WP SociXplode Review — Is It For Real?

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WP SociXplode Review  

Name: WP SociXplode

Website: WPSociXplode.com

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Price: $27 Unlimited Site License, $16 Single Site License (One Time Payment) —

Owners: Dr. Amit Pareek

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a product which was launched on January 24, 2017. This is a software product used to increase viral traffic from social media sites such as Facebook on autopilot. It creates a Facebook Viral Campaign in three (3) steps.

With the Unlimited Site option you can install the plugin on as many sites as you desire. In order to install on a client site you have to upgrade and obtain the Developer’s License.

If you are an affiliate marketer this software integrates with product sources such as Warrior+Plus, JVZoo, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, Max Bounty, and Amazon Associates.

The creator of the software is Dr. Amit Pareek who has also developed other software programs over the years such as

Snapchat Marketing, InstaVideo Agency, Facebook Ads 2.0, IM Conversion Suite, WP Income Formula, Insta-Consultant Ancillary Toolkit and other digital product launches which have done quite well.

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The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Doesn’t require any major technical skills
  2. Designed for experienced marketers and newbies as well
  3. Saves money from ad spends
  4. Easy to use
  5. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  6. Nothing to install or download
  7. No monthly fees
  8. Compativle with PC and Mac

The Not So Good:

  1. Upgrades needed to utilize tool for additional social sites other than Facebook
  2. Not as easy as it sounds based on sales page
  3. It still requires a learning curve.
  4. In order to fully automate the system it does require an upgrade

Who is WP SociXplode For?

This software product is designed for those in the internet marketing world (bloggers, affiliate marketers, product developers) who desire to increase traffic on a viral basis from Facebook, and even other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram (requires an upgrade to generate traffic from social sites other than Facebook – see below for upgrade info). It addresses practically any nice as well as eComm

Tools & Training

Step-by-Step Training videos provided to assist with the Set Up process and explains every feature so that it can be easily applied. There is also 24/7 support to answer any question which comes up..

1) Keyword Search — enter a keyword into the software which will then locate all related offers and posts in your website. Then just select the URL or blog post for which you desire to get traffic.

2) Select Social Media Accounts — set up the Facebook pages, groups, and timelines from which you wish to drive traffic to your blog or website. Share you post to the groups or pages selected.

3) Traffic Generated to Specific Niches — software provides traffic from your desired niche.

  • You are able to promote and generate targeted traffic for unlimited posts and pages — eliminates the need for paid ads –generate Facebook traffic from anywhere in the world without paying for PPV, PPC, or any advertising at all.
  • You can preview and edit if necessary your posts before they go live on Facebook to ensure maximum engagement
  • With Traffic Finder you are able to locate Facebook pages and groups which offer the highest potential for your offers
  • Use the built-in Scheduler to start your campaign and schedule your post at the ideal time
  • Manage all your campaigns from the intuitive Dashboard where it is easy to set up, edit, or delete any of your campaigns
  • The software operates continuously in the background generating targeted traffic while you work on other tasks on your computer. It is one hundred (100%) percent automated and easy to use.


Receive support through their Help Desk and Knowledge Base.



$27 for Unlimited Site License and $16 for Single Site License


1. WP SociXplode Pro ($47-$57)

Allows you to automate the complete process to increase traffic even more to any number of pages or posts. Also receive the Developer’s License to the product.

2. WP SociXplode Elite ($77-$97)

Increase your exposure to Instagram and Twitter.

3. Complete Re sellers Rights ($97)

Receive a RESELLER license to WP SociXplode so you can market WP SociXplode and keep one hundred (100%) of the profits.

Final Thoughts

Well I would have to say that this software product is certainly for real. But like the majority of products these days, you will find numerous one time offers and upgrades within their sales funnel. This can be both good or bad dependent on the specific situation. As long as the primary product offered delivers as promised without any upgrades then I don’t mind them at all.

It is only when you have to buy one (1) or several upgrades in order to get the full benefit of the initial offer, that I have a problem with upgrades. If the upgrades are designed to improve what is already working, then they offer an intelligent choice after you are already making money and benefiting from the initial product.

This product seems to deliver on its initial offer when using it to generate traffic from Facebook, although it is necessary to upgrade in order to use the same system for other social sites. Facebook can be a wonderful source of traffic, but similar to Google Adwords it has become very expensive to advertise effectively.

That being said, this software tool will help increase traffic and generate leads without that expense. By using Facebook effectively, you can more easily access your target market in order to generate the type of traffic and leads which will more likely convert by increasing visitor engagement.

Again, in order to maximize this software system by putting it on complete autopilot with various social media sites, it is necessary to upgrade. Overall I think this can be a helpful product in one’s marketing campaigns, but like with any other tool or traffic strategy, there are no guarantees as to results. If you desire utilizing social media to generate traffic, this can help. Personally, I use social media to a minimal extent and much prefer to increase traffic through my sites organically through SEO, as well as selective paid advertising. Once again, it all depends if something like this would fit in and benefit your overall marketing strategy.

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Final Conclusion: Online Marketing

Enjoy your Onlime Marketing adventure,


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World Travel On A Budget — How To Make It Work

travel bargains

There are ways to save money whether you are visiting one (1), a few destinations, or if you are on a long-term worldwide adventure. In this article on world travel on a budget, we will explore a few different scenarios intended to save you some bucks while traveling. Traveling on a Budget

I personally know people who love to travel, and some who after they have retired have chosen to stay on the road on a permanent basis. With a little careful research and planning you can save quite a bit of money in your travels.

Traveling Inexpensively

When desiring to save money in your travels you can find many ways to lower your expenses, and there are even fun ways to make money while you travel about. There are websites and apps designed to assist in your money saving efforts.

You can still find value and do what you want to do while lowering your expenses. With the right budget and mindset, you will discover a whole new world of cost savings while traveling.

One way to drastically reduce your travel costs is to take advantage of the Sharing Economy. There are plenty of sharing economy websites which will provide you information on ride share options, home cooked meals with local chefs, cheap accommodations, and tour guides full of vital cost saving information. The locals are your best source of contacts and deals. In my personal travels, I have been helped tremendously by taking the time and making the effort to get to know a few locals. They will direct you to the best places like restaurants, bars, and stores with the best prices.

Here are a few websites to check out. For ride sharing there is BlaBla Car, for good meals at good prices EatWith, for tours check out Vayable, and then for accommodations there is AirBnB.

You can save a heck of a lot of money by Cooking Your Own Meals while traveling. You can save hundreds of dollars per week versus eating out all the time. Many guesthouses, hostels, and campsites have kitchens. If not, salads and sandwiches will get you by. If you are CouchSurfing, the majority of your hosts will have kitchens.

Another way to get some ideas on how to lower your budget while traveling is to Access Your Social Network. There are many people online and offline who can offer helpful tips based on their previous experiences. Quite possibly someone you know within your social network has a relative or friend in the area to which you are traveling, and would be willing to put you up for a few days. By networking with friends, family, and social contacts you may be able to find someone to offer some free accommodations. The nice thing is as you continue in your travels you will naturally build up and increase your network of friends around the world. And of course it is good practice to repay any favors you receive along the way.

A great way to learn about the city and area which you are visiting is to take a Free Walking Tour which you can locate through the local visitor center or tourist office, as well as asking the staff at a hostel in the area. Or to make it even easier just Google the location and put in “free walking tour”, and that should give you plenty of ideas and info. This is a great way to see the sights, learn a bit about the area, and make some new contacts.

Now for getting around through the air, you can decrease your cost or even get Free flights using Travel Credit Cards. Many of these cards give you an upfront bonus around fifty thousand (50,000) points for just signing up. A few cards to check out are Wells Fargo Propel, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Capital One Venture, Gold Delta SkyMiles, Chase Sapphire Preferred, American Express, and Marriott Bonvoy Boundless. You accumulate points even faster when you sign up for an airlines card such as Delta or United, as well as a general rewards card such as I mentioned above, so you can combine your balances when booking a flight. When you take the time to search there are other ways to gather points for travel through online surveys and spending rebates. Some of these points can also be applied to accommodations and car rentals. Travel Savings

When you are in an area in which you want to see the sights, get a Tourism Card for that particular city. This gives you some free transportation options, as well as discounted prices (and sometimes free) for museums and other attractions. The local tourism office or visitor center offer these cards as well as being a wealth of local information and tips.

For those of you under the age of twenty-six (26), you can take advantage of Student, Teacher, and Youth Cards. These normally provide you with a fifty (50%) discount. Even recent graduates can use their student cards if they don’t have an expiration date on them. A good policy to keep in mind is to always ask if discounts are available for students, teachers, and youths, as well as for seniors. Here in the United States ex and current military folks get quite a few discounts especially in areas which have a military base.

Especially while traveling in place like Europe be sure to grab a Rail Pass such as Eurail. You can travel the region by train very inexpensively. If you do book individual train trips instead, you can save up to fifty (50%) percent by taking the time to book ahead, but you don’t have as much flexibility as you are committed to a set time.

Traveling 4 Free

Befor we get into this section, check out this short video on Travel Hacking.

If you are willing to sacrifice a little convenience and comfort, there are activities, accommodations, and transportation which can be accessed at no cost. In this way you are able to extend the timefrane of your travels as long as desired.

Some of the ideas which I mentioned above regarding traveling inexpensively will also apply here, but let’s get a little more specific about ways of locating resources as we move about in our travels and desire to not only save money, but get stuff for free.

One of the first things which comes to mind is to find some sort of Employment to subsidize your trip. There’s are numerous ways to go here such as seasonal work (lifeguards, hotel or restaurant staff, instructors etc.), work on a yacht, tour guide, cruise ship jobs, ski resort jobs, bartender, au pair, work in a casino, farm work, work in a hostel, etc. Now this is just to earn a few extra bucks and not a lifetime career by any means.

Check out my blog post How To Make Money While Traveling The World for even more ideas.

If you enjoy teaching, a fun way to make money and meet the locals is by Teaching English. Dependent on the country you are in you may need a TEFL degree, but in other countries as long as you speak and understand English well, you are good to go. Many companies in Asia will even pay for your transportation to get to their location, because of the increased demand for teachers in their specifc area.

As I mentioned previously Couchsurfing is definitely an option for free or low cost accommodations, but Large Hostel Dorms are about the least expensive way to get a place to stay if couchsurfing isn’t your thing. The larger the dorm the more money you will save.

There are a bunch of services which will hook you up with locals so you can Stay For Free. This is mainly through CouchSurfing. You will sometimes get your own room, while at other times you will be on the living room couch or an air mattress. Also, you can make contacts in your location by attending a few CouchSurfing MeetUp groups. So get off of the tourist track and hook up with the locals with these websites: GlobalFreeloaders, Servas, and CouchSurfing.

Now dependent on your sense of adventure, another way to travel about is through Hitchhiking. I personally have done quite a bit of this in my younger days, and met a lot of interesting folks along the way. In many parts of the world, this is quite common and safe. Just use some common sense and you can get around just about anywhere.

Another way to save tons of money while traveling is to do some HouseSitting. There are a number of websites which you can get registered on to take care of people’s places while they are off traveling about as well. Here are a few sites to check out: Home Exchange, House Carers, and Trusted Housesitters.

Summing Things Up

Now I look forward that I have provided sufficient information here to at least get you started in the right direction in order to be able to cut your travel costs. Everyone has a different agenda and comfort level, so many of these suggestions will not apply to certain folks, but at least it will stimulate some ideas as to possibilities on ways to save money while traveling.

Over the years I have personally save quite a bit of money using some of these strategies and techniques, but at other times I just look for the best deal and book away. So dependent on your specific circumstances and preferences, you can always find ways not to pay full price. Whether it is a Five (5) Star hotel or a local hostel, there are always ways to negotiate a deal.

Let me know in the Comment Section your thoughts on this and any questions you may have. All the Best in your Travels.

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Happy Travels,

Joseph William

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In A Moment Of Time — The Miracle Appears

In a Moment of Time

There is no need to wait for our special moments, or the miracles we seek within our lives. They are actually right here and right now. Our vision is just a bit fuzzy. All of this can change in a moment of time.The Miracle Appears

Let’s explore a few ideas and insights designed to hasten the process of waking up and clearing up our vision. This stuff is not to be figured out, but merely experienced.

So Many Special Moments

We merely have to think back a bit to many of our experiences in life, both good and bad, and see that we are responsible for our growth. No matter how much of a roller coaster ride our lives may have been, and may still be now, there are gems within those experiences to be mined and used to fuel our growth.

By leaving the labels off of these many experiences, and just having them be an occurrence in time, we are able to use these moments in a way which benefits us now and into the future. Having worked for many years in the mental health field, I have met many wonderful people who have had some really crazy and hurtful experiences.

As always, it is our choice how we respond to them. Depression is a condition I have found amongst those who only focus on what is wrong, without allowing themselves to aware of some of the more worthwhile things which have occurred, and are currently taking place in their lives. We have the Choice of how we Focus our Minds.  We are the Captain of our vessel.

So no matter how we choose to label them, we all have had many special moments in our lives. Good or bad, happy or sad, painful or peaceful, etc., are just experiences in our lives. No matter how or why they arrived, we have always had the choice of how to respond to them.

These moments are not special because of their labels, whether positive or negative, but they are special because they are learning devices intended to be used to Wake Ourselves Up to our very Essence, which is pure Love and Joy. Again, this is not an intellectual endeavor to be figured out. It requires us to position ourselves in a way which provides the right atmosphere and conditions for us to Experience who we really are beyond the falsity of the images we have placed upon ourselves and others.

Gratitude and Forgiveness Lead the Way

Being grateful for whatever we have, and the fullness of life which currently exists even if we refuse to see, is a step in the direction which will lead us to break free from our self-imposed prisons. Add to this forgiveness of ourselves and others for what we perceive to be real, but are merely projections based on our uncertainty and fear, and we are now positioning ourselves in a more favorable light to experiences some knowledge and revelation.

This is a most amazing journey within ourselves to discover that things are not what they seem to be. All the fear and suffering falls away when we truly realize that we and our companions along the way are of good intent. We are either expressing love, or asking for it. The craziness we observe “out there” is merely the result of our fears, plus the guilt we hold for having misplaced our love and joy, and having substituted it for mistrust and anger toward ourselves, others, and the world.  Experiencing Joy and Love

When we eventually forgive ourselves, we will be most willing to forgive others as well, as at this point we will have experienced the relief of letting go, and allowing the Presence of Who We Are to filter through. Gratitude and forgiveness will get us there, because this is what will awaken us to actually perceive our misperceptions, and allow our greater knowledge to come through.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not an easy process to be sure.  Facing up to the lies and illusions we have bought into and even cherish to an extent, will definitely be a challenge to let go.  One thing to keep in mind is that is takes infinitely more effort, and is much more stressful, to keep up the facade, than it does to deal with the uncertainty and just let go.  Again this needs to be experienced and not merely thought about.

In a Moment of Time

By no means does this have to take a long time to occur. All of this is waiting for us right here and now. When we are imprisoned by false perceptions and beliefs, we do not know any better, because we see what we see and have projected on our Screen of Existence. But this screen of existence is what keeps up trapped.

Understanding this will lead the way for us to experience a whole new life which is based on joy, not suffering. When we experience this, the lights are turned on and the darkness disappears. And it disappears in a mere moment, because the veil has been pierced and the cloud cover has dissolved.

Now in a linear fashion this my appear to take some “time” to dissolve, but it is all happening right now. Joy is available right this moment. When we Know this to be True, we will experience it.

One way to hasten the process is to live from Joy right now by being willing to forgive. There is so much to acknowledge around us right now, which for one reason or another (limiting beliefs which keep the blinders on) we refuse to see, which will bring us the happiness and joy we so desire. The reason for this is that we Are that happiness and joy, or to better sum it up, “Love”.

In one brief moment our lives are transformed into Who we really Are. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to get. We have it right this moment. It is our very Essence, Being, and Birthright.

A Process of Letting Go

The reason all this can be transformed in just a moment of time is because we have no need to add things, but to let them go. The false data and misinformation which we have gathered and believed to be hard facts, instead of mere perceptions of what we think is there, are what we need to choose to release.

Just like we do the spring cleaning process and empty out the closets and garage of needless clutter, we now get to release the useless clutter from our minds. This will allow us to see with a new Vision of Reality.

“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” — Marcel Proust —

So let us all endeavor to see with new eyes so that we can truly recognize the clues which exist all around us, which will serve to awaken us to our true Beingness beyond all the shadows and false images. This new sight is not with our physical eyes which tend to mislead us, but with our inner vision which has access to the knowledge and joy which we all truly seek, and is abundantly available right this moment when we ask correctly.
And at that point we suddenly realize that it was not a miracle at all, but merely a reawakening to How Things Really Are and Always Have Been.

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Always remember to Forgive & Forget,


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Affiliate Funnel Clones Review

Sales Funnel Templates

Affiliate Funnel Clones Review Funnel templates

Name: Affiliate Funnel Clones

Website: AffiliateFunnelClones.com <<

Price: $47 One Time or $27 per month

Owner: Alan Magliocca, Simon Harries, Ryan Allaire

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is designed to assist you with putting together your affiliate marketing campaigns. These are ready-to-go campaign templates which have been created by professional website designers.

The software developer, Simon Harries, has developed many other products previously such as Product Lab, VPS, Converzly, and EmailForce.

This product launched on February 20, 2018. It combines list building/lead generation and selling in one step. It is a combined lead and sales funnel.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Numerous ready-made templates
  3. Covers a wide variety of niches
  4. Fourteen (14) day Money Back Guarantee
  5. No technical experience required to use and benefit from
  6. Full training

The Not So Good:

  1. Takes a bit of time to review the training videos and get used to how the system works (dashboard and specific functions)
  2. No template editor so you can’t add your own graphics if you want
  3. Emphais is on solo ads which are expensive to run with uncertain results
  4. Many of the traffic sources can be found on your own for free
  5. The sales page over promotes this whole process
  6. It is made to sound easier than it is to obtain good quality leads
  7. There is too much emphasis on promoting JVZoo products and their own affiliate program

Who is Affiliate Funnel Clones For?

This product is targeted to all levels of internet marketers who desire to increase their online presence and increase their traffic flow. The easy to use process is ideal for folks starting out in the online world.

Tools & Training

Training tutorials provided in back office. The members’ area is calledL Affiliate Academics (AA).

  • Page Builder — enables you to generate any kind of promotional page that you desire by utilizing the done-for-you templates, or you can use the built-in tools to create a new template.
  • There are five (5) custom templates that can be edited for your specific needs, and they are suitable for various niche markets which are currently trending.
  • Third-party hosting service through Google Cloud Engine, a premium Google hosting service, so there is no need to set up hosting on your own
  • You are able to display the domains that you follow and like onto your website through executing a few clicks.
  • Drag-n-drop editor which customizes your pages based on your individual preferences and needs
  • Video training course explains exactly how to best utilize the Affiliate Funnel Clones software
  • Step 1: Log in to the back office through your personal account which you set up
  • Step 2: Connect to the autoresponder of your choice
  • Step 3: Add the specific affiliate link and then save your information


Email Support: support@affiliateacademics.com


$47 One Time Payment or $27 per month


OTO 1 — Affiliate Funnel Clones Premium Upgrade – $47

You get twenty-five (25) additional affiliate funnels as well as the core five (5) funnels. This gives you thirty (30) affiliate funnel pages ready for you to send traffic. This allows you to market more products in other niches which will diversity your income streams and increase your lead generation.

-OTO 2 — Affiliate Email Vault – $27

To make things even easier you are able to access email swipes to help you increase conversions in your various affiliate offers. These emails are said to have been tested and have shown positive results in increasing conversions.

-OTO 3 — Affiliate Funnel Studio – $47/Month or $297/Year

This allows you to create UNLIMITED affiliate funnels to increase your affiliate offers to maximize and diversify your income streams. Affiliate funnels are dripped to your account every month. These are the funnels that are said to be personally used by the creators of this program.

Final Thoughts

This software can help a person starting out in affiliate marketing, but personally it is my opinion that there are better products out there. There is too much emphasis on JVZoo products in the members’ area. The training emphasizes marketing these products through email marketing.

This type of training can be learned more effectively in other programs available on the market. With this program you are basically marketing JVZoo products as well as the Affiliate Funnel Clones product itself as an affiliate.

You are able to access some attractive opt-in pages with the funnels, but to access more you have to pay for the upgrades. It’s an okay product but nothing special.

Also the traffic training offer a couple of options to generate traffic. One is advertising on five (5) selected sites which are basically solo ads, but it is a bit expensive to advertise, and I am not sure about the results. PPC and SEO have always been found, in my opinion, to be much more reliable sources of high quality traffic.

The other method for traffic is a training which shows you how to create YouTube video reviews, and how to do Launch Jacking. These are methods that can work, but it is not necessary to pay in order to learn this. There are plenty of free resources available online.
There is too much hype on the sales page in regard to combining lead generation and sales. Yes, this is doable, but not as easy as it is promoted to be.

You really don’t learn anything new about email marketing, and things like YouTube reviews and Launch Jacking you can learn on your own for free.

All-in-all I think this is an average program at best, and I do not recommend it. Even though the price is only forty-seven ($47) dollars, your money is better spent elsewhere given the limited training, and traffic sources which you can find on your own. There are many traffic sources that are free or less expensive than solo ads, and much more effective.

The only reason I can find to purchase this program is if you want to be an affiliate and promote it. But again, given the quality of the program, there would not be much incentive to do that.

Final Conclusion About Average

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To your Success,


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What To Do In Lithuania? — More Than You Might Think


Now here is the country of my heritage. My grandparents were born there, as well as my uncle on my mother’s side. Growing up in a Lithuanian household, I was immersed in the culture. I was recently inspired to write about what to do in Lithuania so I can share some of my heritage. Lithuania

The food, the family ties, and the special get togethers with family and friends will always be close to my heart. I still enjoy preparing some ethnic dishes today to share with friends and family. The only regret I have is not learning the language. I know a few words, but my parents mostly spoke Lithuanian when they didn’t want me to know what they were talking about.

What’s So Special about Lithuania? — A Bit of History

Located in the southernmost part of Europe’s Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), Lithuania borders Belarus, Poland, Russia, and Latvia. It was formerly a Soviet bloc nation, and it re-established its sovereignty on Marth 11, 1990 after the collapse of the Iron Curtain. This act of independence resulted in some political and economic sanctions by the Soviets, and actually some armed violence in January 1991. There was another coup d’etat by the Soviets in August 1991, but that also failed due to the fierce independent nature of the Lithuanian people. Lithuania was admitted to the United Nations on September 17, 1991.

Lithuania was the largest state in Europe in the fifteenth (15th) century, and then formed a union with Poland (the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) in 1569, which lasted until 1795; after that they were under the rule of the Russian Empire until the twentieth (20th) century.

They were re-established as a democratic state on February 16, 1918, and remained so until the beginning of World War II (1918 to 1940), when they were taken over and occupied by the Soviet Union. There was a brief occupation by Germany during the war, but then they were again absorbed back into the Soviet Union for close to fifty (50) years.

A privatization campaign was put together as part of the economic transition to capitalism. Government-owned commercial and residential entities were sold off, and investment vouchers were issued to be used during the privatization campaign in lieu of currency. The Lithuanian litas was issued in June 1993 with a fixed exchange rate to the United States dollar in 1994, and the Euro in 2002. On January 1, 2015 the litas was changed to the Euro.

Even though independence was gained, Russia did not withdraw its presence completely until August 31, 1993. Lithuania joined the European Union in October 2002. Lithuania was hit hard by the global financial crisis, and in 2009 had its worst recession ever. After its admission to the European Union, Lithuania has lost close to twenty (20%) percent of its working population to better economic opportunities elsewhere.

A Few Interesting Facts

Here’s a short video to give you a little background on the source of my roots.

  • Located in Eastern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea
  • The capital is Vilnius
  • The name ‘Lithuania’ was first mentioned in 1009 in the Annals of Quedlinburg
  • The physical size of Lithuania is 25,212 square miles (65,300 square kilometers)
  • The population fo Lithuania is over two million eight hundred thousand folks (2,850,400)
  • A French scientist in 1989 discovered that Lithuania is the geographical center of Europe
  • There are many well-known Lithuanians who are writers, actors, singers, sports figures, and artists. Dick Butkus formerly of the Chicago Bears football team and Frank Thomas who played for the New York Mets in the 1960s, and actors Ruta Lee, Laurence Harvey, Charles Bronson, and the singer Pink and also Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the Killers.
  • The only country in the world that has a national perfume, The Scent of Lithuania, released in 2010 consists of sandalwood, musk, wild flowers, raspberry, and ginger.
  • The fastest broadband with download speeds of thirty (30) M bps. One of the fastest internet connections anywhere in the world with plenty of free WiFi spots throughout the country.
  • The first country in Europe to introduce ‘Local Breakout’ (LBO) technology which provides inexpensive mobile internet for travelers and avoids large roaming charges.
  • Known for its breweries and great tasting beer. Many awards have been won at the World Beer Awards.
  • The distilling of vodka from corn was first made by the Lithuanians.
  • The National Dish of Lithuania is Cepelinai — dumplings made from grated and riced potatoes and stuffed with ground meat or dry curd cheese or mushrooms
  • On Easter the children always get ready for the Easter Granny who deliveries the eggs in the early morning while the children are fast asleep. The bunnies help her decorate the eggs and load her cart.
  • The most popular sport in Lithuania is basketball. It has the fourth (4th) best basketball team in the world. Arvydas Sobonis played in the NBA for the Portland Trail Blazers after playing several years for the Lithuanian National Team. Currently playing in the NBA are Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Jonas Valancuiunas, and Domas Sabonis.
  • An Indo-European language, it is the oldest language and closest to Sanskrit. German, Greek, Latin, Celtic and Slavic are all ancient languages but not as old as Lithuanian.
  • With forests covering one third (1/3) of the country, Lithuania is known as the Land of Nature. There are many nature reserves, national parks, and protected regions.
  • The National Bird is the stork so it is also called the Land of Storks.
  • It has the oldest oak tree in Europe, The Stelmuze Oak, which is more than one thousand five hundred (1500) years old, and is seventy-five (75) feet high (23 meters).
  • The Curonian Spit is one of the largest moving sand dunes in Europe located by the sea.

Some Things to Do

Now let’s get down to what there is to do around here. Obviously, sightseeing throughout the country is an enjoyable venture with the many lakes, forests, national parks, and small intimate towns scattered about. There are many historical and military heritage sites as well as spa resorts to check out.

Most of all the people here are friendly and will make any activity fun and worthwhile. Okay, let’s get a bit more specific and discuss a few locations of interest.

Kedainiai Old Town is one of the oldest towns in Lithuania with stunning baroque architecture. Founded in 1372 as a fishing village, it has many Protestant and Orthodox churches as well as synagogues. There are many townhouses from the Baroque period as well as several market squares where you can obtain produce anytime during the week.

An interesting site is the Beekeeping Museum which opened in 1984, and is located in the Aukstaitija National Park. Here you can learn the complete history of beekeeping where at one time bees were considered sacred, and honey even today is a friendship symbol. The Atomic Bunker Museum in Kaunas describes the war history of Lithuania. It is located in an underground nuclear bunker which was built during the Soviet period. To learn about the folk customs of Lithuania check out the Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum. Covering the past two hundred (200)) years you get a glimpse of over eight (80) buildings and reconstructed villages containing traditional toys, costumes, and religious artifacts. The Devil’s Museum, also in Kaunas, displays over three thousand (3000) pieces of artwork with images of mythological creatures, witches, and the devil. Trakai Island Castle

A lake resort close to Vilnius is Trakai, which dates back to the thirteenth (13th) century. It is located within the Trakai Historical National Park. Surrounded by water the Island Castle hosts the Trakai Castle Festival. There are over two hundred (200) lakes in this region of the country. Also, for more than seven (7) centuries descendants of a Crimean family have created a Karaim culture in Trakai with its own unique cuisine and language.

The Curonian Spit, a product of a glacier five thousand (5000) years ago, is a long strip of sand between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. In the Curonian Spit National Park is Naringa, which is a natural spa from the waters of the Baltic Sea. It is known for its healing properties because of the minerals in the water. Visit the Kursiu Nerija National Park and view some of the highest dunes in all of Europe. The park was established in 1991 to protect the ecosystems of the Curonian Spit.

In the city of Siauliai you will find the Hill of Crosses. It is quite amazing, as there are thousands (1000s) of different kinds of crosses, large and small made of metal and wood. It stands as a memorial for those who died over the years defending their country.

The 19th Century Ginuciai Water Mill is located near Ignalina along the waters which lead to Lake Linkmenas. Previously used to produce electricity and flour, today it is a museum with a hotel. Containing all of its traditional machinery, it is the only remaining wooden mill in the country.

Grutas Park, located near Druskininkai about eighty-one (81) miles (130k) southwest of Vilnius, is a cultural center with Soviet era relics and a sculpture garden. There are over eight-six (86) different Soviet monuments and statues, as well as models of Soviet prison camps.

An interesting place to visit is Uzupis, a former part of Vilnius, when it was the Jewish section of town. In 1997, it declared independence from Vilnius and now has its own constitution and president. Today it is one of the most vibrant areas of Lithuania filled with art galleries and an underground music scene. Also, every Thursday you can pick up some organic produce from all parts of the country at the street market.

The second largest city, Kaunas, is located at the junction of the Nemunas and Neris rivers. Known as the city of culture, it has a beautiful old town area and over forty (40) museums. Visit Vyautas Church, Kaunas Castle, and Kaunas Cathedral Basilica while you are there. There are many Gothic, renaissance, and baroque designs which may captivate your interest.

The most beautiful Italian baroque building in all of Lithuania is the Pazaislis Monastery, and it is the largest monastery in the country. Built in 1662 and remodeled in the 1990s it has been used as a psychiatric hospital and art gallery. It is also the location of an annual international music festival during the summer.

Filled with beautiful pine and spruce trees, Aukstaitija National Park is a great place to take in the local fauna and flora. There are also deer, elk, and wild boar to be seen. With thirty (30) rivers and one hundred and twenty-six (126) lakes, thirty (30%) of the entire park is water. Lake Baluosas has seven (7) islands to explore while viewing the gorgeous scenery. This is where the Beekeeping Museum is located, as well as an old water mill.

Now Let’s Check Out Vilnius Vilnius Lithuania

Known for its baroque architecture, the capital of Lithuania offers much to do and see. Its population is approximately 544,386.

The street art here is fantastic; like elsewhere around the world it has a sociopolitical bent. Although prevalent throughout the city, the bests places to view it is in the Uzupis area of town on Pylimo Street and across the Neris River on Olimpieciu Street, also known as Graffiti Pier.

Located in the old Gestapo and KGB headquarters is The Museum of Genocide Victims. It may not be the most pleasant part of your trip, but it is a significant part of the history of this area. You will definitely get a glimpse of what it was like to be under Nazi and Soviet rule. The Amber Museum Gallery is in the basement of a fifteenth (15th) century home which has pieces of amber on display that are claimed to be fifty million (50M) years old. Formerly known as Baltic Gold, it was an integral part of maritime trade routes way back when. There is also a gift shop on the premises.

On the banks of the river Neris you will find Verkiai Regional Park where you will find tourists and local mingling in order to relax and take in the large green spaces, great lakes, and cycle paths. In addition to swimming, walking, or jogging, you can also drop into the Verkiai Mill which is the local beer garden/restaurant.

With its well-preserved buildings and architecture, Vilnius Old Town is considered one of the top medieval towns in all of Europe, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cobbled streets of the main plaza are where you will find plenty of bars and restaurants. Also, located in the Old Town area are the Presidential Palace, St. Anne’s Church, and two (2) Jewish sections of the city.

A high wall with nine (9) protected gates was built six hundred (600) years ago surrounding the city of Vilnius. Only one of these entrance points remains today, The Gate of Dawn. It is an attraction for many who seek a miracle from the icon of the Virgin Mary which is situated in the Gate’s chapel.

Once of the prettiest buildings in the city is St. Anne’s Church with rose windows and brick towers. It was constructed in 1501 in Gothic style with a grand bell tower. Inside you will find high ceilings and carved pews.

At the former site of the Bank of Lithuania is the Money Museum where you can learn about the local currency, the litas, as well as other currencies. You will learn about the history of banking of the country, and how after the fall of Communism silverware was returned to Lithuania. You can also weigh yourself to find how much you weigh in gold or other precious metals.

Built in the fifteenth (15th) century, the Church of the Holy Spirit is one of the most beautiful churches in Vilnius. It was formerly a Catholic church and monastery, and then became an Orthodox church. With sixteen (16) altars, marble inlays, and frescoes, it is a location worth visiting. Dating back to the thirteenth (13th) century, the Vilnius Cathedral had quite a history having been destroyed by fires several times. The current structure was built in 1801 in neoclassical style.

Dating back from the fourteenth (14th) century, the Presidential Palace is the home of the President (Gitanas Nausėda — elected in (2019) n Daukanto Square. There is a daily changing of the guard as well as a flag changing ceremony on Sundays.

To get a full ‘flavor’ of the food scene in Vilnius, check out the Food Tasting Tour. It takes about three (3) hours but is time well spent. Sample the local cuisine while also visiting the Hales Market, which has been around since 1906, and is one of the oldest markets in the city.

Plenty to See and Do

As you can see from my brief description above, there is a heck of a lot of stuff to do in Vilnius and the surrounding areas. In addition to the natural beauty and numerous lakes and rivers throughout the country, the cities provide much activity as well as a glimpse into the history of this part of the world.

As far as accommodations are concerned you will find places available within any budget option.

Low budget alternatives are Jimmy Jumps Hostel, Litinterp Guest House, and the Downtown Forest Hotel and Camping.

A bit more upscale is the Artagonist Art Hotel with gorgeous rooms and plenty of original art.

Also, there are plenty of options (over 500) with Airbnb in the area.

I look forward that I have expanded your travel vision a bit, and opened up this area of the world to your future travel consideration and options.

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Enjoy your travels and many adventures,


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What Is My Next Step?– It Will Be Revealed…

Stairway to Success

There are times in our lives when we are unable to decide exactly what we want to do, or how exactly we want to do it. It is at these times when it is especially important for us to take a ‘step’ back, allow things to just be as they are, and then ask ourselves “what is my next step?”. Making Decisions

When we are able to relax a bit and not force things, we will be surprised how effortlessly we will receive an intuitive urge. This bit of insight will be all that we need to fuel our pump and get things moving in our desired direction.

It Can’t Be That Easy

A common thought which we have when we hear something like this is that it just can’t be that easy. When we are confused about something, we often feel like we are trapped in quicksand unable to move or think clearly. It is just a matter of time for panic to set in.

It is exactly at these times which we need to stop, allow things to just be as they are, and embrace the present moment to the best of our ability. When we truly get ourselves in the “nowness” of the moment, we eventually realize that things are okay Right Now. No matter what is going on around us or in our lives, right this second things are “Good Already”. There is nowhere to go and nothing to get to have this experience. It is here right this very moment.

Regardless of common opinion, things do not have to be difficult or complex in order to get resolved. Simplicity is the key to resolving many of our issues once we are able to remove much of the debris which crowds our mind when we are faced with critical decisions. Yes, it may not be easy but it is not complicated at all.

A Series of Steps

Once we determine what our next or first step is to be, the following one will be revealed based on a new set of circumstances. When we get the ball rolling, we lose any inertia we may have experienced, and we suddenly discover many new avenues which we can pursue. These are things we may never have thought of or discovered without taking that previous step(s).

Also, we realize that this process works on any objectives which we wish to accomplish. The only thing that changes is the content of the situation. There are always a series of steps which take us where we desire to go.

Of course, there may be some detours along the way. These should be expected and not avoided. As we begin any journey we need to have the feedback from our previous actions in order to self-correct. It is no different from flying an airplane and needing to make constant adjustments to keep it on course.

Allowing Things To Be

One of the keys to all of this is being able to relax and just allows things to be as they are. And I do agree that this is something easier said than done when faced with some dramatic occurrences in our lives. But regardless of the challenge, it is a necessary component to making steady progress in life, and in learning to enjoy the process of getting things done.

We allow things to be because that is the way they are. We can observe all of our resistance, fear, and anger and recognize that it is coming from within ourselves. Another person in the very same set of circumstances will often act much differently. This is a significant realization. At this point we have regained our power by taking responsibility for our past decisions and the results which have showed up.

When we are able to do this, we have transformed ourselves from being run by lots of fear, guilt, and blaming others and circumstances for our problems, to being the self-determining creator of our lives who we really are. At this point, many illusions and false images of “the way things should be” merely fall by the wayside. We have begun the Clean Up Process of eliminating many false beliefs and assumptions which we so dearly hold, but which project a distorted view of reality.

A Few Practical Steps to Take Along the Way

Let’s break this down even further so that it becomes quite apparent what we can accomplish once we empty our minds of some of the debris, which we have picked up along the way of our journey through life. It is much more of a clearing out process which gets us to our desired destination, rather than adding more “recycled knowledge and data”.

When we are able to relax a bit and just observe what’s going on, this type of Presence and Observation serves to unearth many of our fears and outdated assumptions and beliefs. These often come to the surface, but we are so distracted by other things going on, that we fail to recognize some of these beliefs which are responsible for much of our distress and apprehension.

By paying more attention to what is actually there, we will more and more recognize them when they surface, and once we do we will see them for what they really are, powerless illusions and false data seeming real. When we address these ideas and thoughts straight on, they lose their effectiveness to influence us in any way. Their only power was fueled by our fears of the unknown. This is similar to the man behind the curtain pretending to be the Wizard of Oz; once exposed all the imagery is revealed for what it really is, nothing at all.

Another realization we will have is that all the meaning which exists within our life experience is just the meaning which we give to people and things. Nothing more than this. Many Possibilities

With a few of these realizations, our fears and apprehensions will begin to dissipate, and we will be much more effective in recognizing the steps which we need to take to get where we desire to go. Complexity will turn into simplicity.

Decision Time

It is time now to make a few simple choices. Nothing too complicated. This will be different for each of us. What do we truly desire? The answer to this question will fuel all of our choices which will lead to the steps which we will then effortlessly take.

The majority of the work is in the preparation where we are paving the way for ourselves to move forward with conviction and confidence. The only way to get to this point is by clearing the way in order to recognize and then eliminate the garbage and debris in our minds that get in our way of being the fully functioning powerhouses whom we truly are.

Spend the time to get to know yourself a little better, and you will be surprised what you will find, and what will be revealed. You then will have no difficulty at all in answering the question of “What is my Nest Step?”,

Enjoy the journey within, which is full of surprises and wonder. Although a bit disconcerting at times, it is most worth the time spent to discover what makes us tick, or whom we really are.

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iPocket Video Review

smartphone videos

iPocket Video Review Smartphone Video Marketing

Name: iPocket Video
Website: iPocketVideo.net <<

Price: $27 One Time Investment
Owner: Joey Xoto

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an in depth video training course which teaches you how to shoot video with your smartphone. In addition to the iPhone, the course has been upgraded to include Android now as well. It is taught in a step-by-step basis to ensure that you are able to grasp the concepts in order to produce professional looking videos.

The creator of the course, Joey Xoto, is a professional video marketer who has launched several products online. In video marketing, he has over seven (7) years of experience. He has earned over a quarter of a million ($250,000+) dollars utilizing his video marketing techniques.

This course is intended for you to be able to quickly learn how to create high converting videos to promote affiliate items or your own products. It is designed to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) when you embed these videos on your squeeze or sales pages.

These types of high quality videos are designed to go viral at a much faster rate in building your audience, and establishing yourself as an authority in your specific niche.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Save money in creating professional looking videos (no need to hire others to do it)
  3. No need for expensive equipment
  4. Thirty (30) day Mone Back Guarantee
  5. No special technical skills required

The Not So Good:

  1. Takes a bit of time to get familiar with the process
  2. Have to enjoy taking videos with your phone

Who is iPocket Video For?

This product will assist any blogger or internet marketer who desires to utilize video in their work. It eliminates the need for expensive equipment and allows you to produce professional videos on your smartphone, whether Apple or Android.

Tools & Training

Step–by Step training videos in the members’ area with resources which you can download.

Section One (1) Modules — The Basics

Module One (1): Create Professional Videos on your Smartphone — teaches how to transform phone videos from low to high quality.

Module Two (2): Five (5) Steps to Ensure Great Filming Before You Start — take the necessary steps to avoid having to refilm because of low quality production.

Module Three (3): Crisp, Perfect Audio — reviews how to create high quality audio in order to increase viewer retention and conversions.

Module Four (4): The Best Ways to Record — with your current tools you have ways to start and stop recording effortlessly without even needing to touch the phone. You are able to control your recording from a distance without shaky footage.

Module Five (5): Create Depth of Field Shots — learn to obtain higher focus on the subject of your video shot with a blurred background to increase effects.

Module Six (6): Stable Shots Made Easy — learn to create a professional look to your videos by getting stable footage even when you hold your camera without a tripod.

Module Seven (7): One (1) Simple Trick to Look Like a Million Bucks — learn how to obtain wide-angle videos to increase retention and conversions by emphasizing high video quality. No need for expensive cameras and lenses. An inexpensive tool will create the same effect on your smartphone.

Module Eight (8): Steady Exposure and Focus with Smartphone — shows you how to handle traditional issues with filming with your smartphone. Learn to control white balance, shoot in slow and high speed motion, and manipulate the light source.

Module Nine (9): Professional Smartphone Filming Set-Up — learn to create high quality videos by learning how to use the tools for creating professional videos.

Section Two (2) Modules — Super Hero Shooting

Module One (1): The Secrets to Beautiful Footage — learn how to create a “mood” with different types of shots by watching real life examples. Create an authoritative vibe and a professional look with these techniques.
Module Two (2): Film Rules That Maximize Viewer Interest — learn advanced filming techniques and rules which enable you to create high quality videos which captivate your audience. You will learn how to use B-Roll and other composition techniques such as the Rule of Thirds.

Module Three (3): Lighting Like a Pro — learn to utilize low budget and easy to use lighting which creates a professional look and effect.

Module Four (4): Moving Head Videos Done Right — learn how to correctly film others or yourself talking on camera by creating the best lighting and composition. Also learn a way to maximize viewer interest on these moving head videos.

Section Three (3) Modules — the Easiest Editing Ever

Module One (1): Never Fear Editing Again — learn step-by-step editing techniques by watching the creator of this course implement these techniques. Learn how to edit your videos even on your smartphone. You have the choice whether you desire to upload your videos to your computer or not.

Module Two (2): Adding Music — increase the interest in your videos by using royalty-free music. Learn how to properly integrate it with your videos to create the desired effect. Information also included on where to find the best royalty-free music.

Module Three (3): Royalty-Free Stock Footage — learn how to add extra stock footage to your videos which will increase interest by breaking up the content. It is not necessary to film anything yourself; just use your smartphone and no extra tools are necessary.


24/7 support email support.


$27 One Time Investment

Final Thoughts

For those interested in incorporating video into their online marketing efforts, this training course will save you significant time and money in producing professional looking videos of high quality which convert well. It is intended to help you increase sales and build your online reputation and authority.

This is a product which is reasonably priced, and can be used both for business and personal projects to increase your video skills.

This product was originally created for iPhones ,but you will find that ninety (90%) percent of the training is applicable to Androids as well (script writing training, shooting techniques, and editing procedures). The other ten (10%) percent of the training is iPhone specific.

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Where Is Madeira? — Let’s Find Out

Madeira Portugal

Madeira brings back fond memories as it is the home country of a very good friend of mine who I met many years ago in San Francisco. So where is Madeira? It is an autonomous region of Portugal off the northwest coast of Africa, and is an archipelago comprised of four (4) islands. Madeira Portugal

The capital, Funchal, is on the main island’s south coast. Many years ago (1419) when the Portuguese explorers were doing their thing, they got off course on their way to West Africa, and ended up on the smaller island of Porto Santo. The Sevengens (Savage Islands) and Desertas islands are southwest of Madeira.

A Few Interesting Facts

  • The total population of all the islands is about 254,000.
  • The climate is influenced by the Canary Current and the Gulf Stream which results in a variety of bio climates with mild year round temperatures [average temperature around 68 degrees F (20 C)].
  • The island of Madeira sits on a large shield volcano.
  • The majority of the population is on the main island of Madeira with approximately 5000 folks living on Porto Santo. The other islands are mainly inhabited by Maritime Police, park wardens, and military.
  • Madeira received political autonomy from Portugal on July 1, 1976. They now have their own legislature and government in place. July 1st is Madeira Day and is celebrated each year.
  • The word ‘Madeira’ means ‘wood’ in Portuguese. The island is mountainous and was originally covered by laurel forest some of which remains on the northern slopes and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • The highest peak on Madeira is 6100 feet (1859 meters).
  • The islands of Madeira are know for their Madeira fortified wine (ranging from sweet to dry).
  • Twenty (20%) percent of Madeira’s GDP is contributed by tourism with about one million and four hundred thousand (1.4M) tourists visiting each year.
  • Levadas [a public water transport system consisting of about 2172 km (1350 miles) of public and private waterways/aqueducts] transport water from the mountains to the agricultural regions in the south. The levadas also create hydroelectricity.
  • The local beer, Coral, has been produced since 1872 at the Madeira Brewery which also produces the Brisa brand of sodas and Laranjada (organe flavored carbonated soft drink which has been around since 1872 and is older than Coca-Cola). Laranjada is the Portuguese word for orange.
  • Immigrants from Madeira in the 1880s introduced the Ukulele to the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Embroidery became a major industry in Madeira in the 1860s after being introduced to the island by an English family (the Phelps) in 1784. Today Madeira is known for some of the best hand-made embroidery anywhere is the world.
  • The traditional dish of Maidera is Espetada. Made from beef rubbed in garlic, salt, and bay leaf, it needs to be marinated for about four (4) hours in olive oil, vinegar, and Madeira wine. The beef is then skewered on a stick and grilled. It is usually served with milho frito (fried squares of corn meal and kale) which is similar to Italian polenta.
  • Currency is the Euro.
  • The economy is largely agriculture based.

Things to do on the Madeira Islands

Before we get started here, check out this video which will give you a glimpse of the scenery and some of the activities available.

There are many natural landscapes to be enjoyed in this spring–like climate with mountain adventures as well as plenty of botanical gardens. The ocean waters are clear and mild, and whale watching is a favorite pastime here.

The Palheiro Gardens are situated near the Altantic Ocean on the Quinta do Palheiro estate in the hills just east of Funchal. Here you will discover how any plant will grow because of the richness of the Madeira soil. The property has been owned since 1885 by the Blandy family who have a prominent presence in the wine industry on the islands. All the flowers and plants are beautifully arranged on terraces.

For those into diving Madeira is a favored destination for people in Europe. With the low fluctuations in temperature and the clear pristine waters, you can dive and swim with sea turtles, dolphins, and monk seals.

For those who prefer to sight see out of the water, there are many boat trips you can take where you will get glimpses of dolphins and whales. There are twenty (20) different types of whales and dolphins which have been seen in this area. Summer is the best season for this.

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden is built on terraced slopes surrounding the former Monte Palace Hotel. You will find European azaleas, cyncads from South Africa, medicinal plants, herbs, heather from Scotland, cacti, as well as a local laurel forest. It has over one hundred thousand (100,000) plant species and a separate section just for Madeira flora.

The Madeira Whale Museum is located on the east coast of Madeira in Canical. Here you will learn about the history of the whale industry in this part of the world. The museum was opened in 1989 and you will find many artifacts as well as a section devoted to the preservation of marine life.

At Cabo Girao, a sea cliff located off the southern coast of Madeira, a sky walk was constructed in 2012. This is quite an experience if heights do not bother you as the platform hangs over the edge of the cliff (580 meters/ 1902 feet) with a glass floor which provides an amazing view of the ocean below. On the east side of the sky walk you get a great view of Funchal.

Within the town of Conical on the easternmost point of Madeira is Ponta de São Lourenço. Here you will find a nature reserve which has large volcanic rocks with red streaks through them. It’s a bit of a hike but the views of the Atlantic make it most worth it. As you journey along from the Quinta do Lorde resort you will find rest areas with picnic tables. Levedas

Another fun activity is taking walks along the Levadas. One of the most favorite routes is the Levada dos 25 Fontes which takes you past the Risco Waterfall. The Levada do Caldeirão Verde dates back to the 1700s when it was constructed to carry water from the highest mountain on the island to Faial, which is near the northern coast traversing through the stunning Sao Jorge Valley.

Road trips around the island are a fun experience as they have a very good road system even though the terrain is rough. If you are not into hiking that much, you can still catch a lot of the natural scenery while driving around. There is a twisting road which climbs between Funchal to Curral das Freiras and takes about half an hour. And on the north coast check out the VE2 from Sao Vicente to Porto Moniz where you drive along the coast with gorgeous views of the ocean. At Seixal you can experience a dip into the rock pools.

Now for those who are really into hiking here is a fun and interesting adventure for sure. The highest peak on Madeira is Pico Ruivo (6108 feet/1862 meters) and the hike will take about six (6) hours. This has the most beautiful scenery with heather, ferns, and mosses along with lizards and a variety of birds along the way.

Now on the lower northern part of Pico Ruivo is Parque Forestal de Queimadas, a subtropical laurel forest. Surrounded by a light veil of mist due to the high humidity it has a magical quality amongst the ferns, lichens, moss, and some of the largest fonds anywhere in Europe. The traditional Santana cottage provides plenty of rooms for relaxing and having a picnic.

What about Funchal? Funchal Madeira

Being the largest town in Madeira with about 100,000 people it offers quite a lot in terms of museums, botanical gardens, historic sites and much more. An easy way to check out the town is by taking the Old Funchal Walking Tour. Another option is the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus where you can get either a twenty-four-hour ticket or two (2) to five (5) day pass and tour the various attractions just outside of the city center.

You will find many restaurants and shops in Funchal Old Town (Zona Velha). It has a great local presence despite the hectic atmosphere when the cruise ships are around. For shopping head over to Rua da Carreira, Rua do Aljube, and Rua Dr. Fernao Omelas.

For lunch avoid the tourist restaurants and check out the local spots where there is great fresh food such as at Restaurante Armazem do Sal.

The Funchal Cable Car is a fun experience where you are in a cable car suspended in the air offering wonderful sights of the city below. Funchal Cable Car

A few minutes from Old Town is the Funchal Waterfront area which is a great place to relax. There is a bathing area and park as well as proximity to places for a cup of coffee or to have lunch. This is also where you can arrange for any boat trips you may desire to take.

Wickerwork, dating back to the 19th century, is an important industry here producing well-known wicker baskets and chairs. A unique attraction is the Wicker Toboggan Sled Ride where you sled down the steep streets of Monte. It is quite an experience.

Great views can be seen from the Church of our Lady of Monte (Igreja do Monte) which was constructed in the 18th century, and provides stunning views of the coastline, mountains, and the town of Funchal. It is located near the Monte Cable Car Stop Station and the Monte Palace Tropical Garden. Within the church itself are many beautiful paintings and statues. Another interesting sight is Funchal Cathedral (Se), which is a historic landmark built in the sixteenth (16th) century. Another place with outstanding paintings and sculptures is the Jesuits’ College of Funchal also built in the 16th century. The Santa Clara Monastery is a 15th century working monastery up the hill from the center of Funchal.

The Madeira Botanical Garden (Jardim Botanico), is the largest garden in Funchal (City of Gardens) with plants from all over the world. Previously a privately owned estate from the 1880s, the gardens sit on a hill high above Funchal with amazing views. You will find a variety of garden styles here including Japanese and French gardens. There is also a history museum and areas for the kids to play.

The Farmers’s Market, Mercado dos Lavradores, is a vegetable, fish, flower, and fruit market located inside a building from 1940. Inside are several areas connected by passages and staircases.

The street art of Rua da Santa Maria is simply amazing. A public art program, Arte de Portas Abertas (the art of open doors), managed to transform a run down area of Old Town into a thriving outdoor art gallery. It has over two hundred (200) works of art which are mostly displayed on the doors of the houses.

Afternoon tea at The Reids is an absolute must for tea lovers. It takes place in one of the most famous hotels in the world, Belmond Reid’s Palace, which dates back to 1890. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to have tea, but it’s a really fantastic place to stay with former guests being Roger Moore and Winston Churchill.

For a complete history on Madeira, check out the Madeirs Story Centre, which is a museum showcasing the entire history of Madeira from Portuguese explorers and pirates to the island’s most recent developments. The CR7 Museum is dedicated to the country’s soccer star, Cristiano Renaldo. If you are into soccer this would be a fun stop. The Museu Quinta das Cruzes is a home with adjacent gardens filled with 17th and 18th century furniture and household items, which will reveal a bit of how the well-to-do lived during that time period.

Why Visit Madeira? Visit Madeira

Well, for a nice change of pace off the beaten path of most tourist destinations, Madeira offers some outrageously beautiful scenery as well as one of the world’s largest New Year’s fireworks shows. This tradition dates back to the 17th century, and fireworks are set off from over fifty (50) different locations around the bay. The event in 2006 even held the Guiness World Record for largest display of fireworks anywhere in the world.

With sunshine year round and some of the most fertile soil, you have some of the world’s best fortified wines dating back over five hundred (500) years. So this is a year round destination which attracts people with a variety of interests. It is laid back with locals who are very friendly and welcoming. Plus you get good value for your money here.

This may just be a spot which you never thought of that would be a pleasant way to spend a week or two. Also crime is virtually non-existent here so it is a safe place to be. Whether you desire hiking and outdoor activities, or a more relaxing time by the pool, Madeira offers much for a wide range of visitors.

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Make Your Own Adventure — And A Few Surprises Along The Way…

It seems that for the majority of our lives we have been giving away our power to others both willingly as well as unconsciously behind the scenes. There are many tricksters out there including ourselves, which make things seem much different from the way they really are. At some point we awaken enough to realize that we have possessed the power all along, and you are quite able to make your own adventure based on your very own specific design.  Make Your Own Adventure

Designing our lives as we desire them to be is much different from going along for the ride and seeing what shows up. We are all guilty of this at least to some extent, and for some of us the majority of our lives. Let us now explore a few alternatives that just may provide a few surprises along the way.

Misinterpreting Reality

There are so many ways we misinterpret what is going on both within ourselves and around us, that it should come as no surprise when things don’t work out the way in which we prefer them to be. This over time becomes such a habitual way to look at and interpret things, that we become totally convinced that we have no control, and everything is just happening to us.

Now there are many reasons why this all takes place in our life experience, but for now let’s just keep it simple and look beyond the obvious. The obvious is what we have trained ourselves to see based on our previous experiences and our emotional reactions to them. When things get crazy and it hurts inside, we do what we need to do to bandage things up. And if that means we need to pretend things are a certain way to protect ourselves from further pain and hurt, we are most willing to jump on board.

There’s no need to retrace our steps and locate every instance of pain and turmoil in our lives when we resorted to creating some ideas and beliefs to serve as our protectors. It is enough to realize that this has occurred, and put our energy into addressing the long-lasting effects of these prior decisions right here in the present moment.

When we create beliefs based on fear, we then make choices and decisions throughout our lives based on those beliefs, regardless if those current choices benefit us in present time. The emotional fear and distress which was behind the original formation of those beliefs still exists, and we would rather suffer the discomfort of not realizing our current desires and goals, than look beneath those beliefs and risk re-experiencing that terror and pain of so long ago.

Choosing Between Illusion and Truth

When we are mesmerized by the things we see and experience, it is not so easy to break away and contradict so called ‘reality’. We are totally convinced that this is how things are, or this is how those people are based on a handful of assumptions which may or may not be true.

The first things is to realize is that what we assume to be true may not be at all what it seems to be. With a little bit of due diligence and communication, we may be startled to discover a much different set of circumstances. And this is very good because we are beginning to recognize that we do not know what we thought we knew, and what we have been basing our decisions upon.Illusion or Truth

Just this one realization can turn things around dramatically for ourselves in a positive way. This is a key to eliminating much frustration, anger, strife, envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred, and many other traits which we would be much better off without.

Seeing through these illusions, which are self created for some of the reasons previously mentioned, will release us to be able to recognize the truth when it is blatantly in front of us, rather than denying its existence. At this point we have positioned our selves to actually make a conscious choice. We have positioned ourselves to be able to choose between truth or illusion because we have chipped away enough at the underlying structure which keeps our illusions in place.

What About Our Adventure?

The experience of this process of reawakening is quite an adventure all in itself, but what this does is free us up so that we are able to lead our life in the way we so choose. The truth of all of this is that we desire and want most is to be happy. Nothing more and nothing less. Breaking free from our illusions, and living based on the true reality of what is transpiring, empowers us to experience the happiness we so much desire.

When our happiness is based on the truth within ourselves, we are not chasing any false images which only promise to fulfill our needs, and then leave us empty and disheartened. Happiness is a moment-to-moment experience of the joy of being alive. All that matters is this very moment and how we can share that joy with others.

With this type of frame of reference, we are able to win or lose in any area of our lives with the same level of enthusiasm. We are so engaged in the experience, that the results don’t matter. And because we don’t put such a heavy emphasis on the results, things turn out just fine.

We also come to realize that we were meant to be happy and experience all the goodness of life. Our only mission then it to share that experience with others.

Previously while operating under our false assumptions what we shared with others was our own fears and misgivings, and then actually blaming them for our dissatisfaction and fear. We saw in them what was actually in us, and we acted accordingly. While operating within this illusion, or it may be better characterized as a ‘delusion’, we created our own problems and difficulties and then blamed them on someone or something outside of ourselves. Power of Decision

Life is truly an adventure and we are able to steer our ship in any direction we choose to go once we relieve ourselves of all the unnecessary baggage we have been dragging along our entire lives. Once we lighten the load, our adventure continues in ways that will just blow us away.

Letting Go of the Resistance

In order to make this work in practical terms it is imperative that we release the resistance which we have to letting go of our false assumptions and beliefs, but also to not resist actually examining them in the first place. Again, when things seem to be happening ‘to us’, and we have been experiencing similar occurrences for years, it is not that easy to see beyond what appears to be the truth.

Initially, this takes much dedication and practice based on a commitment to change things up. When we actually see that the benefits of this are there, we will then be willing to address the resistance and move beyond it. Without actually seeing and believing in those benefits, it is much easier to stay safe and secure within our own self created prison of false ideas and beliefs.

This is a simple process but not at all easy to do. Our minds are so powerful that they hold the key to our freedom or imprisonment. The choice is most definite and clear. There is no going halfway. Dipping our toe in order to test the water will not work at all under these circumstances. Do we want freedom or not?  That is our choice.

Let the Games Begin

For those of us who have chosen to step onto the path which leads to the adventure of our lives, we have no regrets and would not have it any other way. We have burned our bridges, and there is no way to return to the false security of our previous existence. There is no going back.

While this may seem frightening at first, it is actually quite liberating. It enables us to live life fully and appreciate all which we have, as well as all that is on its way to us based on the clarity of our objectives. There is no apprehension about the results as they are a done deal, and all our attention and energy goes into implementing the steps along the way.

The journey then becomes enjoyable even when there are distractions or a need to take a few detours. We are living from the truth of our Beingness which values each moment as precious, and endeavors to awaken this seed of joy in others.

As we enjoy the ride of the Roller Coaster of Life, we discover what we actually knew all along at some level of our being, that this journey of ours has always come down to choosing between Illusion or Truth, or more specifically between Fear or Love. Let us enjoy our adventure wherever it may lead.

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A Review Of SociCake Commercial

SociCake Commercial Review Social Media and Facebook

Name: SociCake Commercial
Website: GetSociCake.com <<

Price: $47 One Time Payment
Owners: Mario Brown
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a Facebook marketing tool used to increase traffic on social media and hopefully lead to more conversions. It is especially targeted to assist with your Facebook marketing efforts. This product was recently launched in January 2019.

It’s actually a software bundle of ten (10) tools to improve your Facebook marketing efforts. It is designed to drive traffic and generate more highly targeted leads from Facebook.

The creator of this product, Mario Brown, has a track record of creating other products such as Commission Revolution, Vidditive, Videlligence, 7Day FB Comm Formula, Facebook Master Class, Motion Countdown, Visual Eye, Consulting Mastery, and Online Marketing Mastery Live.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. user-friendly so you do not need to be extremely technical
  2. no excessive learning curve involved once you review the training videos
  3. reasonable price and one time investment
  4. saves time and effort
  5. thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  6. the product comes with 24/7 support 

    TheNot So Good:

    1. Willingness to take the time to learn to use this tool effectively and then persist until you get desired results.
    2. There are upgrades but the main software product should be sufficient at least initially

    Who is SociCake For?

    This is a software tool designed for beginning and more experienced internet marketers who are interested in generating leads through Facebook. This is a great tool for any folks doing business on Facebook including affiliate marketers, eCommerce shop owners, as well as any offline business.

    Tools & Training

    Video training provided which demos all the individual tools which are part of their All-in-One solution package.

    Rich Post Editor — this is a customized post creator which is designed to increase engagements. It adds italics, boldface, and underling to your posts.

    Facebook Post Manager — this automates your posting on Facebook. You create your content and then schedule your posts such as image posts, slideshows, call to action posts, and video posts. You can use this for multiple pages and accounts.

    Clickable Images Creator — this is used to increase site traffic and this allows you to attach a URL to an image which you post, and it can be used on multiple pages and accounts.

    Messenger Bot Builder — this feature automatically responds to visitors who come to your website. Because it is automated it doesn’t matter if you are online or offline when visitors arrice as they will receive a prompt response during their visit.

    Messenger Broadcasting — With an eighty (80%) percent open rate, this features practically ensures that your notifications will be seen. You can send notifications, broadcasts, and content updates to folks on your contact list. You can send unlimited broadcasts to unlimited subscribers on your list.

    Comment Bot — this tool provides an automated message, which you preset, to visitors’ comments. This makes you always available to your website visitors as they will receive immediate replies to their comments.

    SociCake Inviter — this is a feature which will send all those who ‘like’ your comments to your Facebook fan page. This is completely automated so it ensures more exposure to your fan page which could lead to possible more conversions.

    Facebook Ads and Content Designer — this tool allows your posts to stand out by creating viral quote memes, Facebook posts, and timeline covers. You have access to thousands of premium and stock images as well as about four hundred and fifty thousand (450,000) viral quote templates.

    Optin Link — With this tool you are able the capture the names and email addresses from links you create without the need of an opt-in form or landing page. Clicks are converted to leads automatically without the visitor needing to input anything in order to receive your lead magnet. This eliminates receiving erroneous email addresses. The tool also integrates with about fifteen (15) autoresponders as well as Zapier.  

    Live Engine — this tool allows you to broadcast a prerecorded video live on Facebook. This is all cloud-based so you just need to schedule it ahead of time and you are good to go across multiple Facebook accounts and pages all from one dashboard.


    Email support is provided at: support@socicake.com or you can contact their support desk at https://support.socicake.com/

    and submit a support ticket.  They indicate that their support is available on a 24/7 basis.


    $47 for the Commercial License as a One-Time Investment

    $37 for the Personal License as a One-Time Investment

    There are also a number of upgrades offered such as Socicake Pro, Socicake Agency License, White label/Reseller rights, and Socicake Mobimatic.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are looking to generate leads through Facebook, this software app is designed to increase traffic, engagement, leads, and eventually sales and conversions. This saves a lot of time and energy from doing all of this stuff manually. It increases your chances of running successful campaigns as you continue to learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing as to who to target, how to gain their attention, and it assists in providing suitable calls to action.

    Since there are a bundle of tools included in this package, you can save some money compared to having to invest in purchasing these tools on an individual basis. Also the product creator has a track record of creating many other successful products. If you are into Facebook Marketing you may want to check this out.

    As with any onlime software tool or app you will benefit from it based on how effectively and consistently you use it. Even though it is user friendly, there is a time requirement to get used to the dashboard and all its individual elements.  Watching the training videos and demos will speed up this process, and then allow you to test its effectiveness in real life campaigns.

    Final Conclusion

    Facebook Marketing

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