of contentment and fulfillment is within our grasp right this moment if only we have the clear vision to see it.  the One Minute Miracle  When we are blind to our potential and possibilities, we are unable to tap into our inner source of power. It requires a much different approach to break through the cloud cover of our limiting beliefs and false perceptions. The One Minute Miracle is a tool which allows us to penetrate the fog and illusions holding us back, so that we can then experience what it is we truly desire.    

When we are able to stay present long enough to observe exactly what we are creating, and how we are creating it, we can then make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, we are operating in the fog of disillusionment and misperception.

Why One Minute?

One minute is a very important factor in this whole process for a few specific reasons. When change of any kind is involved, we experience a great deal of resistance. It all goes back to maintaing the status quo, where we feel safe and comfortable. Any time our comfort and/or safety is challenged, we will put up a very good fight to defend it.

It doesn’t matter if we are attempting to lose weight, get married, make more money, find a better job, start a business, or just increase our peace of mind; there will be much resistance to us making any changes. Therefore, in order to bypass these barriers we need to find a process that at least appears to be easy and not disruptive to our current state of affairs.

Even if our current situation is a mess, unless the pain is great enough we would rather stay in our familiar setting no matter how unpleasant. Given these circumstances, we have to find a way to get started in the direction a part of us wants to go.

Doing something for one minute during the day is a way to convince ourselves to begin. With enough preparation, we are able to obtain quite a bit of progress within that small time frame. If I was to say to do this or that for at least an hour or more, it is far too easy to procrastinate or not even start.

If we really desire to get some different results in any area of our life, it is hard to convince ourselves we cannot put aside one minute to get the process started. If we still don’t want to begin, we don’t have much of a burning desire.

Okay, How Does This Work? the magic process

First of all find something that you want to change or something you want to achieve as soon as possible. The time frame doesn’t matter; being on the Right Path does. If it isn’t something that is a nine (9) or ten (10) on a scale of one (1) to ten (10) then you might as well not even begin. Your reason to achieve would be too weak to create a strong enough purpose which will get you beyond any barriers.

Given a strong enough reason to proceed, we can now get down to business. For One Minute bring to mind whatever goal or objective you have, and state in clearly to yourself. Write it down if you want. Once you can see your dream or goal clearly in your mind, ask yourself how you can best achieve it?

If any limiting thoughts or feelings arise, ask “why” you cannot have it. Keep asking “why” to whatever comes up. Don’t force an answer or even worry about getting one. Just stay with the process for the entire minute. After a minute stop and let go of thinking about it anymore. If you have a strong urge to continue with the “why” process beyond a minute go right ahead, but don’t force it.

The time between doing your process and picking up on it the next day is very valuable, as there will be a part of ourselves working on this without any of our conscious involvement during the rest of the day and while we sleep.  We have planted the seed, and we just need to water it each day with our One Minute Miracle process.

My only caution here is not to be worrying about how all this is going to play out by trying to force an answer to arise. This is the same as planting a seed in our garden, and then going out and digging it up every few hours to see how it’s doing. Trust me, you will not get much of a result at harvest time.

Relinquishing Control

Letting go and trusting the process, which is the same as trusting ourselves to produce the answers, is quite challenging and difficult for some of us who have been trained over a lifetime to hold tightly to that steering wheel. This is the same as thinking that if we don’t do it, it won’t get done.  Often in business or our personal lives, we find it very hard to delegate tasks to others.

Here we are delegating the task to a part of ourselves who is quite capable of bringing about results effortlessly, without all the pain and struggle. But the question is will we let go. When we do, things get easier as we are then guided by our intuition in making decisions which align with our strengths and inner makeup.

Dependent on how much we are ingrained with the habits of running things our way, it will vary as to the amount of time it takes to break through our self-imposed barriers in order to achieve our desires and experience a new way of Being. But no matter how long it takes, the results will be worth it.

When we let go and relinquish control of the reins, we will experience some or a lot of discomfort. We will be dealing with much uncertainty and no guarantees. This is where the One Minute Miracle process comes into play to keep us on track, because the more we discover about ourselves, the easier this whole journey becomes. We keep questioning and asking “why”, and the cloud cover continues to dissolve.   the sun is shining bright

The sun is shining brightly whether or not we can see it. It is our job to penetrate that cover so that we may be warmed and brightened by the magnificence of Who We Really Are. We then realize that this is just a game to re-discover ourselves.

A Simple Choice

The One Minute Miracle process eventually leads us to a simple choice which affects all aspects of our lives. Just by becoming aware of this choice on a conscious basis we are able to automatically let go of much baggage which we have been carrying around which has caused us to struggle so much.

By questioning ourselves for merely a minute a day, we come face-to-face with many things which we have chosen to ignore and push to the corners of our mind. None of this is buried deep within our subconscious requiring many years of therapeutic intervention. All these memories and data are available right now as they are located right within our conscious mind; we merely need to refocus.

It’s like walking into a room in your home. You do not see all the objects all at once. You see the people and things at which you are looking. There is stuff located behind you and to the sides, as well as above. Even when we are looking in a certain direction, there are things that do not register unless we direct our focus. This is no different that the beliefs and thoughts which exist within our conscious minds.  We are just not focusing on them, even though they may be running our lives.

So what is the choice? Well, when we expand our vision and are willing to view and experience things as they are, it all come down to a simple choice between Love and Fear.

Bringing In The Miracle  Bringing in the Miracle

Here are a few simple steps you can take to activate your miracle. First, realize that the One Minute is your Zero Point. In other words, you commit to this on a daily basis. If you miss a day for whatever reason don’t beat yourself up; just keep going. The intention here is to make this a habit which brings results.

Second, it’s okay to spend more than a minute but don’t spend less. Third, this is a journey of self discovery of what may be holding you back from achieving all you desire. Take this very seriously, but at the same time have fun with it. Be like a kid on a treasure hunt.

Next, never relinquish your dream. There is a reason that you have these desires so honor them. Giving up is the Path of Fear, while staying in the game is the Path of Love which allows us to move through all fear and uncertainty in order to live a life of passion and freedom.

Finally, realize that within that minute you spend each day reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses, change is happening. This is the Miracle.

May you all experience the magnificence and brilliance of Who You really Are.

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Enjoy your Miracle,


Retire In Montana

Let’s explore a few places to live and/or retire in the United State. I personally know people who live in Montana, and this may be a place which may appeal to a few folks. Whether you want to retire in Montana, take a vacation, or relocate there for other reasons, I look forward that you find this information helpful. Retire in Montana

Over the years I have lived as well as traveled to a good many places around the world, and I have found pros and cons in all of them. Where some people are delighted with the mystique and beauty of Hawaii, others find the rugged terrain and more challenging climate of Alaska more suitable to their tastes. Wherever you go it is a trade off of many factors.

A Few Basic Facts

— The state capital is Helena (31,429)

— Attained statehood November 8, 1889

— Population is approximately 1,062,000

— The density of the state is six people per square mile

— Located in the Northwestern part of the United States bordering Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan)

as well as the states of Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, and North Dakota

— It’s nickname is the Treasure State as well as Big Sky Country

— The state animal is the Grizzly Bear (about 1800 bears)
— Large deposits of copper, silver, lead, oil, manganese, gold, and timber

— The name Montana is of Spanish origin (Montana’s name comes from the Spanish word mountain)

— The largest city in Montana is Billings (109,642)

Bitterroot is the official state flower 

— Because of its history of mining the city of Butte is called the “richest hill on planet earth”

— Mining and agriculture are its two (2) main industries

— Population includes eight (8) Native American tribes

— Glacier National Park has two hundred and fifty (250) lakes

— Granite Peak is the highest point in Montana [12,807 feet which is tenth (10th) highest in USA]

— It has a population of 8,000 moose who were thought to be extinct at one time

— A very large variety of mammals [elk, bison (the largest land mammal in North America), grizzly bears and buffaloes]

— One of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils

— Beaver Creek Park, located in Hill County, is the largest county park in the USA

— Has the largest population of golden eagles in the United States

— The western meadowlark is the official state bird

— Fort Peak Dam, located in Northeast Montana, is one of the largest earth filled dams in the world

— First state to elect a woman (Jeanette Rankin) to Congress (1916 and re-elected in 1940)

— More cattle than people in Montana as well as the elk, deer and antelope populations outnumber the humans

— White pelicans migrate from Gulf of Mexico each year

— The world record for the greatest temperature change within twenty-four (24) hours took place in the city of Loma (-54 degrees Fahrenheit to 49 degrees Fahrenheit: change of 103 degrees)

— The first National Park in the United states, Yellowstone, is partly located in Montana. Within the area of the park there are super volcanoes and between one thousand (1000) and three thousand (3000) earthquakes each year

— More than one hundred (100) mountain ranges in the western half of the state

— The two (2) most popular slogans are the “land of the shining mountains” and the “last best place.”

— Due to the mining of gold, in 1888 Helena had more millionaires per capital than any other city in the world

Some Pros and Cons Big Sky Montana

It is no secret that Montana is known for its natural beauty. Road swathes of the Montana country is not just beautiful but empty. Since the state’s population density is the third lowest in the country, Montana is quite empty as well as being beautiful. While this may appeal to you, here are a few things to consider prior to taking the plunge.
Be sure to Be Prepared for some Freezing temperatures: With unpredictable temperature swings, Montana is quite cold during the winter months. There can be swings between fifty (50) degrees above to fifty (-50) degrees below zero between the months of November and March. In addition to dressing appropriately for the weather, it is imperative to have a Winter Survival Kit (shovel, water, power source, flares and flashlights, food, blankets, toiletries, tools and supplies, radio, and a first aid kit) in the car.

People are friendly: People are very friendly and engaging, and will freely chat and share stories in diners and cafes. It’s a slower pace of life, as I myself have experienced by living in a few small towns.

It’s an outdoor lifestyle: Getting out into nature and staying active is the theme of this area. In addition to outdoor activities, many folks work outside in nature as farmers and ranchers. Others who work in offices are eager to get out for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

Lots of snowboarding and skiing: With fifteen (15) ski areas and resorts, winter sports are a big part of the lifestyle in Montana.

Self-sufficiency is a must: Especially in rural areas, you may experience challenges such as power outages after a storm, or even car batteries not working with the extremely cold weather. With basic survival supplies in your car and home, you will be prepared for handling most any situation. Neighbors are a vital part of living in Montana, so you may get a knock on the door for some friendly assistance at times.

Very good public universities: Whether you have kids or are planning to return to school yourself, it’s good to know that you have many viable public options for education. Both the University of Montana and Montana State University are highly regarded. If retiring or about to retire, you can obtain Lifelong Education Status at Montana State University and take college classes.

Hunting and Fishing are very popular: Many folks source some of their food outdoors. These are strong cultural values along with gun ownership. Proper licenses need to be obtained to participate in these activities.

Plenty of Wildlife: It is part of living in this part of the world to have occasional run-ins with rattlesnakes, bears, and even sandhill cranes. If you have a garden you will want to figure out ways to protect it from the wildlife.

Ranching is an active industry: Agriculture adds four ($4B) billion dollars to the economy of Montana. There are 28,008 ranches and farms in the state.

A political divide: The state’s politics are shaped by the urban-rural divide. Republicans dominate the three (3) electoral votes, but Montana’s senior U.S. senator is Democrat. The conservative rural areas surround the more liberal cities.

Get a Four-Wheel drive truck or car: It’s more of a necessity than anything else considering the extreme winters and beat-up rural roads.

An oasis of Craft Beer: Whether home-brewed or commercially produced, there is no lack of quality craft beers in Montana. With fifty-three (53) licensed breweries throughout the state you won’t go thirsty for your favorite brews. More than five hundred (500) people are employed by these establishments which create a sixty ($60,000,000) million dollar annual industry. Kits are available throughout the state for those interested in brewing at home.

Housing is scarce: Before moving to Montana set-up at least a temporary rental. It may take a while to locate your ideal home. For example, eighty-three (83%) percent of the workforce in the city of Big Sky commute from outside because of lack of affordable housing in the city.

Population Density is Low: This is a very sparsely populated state with empty roads, and many homes are miles from their neighbor.

Not the trendiest place around: It may take a couple of years to catch up with what is happening in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles.  New fashion and restaurant trends will be arriving at a snail’s pace.

A Few Towns to Consider Rural Montana

If you decide to move to Montana here are a few towns to consider.


Here you will find an interesting mix of hunters, anglers, and university students. Home to the University of Montana it is definitely leaning left on the political spectrum. It is known for it’s locally made items and foods, and the slogan “keep Missoula Weird” will be found on many bumper stickers. In addition to good public transportation, it has two (2) medical centers, a d  access to skiing and world-class fishing. Home prices are a bit over $200,000.


This town is the gateway to Yellowstone National Park as well as easy access to Grand Teton National Park. Skiing is close by as well as plenty of hunting, boating, fishing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, hiking, and snowmobiling. It is home to Montana State University and home values are around $250,000.


Located in the Northwest part of the state, Whitefish is the Gateway to Glacier National Park. It is next to Whitefish Lake and Flathead Lake. Kalispell, which is a larger city, is close by. Whitefish has a population of approximately 6357. Prices are a bit higher because of the upscale nature of Whitefish. Homes go for around $265,000 (higher than state average). In addition to skiing you have access to plenty of swimming, boating, ice fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting.


Residing on the northern part of a valley called “The Flathead”, it is nestled up near Flathead Lake, which is the largest natural body of fresh water west of the Mississippi River. It is also known as the Gateway to Glacier National Park and also has plenty of outdoor activities available. Kalispell Regional Medical Center is one of the top hospitals in the country. Housing prices average in the $190,000 to $200,000 range. The population is around 25,000.

Summing Things Up Montana lakes and rivers

As with anywhere else you need to weigh the pros and cons relative to your individual preferences. While Montana offers much for someone into outdoor activities and a slower pace of life, those who cherish big city life will find it a tough adjustment.

Montana offers some of the best trout fishing anywhere in the country. In addition to plenty of mountains and wide open prairies, there are cities such as Missoula, Billings, and Bozeman with thriving economies and a variety of activities including museums, shopping, concert venues, and restaurants.

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Have fun with your travels,


A Life Of Passion

With the day-to-day routines in which we find ourselves, rushing here and there just to get things done, it is no mystery that passion may have disappeared from our lives. We may need to go back in time to remember what a life of passion really is.  A Life of Passion

When we were very young we were passionate about being alive and exploring new things. Each moment was an adventure to be appreciated and to discover our surroundings and all the familiar and not so familiar faces. This is before we got all caught up in routines and habits of living, which have robbed us of many new discoveries as well as the pure pleasure of being alive.

Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

I think Van Halen says it all in the song “Where Have All the Good Times Gone”. We really do need to “get our feet back on the ground” and remember the happiness to be derived from the simple things in life.

We can have all the toys and money in the world and still not feel fulfilled. Nothing out there is going to make us content and happy. We have just forgotten that we have the power to Be Happy now. It is a decision we are capable of making.

The funny thing is that when we are happy with where we are and what we may be doing, we are in the perfect vibrational space and state of mind to more easily accomplish whatever objectives and goals which we are pursuing. Since happiness draws more happiness, we soon discover that when we do get to wherever it is we are heading, we will continue to feel happy and fulfilled, and not let down that our accomplishments have failed to deliver the satisfying result which we anticipated.

The good times are Now. A very wise Asian person once told me that everything is “Good Already”. When taken to heart, this can be a very liberating and life enhancing way to live.

So What About the Passion?

I have not forgotten what this article is all about in terms of living a life of passion. Before I get more into this, I am going to recommend a book which I have found quite entertaining as well as eye-opening in many ways. It is calledLive Long And . . .: What I Learned Along the Way” by William Shatner.  Challing Ourselves

You may remember him from the old Star Trek series or more recently the TV show Boston Legal.  Here is a man in his eighties (80s) who still has a passion for all aspects of life, and who continues to find ways to challenge himself and experience new things. Do yourself a favor and give it a read. It is quite fascinating.

When we get all caught up in our day-to-day rituals, we lose the spark of possibility and adventure. We become content with the commonplace. This is not to say what we do each day is not vital and important; it’s more about waking up to the fact of just how vital and important it really is and celebrating that fact more often.

We do not have to do outrageous things to live a life of passion; it is how we do them and the satisfaction which we allow ourselves to have while doing them. Every decision we make and action we take is important, not only to us but to all whom we affect. When we are passionate about our lives, this is reflected in all we say and do. Our very presence radiates our passion and joy.

As I have said before there is nowhere to go and nothing to get. All the action and goodies are happening Right Now. Once awakened to this, we see things differently and thus experience life more fully. Passion then kicks in a gradual and natural way.

What About Success?

Many of us are so caught up with this success thing that we miss the real prize. It is so easy to fall into the trap of “I will be happy when_________”. Just fill in the blank. It will be different for each of us, because success means something different for each of us.  Achieving Success

Well here’s the thing about success. Success is not about getting somewhere. Rather, it is a decision we make now. We choose to be successful now. This is a different state of mind and beingness which will brings much different results.

When we “try” to become successful we are admitting we Are Not successful, so we are then stuck with this state of mind which will bring results tied in with not being successful. Once we break this down by thinking it through, it becomes evident that we are sabotaging ourselves by the mere “trying” to make things better.

Success is good, but it is only a decision away. Make that decision and then get busy with what will really bring the results you desire. We are now ready to make some real progress.  It’s not about trying, but rather being and doing.

Beyond Success

Now what can be beyond success? Many of us have spent so much time chasing this elusive success that we are convinced that once we catch it things will play out just fine. Everything will just fall into place once we get there; wherever there is.

In order to live a life of passion we must be willing to break free. We must let go and allow ourselves to experience all we truly desire with an attitude and presence which is free of fear and uncertainty. In fact, we must welcome the uncertainly as a good thing.

When we do this we now live a life of Expansion. We are no longer chasing success, but we expand ourselves in all areas of our lives. It is who we Become in the process which will allow us to enjoy the success we have created.  Beyond Success

A life of expansion begins with doing each task to the best of our ability with the intention of providing value for ourselves and others. No task is too small to do well.

When we truly understand and get this, we will be expanding ourselves moment-to-moment and creating a much fuller and enhanced existence. We are then caught up in the Passion of the Moment, and that passion carries us wherever we desire to go.

So I encourage you to live a life of passion by becoming so engaged in exploring life just as it is, and thus discovering the miracle which has always been right in front of us just waiting for us to Open Our Eyes.

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To your Continued Success,


A Question Of Choice

Whenever we make any sort of decision in life we are convinced that we are making a choice based on whatever information we may have at that point in time. This certainly seems like a very practical and intelligent way to go about things given that many choices by some people are made hastily while thet are in a high emotional state. But is it really a question of choice? A Question of Choice

In this article I would like to dig a little deeper into this process of choosing and making decisions. Given a few insights, I look forward that we may all discover a little more of how this process works, and how we may use it more effectively to produce desired results in our lives.

Do We Really Choose?

On the surface the answer to this is a most definite yes as we are making choices continuously throughout the day and night. Only when we are sleeping does our conscious mind shut down for awhile for some much-needed rest. But even at that time our subconscious, or sympathetic nervous system, is doing its thing in running our bodily functions and keeping us alive.

But for now let’s concentrate on our conscious state when we are “so called” awake. Are we really awake and making conscious choices or are we just kidding ourselves? To be totally honest, unless we have gained the awareness to recognize when we are or are not present, we are not really choosing. For the most part we spend the majority of our day sleepwalking through life.

The waking dream state is very real and keeps us caught up with all the past and future drama which had or could occur. This is when worry and anxiety kick in based on the illusions of the past and future.

Whatever did happen in the past may or may not be remembered correctly based on many factors, including how intense the emotional impact of the experience was. So we spend a lot of time worrying about something which has already happened without the full remembrance of all the details, as some may be blocked out or even misinterpreted. We then create our belief system which affects our current programming and results based on these memories.

The future is also affected by our present worries and anxieties by creating the future we are so worried about based on our present beliefs. What we focus on we eventually experience. There is some magic in these realizations which can most definitely change things for the better. Let’s explore a little more.

Are Unconscious Choices Really Choices? wisdom

Getting back to the question do we really choose, the answer is yes and no. When we are present and conscious in the moment we are making choices based on all available data as well as accessing our intuition which is turned on in the present moment. When we are asleep to the present moment and caught up in the torrent of thoughts and feelings based on memories and data, as well as future fears and anxieties of what might happen, we are not making choices. They are being made for us for better or worse by our habitual mind.

When we are programmed for happiness and success, making choices on an automatic basis works quite well. We know we are headed in the right direction, on the right path, and toward our desired destination. The problems occur when this automatic programming is based on fear, memory, and accumulated data which may or may not be true.

When we spend the majority of time in the present moment we can consciously put many choices and decisions on autopilot because it is us in our conscious state making those decisions. They are not a reaction to events and circumstances based on fear and uncertainty.

When we are not conscious in the present moment there is no way we can choose and make decisions. We think we are making them, but actually they are being made for us by our fear-based self.

Letting In The Light Enlightenment

Let’s brighten things up a bit. No matter what our circumstances presently are, they are the result of our current beliefs and expectations. And this is Great News! Since we created them, we can uncreate them, and put in place more favorable ideas and beliefs. We can consciously choose how we desire things to be right this very moment.

When the light turns on we see things maybe for the first time as the way they really are. It’s not other people, the world in general, the economy, wacked out politicians, greedy corporations, or whatever else may come to mind as affecting our present circumstances.

We realize the Power we have Within ourselves right this very Moment in time. Utilizing the power consciously we take one hundred (100%) percent responsibility for our lives.  It is like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz recognizing the Power that was always there in those ruby slippers. She just needed to make the Conscious Choice to bang them together a few times to release all the magic.

I now encourage you to wake up to your Presence and Magnificence and bang those imaginary slippers together, and continue to make choices in the present moment so that you can really say that my life is A Question of Choice.

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Choose consciously and wisely,


How To Live In Ecuador

In this article I am going to give a few suggestions of how to live in Ecuador. Of course, this assumes you desire to live there in the first place, or are at least considering it enough to do some research.  Life in Ecuador

As with many other places around the globe, Ecuador offers much for an expat whether looking for a change of scenery or just a more ideal place to live or retire. Let me share a few ideas on this most interesting country.

Some Basic Facts

— Population: 13,756,000

— Demographic Growth Rate: 1.56%

— Location and Borders: Western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between Colombia and Peru

— Capital City: Quito (Metro Area Population: 2 million)

— Area: Total: 283,560 sq km

Land: 276,840 sq km

Water: 6,720 sq km

— Climate: tropical along coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations; tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands

— Government System: republic

— Administrative Divisions: 22 provinces; Azuay, Bolivar, Canar, Carchi, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, El Oro, Esmeraldas, Galapagos, Guayas, Imbabura, Loja, Los Rios, Manabi, Morona-Santiago, Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Pichincha, Sucumbios, Tungurahua, Zamora-Chinchipe

— Industries: textiles, petroleum, food processing, wood products, chemicals
— Languages: Spanish (official), Amerindian languages (especially Quechua)

The Regions of Ecuador

Ecuador consists of three distinct regions: the coast, the sierra, and the orient. The coast and the orient are actually split down the middle by the Andes sierra region which runs right down the middle of the country from north to south.

Along the coastline of the Ecuador is rich with beaches and resorts as well as various fishing villages and agricultural areas. The vegetation is mostly marshes and mangrove forests. The beaches are scattered with palms and the waters are warm around the year. The northern region of the coast is much hotter and humid with a lot more rain than in the southern region. This region is home to a culture with African roots as characterized by the food, music, and dance.
The Sierra Highlands area is known for its volcanoes, and its rich biodiversity with wildlife, cloud forests, thermal baths, and beautiful landscapes. These natural characteristics, as well as the region’s strong culture, has made the highlands region one of the most popular and visited places.
The Orient is located east of the Andes mountain range. It is made up of tropical forests with several rivers which are filled by the melting snow from the surrounding volcanoes and mountains. Because of these tropical characteristics, the region is very bio-diverse with a variety of species of plants and wildlife. Due to the lack of entry points into this area, you will find fewer tourists here, but it does have many activities to enjoy in these spectacular surroundings.

Over one quarter (1/4) of the twenty-eight (28) million hectares in Ecuador is protected. That is approximately five (5%) percent more than other countries in South America. There are one hundred and thirty-five (135) national parks, nature reserves, and wilderness areas in Ecuador, as well as three (3) biosphere reserves and eight (8) wetlands.  Ecuadorian wildlife

In addition there are almost eleven hundred (1100) species of amphibians, fish, and reptiles. With six hundred and forty (640) bird species and over nineteen thousand three hundred (19,300) plant species Ecuador definitely qualifies as being bio-diverse with many areas worth spending time exploring and taking in the sights.

Some of the Dos and Don’ts

Whether living in Ecuador as an expat or retiree here are a few suggestions to get you by in a more positive and harmonious way.

— Be courteous.

Now this should be a no-brainer no matter where you are in the world, but you may be surprised by the rudeness I have encountered and observed over the years from tourists from all over the world. Some folks seem to have some sort of attitude of entitlement no matter where they are. I have always found that a respect for another’s culture and an open mind to learn different ways of living are always appreciated. Also, a smile and some simple courtesy goes a long way as well.

— Acknowledge your lack of knowledge

This includes admitting that you are new to the area and if you don’t speak Spanish or very little, let people know. People all over the world respect authenticity and a genuine response.

— As a Pedestrian keep your eyes wide open

To put it simply pedestrians NEVER have the right of ways so look both ways and up and down as well. People get hit by cars all the time in Ecuador so be prepared. If at a stop sign the smart thing to do is to cross behind the lead car so that you have a bit of protection. Drivers are always watching the traffic and not the pedestrians. So forget crosswalks or the right of way as this is all about survival.

— Wherever you are always start with a Greeting

Whether in a store, in a taxi or meeting someone new, start with asking how a person is or “buenos días” (good morning) dependent on the time of day. When addressing each other people in this part of the world never just jump right into business. If it is a family or more personal setting expect handshakes and kisses when coming and going. When leaving a gathering you spend time shaking hands and kissing women on the cheek before walking out the door; same thing when you first arrive. If you don’t do it people will assume you are mad at them.

Don’t get in a taxi without agreeing what the fare is to be in advance.

Let them know you live there and know how the game is played or you will be charged over fifty (50%) percent more.

— Don’t show up to parties on time.

In this part of the world six (6) o’clock actually means eight (8) o’clock so don’t show up on time to parties as most people in this part of the world are not able to keep commitments. Over time you will identify who can, and you can then set your expectations accordingly. It is not uncommon for a person to set an appointment with you and then not show up for whatever reason. Once you adapt to this you won’t waste time waiting around for folks who never intended to show.

Restaurant etiquette.

First of all when you enter a restaurant seat yourself. Don’t expect someone to come up to seat you. Additionally, waiters are not assigned to any one table, so ask any waiter you can find when you need something. It doesn’t matter who took your order.

Also don’t wait around expecting someone to bring your check. Ask for it, “la cuenta, por favor”. It is rude in this culture to bring the check before it is requested. Even at closing waiters will wait around until you ask for your check.

Ten (10%) percent for a tip is included in your bill. Additional money is not expected but okay if you do.

— Don’t be shy when driving

When driving in Ecuador it is highly recommended to be assertive, if not downright aggressive. This reminds me of the times of driving in New York City. My intention was to drive more aggressive than the cab drivers.

Don’t expect other drivers to show courtesy to drivers or pedestrians. Once you get used to it, it can be a fun game. If it bothers you, don’t drive.

— Personal space does not exist.

Don’t be surprised if people get close or even rub up against you in public. It’s just part of the culture.

— Be patient.

Once you settle in and appreciate the differences you will have a wonderful experience in Ecuador.

Summing Things Up

Currently market conditions are very good to purchase property in Ecuador either to live or as an investment. Much progress has been made as a result of the work and innovative thinking of the former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

The easiest way to get established is to locate an expatriate community with plenty of English-speaking folks who share some of your interests. The drawback here is that you will not learn the culture as quickly.  Nature in Ecuador

Since prices are somewhat depressed and demand is returning it is an ideal time to purchase property on Ecuador’s coast. The area of Salinas (population is about 60,000), formerly part of the Guayaquil province, is now its own province. In 2008, it became Santa Elena Province (the 24th in the country) and infrastructure funds came in from the government. Salinas is now called the “Little Miami”. Even before the expats became aware of this area, it was a destination place for Ecuadorians on vacation. The area is a seasonal location (December through May), and the population can double then.

Year-round the expat population is about seven hundred (700) to eight hundred (800) with a fifty (50) – fifty (50) mix of Canadians and Americans. In the height of the season the population will jump to about one thousand two hundred (1200). It is safe for males and females to walk around at anytime of the day or night.

There are plenty of fire, police and ambulance services available with both private and public hospital care. Public transportation is available and many schools are bilingual. A service called “Tia Poli” is provided for Salinas residents where you register with the police and they provide you with a button on your cell phone to press as needed and the police will show up.

There is also an American-style mall with a movie theater and plenty of open-air markets. Fiber-optic internet is available.

I am highlighting this part of Ecuador because it is very inviting. The expat community is very friendly and will engage with you easily asking about your interests. There are many expat activities such as book clubs, dance lessons, yoga classes, coffee and happy hour get-togethers, poker, scramble, and even Spanish classes.

There are Rotary and Lions clubs and plenty of volunteer opportunities including two handicapped schools in need of assistance.

With the changes in the capital appreciation laws under Correa, and the overall low economic climate in recent years in Ecuador, you can find good prices for property to live or invest. Plus the increase in the capital gains tax has been repealed. You can get quality property starting around $100,000 USD.

Keep a few things in mind when looking to purchase property. First, buildings are not constructed for people with disabilities or any type of mobility issue. Also, not all buildings have elevators so if this is a consideration for you let your real estate agent know this upfront. All buildings do not have balconies so if you want one let your agent know.

Also since listings are not exclusive, many agents will have the same listings and quite often at different prices. Don’t rely on online listings because they are not up-to-date. Some buildings have restrictions regarding no rentals or sub-leasing and no pets. You have to schedule your viewings of properties as there is no lock-box system.

Be prepared to purchase a property As-Is as locals do not maintain their properties in ways to which you may be accustomed. For example, fixtures may be broken and cabinets may need to be replaced. The seller will not repair these things before closing.

There are a lot of things to research and plenty of questions to ask before making a property purchase, but one of the most important is to determine who the builder is. With all the new construction going on there are many new developers hitting the scene. In the Salinas area there are three (3) developers with proven track records so find out who they are and stick with them if you choose to pursue some property.

This should provide you plenty of information of how to live in Ecuador if this is an ideal destination for you. With some additional research you will have plenty of information on which to base a decision. Enjoy!

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To your current and future Adventures,


ReClick 2.0 Review

ReClick 2.0 Review  Product Review

Name: ReClick 2.0


Price: $47 One Time Investment

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Product Overview

This is a quite interesting product. It is a marketing platform which captures visitors that are about to leave your site or landing page and increase conversions. It’s a SAAS app.

It does this by using exit-intent and cart abandonment software. This software stops visitors from leaving your website so that you can convert a higher percentage into leads and/or sales. It is a very intelligent re-engagement marketing platform with eye-catching templates and an editor which allows you to easily customize the templates.

In addition it has over fifty (50) automation rules and global settings which you can mix and match which allows you to configure your campaigns that are one hundred percent (100%) performance based with collaboration technology. It is also more competitively priced than similar products such as PicReel, ExitMist, OptIn Monster, etc.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Step-by-Step training
2) Easy to use software

3) Consistently optimize campaigns to increase conversions

4) Thirty (30) day guarantee

The Not So Good:
1) Training not detailed enough if you are new to internet marketing
2) A number of upsells

Who is ReClick 2.0 For?

Designed for internet marketers of all levels looking to increase sales and conversions.

Tools & Training

Step-by-Step training

Create Campaigns:

  • Opt-in Forms and Lead Generation.
  • Discounts, Coupons and Sales Offers. Segment and laser target your audience to the right offers.
  • Vote or Binary Poll. Let your visitors select between 2 choices.
  • Multi-Poll. Just give your audience a range of choices.

Create Interactions:

  • Light Box Popup with Single or 2-Step opt-in.
  • Floating Bar.
  • Slide-in.
  • Full Screen Pattern Interrupt.




$47 One Time Investment


Front-End (Reclick 2.0 App – $29-$69)

-OTO 1 (Reclick 2.0 PRO – $67-$97)

-OTO 2 (Reclick 2.0 Performance – $99)

-OTO 3 (Reclick 2.0 Console – $147)

-OTO 4 (Reclick 2.0 Platinum Kit – $1)

-OTO 5 (Reclick 2.0 Reseller – $397)

Final Thoughts

This is an innovative product which can assist уоu in орtіmіѕing existing mаrkеtіng саmраіgnѕ, lаndіng pages, and vіdео presentations. This can result in mоrе lеаdѕ and ѕаlеѕ by implementing segmentation marketing tесhnоlоgу.

This web based app does create custom lead generation and sales campaigns targeting visitors leaving your web page. You then are able to Re-capture, Re-engage, or Re-market your visitors in order to increase conversions and sales. It also has one of the the best web based customer driven “popup builder” software with a vote/poll feature.

This type of technology ѕtudies thе bеhаvіоr оf vіѕіtоrѕ оn уоur wеbѕіtе аnd designs the оffеr based on thеіr bеhаvіоr. It can be a very useful product when implemented correctly and consistently.

Final Conclusion   Good

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To your success,


Live And Let Live

The phrase, “Live and Let Live”, is familiar to most people, and I’m pretty sure most of us have heard of it at one time or another during the course of our lives. It does sound good, and tends to bring forth a good message to live by.  Live and Let Live

But let’s explore this phrase a bit more as we are going to uncover some valuable insights within the depths of this phrase. This can lead us to examine some of our assumptions and beliefs about the very process of life. Let’s get exploring and see what we find.

Accepting Ourselves and Others

Now the traditional meaning of the phrase, Live and Let Live, is basically living your life as you so choose and letting others do the same without any interference or unasked for opinions. And all in all this is a very good philosophy to live by.

When we accept our strengths and weaknesses and move forward in life doing the best we can, we have a reason to feel good even when we do not reach our stated objective if we have one. Also, accepting other people just the way they are empowers us to choose whether or not we desire their company, as well as the amount of credence we are willing to give to their statements and advice.

This type of mindset positions us to not resist the realities of life, while consciously choosing how to respond and when. Instead of reacting to people and events which we “judge” to be wrong or just annoying, we are able to accept one hundred (100%) percent responsibility for our thoughts and feelings.

In order to be able and willing to accept such responsibility it requires our Presence and Observation; in other words, we need to be Awake to the Moment, and not sleepwalking through life.

Our Hidden Treasure

We strike gold when we employ this “live and let live” concept in such a way that we are able to spend more and more time in the Present Moment being aware of our feelings and thoughts, and realizing that we are not them, but merely the Observer of them.  The Observer

Arriving at this point of awareness is worth more than all the precious metals and fiat currency in the world. This state of presence opens up so many doors to our fulfillment of whatever it is we truly desire. Things not only improve in our outer circumstances, but more importantly we attain an Inner State of Invincibility where we know that everything is “Good Already”.

At this point we have no need for our circumstances to change in order to make us happy and feel good. We actually see and know that when we feel good our circumstances naturally change. All of this as a result of our decision to Accept our present circumstances and “Live and Let Live”.

Some Practical Applications

So this all sounds real good, but how do we get there? What can we do each day to attain this state. The easy answer is too easy for most minds to accept, as we have all these ridiculous reasons stuck in our head of why things won’t work and why the certainly can’t be that easy. We are married to our limitations, and if we doubt this we just need to tune into our results in any given area of our lives in which we desire improvement. Results or lack of them don’t lie.

Are you ready for the simple and easy solution? Okay, here it is. Decide to do it and Just Do It. This sounds like one of those Michael Jordon Nike commercials from the past, but it works. Now when the noise in your mind continues to increase, just allow it to be so, and just observe the circus of your thoughts and feelings. There are many valuable clues here to your ultimate freedom and fulfillment.

Now if you are still buying into your self-limiting lies, then enjoy the self-sabotage, but see it for what it really is. Don’t continue to buy into all the lies about yourself and what you can or cannot attain. This in itself is major progress, and takes you a bit closer to your freedom. By just staying there you will eventually be inspired to replace those ideas with more fulfilling ones.

The long route is to continue to struggle in letting go of all the unnecessary baggage, and force yourself to progress down the road to your goals and objectives. You can still get there, but it is a lot more frustrating, tiring, and less enjoyable of a journey.

Gratitude and The Hidden Passage  Gratitude

Even without letting go of all the baggage of false assumptions and beliefs we can still shortcut this process. As I have said in previous posts, the journey is where all the fun is, and the destination is just a reason to play the game. So let’s find a few ways to make our journey a bit more enjoyable.

Being grateful for what we currently have in terms of family, friends, talents, abilities, possessions, opportunities etc. not only puts us in a good space, but opens our vision to possibilities, and we then realize any roadblocks or challenges are merely puzzles to be solved along the way. With this expanded vision of gratitude becomes a natural state for us to inhabit.

When we are in this expanded state of gratitude, the Hidden Passage to our dreams and goals is revealed through our intuition to which we become much more alert. We recognize once we step through this Hidden Passage we enter a realm of freedom and possibility. Our self-imposed limitations dissolve when we see with New Eyes and we take intuitive and inspired actions.

Within ourselves we have always had these gifts and the potential to utilize them, but we were never taught “how” to think so we failed to recognize them. Let’s now move forward with our Expanded Vision which does not know limitations and failure since it is based on Expansion and Freedom.

One last benefit of our choice to Live and Let Live is we develop an authentic respect and compassion for ourselves. You can call this self-respect, self-love, or any other term which comes to mind, but the essence of it all is we are returned to our original base of caring and loving ourselves for no other reason than We Just Are. When we feel this type of compassion and love for ourselves, it naturally transfers to Love and compassion of All Life.

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May you all Live and Let Live in Peace & Joy,


Retire In Portugal

PortugalSince I haven’t done a travel post for quite some time, I decided to share a few ideas about places to retire around the world. In this post I am going to exclusively concentrate on Portugal, and share some reasons why some folks may desire to retire in Portugal.

My intention is to give you enough info and facts to do further research on your own if you are so inspired. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts called, The Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis, I outlined various ways to make ends meet, including moving to a desirable area where the cost of living is lower.

Some Basic Facts

Let’s start out with some basic information about this country. The population of Portugal is approximately 10,813,834,and the capital city is Lisbon (3,035,000 in metropolitan area) . The language in Portuguese and the main climate is Mediterranean. Also the last time I checked, the President of the country was Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The Portuguese Third Republic is what is called a semi-presidential system. Actually, the Portuguese President is quite powerful. While the Prime Minister and Parliament oversee much of the country’s day-to-day-affairs, the President is very influential in the areas of foreign policy and national security, and is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. He holds the most senior office and outranks all other politicians, and he does choose the Prime Minister.

The international dialing code for Portugal is 351. Their currency is the Euro (EUR), while their inflation rate is about .4%. The exchange rate, although it fluctuates, is somewhere around 0.88 euro per U.S. dollar.

The time zone is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The seasons are Mediterranean: hot, dry summers; wet, cool winters.

The property tax ranges from 14.5 to 48%, there is no inheritance tax, the capital gains tax is 28%, sales tax is 23%, transfer tax 6.5.%, and rental income tax 28%. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of property. Residents in Portugal are taxed on their worldwide income at progressive rates varying from 0% to 48%. Nonresidents are taxed at a flat rate of 25% on their taxable remuneration. These are 2014 numbers.

The electricity is 230V / 50 Hz, Plug Type: C, F.

Tourist Visa: Automatic 90 days upon entry.

Residency: The country’s Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) and Golden Visa programs mean it is easy for a foreign retiree to arrange legal residency. These retiree and investor residency programs are not as benefit-rich or as affordable as comparable programs in the Americas (in Nicaragua, Ecuador, or Panama, for example), but they are very competitive for Europe.The legislation stipulates the minimum working wage (around 485 euros per month currently) for the principal visa holder, 50% of that value for a spouse, and 30% per child. These requirements can be reduced if the applicant can prove he already has lodging paid for or guaranteed.
Citizenship: After six years of continuous residency.

There are a few other benefits for retirees and foreign residents. Recent legislation allows resident foreign retirees to receive pension and foreign income in the country tax-free for 10 years if they qualify for the NHR status. The law also provides for reduced taxation on wages, intellectual property, interest, dividends, and capital gains. Something to consider is the tax rates are relatively high and the tax-free status for NHR residents is not indefinite but for 10 years.

The primary exports are agricultural products as well as food products, oil products, chemical products, plastics and rubber, skins and leather, wood and cork, wood pulp and paper, textile materials, clothing, footwear, base metals, machinery, and tools.

This gives you a good overview of some of the details of Portugal. It happens to be one of the oldest countries in Europe, and way back when was part of the Umayyad Caliphate dynasty and the Roman empire. The official name of Portugal is the Portuguese Republic.  Beaitiful architecture

Why Move to Portugal?

Actually for many years Portugal attracted few visitors and was not that well-known. Then in the mid-1990s Europeans began to immigrate there to take advantage of attractive residency programs. Of course, its historical architecture and outstanding beaches and landscapes didn’t hurt a bit.

Currently this trend is comprised of mostly European expats, but North Americans are quickly picking up on this ideal spot as an enviable place to live. The locals are very hospitable and the climate is great. Also, Portugal is the 17th safest country in the world.

The cost of living there is one of the lowest in Western Europe, most folks speak English, and visitors are very welcome.

Compared to other countries in Western Europe Portugal has about thirty (30%) percent lower cost of living, good prices on real estate, and an attractive tax situation.

The Algarve Region

I am going to review the Algarve Region because it is one of the most popular for expats from around the world.

This is the Old World region on the Atlantic Ocean, and it just happens to be an ideal place to retire without a lot of folks knowing about it.

It has cobblestone streets and whitewashed houses with lace-patterned chimneys. It is surrounded by fig, olive, almond, and carob trees. The weather consists of 3,300 hours of sunshine per year; this is more sunny days than almost anywhere in Europe.

It has a hundred (100) miles of Atlantic coastline with jagged rock formations, lagoons, and sandy beaches. Additionally, the region has 42 golf courses and is a top golfing destination in continental Europe and maybe even the world.

It has been a summer destination among Europeans as well as a winter retreat for snowbirds escaping from Northern Europe’s coldest months. Health care is top notch with medical tourism a growing industry.

The Algarve is home to over 100,000 resident foreign retirees. It is a safe with very little crime and a relaxing lifestyle. Given the wide range of cultural, nature-based, sporting, and other activities, this region is attractive to families as well as retirees.
Many expats gather for tennis at the Carvoeiro tennis club, while Carvoeiro also has a well-stocked book exchange. There is plenty of local charity and community work for those so inclined as well. It is easy to make friends with both the locals and the expats.

English is spoken widely in the country due to Portugal’s strong historic and cultural links with England
Ocean views

While the central Algarve, between Faro and Lagos is very popular, eastern Algarve is relatively unspoiled with lower prices and a more traditional and authentic lifestyle. The nightlife is not as lively there, but it offers good food, lovely scenery, and a relaxed pace of life. Artists and small business owners love it there, and have been opening boutique businesses such as hotels, restaurants and craft stores. Although prices are increasing, they are still well below the more developed Western Regions.

Olhao, Tavira, and Vila Real de Santo Antonio are also interesting towns to explore with their own unique attractive features.

The cost of living in Portugal is about thirty (30%) percent lower than other countries on the continent with the Algarve region providing the best values. If not retired and you don’t have to earn a lot, you will find the minimum monthly wage being 650 euros with rent, groceries and other expenditures very affordable.

A Few Closing Thoughts

If this is something you would serious consider, there is a wealth of information available to your from the Chambers of Commerce located there: This will give you a plenty of information on which to make a decision.

Local Chamber of Commerce

Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 89


1150 266


Tel: 351-21-190-36-50

American Chamber of Commerce
Lisboa – Sao Jorge de Arrolos Rua D. Estefanis 155

1000-154 Lisboa

Tel. 351-213-572-561

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Happy Travel,


Learning To Succeed

So many people both now and down through the ages are succeeding, and have succeeded, in their given areas of expertise and vocation. These are not the majority of folks by any means, but their achievements are documented, or being documented as we communicate here.

Since that is the case, why do so many find it so challenging to attain their desires to any significant degree. Are all these other folks somehow special in some way, or is there something else going on here? Let’s find out.

What Holds Us Back?

Since there are people already doing what we desire to do, what holds us back from attaining the degree of success we desire? Well, first of all these people are totally clear on what it is that they desire, and have a burning drive to make it happen. There is none of this, “we’ll see what happens” or “I’ll give it my best shot”, or “it would be nice if this worked out”.

All of that is leaving a way out in case it doesn’t happen. Successful folks “Know” it is going to happen, and are ready and willing to do whatever it takes. Now the “know” part of this is quite significant as when you really know something there is no doubt.

Another thing which holds us back from performing at top levels and not seeing the results we desire is not being willing to deal with obstacles when they occur. And oh yes, they will occur as we all know when we begin any new project no matter the degree of difficulty. Things always come up to challenge us. This is when we decide if we are up for the challenge or not.

When we expand our vision and keep focused on what we desire, the barriers and obstacles that show up are merely stuff with which to handle. It’s no big deal. We will find a way even though we may not have the answer right this very moment.

Something else which definitely gets in our way to success and holds us back is giving up too quick. This is tied in with the previous challenge of not being willing to deal with obstacles. When they show up, the easy way out is to quit.

Also, we get held back when we only want to do things we are good at, and are not willing to try new things. Successful people are constantly doing stuff they are not sure of how to do. They just jump in and go for it. This is tied in with wanting guarantees and avoiding any type of uncertainty. Well, if this is the case, we will get very disappointed as life is about change, being adaptable, and not knowing for sure what’s coming next.

And finally another aspect of life which holds us back is when we look for something or someone outside of ourselves to make the difference for us. It’s not going to happen. There is no opportunity or individual which is going to provide the key to our success. We are the key to our success; our only security is in our power to create. It is up to us to take what we learn and apply it to our given situation, making as many adjustments along the way until it works and we get our desired results.

What Moves Us Forward? Making Progress

In the previous section I gave some hints about what moves us forward toward the attainment of our dreams and goals. Right now, I can sum it all up by saying that in order to learn to succeed and Become successful, we must grow internally as a person and strengthen our ability to manage our thoughts and emotions in each moment of time.

We do this by eliminating all non-productive beliefs which are not life enhancing and don’t contribute to our expansion. We then begin to think, feel, and act differently. We are now a person who is capable of Being the expanded self who has “already” achieved our objective or goal. Once we are that person, all else falls into place. We will make strong, rather than weak decisions. We will not even consider quitting or thinking things are too hard or complicated. We will welcome all obstacles, barriers, problems, and challenges because we Know we will handle them.

At this point we know we are NOT our thoughts or feelings, but we Are the Observer of them. We have the choice of focusing on them or replacing them if necessary. We let them flow through and we stay centered on our mission whatever that may be. At this point, we really “know” nothing can get in our way but ourselves.

But do beware, as this Presence and Observation habit is a tedious process, and it is all so easy to be sucked back into the quicksand of our Unconsciousness. Staying “awake” takes much determination and persistence, but it is oh so very worth it.

Creating The Proper Mindset

This success thing is just a mind game of training ourselves to stay present and not react, regardless of the thoughts and/or emotions which are flooding us at any given moment in time. It’s about being okay and feeling safe in the present moment even when things seem out of hand. Right now, right here, everything is okay once we let go of our life drama and just experience ourSelf in the present.

Once we recognize that thoughts are merely a bunch of words strung together, and emotions are just feelings to be experienced, we can let go and find some relief. We now realize we are the one who has given meaning to these thoughts and emotions, instead of just letting them be. It doesn’t matter where they came from because They Are Not Us.

In this type of mindset we are able to truly enjoy what we are doing because we can conceive of our goals and objectives happening in the right way and at the right time. Since we are on the right path, time is not an issue because we are not in a hurry. We are actually enjoying ourselves. All traces of effort and hard work quickly dissipate because we love what we are doing.

When we expand and develop ourselves to being this type of person, the right people and opportunities automatically show up. We are now in the Success Space rather than the Confusion Space.

Once we are able to conceive what we truly desire as clearly as we can conceive picking up a glass of water, we are well on our way to attaining whatever success means to us. There is much to be learned from simple tasks once we break them down and follow the thought process involved, and understand how that transfers into a decision and subsequent action. We can then take that very sequence, and apply it to any area of our lives in which we have unfulfilled desires.

I look forward that we are all able to slow ourselves down enough to recognize the Absoluste Power which we have right this very moment at our fingertips, and that we choose to use it consciously and wisely to the benefit of ourselves and all those who are fortunate enough to cross our paths.

To your ultimate Success,


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Storymate Luxury Edition Review

Storymate Luxury Edition Review


Name: Storymate Luxury Edition


Price: $67 One time Payment

Owner: Luke Maguire

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a tool which allows you to create stories for Instagram and Facebook that are professional looking as well as viral. There are plenty of templates from which to choose, and some of them have theme music as well.

The main point being about this product is that currently there are approximately 300+ million of Instagram users who use stories to get their particular message across on a daily basis. In addition to that, about 10% of Facebook users use stories. The rapid growth in this area is real.

The product creator, Luke Maguire, has a track record of producing successful social media software and sales videos. He has a history of producing quality products which get results.

Easily create high converting video stories for Facebook and Instagram in 3 simple steps.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

1) Saves you time

2) Saves money from having to hire a designer

3) Easy to use (Select a template, Customize Your Content and Post your story)

4) Simple interface

5) Stories which convert from Call-to-Action

6) Increased traffic

7) Fourteen (14) Day Money Back Guarantee

The Not So Good:

1) Takes a little practice to get used to and become an effective story teller, although much easier with the templates.


Who is Storymate Luxury Edition For?

This product would be extremely helpful to any internet marketer who is using social media in their promotional and marketing efforts, and is interested in increasing conversions using Instagram and Facebook.

Tools & Training

   * Step 1 – Select a template: 100+ high-quality templates covering a range of niches stocked in its gallery! Just pick one         and customize it

  • Step 2 – Customize Your Content: Choose your images (upload your own or select from library), add/edit your text, select your background music and then simply click away
  • Step 3 – Post and Start Converting: Once you have your story ready, simply 1-Click sync to the Storymate Facebook Approved Android & iPhone apps to post to your Instagram and Facebook Stories.
  • Users don’t have to be on camera – you have the option for users to upload any content they desire or use royalty free content
  • Create niche specific content – Templates are available for Ecom stores, local businesses, personal profiles, and affiliate product offers.
  • Build Your Email List – Create brand specific call to actions to build your email list from your Facebook & Instagram followers
  • Built-in Call to Action – Send users direct to your website on a scale which is higher than news feed posts. Pre-made call to action builders like ‘swipe up’, ‘opt in here’ allow you to create high quality stories, and provide a call to action
  • Do it All from Your Desktop – Create from your desktop, and post to Instagram and Facebook.

Updating your stories from a desktop instead of a mobile phone




$67 One Time Payment

Front End – Storymate


OTO 1 – Affiliate Link Cloaker: Create links that you can use as “swipe up” calls-to-action in FB & Instagram Stories that send your traffic to affiliate offers. ,

OTO 2 – VIP Training: Training series which takes you from 0 to 10,000 fans on Instagram & step by step case studies of how to use stories to maximize our niche

OTO 3 – Storymate Template Suite: 5 – 10 new templates a month with unlimited renders.

OTO 4 – Storymate Whitelabel: Brand Storymate with your own branding and sell your stories to local businesses.. Take their training and start selling stories to local clients near you.

Final Thoughts

This is a tool where you can generate and post Viral Facebook & Instagram Stories without any knowledge of any Video Animation Tools. You can create high converting stories with templates with Stories with ‘swipe up’ call to actions, animated videos, and editable text. ,

Storymate is easy to use for your own sites as well as for other local businesses.

Final Conclusion


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To your Success,