Do Baby Boomers Want Retirement? — Let’s Check It Out

In our ever-changing world our attitudes can be quite different that those of years ago. My parents’ generation looked forward to retirement, and the chance to lay back and relax after a lifetime of hard work. As now, it was the same then, that many did not enjoy their work, but rather it was a means of survival. So, do baby boomers want retirement? Baby Boomers

Of course each person’s individual case is different depending on interests, health, and financial condition. But let’s explore this subject a bit, and then I would love to have your opinions on this as well.

Ever Changing Landscape

While many people in the baby boomer category have already retired or are contemplating it, there are many who want to continue to work. Some may find it necessary to work for financial reasons, while others just want to keep busy or they simply love their job or profession.

There was a study done earlier this year that many baby boomers in Canada want to continue to work at and beyond their retirement age, but many companies do not offer that option. If you want to check this out further, this was a survey conducted by the Harris Poll, and was commissioned by Express Employment Professionals.

Many of these baby boomers would love a semi-retirement situation, and it doesn’t make sense that these Canadian companies are not open to this, given the fact that there is a shortage of working age folks in Canada. In this survey many of these baby boomers, about forty (40%) plan to retire later even if they need to find employment elsewhere, because of lack of savings or they just want to continue to work.

For these people, continuing to work on a full-time or semi-retired basis makes sense, and it is unfortunate that businesses and the government are not offering this option to them given the work shortage. Once again in our most interesting world in which we live, common sense seems to not be part of the equation.

Many of these folks would love flexible or reduced work schedules, or even transition into a consulting role. Unfortunately, only thirty (30%) percent of these employers offer this option of semi-retirement, and only thirty-six (36%) of these companies have ever rehired a former employee who has retired.

Thirty-nine (39%) percent of baby boomers who plan to retire later that retirement age indicate lack of adequate savings, some unexpected expenses, and just the desire to keep working. So transitioning to retirement is definitely a challenge for many.

While the exact percentages will vary by country, there is definitely an increasing trend to continue working past the age of retirement for some of the reasons stated above.

Why do People want to Retire? Retirement

Regardless of what generation you are from, Baby Boomers — Gen X — Millennials — Gen Z, there are always people who desire to retire at the earliest age possible. Freedom to manage one’s own time is a big motivator regardless of age.

As the underlying theme of this website states, “Why Retire when you Love what you Do?”, it is quite possible to have sufficient time and money while enjoying your job, profession, or business. Over the years, and even still today, the work I do in the human services/non-profit area is not work but what I call “being fully engaged in life”.

No matter what the challenges have been in my work in this arena, I always saw it as a “process of life”, and engaging with others to make their lives a little easier. Now, I myself, cannot call this work. Work to me is doing a tedious job just for the money needed to pay bills and survive.

Now I can totally understand why people who have such jobs, and are completely tired, bored, and frustrated with them, want to retire. But when this is not the case, there are many who are not in a hurry to retire at all. Many who retire, and are even financially comfortable, feel lost without their regular routine.

Finding Suitable Alternatives

Now people in this baby boomer category (about 75 million folks), who were born between 1946 and 1964, all have their own unique circumstances to address. But the important thing to remember is that no matter the circumstances, there are solutions.

Now for those with serious health challenges, the majority of their time is being spent addressing these issues in order to stabilize and regain their health. As we all learn at some point if we were not previously aware, health is our most valued possession. With good health figuring out this other stuff is a walk in the park. It is still challenging, but we have the strength and energy to get things done.

With a large amount of people with insufficient savings, the gap is wide between financial ability and desired lifestyle. Many people have been forced into hard decisions, such as support from family members, creating a multi-generational housing arrangement, shared transportation, and a change in habits in terms of lower spending, more borrowing, downsizing, and cost-cutting wherever possible.

Now none of this is bad in itself, as it leads to closer family relationships and a simpler lifestyle. But these decisions are better made out of willingness to do so, and not out of necessity. Jobs

Now as I had previously mentioned above about how companies and government agencies are reluctant to rehire or offer semi-retirement options to baby boomers, there are many companies and government entities which do. The reason is not only an employee shortage, but the recognition of how knowledgeable and well-informed the people of this generation are. These companies are making available sponsored retirement and semi-retirement options.

This involves at times providing a group of employees for part-time work at a discounted rate. The employers get the help they need, and the employees are rewarded both financially and psychologically by knowing they are still wanted. The worse thing psychologically is retiring with low resources and no clear purpose. This can be a factor of why many pass away shortly after retirement.

Creating these type of employment options for people at retirement age is setting a positive stage for those generations following the baby boomers. As companies recognize the importance of creating low-cost benefit programs to prepare people for retirement, more employees will be motivated to join and stay with companies which care for their employees.

It is never too early to plan for retirement, as many who have reached or about to reach this age will attest. By providing education to employees on how to plan various aspects of their retirement including savings, and the best ways to spend, borrow, and invest throughout the years, creates better current employees and a great example for future employees.

Summing Things Up

Again I must emphasize that within the baby boomer generation everyone’s circumstances are unique, but there are some very specific trends which I have outlined. Taking an honest assessment of your current situation, whatever it is, will provide a starting point to make any desired improvements.

It all comes back to realizing that any changes we are going to make starts right now with the first step. Then we proceed from there. This can be so emotional and overwhelming that it is critical that we get some help and support when needed in order to make the desired progress.

With the changing relationships between employers and employees in terms of consulting and temporary contracts (gigs), no one really knows the meaning of retirement anymore. And this can be both good and bad. The baby boomers are like the guinea pigs for other generations who will follow.

That magic moment when you retire completely seems to be gone forever. Whether it is a blend of volunteer work with traditional employment, or some sort of partial employment with shorter hours and reduced responsibilities, more companies are offering retired folks some alternatives.

Also in some industries these retiring folks are not easy to replace. Losing talent in mining, manufacturing, and non-profit sectors is a major concern for these organizations. Finding employees with similar knowledge and skills is not easy for employers in these sectors.

Of course in some areas technology will and already has replaced these job functions. Robotics and artificial intelligence plays a major part in this. But passing on your knowledge to computer programs and machines is not feasible in all areas of industry.

What is most important to realize is whether we as baby boomers are ready to retire or not, there are always options available for those willing to do a little research to discover exactly what is going on, and what opportunities exist. We all have skills and abilities which will never be outdated, and which can always bring value to others, as long as we are flexible and willing to adapt.

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May your retirement be filled with Adventure & Joy,


When Undecided, What Is The Perfect Time?

What are we waiting for? There seems to be a mindset which we picked up at some point in our lives, which creates the illusion that we need to wait for just the right time to do certain things. Well then, what is the perfect time? The Perfect Time

Exploring this issue a bit may help us discover a few insights which will not only help us to break out of any inertia we may be experiencing, but also inspire us to gain the clarity we need in order to sustain that effort.

And once we gain this clarity, life takes on a much different outlook based on our new viewpoint of what is possible, instead of “I’ll do it when the time is right”.

Manufacturing a Variety of Excuses

When I think back over the years of all the excuses I came up with when I did not want to do something, I just have to laugh. It definitely was not funny at the time, as this was serious business. It was extremely important that I come up with something, at least somewhat believable, so that I could get out of doing what I didn’t want to do.

Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t, but that did not deter me from getting creative the next time I needed an excuse. This went on for quite some time, until one day a very good friend opened my eyes to the reality of the Excuse Factory.

We were doing some work in a personal development group, and her and I were discussing how excuses hold us back from getting stuff done. She then said to me, “Joseph, when you need an excuse any old one will do. There is no need to overthink it or get too fussy about it”. With those few words, a light went off in my head, and I just knew that excuses would no longer work for me. I had to let go of my Excuse Factory.

Although excuses most definitely get in the way of us getting things done, there are even more pressing issues which inhibit our efforts, and get us to buy into the Perfect Time Illusion.

Planning our Way into Oblivion

One of those issues happen to be planning. Yes, I know it has been said many times by numerous business and self development experts that “if you fail to plan you plan to fail”. And this is excellent advice when it is not misinterpreted. Planning is an important step in the process of accomplishing things, but only a step.

Planning is meant to be setting up a game plan, which is then implemented in order to take action in efficient and effective ways. It is not meant to be an end-all, where we again find ourselves waiting for the perfect time to implement that plan. Many folks spend a good part of their lives planning to do things. They never seem to get the plan just right, so of course they cannot begin implementation of an unfinished or faulty plan.

Unless we are some type of research scientist in search of certain discoveries, this type of over planning is not necessary at all. In fact, it kills the magic of the moment. The moment when we are inspired to implement that plan.

Detours are Okay Detours

Getting started in the direction of our goals with a plan in hand gives us a good idea on how to proceed. But a good plan is flexible, and allows us to adapt to unexpected challenges and situations. Kids have no problem with this. They get going and figure stuff out along the way.

Taking a detour to get where we want to go is perfectly okay, and is to be expected. No plan, no matter how much time and effort went into creating it, works out exactly as conceived. What makes the journey to our destination so much fun are the challenges and course corrections along the way. Actually, it would be quite boring if everything went exactly to plan.

We are grateful for these detours because they provide us with learning experiences which guide us back to the correct path to our objectives. Also, we discover that it is okay to make mistakes, as they lead us to the correct actions to take.

A Process of Self Discovery

Some of the most important things we learn when embarked on any endeavor to achieve something, is Who We Become in the process. It’s not only about achieving this or that one time; it is becoming the person who “knows” how to get results on a consistent basis, and has the confidence to get stuff done.

When we have this type of confidence, we are able to duplicate this mindset in all areas of our lives. At this point, waiting for the perfect time to get started is not even an issue. We know what we want, and we are confident we will get it.

Situations and problems which bothered us before will no longer register on our radar, since the problem may be an eight (8) or nine (9) on a scale of ten (10), but our confidence and mindset is at a nine (9) or ten (10). We may not know exactly how we are going to solve the problem or accomplish our goal, but we know that we will. The information to get it done has just not shown up yet. Self Discovery

We have left a fear-based existence and entered a world filled with expectation of success. No longer do we wait for others to do it for us, or for some unexpected event to fall into our laps. We act like we know because we do know. We have discovered our Authentic Selves. We have re-introduced ourselves to the confident person we once were when learning to walk. We just figured stuff out along the way.

There is No Pefect Time

When we get to this point of self discovery, this conclusion is a no-brainer. It becomes plainly evident that when we ask ourselves what is the perfect time to do something, the answer is “Now”.

The fear and apprehension we once had may still be there to some degree, but instead of stopping us, it fuels our efforts. We now are able to accept our current state of affairs (both internally and externally) and move forward anyway. The reason for our being is so strong that we do not allow anything to get in our way.

Life becomes an adventure even when doing the simple day-to-day stuff, because we truly see and understand the importance of getting things done effectively, not only for our benefit, but also for the benefit of whomever we are privileged to encounter in our daily affairs. This is a viewpoint which we are proud to duplicate.

I encourage us all to awaken to our Authentic Selves, and embrace all that life has to offer in a way that makes a positive difference in the lives of others. Many times, all it requires is a simple smile to turn around someone’s day. Yes, there is no perfect time to be our best. That time has always been Now.

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May your Perfect Time be Now,


Domainer Elite Pro Software Review

Domainer Elite Pro Software Review Domain Flipping

Name: Domainer Elite PRO Software

Price: $67 One Time Investment with Upsells
Owner: Jamie Lewis
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is all about flipping domains. This is an improved version over the initial release of this product. Domainer Elite was launched in January 2016. Within this product are the key strategies which Jamie Lewis, the product’s creator, uses himself to flip domains as well as websites.

Jamie Lewis has established himself as an absolute expert in this area of the online world. He has earned substantial income with the exact techniques which he teaches within this product.

Included in the product is plenty of training as well as custom software which is specifically created to locate valuable domains which you can then sell for a profit. There are numerous training videos within the training area to lead you step-by-step through this course.

The product contains software, training, resources, and detailed instruction on how to locate desirable domains, and then flipping or selling them for a profit.

You learn how to sell domains properly, and most importantly how to locating the types of domains that will be in high demand in the marketplace. The course leads you through the process of first finding the domains, purchasing them, and then posting them for sale.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Get training from an expert in this field who has actually made money doing this

2) Fourteen (14) day Money Back Guarantee

3) With the upgrades you really get a business-in-a-box ready to go

4) There are continual updates to keep improving the product

5) Support is good especially with the upgrades

6) Content of the video training is good as the concepts and ideas are explained in a clear and concise way

7) Jamie Lewis is well-versed expert in this field who is passionate about what he does

8) Good supplementary resources

The Not So Good:
1) The training videos within this course are not organized very well and not the best quality (low production value)

2) It takes a good amount of time to learn and apply this system properly

3) Requires upgrades to get the full benefit of this course

4) Too many expensive upsells

5) Lots of competition from others in the domain world

6) Very tedious work

7) Not entirely clear on process of transferring domains to a new owner

8) Only focuses on Go Daddy and Flippa and ignores the other available sites

Who is Domainer Elite PRO Software For?

This product is for people who are genuinely interested in learning how to successfully flip domains at a profit, and desire to make this a major part of their income streams since it does require time and dedication to make this work. This knowledge is also transferable to flipping websites as well.

Tools & Training

A series of training videos and written instructions in the members’ area.

Custom software designed to locate available and expired domains

You get Three (3) listings on the Domainer Elite Marketplace

What you will learn:

  • teaches you how to sell nine ($9) dollar domain for a profit
  • how to properly value a domain
  • point-and-click strategies which are user-friendly
  • find and sell domains in any niche market
  • how to locate domains valued at thousands of dollars and acquire them for less than a hundred ($100) dollars and sometimes even for less than ten ($10) dollars
  • get more than twenty (20) niche word lists
  • be able to view Jamie Lewis on video training students
  • learn how to sell these domains for maximum profit
  • have access to a domain listing template
  • get access to Jamie’s broker network
  • learn how to set-up a cash site on a domain

More info on the back office:

In the Members Area

Here you can access all the training videos and other available resources.

One thing to note is that on the left side of the page where it says Resources, some of these are upgrades as well as third party resources.

Instructional Videos

An introduction to the basic principle of flipping domains.

Video 1 – Domainer Elite Basics

This video is about thirty-six(36) minutes where it takes you through the process of finding domain names as they become available.

Then you are led through a system of purchasing domains from GoDaddy. You are provided with some ideas for finding lists for potential domain names. Then there is a brief introduction to using the bulk domain search function which helps in your search for domains.

Finally, you are then made aware of a membership site called EstiBot, which provides Droplists in excel format. These are lists of the latest domains available on the market. You can use this to research expired domains as well as the domains for auction on GoDaddy.

Video 2 – Let’s Sell Some Domains

This is an eleven (11) minute video of how to sell domain names on various sites, such as,, and The majority of the instructional time is on

You learn about Domains, Starter Sites, and Established Sites. Flippa has a listing fee of $9 per site, and the guidelines for setting up reserve and starting prices, and creating titles and descriptions for the domains are discussed.

Video 3 – Domainer Elite Presentation #1

This is a five (5) minute upsell for the Domainer Elite Software program. This is designed to automate the domain flipping process.

Video 4 – Domain Name Sale for $5,000

A four (4) minute video of a case study of purchasing a domain name for nine ($9) dollars and selling it for five thousand ($5,000) dollars. This took a few months to do and it seems he got really lucky in the process.

Video 5 – A Quick Case Study for a $36 sale

Another four (4) minute video of a case study to prove you can do this stuff.

Video 6 – Domaining Research Trick

This is the last video of this section lasting thirteen (13) minutes). He figured out how to set reserve and starting prices for the domains which he was selling on He mentions that using EstiBot isn’t always reliable for the estimated prices, and he shows you another way.

Then he shows how to use other sites to determine the sale value of similar domains that have recently been sold and the age of your domain or site.

Private Mastermind Class

The Private Mastermind Class has four (4) videos lasting about ninety (90) minutes. These are more informative than the previous videos.


Support can be reached on the Contact Link on the website or directly at:


$67 One Time Payment


1) $47 one time payment (when on special or usually $97 per month) for unlimited listings in Domainer Elite Marketplace

2) $147 one time payment — allows access to Tuesday and Wednesday live webinars which last three (3) to five (5) hours, when Jamie answers questions from the attendees. Jamie also increases your knowledge of the domain business by providing lessons and exercises. These webinars have been going on since 2011.

3) $497 one time payment — with this upgrade you get a model and road map of Jamie’s entire business

4) $997 one time payment — Jamie works with you to create your own custom website for this domain flipping business. You receive the following:

  • work directly with Jamie and his team
  • all ingredients of a web-based business
  • site set up using PayPal or Clickbank
  • professional copywriting
  • hands-on tech support
  • traffic strategies
  • complete customized website
  • custom domain name and logo
  • access to the PSDs (Photoshop Documents) to your graphics and documents to all copy so that it may be edited if desired
  • personal assistance in setting up traffic campaigns

Final Thoughts

For those interested in spending the time and effort to make this type of business a good part of their income stream, this product has all the information and support that you need. In order to get the maximum benefit from this it is necessary to invest in the upgrades, and make to total commitment to learning and applying these skills.

On the other hand, if you are a self-starter and don’t require continual support, you can effectively make this business work with just the front-end offer. This will vary per person.

Flipping websites and domains can be a very profitable venture when you know what you are doing. That’s why I emphasize that to make this work effectively you really need to enjoy doing something like this, as well as enjoy the learning process.

Jamie Lewis is an expert in this field and he has been updating and improving this product for years. It does take time to get through all the videos and learn how to execute the finding and then selling of these properties.

Here’s another reason why I said that you have to be committed, dedicated, and passionate about this type of business to get the most out of it, because although you can make good money doing this, there is a lot of competition from those doing the same thing. The majority of logical domains have already been purchased and are being held.

So the key to success here is you have to be avid and diligent in following the droplists of the domains which are re-entering the market. And you have to be fast on the draw in picking them up before someone else gets to them. Since these lists show up at 2 AM, it pays to be a night person in order to acquire the best domains.

You really do get some good information here for selling websites and domains, but it is rather poorly presented. If this is what you really want to do, you will definitely learn the basics here.

Final Conclusiton About Average

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May you enjoy your Flipping away,


Living In Bend Oregon

This is an area of the country which just grabs my attention. Previously I had heard of it, but was not intrigued enough to check it out to any degree. Recently I perused an article about it which motivated me to find out more about what living in Bend, Oregon is like. Bend Oregon

It happens to be Central Oregon’s largest city with a population of about 95,520, and is the county seat of Deshutes, Oregon. It has long been an area known for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, golf, paragliding, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and white-water rafting. It resides along the Deshutes River on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains. It was incorporated as a city in 1905.

Some Interesting Facts

  • It started as a logging town in the early 20th century
  • Home to the last Blockbuster video store in the entire world
  • In previous years it has been ranked as one of the Ten (10) best places to live
  • Because of its volcanic terrain, astronauts trained there between 1964 and 1966 in preparation for a moon landing. In fact, one of the astronauts, Jim Irwin of Apollo 15, actually took one of the volcanic rocks with him to space.
  • The first commercial sawmill, the Pilot Butte Development Company, was established in 1901
  • The elevation of bend is 3,623 feet (1104 meters)
  • It has a semi-arid, high desert climate with sunny days and cool nights. Average snowfall is about twenty-three (23) inches (58 cm) per year with winter temperatures averaging around Thirty-one (31) degrees F (-0.5 C). During the winter daytime and nighttime temperatures do not vary much. Summer temperature can vary widely from about eight-two (82) degrees F (27 C) to lows around forty-two (42) degrees F (5.5 C).
  • Tourism is one of the largest sectors of the economy
  • The average home value in Bend is $440,400 with rents going for about $1180 per month
  • The Medium household income is $52,471
  • The Willamette Valley has approximately seven hundred and twenty-five (725) wineries
  • There is no sales tax in Oregon
  • State income tax ranges from 5% to 9.9%

Things To Do

With approximately three hundred (300) days of sunshine each year, there are plenty of outdoor activities in which to participate in this area. From whitewater rafting to swimming in the warmer months to skiing and snowboarding in the winter, there is certainly plenty to do There are also over a dozen golf courses in the area as well. Outdoor activities

You can spend more casual time downtown where you will find many fashion boutiques, independent restaurants, and microbreweries. You will find most of the action happening in the Old Mill District.

Year-round there are many seasonal festivals to keep you busy. During Winterfest you can enjoy ski races, a snowman contest, a skating rink, and a carving exhibition. Other events include the snowboard and ski rail jam and the Winter Wine Walk. There are also summer and fall music festivals with hayrides and pumpkin pie making.

Art and Culture

Beautiful art is displayed throughout the city as a result of the efforts of an organization called Art In Public Places. Education and artistic expression truly define the culture of this city.

Due to the efforts of Donald Kerr, the nationally acclaimed High Desert Museum opened in 1982. While raising a wolf cub for a school project, Donald developed a passion for animals which inspired him to open the museum in order to share that passion of nature and wildlife with others.

There are many art galleries, movie theaters, special events, and concerts throughout the year. For Indie film lovers, the Bend Film Festival takes place in October with plenty of independent cinema. Year-round the historic Tower Theater amd the Tin Pan Theater provide plenty of special productions and films.

The Les Schwab Amphitheater holds concerts year round, and there are many theater companies in Bend producing plays as well.

Employment in the Area

The unemployment rate is low at 4.2 percent, and jobs have increased over the past year. This favors the approach to life here which is “work hard, play hard”.

The largest employer in the area is St. Charles Health System. There is a wide range of careers available in the healthcare arena.

With people traveling to Bend from around the world as well as the United States, tourism offers many job opportunities. Outdoor recreation jobs are always in need year-round.

Bend has the most microbreweries per capita in the nation which opens up a variety of employment opportunities. For example, Deshutes Brewery is the sixteenth (16th) largest brewery in the nation and has been in business for thirty-one (31) years.

The aerospace sector is growing rapidly with many high-paying jobs contributing about $1.6 billion to the state with almost three thousand (3000) direct jobs which does not include service companies or parts manufacturers.

Jobs are also plentiful in the retail and hospitality areas.

City Life

There is plenty to do in this city with the variety of cultural events, and the numerous restaurants, shops, breweries, and wineries.

It is also easy to get around in this town with most things only within a fifteen (15) minute drive. There are ample bike lanes and paths since many prefer biking as their main mode of transportation. The bus service, The Cascades East Transit, offers many convenient routes to get you where you want to go in the city.

Oregon State University has a branch here, OSU Cascades, which is a four-year college without the emphasis on big college sports. The school offers a good range of subjects with twenty (20) majors and thirty (30) minors available.

For students looking for a two (2) year program for transfer degrees, technical education certifications, and associate’s degrees there is Central Oregon Community College (COCC). Also there is Cascade Culinary Institute for those interested in the culinary arts, dietary management, nutrition, and sustainable food systems.

Final Thoughts on Bend Grest scenery

This Central Oregon city certainly offers much for the casual visitor or the local resident. This may be an area which is attractive to some contemplating retirement. It’s population has steadily grown over the past few decades.

Especially if you enjoy outdoor recreation and activities, you will never be at a loss visiting or living here. Twenty (20) miles west of Bend is Mount Bachelor, which has some of the best tubing, snowboarding, and skiing around.

Also Bend has the highest number of sunny days throughout the state of Oregon. This is just perfect for all the outdoor activities which take place around there.

Even with its steady growth and increase in population, Bend still retains a small town feel with friendly residents with a quaint downtown area without any big commercial stores or skyscrapers. It definitely has a laid-back atmosphere with no rush to get anywhere. There are lots of smiling faces around here.

With such a strong sense of community, and a relatively low cost of living, it is no wonder folks find Living in Bend, Oregon so desirable. Add to this its spectacular scenery, business friendly environment, and its thriving art community, this can certainly provide the perfect blend for many to consider as a destination spot.

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May you enjoy your travels,


How To Unlearn What You Didn’t Need To Know

Especially in today’s technological world where we have access to more knowledge than ever with just a click of our smartphone or tablet, we don’t realize that a lot of this information, as well as all the data gathered and absorbed over the years, may not be serving us all that well. In fact, it may be preventing us from learning “what we need to know”. So the question becomes: “how to unlearn what you didn’t need to know in the first place?”  Unlearning

Having gathered so much useless knowledge does inhibit our ability to know “how to think” and solve problems effectively. We have spent so much time learning “what to think”, that we have forgotten how to accurately assess this information in a way that contributes to our overall objectives. Actually, we have crippled our thinking ability.

Never Stop Asking Questions

Our educational systems has trained teachers to present knowledge to students, and then test them on their rote memory skills primarily through multiple choice tests. These grades then determine a student’s future prospects at least some degree, but are these students prepared for thriving in a world which is built on innovation and change?

All of this previous knowledge inhibits our decision-making because having all this information does not guarantee we understand it so that we can effectively apply it to get Results. The only real security in our lives is our ability to create and get the results we seek. This is true empowerment. When we have disabled this function, we are then left with looking for security outside of ourselves.

When presented with information, we should never stop asking questions. As I have mentioned in previous articles, “why” is a wonderful term to use to get to the bottom of any area of uncertainty. By continually asking “why”, we will eventually get to the ore issues of our inquiry, and thereby discover “what we need to know”.  Asking Questions

Stuff We Don’t Need to Know

There is much knowledge and information which we have picked up which we simply don’t need to know. This includes a lot of past conditioning by schools, parents, religious organizations, friends, family, and the government. When properly analyzed, much of this data is either overstated, false, or just doesn’t make any sense.

It is a matter of bringing this stuff up to the surface, logically analyzing it, and keeping what works and letting go of the rest. Yes, it does take work and is time consuming, but it is very much worthwhile. It is a freeing experience which you will thank yourself for the rest of your life.

I remember a story of a business person who was visiting a third world country, and he was walking through a village with a business person from that area, and the foreigner commented on how unfortunate it was that a young child was caught up in poverty and lack of proper education. The business person from that particular country interrupted the foreigner, and said to him that the child has far fewer roadblocks to learning than himself and the foreigner.  

Obviously the foreign business person was taken aback by this, since he was a high level executive with an Ivy League education. But the point that the local business person was making was the fact that the child had less useless information within his mind to inhibit his ability to think and create, than the foreigner with all his knowledge and ability which contained much useless data which actually prevented him from learning more.

I don’t remember if the foreigner actually got the point or not, as this was a story I heard many years ago. But it clearly points out the importance of making some room in our minds, so that we are able to then learn what we need to learn, to do what we need to do, without any unnecessary interference from old baggage of useless and false data. Yes, we do carry around a lot of rehashed data and information which confuses us, and tricks us into thinking we know what we really do not know and understand.  We are operating on “Borrowed Data”.

Cleaning Up the Mess

When we spend the time to effectively clean out the false data in the closet of our minds, we are able to free up a lot of space for knowledge which will serve us best. We also then are able to more easily source our needed information and knowledge from within.

Our intuitive abilities will kick in, and we will receive new information which is not tainted by memories which may not be true. At this point we learn how valuable it is for us to source our information from within, and to question all information from without. We are learning to think for ourselves, and we have separated ourselves from the herd who have been brainwashed by standard educational sources to rely on outside knowledge.  Cleaning Up

By no means is this an easy project. Many years have gone into conditioning ourselves to outside influences, and these habits of the mind run deep. We will experience much resistance as we break away to freedom. But that is okay. It’s part of the game which we signed up for when we showed up on the scene.

The main thing to remember, as I have mentioned many times before in previous articles, is that Presence and Observation will lead us out of any limiting experiences, and clean up the mess within our minds. When we become the Observer of our thoughts and experiences, we are the Captain of our Ship. We are now able to steer our ship in any desired direction without the hindrance of inaccurate maps, and this allows us to navigate effectively. Any storms we encounter along the way will be met with a clear mind with which to consider our options.

A Whole New Viewpoint

Once this mess is cleaned up, we will have developed a whole new viewpoint of life. We will know how we have put all our previous ideas and beliefs in place, which then directed our decisions and actions. The cloud cover will have dissipated so that we now see things from a much larger viewpoint.

This new viewpoint is something which we will want to duplicate, so that we can effectively steer our ship to our desired locations. This allows us to more easily accomplish our goals.

By “unlearning” many unconscious beliefs and assumptions we have freed ourselves to expand, progress and experience more of our potential. The chains have fallen off of ourselves.

This whole new viewpoint is beginning to penetrate all areas of life. We are beginning to see changes in our educational systems where teachers and administrators are seeing the importance and value in unlearning old systems based on assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors which no longer work, and maybe never did. These groups, individuals, and organizations have been discovering new ways of working together by releasing old habits and beliefs and supporting change in many areas.

So it is not only us on a microcosmic level who are recognizing the importance of how to unlearn what we didn’t need to know, but this is being reflected on a global scale as well.  New Viewpoint

Embracing the Challenge of Unlearning

Since we have been bombarded from all directions since we entered this plane of existence so many years ago, there will be a few challenges to letting this stuff goal. Especially the stuff which has seeped into our belief systems to such an extent that it seems so real that it just has to be true.

Changing our mindset, and ultimately our viewpoint, will alter how we see ourselves and the world. This can be a scary proposition at least to some extent. Resistance emerges when we want to hold on to outdated beliefs, assumptions, and traditions which may have served us well in the past by helping us to get by and survive on a day-to-day basis.

Just like Linus and his blanket in the cartoon Charlie Brown, we are not eager to give up our security items. We get reminded and re-triggered all the time from stuff in our environment, which then kicks in our old ways of thinking and doing things. This results in a good amount of stress and resistance to change. There are many ways we can use to block ourselves from  unlearning and changing habits.

We best accept and embrace the challenge of unlearning, when we recognize the benefits of developing a flexible mindset, which empowers us to meet the issues  we encounter in our every changing world head on, and develop the needed solutions. Developing this type of adaptive mindset allows us to be effective in all areas of our lives.

Students benefit most from developing this type of flexibility in thinking at an early age, which not only makes the transition into the workplace easier, but teaches them that there is more than one way to generate answers, and mistakes are welcome as part of the process of problem solving. This will serve them well their entire lives as a creative problem solver.

A Few Final Thoughts

Being able to unlearn what we didn’t need to know is a valuable skill that is not only being used by individuals, but is currently being embraced by education and industry. For example, the Learning Innovations Laboratory at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education is studying the advantages of unlearning in the private sector as well as in schools.

When we unlearn the stuff which is not serving us and our goals, we are then better able to move forward as a creative thinker and discover new ways to solve problems both at work and in our personal lives. Solutions appear more effortlessly as a result.

Many companies and organizations now realize that new processes and ideas will not be successful without first providing ways to unlearn what is not working. This involves unlearning habits that are most likely deeply embedded within those organizations.

When we truly realize and understand how our previous experiences and old habits of thought affect our choices and subsequent actions, we are then inspired to do what is necessary to make any changes. When we truly see the benefit involved, we will then be willing to embrace the discomfort of change.

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May you enjoy the Process of Unlearning,


A Review Of Big Content Search


Big Content Search 5.0 Review   Private Label Rights

Name:  Big Content Search



Price: Three (3) Day Trial for $1 then $37 per month or yearly (see options below under price) pus Upgrades

Owners:  Big IM Toolbox

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a membership service where you can obtain content from PLR (Private Label Rights) articles.  With this membership you have access to around two hundred and twenty-five thousand (225,000) PLR articles in about two hundred (200) niches which you can then dowload to edit for your specific  needs.

Some of the nice categories include:  Arts and Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Business and Ecnomy, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Society, Home and Family, Sports and Recreation, Education and Reference, Computers and Technology, Travel and Leisure, Internet Business, Writing and Speaking, Currency and Trading, and Product Reviews.

The basic membership allows you to download fifty (50) articles per day.  These articles cover a large number of subject which you can use for blog posts, creating reports and eBooks, or any other website content which you may need for your promotions.

You can also request and vote on new articles as well as use an article spinner to make this content original.  This service helps you find PLR articles on almost any subject.

Big Content Research also provides advice on how to best use these article to generate sales.

The Big Content Search 5.0 Version has made some significant improvements such as adding additional article on many more topics.  Now instead of spinning just one article at a time they have a Cart Spinning Function where you can spin groups of articles at the same time.  There is now full compliance with all GDPR (General Date Protection Regulations) law.  Time has been spent on making corrections to many articles, and removing Spam articles.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Saves time in creating content for your website, blog, or promotional materials
  2. Sixty (60) day guarantee
  3. Easy to use

The Not So Good:

  1. Need to access upgrades to obtain more features
  2. Don’t like using article spinners to make content unique
  3. Does not state clearly on sales page that in order to access some of the features requires upgrades
  4. Content has large amounts of spelling and grammatical errors which need to be edited

Who is Big Content Search For?

For internet marketers who need large amount of content in running their businesses.  Ideal for bloggers and content creators.

Tools & Training

Provide a Three (3) day Free Trial where you log in to the Members Area and search for articles using your own specific keywords or keyword phrases.  Then a list of articles will be displayed based on your specific request, which you can then review and select the ones you desire for download as a group.

As a Basic Member you can download up to fifty (50) articles each day, one hundred and fifty (150) as a Plus Member, and three hundred (300) articles as a Premium Member.  You can then sort your articles by date they were published, relevancy, or aphabetically.

The majority of articles are free of spelling mistakes, but the punctuation, seentence structure, and grammar left much to be desired.  You do need to spend some time editing this stuff.

Article Spinner — this is provided as part of the membership. This is where you take a term or word and then add a list of synonyms  in order to make the content unique and avoid duplicate contnet for which you may not be penalized by the search engines, but they may put that content in a supplement index which is then zero benefit for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use this to spin articles and then send them directly to your submitter of choice to be published in order to create backlinks.  You need to check thoroughly that the end result makes sense after spinning these articles, and do any necessary editing before publishing.

Training Center — In this area you will find basic information on internet marketing, a more thorough explanation of exactly what PLR is and how to best use it, information on setting up a Word Press blog or building your own website, and a Resources area with plenty of general information on locating niche markets and placing to obtain free images.  Additional information is provided on how to best use PLR content such as email autoresponders, a screencast with slides, and reading your PLR article in creating a Podcast.

Premium members can set up Auto-Blog platforms. You are provided services such as WP Robot which automatically fills in your blog with articles form the database at Big Content Search.  Although this does save you substantial time, the major drawback here is that this content will not be original, and it will most likely be populated with many grammatical and spelling errors.  This is more of a strategy of quanity over quality.

Here is the Bonus which you receive:

Big Content Search Exclusive Report — this is a fifty page (50) report on how to best make use of Private Label Rights (PLR) to generate sales.  This explains everthing from how to create a home study course, generate reports, repurpose your PLR articles, create web content to creating membership courses.


Web-based contact form and Live Chat.  Phone number available but it is in Slovenia.


There is a Three (3) Day Trial for $1 and then it is $37 per month or $197 on a yearly basis.  They currently have a Spring Special where you can get the Yearly Membership for only $97 per year.  There are upgrades to Plus and Premium options.

Final Thoughts

I am not a fan of Private Label Rights (PLR) because I prefer to write my own original contact in my own unique style.  But for those who use PLR on a regular basis, this membership site can be helpful with the quanity of articles it provides in its database.

I am also not a fan of spinning articles just to make them unique and save time in publishing them.  But at the same time this is a strategy used by many in the online marketing world.  There are also online stores out there where you can purchase article packs in your specific niche for a few dollars without going to the expense of paying a yearly or monthly membership fee.

Final Conclusion   About Average

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Here’s to your Successful Endeavors both on and offline,


Where Is Little Switzerland?

I personally had never heard of this town before. I didn’t know where in the world it was; whether overseas, near the country of Switzerland, or in some other area of the world. So, where is Little Switzerland? North Carolina Highway

To my utter surprise it happens to be right here in the United States of America. It is in the North Carolina Mountains, right along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It has a most interesting history, as well as many attractive reasons to visit. It is a great place to get away and relax in the wilderness, and enjoy exploring the beautiful area of western North Carolina.

A Little Background Information

To be specific, Little Switzerland is an unincorporated town with an elevation of 3500 feet located in the counties of Mitchell and McDowell in the state of North Carolina. About an hour north of Asheville, it was constructed as a resort village in 1909 by the Switzerland Company, which was formed by Heriot Clarkson, a North Carolina State Supreme Court Justice. The resort began operation in 1910.

Over the years there have been many disagreements and court cases over land rights during the construction of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Carolina, Clinchfield, and Ohio railroad. As a result, this area is now the narrowest point of the entire Blue Ridge Parkway, and the railroad ended up locating its station four (4) miles from the town.

Little Switzerland is named after the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. Many buildings have a Swiss architectural style. It is mostly a summer colony attracting visitors during that time of year. Its population is only 46. North Carolina Mountains

Things to See and Do

There are many sites and interesting activities in this area.

One area to check out is Emerald Village. It consists of a group of twelve (12) historic mines. These are real mines in which you can take underground tours. Folks come from around the world to explore these mines, and this area has also been featured on many TV programs such as the Travel Channel, and in many magazines such as National Geographic. You can also spend time in the North Carolina Mining Museum, and explore the nearby Bon Ami Mine and waterfall.

The Diamondbac Trail is a fascinating twelve (12) mile stretch favored by motorcycle enthusiasts for its two hundred (200) curves. This route goes right through the Pisgah National Forest with many breathtaking views. Many people traverse this road to escape the summer humidity as there is a twelve (12) degree temperature drop at the summit.

Grassy Creek Waterfall Trail is near the center of town and is a short hiking trail to the falls. It’s a thirty (30) foot waterfall which is located on private property. The property owners allow visitors to hike the trail and check out the waterfall.

Starting and finishing at Skyline Village, Murder Mountain Run is a stretch of one hundred fourteen (114) miles with many peaceful roads with low traffic, and much beautiful scenery. It’s located right off the Blue Ridge Parkway and goes through two (2) National Forests, and got its name because of a murder which occurred many years ago.

For some of the finest mountain music Geneva Hall is the place to be. I recall being entertained by a few musicians from this part of the world many years ago, when I was working on a summer camp for children, and the musicians actually built as well as played their instruments. This hall has been around for over eighty (80) years. You also get to participate in some square dancing as well. There’s also some great fellowship with the local folks.

In the Linville Gorge area which is a bit remote, you will find Wiseman’s View. About fifteen hundred (1500) feet above the Linville River, you have a view of the deepest gorge in the whole eastern United States. In addition to viewing the gorge, you get a good look at Table Rock and Hawksbill Mountain. North Carolina Waterfalls

In the Crabtree Meadows Recreation area, you will find a trail head which leads to a footbridge over the creek and you will be at the base of Crabtree Falls. It is a trail worth taking to get a view of this waterfall.

Lodging and Food

As far as places to stay and eat, you will find some good choices with plenty of local flavor, and a very friendly atmosphere. Here are a few places where you can bed down for the night.

Skyline Village Inn — this is a family-owned Old-World style establishment right on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This three-story inn has a lot of history as well as a panoramic view from the third floor balcony. This hotel offers dining with a great selection of wines and beers.

Switzerland Inn — This inn provides accommodations in their main lodge, as well as having cottages and mountain view suites available. It is also located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In addition to comfortable rooms and cottages, this establishment offers fine dining, an enticing spa in which to relax, and on-site shopping with a variety of different stores.

Big Lynn Lodge — This is the place to stay for delicious food and spectacular views. Included in your room rates are breakfast and dinner for two. This lodge has forty-two (42) rooms and has been around for over one hundred (100) years. Mountain Lodging

There are a variety of places to eat in the area including pizza and fast food. I will mention a few of the nicer places such as The Switzerland Cafe and General Store where you can get basic American food with vegan options. The Chalet Restaurant offers a variety of American dishes also with vegan options. But for you meat eaters, I have heard good things about their New York Strip. Little Switzerland Books and Beans provides a refreshing respite from all the hiking and sightseeing, where you can browse the book shelves while enjoying a good cup of java, and some great tasting homemade desserts and cheeses. Now, for a good burger there is Fowl Play Pub where you can have a tasty brew with your food. Finally, the Mountain View Restaurant offers a variety of dishes including a great t chicken pasta capri.

An Interesting Place to Visit

For a refreshing change from most tourist destinations, Little Switzerland offers beautiful views of distant ranges and deep valleys which are very similar to the foothills of the Swiss Alps. This area provides a relaxing getaway in the middle of the North Carolina Mountains where you can hike, play golf, sightsee, engage in a variety of outdoor activities, attend festivals and local events, wineries, retreat centers, and get a taste of the local charm, friendly people, and relaxing atmosphere.

Located about two (2) hours east of Asheville, it is also a possible retirement choice for some. The nearest hospital, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital, is located in Spruce Pine which is about fifteen (15) minutes away (8.2 miles). Mayland Community College is also in Spruce Pine, while Mitchell High School is located in Bakersville which is 17.2 miles away, and takes just under thirty (30) minutes to get there.

You can get additional information about this area from the Mitchell County Visitor Center and Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce.  If you like the outdoors, it is most definitely a worthwhile destination either for a visit or possible place to live.

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Happy travels,


Living In A Bubble

In our everyday lives, we operate within a realm of perception that seems very real to us. But if we were to see beyond our filters, we would be utterly amazed. Just as Meg Ryan said to Tom Hanks in the movie, Joe Versus The Volcano, “My father says almost the whole world’s asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant total amazement”. Living in a bubble is a metaphor for being asleep.  Living in a Bubble

It is time for us all to wake up to the magnificence and brilliance of Who we really Are. It all begins with acceptance of not only our present circumstances, but acceptance of the perfection which lies within our very Being. In a previous post, a few of us took the Red Pill. Now let’s really see how far that rabbit hole goes.

Strange Bedfellows

Whether Shakespeare had it right in The Tempest (2:2), “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows” or the more modern version of alliances made in politics just to win a few more votes, it should be no surprise to us when we encounter less than desirable results due to our current associations.

And these associations are not only the folks with whom we hang out, but even more importantly I am referring to the thoughts which we allow to gain residence in our minds. We don’t get what we want, we get what we expect. And with thoughts about fear and weakness, it shoud be no surprise when we see a lot of that in our lives.

We do hang out with strange bedfellows indeed within the bubble of limitation and fear which we have constructed around ourselves. Just because it seems real and the way things are, does not make it so. It’s the vicious circle of self-fulfilling prophecies which have us spinning in circles in a confused state. We only discover the complexity in the simplicity of life. All else is ignored.

The good news is that at some point we all break free of this either voluntarily or by much yelling and screaming as we resist the inevitable. When we bang against the Universe enough we gather sufficient pain and strife to push us through to the other side. But there is a much easier way. It is still very challenging and has its ups and downs, but for those of us who swallowed the Red Pill, it is quite an adventure indeed.

The Adventure Begins

Each and every day is an adventure whether we realize it or not. The reason being is our Power of Choice. We make choices, both conscious and habitual, every moment of the day. Our bodies function automatically in order to keep us alive, and does this job very well as long as we do not interfere. Through our sympathetic or autonomic nervous system, these choices take place which keep us alive and functioning.  The Adventure Begins

In the very same way we operate our lives on automatic, but because of much false data picked up along the way, we do not operate as efficiently as our body processes. We have learned to put roadblocks in our way, which take many forms of self-sabotage. But once we recognize this, and awaken to our present state, we are empowered to take the reins and make different choices.

The challenge is that the bubble in which we live provides so many inaccurate brain messages that we are convinced that things are just the way they are, and either cannot be changed or are extremely difficult to change. Well our experiences and results will change automatically over time once we deal with what we can change Now, and that is those inaccurate brain messages providing so much false data to us.

When we truly come to terms with the reality that our power really does exist within our very own hands in the Present Moment (remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realizing she just had to click those ruby slippers and any wish would be granted), all resistance will begin to dissolve, and we will then Embrace this Adventure fully for what it truly has to offer. And believe me, it really does have a lot to offer.

One of the keys to all this is that in order to make consistent progress, you have to choose to persist and make decisions and choices you would not normally make based on your current set of circumstances. Also, you must choose to think differently even when you are being bombarded by inaccurate brain messages and uncomfortable feelings. It is all part of this process and adventure of Expansion and Growth which we are on.

As mentioned numerous times before, taking the Red Pill is no easy ride. It requires courage, determination, perseverance, and a light-hearted spirit of having fun just being alive. But once you get used to the energy boost you get from actually facing your fears and doubts head on, and experiencing new ways to getting things done, you will never turn back, and the only regret will be not having started on this Path sooner.

Maintaining A Steady Pace

In addition to jumping in the deep end so to speak, it is also vitally important to ignore failure and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small. By doing that you will be properly inspired to continue and eventually learn to have fun with all of this. Having weird thoughts and wacked out feelings will no longer blow you away, because you will absolutely “know” to your very core that you are not those thoughts and feelings.

At that point there is no rush, and you will maintain a steady pace toward yours goals while Be-coming a person which is  quite different than all the false data made you out to be. As your Authentic Self emerges, you will naturally begin to make decisions and choices which are beneficial to you and others. All the prior silliness and nonsense will simply fade away.  Breaking Out of the Bubble

This also means that by being content with the Present Moment, you are not driven to do more than needs to be done. You will be totally satisfied by getting things done today, and not attempting to do too much by doing tomorrow’s work as well. There is a fine balance between doing too little or too much, and when you are aligned with your authenticity you will naturally find that balance. A steady pace is the way to go.

Breaking Out of that Bubble

All of this progress and expansion leads to breaking out of your bubble of self-imposed limitations and struggle. The clouds begin to dissipate and recede, and the sunshine of progress and expansion begins to shine brightly. It becomes very apparent that that bubble was illusionary after all.

Here is one of my favorite quotes to illustrate this:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” — Marcel Proust —

A brand new Viewpoint will emerge, and this will be based on the expansion of your true abilities and gifts which you then naturally share with others, thereby bringing value to whom you contact and the world-at-large. What a refreshing shift from ways things used to be.  We are no longer trapped within a bubble which we did not even realize was there, but it governed our very perceptions, and robbed us of seeing and living the Truth. Yes the Truth, which is living from our Beingness, and which allows us to be our Authentic Selves.

With that sort of lead weight off of our shoulders we no long look for happiness, as we have chosen to be happy right now. There is nowhere to go or nothing to get in order to earn this happiness; it has always been there for us to Re-discover. And yes, the Journey and Adventure continues, as it never ends. Stay Blessed and Enjoy!

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May you See with New Eyes,


Designa Suite Review

Graphic Design SoftwareDesigna Suite Review

Name: Designa Suite

Website: — Click Link

Price: $127 One Time Investment (With coupon code on site get it for $63.50 for limited time)

Owners: Dr Ope Banwo, Simon Warner, Ifiok Nkem

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a cloud-based graphics platform which is easy to use and there is nothing to install. With about three thousand (3000) professionally created templates, there is a wide selection from which to choose and easily edit as well. You can use this software to design E-books, logos, banners, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, E-tickets, T-shirts, viral quotes, infoGraphics, Kindle covers, Twitter, Linked-In, webinar slides, buy buttons, blog covers, and business cards.

This SaaS platform allows you to save money from having to hire a graphics designer, and also to save time by being able to quickly create any type of graphic design you need. It allows you to change features, add extra features, and create graphics in your very own marketing style. Whether you are new to online marketing or an experienced marketer or designer, it does not take long to learn to use this product effectively.

Its developers are Ifiok Nikem, who has trained many people through both online and offline courses in the art of marketing, Ope Banwo is a business consultant and writer, and Simone Warner is a developer of several marketing products. They are an experienced online marketing team.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use to create professional looking images without any experience
  2. Point-and-Click process
  3. Save money and time
  4. Great selection of templates
  5. Maximize traffic
  6. Maximize conversions
  7. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  8. Templates available for various niches

The Not So Good:

  1. Does take a little bit of effort and time to get used to the functionality of this product
  2. Too many upgrades for my personal liking
  3. Support does respond consistently but not as quickly as I would desire it to be

Who is Designa Suite For?

This product is designed for marketers and businesses who desire to utilize graphics in their promotional campaigns. This would include brick-and-mortar businesses, list builders, product creators, video marketers, affiliate marketers, social media marketers, freelancers, e-Commerce stores, and traffic specialists who want a competitive edge. .

With full commercial rights for any graphic you design, you can even create your own graphic design business by providing graphics services such as eCovers, logos, social media covers, flyers, and business cards.   Graphic Designs

Tools & Training

Tutorials are available in the User’s Dashboard (detailed instruction videos which lead you step-by-step through the process). The actual design process works in three (3) simple steps: A) Login to user’s area and click on “Add New Project” (choose between a pre-designed template or “create new”. B) With a template you choose your category and go from there. With a blank canvas you decide between pre-configured formats (multiple sizing options) or custom dimensions. C) Customize and Export — during this step you can customize any element you desire, add different layers, and preview your work. You then save and export using either png or jpg formats.

1) Ecover Creator

Creates ecovers for your eBooks, videos, reports, and software. You can choose from one hundred (100) templates which allows you to brand yourself and your business. This can also be used to re-brand your new product launches and PLR (private label rights) products.

2) Viral Quote Generator

With a database of 421,500 viral quotes, you are able to search the quotes by keyword. It is a One (1) Click quote engine which is pre-loaded with over five hundred (500) quotes. You can expand your viral reach by matching your message to your custom images.

3) 1 Click MockUp Creator

This one (1) click tool is ideal for creating freelancing samples as well as for branding and multi-campaign projects. Choose from more than two hundred (200) templates in creating 3D perspective design mockups.

4) Desk Scene Generator

With over three hundred (300) movable items such as plants, people, chairs, desks, screens, and accessories, create good-looking desk mockups using drag and drop screens. With this scene generator you can change scenes easily in order to best display your work. In addition to the three (300) movable items, it has over one hundred (100+) mock up templates.

5) eBook and PDF Generator

This turns any text file into an attractive eBook and generates a PDF file. You can use this for lead magnets or product creation in your content marketing strategies.

6) Logo Creator

With this tool you can create an additional source of income by creating logos for businesses in any niche. It actually takes less than sixty (60) seconds to create a unique logo for any type of business.

7) 15 Built-in Image Filters

Use these one click design filters to customize images and enhance the feel of your presentation and offer.

8) Massive Quantities of Royalty Free Images.

This product has over 7.5 million images, icons, fonts and graphics.

9) Over Three Thousand (3000) Templates

This is a library of templates designed by experienced designers and which have been tested in several campaigns. These are easily customized with no design skills needed.


Email support is available at:


$127 One Time Investment (With coupon code on site get it for $63.50 for a limited time). There are a few upgrades as well.

1) Theme Club and Agency — $27 per month

2) Viral Quote Machine — $27

3) WhiteLabel for ten (10) to thirty (30) accounts — $197 to $297

Final Thoughts

What’s ideal about this product is that even a person absolutely new to online marketing is able to customize and edit these images with just a few clicks and some drag-and-drop maneuvers. Since every marketer requires professional looking graphics at one time or another for their promotional campaigns in order to capture interest and increase conversions, having access to this type of software is critical. Many find it difficult to handle the expense of a very good graphic designer, and many of the editing software products out there are quite expensive.

Designa Suite offers an affordable alternative for getting your design tasks done professionally. Having over three thousand (3000+) high quality templates allows you to edit and design what you need for any market niche. This high quality content library sets this product apart from its competitors.

Even with a few drawbacks like the slower than I would like customer service on support emails, I would say it is still worth the investment if you are looking to create high quality graphics and save some time and money.

I give it an “about average” rating because of the upgrades and less than desirable response time on support requests.

Final Conclustion 

Review Rating


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To your Success,



Can You Overcome Procrastination?

One of the many challenges of life is the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. This ability varies widely from person to person, and also depends much upon how much we may need to depart from our comfort zone. Can you overcome procrastination? Well, let’s find out.  Overcoming Procrastination

In any event, this can be an issue which gets in the way of us realizing many of our desires and dreams. It is at this point that it is wise to evaluate a few things, and determine whether we should make some changes.

Stuck in Inertia

Being stuck in inertia is similar to having your vehicle stuck in the mud or snow and have your wheels spinning and getting nowhere. This is when you can be very busy doing things but making very little progress toward your goals. You are going nowhere in a very quick and efficient way.

In order to address and handle this inertia thing, it is important to discover the cause of the resistance which is in your way of achieving all of your intended objectives. Why are you not doing what is necessary to get the results you want?

Just by asking “why” we put ourselves in a position to “need to know”. It is no longer something pushed aside or buried within. We are asking for answers, and with enough patience we will get them.

It is just too easy to take it for granted that we cannot succeed, or there are all these bulls*** reasons to back it up. When we question ourselves with asking “why”, we throw a monkey wrench so to speak into our proverbial excuse machine, and it starts to break down. Not only do we not come up with all these creative excuses, but we get to the point of not wanting to use them anymore. As a friend from the past once told me, “when you need an excuse you don’t have to be fussy about it, as any old one will do”.  Inertia

So we have now begun the process of getting unstuck, and we continue to ask “why” until we get the answers we desire which will get us moving. Now we are actually thinking in terms of what it takes to get the results we want, and we are beginning to feel differently about the whole process.

Losing The Inertia

Now rather than being stuck we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are more relaxed and able to recognize what is going on within ourselves. This leads to many realizations of what has kept us stuck and how to let it all go. We begin to release the energy blocks which have kept us going around in circles.

The “why” process brings up a lot of data which we will recognize as false, when only a few moments before we took for granted as being a solid part of our reality and an indisputable fact. When we are able to get outside ourselves and take an exterior view of things, we get a picture of how silly we have acted, and how that has contributed to our present dilemma.

This is when the whole structure of false data begins to crumble, and is replaced with more life enhancing thoughts and feelings, which actually propel us effortlessly to our desired destination. Lots of stuff will come up which just needs to be observed. It is not necessary to react or try to figure stuff out. This is meant to be an eye-opening and educational experience into the inner workings of our minds.

Once more and more of this life-draining garbage of false data is removed, we will feel lighter and lighter, and be able to use that energy which has been “stuck” in much more productive ways. It is like removing a lead weight off of our backs.

Living Life on Your Terms An expanded life

When you reach this point in the process, you are now free to make different choices. Choices which simply were not available to you before because they were not on your radar to make, since your head was full of so much false data which offered only limiting choices at best.

At this point, you are able to Procrastinate by Design. This is a conscious process of being aware of your choices, and to utilize procrastination for your benefit. You ask a question, and then you are “productively waiting'” for an answer from your intuition. This can lead to many interesting and productive discoveries, and plus you are not forcing anything. You are allowing the answer to surface at the right time and in the right way.

So now we are playing with a new deck of cards. We are able to engage in life in much more creative ways. We are not worried about the results because they are a given, arriving at the right time and way. What a refreshing way to live life, on your terms only.

Of course this also requires the ability to say “no”, and set up appropriate boundaries. When being distracted and being pushed this way and that, there is no way to stay focused long enough to generate the proper energy to complete a task efficiently, so that it brings you closer to your goal. It is so important to be “divinely selfish” so that you are then in a position to offer proper help and value to others.

Living life on your terms puts you where you need to be, when you need to be there, without any strain and effort. You find that when you are “divinely selfish” you are also “divinely guided” as well. This is a form of truly going with the flow.

Breaking It All Down

If you are thinking this is all easier said than done you are right. Just realizing all this is not enough. It requires a change of thought which will result in a change of habits. When that is done, new results eventually materialize. Breaking it down into a few steps turns the complexity of all this into the simplicity of all this.

Keeping it simple will get you there, which is actually here with a new state of mind. Being totally clear on what you desire provides the fuel. When there is something which excites you, you are much more willing to exit your comfort zone to get it. By creating a clear picture of what that is and who we are in those circumstances, will provide the impetus to keep us on track regardless of the challenges along the way.

Know what you want, have a clear picture of it, and keep that picture going for as long as is needed to convince yourself that is who you Are. With your energy focused in this way, it is only a matter of time before you  attain it. It’s one of those Universla Laws which kicks in to bring this all about.

At this point procrastination is a thing of the past. When you ask yourself, “can you overcome procrastination?”, the answer will be a definite “Yes”. And you will absolutely know that you are not lying to yourself, but experiencing a whole new way of life brought about by a whole new viewpoint which you have put in place. Enjoy!

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Enjoy you new found Freedom,