SociJam System Review

Facebook software

SociJam System Review Facebook Software

Name: SociJam System




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Price: $24.97 (Elite) — One Time Payment; $67 (Deluxe) — On a per Month basis

Owners: Donovan (partners Viktor Grant & Gary Alach)

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

In simple terms, SociJam is a cloud-based viral social post creation software product. It is a platform where you can more effectively post on Facebook. The software actually adds elements to your post to help it go viral. It helps to grab a person’s attention immediately so they will not wander off without spending adequate time to your post or ad.

Cindy Donovan is the creator of this software, and she has a good reputation within the internet marketing industry. Some of her other products include Commission Bullseye, Viral Loop, Covert Commissions, Pixly Pro, WP Blazer Suite, ShopABot, Text Deliver, and WP Scope. She has had one hundred (100) successful product launches.

Cindy provides extensive training which educates you on the ways to best use this product as well as its specific features and benefits.  Within the training she also reveals a special Facebook hack which she uses to increase her engagements and conversions.

This product is used to increase your CTR (click through rate) and engagement stats, as well as increasing the likelihood that your posts actually get seen. For those who are running paid ads on Facebook, or wish to do so, this software will help reduce your ad cost because of your added engagements.

Here is a short video which gives you a good overview of this software product.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  2. User friendly
  3. It is cloud based so there is no need to host or install anything
  4. It is compliant with Facebook policies and procedures
  5. Allows you to add icons, bolds, italics, underlines, emojis, images, and colors to your post
  6. Easy to edit
  7. Increases your ROI (Return on Investment) on your paid advertising
  8. Works with all major browsers
  9. No high degree of technical skills need — copy and paste

The Not So Good:

  1. It does take time to get used to the product and go through all the training so that you can maximize your results.  You will also have some trial and error in gaining maximum effectiveness from this tool.

Who is SociJam System For?

This product can be useful for any type of Internet marketer who is interested in increasing engagement to their Facebook posts, and getting more clicks on their Facebook ads. This is a helpful piece of software whether you are into eCommerce, affiliate marketing, product development, local marketing, social media, or blogging.

Tools & Training

There are extensive training videos which take you through a Four (4) Step Process:

1st Step: Use the function of the software which selects the best words in order to customize your post or ad. Add your content to the WYSIWYG Editor — stylize your content

2nd Step: Generate and copy content

3rd Step: Paste and post it to Facebook

4th Step: Monitor your comments, shares, and likes

Within the Dashboard of this product you will find extensive video training with a number of videos which walk you through the process of setting this up, and creating posts and ads which increase engagement and conversions. There are over six (6) features which contribute to customizing your posts and paid advertising.


Email Support is available.


Elite $24.97 One Time Payment

Deluxe$67 per month (this is an Upgrade where you get twenty-two (22) additional social media and website services as well as Reseller Rights and Agency Access

Final Thoughts

This is a software product which will help you to create more engaging posts and ads on Facebook. By styling your text you set yourself apart by creating posts and ads which leads to more engagement and sales. More reach and engagement is critical to your marketing campaigns.

When paying for ads on Facebook you want to maximize your investment, and this product allows you to add the type of creatives which draw highly targeted traffic at the lowest possible cost. This product helps you increase both your free and paid traffic.

It has a number of features and benefits such as you don’t need any design or coding skills to use, it is cloud-based so there is nothing to install, you just have to copy and paste to get stuff done, you have unlimited posts, ads, and comments, the training videos are detailed, it works all on devices and major browsers, you can use emojis to generate emotion, get more exposure and clicks, it is easier to go viral, and you are able to bold and underline your text for better communication.

All these things add up to increase your effectiveness with your posts and ads on Facebook. Your overall marketing strategy will produce better results because of the effectiveness of setting your posts and ads apart.

So if Facebook is part of your marketing strategy this product can be of some assistance. But as always this is just one aspect of your overall marketing efforts in running your internet business. This is not for everyone, but it can be of help to some. Take your time in evaluating this product in terms of your overall vision for your business and your marketing goals. If nothing else, it is good to know about this product. And for those who do give it a shot, there is a thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee.

To your Success in All your Marketing Efforts,


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Acceptance Of The Present Moment — Why Is That So Hard?

Present Moment

In several of my previous articles I spoke about the importance of the acceptance of the present moment. The reason for this is that lving in the “now ” is the entry way into all of our power and grace. It is poetry in motion. The Present Moment

Even though we may begin to become aware of all its advantages, there is still an inner resistance to letting go of our linear time frame, which insists on past and future emphases. There are a few reasons why we tend to find it difficult at times to just relax into the moment, and “let go” of all of our past and future thinking. Let’s explore this vital space within the time continuum a bit.

Paralyzed by the Uncertainty of Change

We all find comfort in the memories of days gone by, and the way things used to be. Also, envisioning a brighter future is quite appealing. Certainly there is nothing wrong with setting goals and moving toward a destination which we are passionate about. The challenge is not to dismiss what is going on right now.

One reason that we may tend to avoid the present, either consciously or unconsciously, is that all “change” is initiated there. This is where all the action is with no excuses. It’s either change or don’t change. Our hideouts in the past and future cannot shelter us in the Now.

“For me, looking back is akin to being on a tightrope and looking down. It doesn’t help you in the present moment to deal with what you have to deal with in order to move forward.” — The Edge — (David Howell Evans)

It’s the uncertainty of what may or may not happen which prevents us from breaking free and fully embracing the present. We are quite capable of doing this right this moment, if it were not for the many years of habitual thought and limiting beliefs which have constructed a wall that obscures our sight.

This uncertainty resides on a foundation of fear which “seems” so real and frightening that we much rather experience our current pains and hardships, than risk the possibility that things might get worse. Eventually we realize that we have nothing to lose, but it may take a while to convince ourselves to take those first few fearful steps to freedom.

Getting Out of our Heads (The Heartfelt Way to Freedom)

We all tend to get stuck in worrying about this or that, what may happen if we do this, what may happen if we don’t, and the merry procession goes on and on. Each day is a brand new opportunity to not only break free from all this nonsense in our heads with which we get caught up with, but to see beyond ourselves to how we may serve and contribute to others.

This is not about doing a bunch of good deeds so we can feel better about ourselves, but it is about connecting with our heart center, which is just dying to express the love and tenderness which we all keep buried within to varying degrees. This emotional heartfelt stuff is more difficult for guys to buy into, but it does not have to be that way.

Regardless of gender, race, beliefs or anything else which we “think” makes us different, we are all on this journey together. At some point we realize it’s all about cooperation rather than competitiveness. We are here to support each other in a Win-Win fashion where there are no losers.

When we follow our hearts, we “know” we are on the right path, and all uncertainty simply fades away. We are not trying to figure things out because we “know that we know”. But the paradox here is that before we can embrace this state of certainty, we must accept all that we “don’t know, but think we do”.

Rejoicing Our New Awareness Conscious Awareness

Getting to the point of actually understanding that we have bought into a lot of concepts and ideas about ourselves, others, and the world in general which may not be true is very liberating, but it is only the first step on our journey. At the same time, it is a most important first step because we have now become humble enough to question our assumptions and beliefs.

This in itself is something that many will continue to avoid for quite some time. The fear and guilt which makes up the foundation of these ideas are so strong that we are afraid we will be annihilated by even looking in that direction. The resistance to change can be very intense, but that’s okay. We are aware of it now, as it is no longer hiding out of sight.

What we want to do is just experience this resistance without adding any thoughts or labels to these uncomfortable feelings. Just allow them to flow and to be. We can then remind ourselves that right this very moment, regardless of feelings and circumstances, all is okay as it is, because we are truly alive and secure in the present moment where nothing else matters. We have entered The Gap where all true security lies.

This is when we can rejoice in the Now, and see it for the “present” or “gift” that it is. This reveals to us that all we have ever really wanted is here right now. All joy and happiness is here now, and not dependent on things or feelings being a certain way so that we can then “allow” ourselves to feel good and be happy.

This is a monumental first step which should not be overlooked or unappreciated, as it is the vital first step on our journey beyond fear. Let us rejoice.

Our Power is Right Here and Now

We can do whatever we want to avoid change and deny our magnificence, but that will not change things one little bit. We are merely prolonging the inevitable. We are all here with special gifts to share, and to assist in awakening others to their true Essence.

“We have been endowed with the capacity and the power to create desirable pictures within and to find them automatically in the outer world of our environment.” — John McDonald —

The exact same power which is now fueling our present circumstances can be used in any way we choose. It all begins within ourselves, and being able to recognize that the pictures and images we call reality are projections from within our selves. Our states of mind have been perfectly out pictured for us to see. Being cognizant of this is no small feat. We have spent the majority of our lives believing what is out there is real and unchangeable. This is  the difference between victim and creator status.

Now the next step is to realize that we cannot create from either the past or future. So when our focus is in either of those two (2) directions we are dis-empowering ourselves, and accepting the false witnesses that we see all about us which are not shy about telling us we are powerless to change.

When we realize this, we can then use the present moment in which to create our desired objectives. We become conscious creators, rather than unconscious victims. It is our state of mind which needs our attention; not the circumstances and players without.

It does take quite a bit of practice to stay present long enough to create effectively. Our tendency will still be to drift away into the past and future because that is what we learned to do, and have practiced so much over the years that it is now effortless to do so. The present moment is untouched by the memories of the past or the promises of the future.

Let’s now review a few simple tools which we can use on a daily basis to keep ourselves present more often. At this point, we can use as many reminders as we can get to stay awake within this dream we have created for ourselves.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

This is no different from learning a new language or a new sport. It is necessary to practice the things which will get us to where we want to go. For instance, I play golf. If we just go out to the practice area and swing away without first understanding what it takes to swing properly, we will just be ingraining a lot of bad habits which later need to be corrected. We are making a lot of extra work for ourselves as well as adding a lot of needless frustration to our overall experience.

It is the same thing here. We have been practicing a lot of stuff over the years which has become ingrained and which now require correction. It is necessary to learn the correct fundamentals. This will seem hard at first, but it is consistency and determination which will get us there. We can all improve in any area of our lives with perfect practice based on these correct fundamentals.

Now perfect practice just means using techniques which get you going in the right direction. It does not mean you won’t make mistakes along the way while learning new skills. It takes time and effort to learn anything new, and mistakes from which we learn are good.

The first thing we can do is write out each morning a few sentences which will inspire us to stay present. There are plenty of sites with positive quotes where we can pick up one or two phrases to recite to ourselves during the day. This sets the stage of forming new constructive habits which will contribute to our staying present.

After we do this, we then ask ourselves as much as we remember to do so, “Am I present now?”. This will wake us up after we have drifted away, and get us back focusing on our current tasks in the now. Just by asking this question, we have assured ourselves of being present for that moment. We won’t stay there, but that’s okay. This is a process and journey within ourselves.

This is a process of learning to forget all of the “borrowed knowledge” and misperceptions with which we have been living, and which have been responsible for our current state of reality, although we tend to blame people and circumstances “out there” instead of taking responsibility.

For now that is all that is necessary to do. Being awake to Who we truly Are is our natural state, and the simpler we make things the better. When things get complex, we know we are moving in the opposite direction of where we desire to go.

In a later article I will discuss a few other ways to stay awake as we approach that very special moment which is quite beyond words. It is an experiential state which takes place in the Now, and it is where all of our happiness and joy resides. But it all begins with accepting the present moment “As Is”.

May we all slow down enough to recognize the splendor and glory which is within ourselves just a mere “moment” away.

In Peace and Love within the Light,


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Things To Do In Vanuatu…


First of all, before we get into things to do in Vanuatu, let’s figure out where the heck it is. It is actually a group of eighty-three (83) islands in the South Pacific. On the island of Efate (the third largest island) is the capital city of Port VilaPort Vila, Vanuatu

Many people are surprised by the numerous things to do on this small island nation. In a moment we will discuss a few of the more interesting sights and activities. This archipelago is volcanic by nature, and about sixty-five (65) of the islands are inhabited.

Some Interesting Facts About this Area of the World

  • The population is about two hundred and seventy-six thousand (276,000) people
  • It was formerly known as the New Hebrides and its name changed to Vanuatu in 1980
  • In 1774 it was named by Captain Cook
  • Independence was gained from France and the United Kingdom in 1980
  • Espiritu Santo is the largest island
  • Ten (10) minutes from Port Vila is the international airport, Bauerfield
  • The original inhabitants of these islands were the Melanesian people
  • Cattle, agriculture, tourism, fishing, and offshore financial services are the primary industries
  • The official languages are French and English
  • A pidgin language which evolved from English is Bislama (the first language of many urban residents). With over one hundred (100) indigenous languages spoken throughout the archipelago, Vanuatu is considered to have the highest density of languages anywhere in the world.
  • There are three main cultural regions with differing values of wealth (In the South — grants of title with associated privileges; In the Center — traditional Melanesian cultural systems; in the North — pigs with rounded tusks are a symbol of wealth which is measured by how much you can give away)
  • The most populated urban areas are Lunganville and Port Vila
  • While ninety (90%) of the population is Melanesian, there are also people from Micronesia, Polynesia, China, Vietnam, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Most families cook their own food using hot stones or boiling. The diet consists mainly of fish, fruit, and root vegetables. There is very little, if any, fried food.
  • Regular flights to Vanuatu are available through Air Vanuatu, Aircalin, Air Pacific, Pacific Blue, and Quantas
  • One thing to keep in mind is that these folks value their siestas, so some establishments may be closed midday (between 1130am and 130pm).
  • You can pick up maps of the area from the Port Vila Vanuatu Tourism Office
  • The currency is the Vatu (VT) and is relatively stable and it is easy to exchange with other currencies at the main banks
  • The climate is warm and tropical. It is warm the entire year with summers being the hottest, but it seldom gets above ninety-five (95F) degrees (35°C). There are cooling breezes in the late afternoon into the early evening due to the east/southeast trade winds.

Now For Some Fun Stuff to Do

Let’s start this section off with a video which will give you a bird’s eye view of this island nation.

Now let’s get down to some specifics:

* Shopping — Because of the multi-cultural aspects of these islands (French, English and Melanesian cultures) you will find a fascinating blend of different types of products. In the main marketplace, as well as Chinatown, which is behind main street, you will find a lot of bargains. Also, another important aspect of this to which to pay attention is that Port Vila is one of the last remaining Duty Free Ports in the entire Pacific. You can find Pacific black pearls and other jewelry as well as plenty of fashion products, Swiss watches, sunglasses, spirits (including French Champagnes), and fragrances. You can save from twenty (20%) to thirty (30%) percent on average.

* The Blue Lagoons — the three (3) most popular blue lagoons are located on Santo: the Nanda Blue Hole, Matevulu Blue Hole, and Riri Blue Hole. This is a perfect way to escape from the tropical heat by taking a swim in these small lagoons in the jungle.

* Snorkel and Scuba Dive Among the Coral Reefs — surrounding many of these islands there is an underwater kingdom filled with all sorts of tropical fish and colorful reefs. There are dolphins, whales, sea snakes, dugongs, reef sharks, and green turtles in these waters. For conservation reasons, fishing is banned in certain areas.

* Some of the Best Beaches in the World — there are no shortage of beaches on which to take it easy and lay back from your other chosen, more strenuous activities. For some of the clearest ocean waters check out Port Olry on Santo. Lonnoc beach also on Santo is a great place as well.

* A Ride on an Outrigger Canoe — this is a traditional vessel which is carved out of a tree trunk. It is an amazing experience similar to being on a catamaran. The best way to do this is get to know a few of the locals who will be happy to take you for a boat ride.

* The Active Volcanoes on Ambrym — you really don’t want to miss this. Take a hike up to the volcanoes where at the top you will discover a huge bubbling lava lake where you can glance down to the center of the earth. This journey is not for the faint of heart as it is a two (2) day trek through jungle up a steep mountainside. But it is most definitely worth the effort.

* Visit a Cannibal Tribe in Malekula — now this is not your normal resort activity. This gives you a full glimpse into this unique culture. Now although this practice is not active any longer, the tribes will be glad to share their history and traditions and show you some old cannibal sites. In fact, on Rano Island you can view one of their “kitchens” with remnants of human bones and skulls scattered about. A French tourist was the last person eaten back in the late 1960’s.

* Naghol Land Diving — this is something simply amazing to see. During the Naghol Land Diving Festival men tie some vines to their legs and jump from a one hundred and fourteen (114) foot (35 meters) wooden tower with the objective of not dying when they hit the ground. This is all going on during tribal dances and chants. Actually modern bungee jumping was developed from this ancient ritual of land diving by A. J. Hackett.

* Check Out the Tiny Remote Islands — in addition to the eighty-three major islands there are thousands of islets to explore. Many of these are without roads or electricity. You will find the locals in a very happy and joyful spirit without any of the modern conveniences including TV. One island off the north coast of Malekula is Uripiv which has Ambrym’s volcanoes on one side and some of the best coral reefs on the other.

* Enjoy the Local Drink at a Nakamal — the local drink of Vanuatu is Kava. It is made from the roots of the Kava plant, and it does give your a slight buzz. It is served in Kava bars called Nakamals. Kava is the country’s largest export ahead of the production of copra (coconut oil).

* An Overnight Trip on a Cargo Ship — now this is not any sort of luxury ship experience by any means but it is a quite delightful and interesting experience. The entire cabin is outdoors and you sleep on the floor. But you get to hang out with locals, learn about their culture, tell stories, watch some volcanoes erupt, view the starlit sky, enjoy a few Tusker beers, and watch the flying fish emerging around sunrise.

* Fly Over the Islands — now to get a real bird’s eye view of this archipelago without spending a lot for private tour flights, take a domestic flight with Air Vanuatu which will cost around seventy ($70) USD. You get some great views while flying over to some of the other islands.

* Sample the Organic Avocados — grown in gardens (farms out in the jungle) these avocados are simply delicious, and you can purchase a basket of them for the price of a cup of coffee. They cost about fifteen (.15) cents USD each.

* Mount Hope Waterfall — plan on spending about half a day checking this place out. Take a boat ride down a river which is carved out of a gorge with limestone formations and overhanging trees and ferns through the dense island rain forest. At the waterfall you will have guides who will lead you through the very lush jungle.

* The Reef Vanuatu Zoological — this is a wildlife education and conservation center where you can view the local wildlife as well as hand feed baby turtles.

* Mele Cascades — this is one of the more popular sights as it is only twenty (20) minutes outside of Port Vila on Efate. The area is locally owned and run by locals with a restaurant, bar, and cafe.

* Freshwater Plantation — just a short boat ride from Santo on the island of Aore, you will find a working cocoa plantation. On this three hundred (300) acre property you will also find the Aore Island Bat Cave. You can make this a day trip or spend the night on the Plantation and do a little snorkeling and swimming in the Segund Channel.

* Underwater Post Office — this is the only underwater post office in the entire world. You purchase a waterproof postcard on land and then dive into the ocean to mail it. This is definitely not your everyday trip to your local postal service.

* Abseiling — for those who enjoy this type of adventure of gliding down a rock face of a mountain with a doubled rope around your body, this is a place you can do it.

Now this should give you a good flavor of some of the sights and cultural experiences around these islands. As you can tell, there is plenty to see and do.


So Why Visit Vanuatu? Vanuatu

There are many reasons to visit this most unusual part of the world, some of which I covered above. This is another part of the planet which is not overrun by tourists which makes it more of an enjoyable and less hectic experience. Most people who visit this area of the world are more drawn to New Caledonia and Fiji.

The friendly people here and the sheer beauty by which you are surrounded sets Vanuatu apart. The people take the time to chat with you, and readily share insights into their culture and traditions. The cultural ceremonies, such as fire walking, are something to see, as well as learning about the daily lives of the villagers in how they store food, how they hunt and fish, and their use of plant life.

Sailing, snorkeling, and diving are some of the best anywhere. You can explore many shipwrecks in these very clear waters as well the numerous marine life.

Some of the freshest food on the planet can be found here. Fresh produce combined with grass fed beef from their lush cattle country will satisfy every taste, whether meat lover or vegan.

You can have a great time here in several ways no matter how adventurous you are. Renting a car and driving around the main island of Efate is a fabulous experience. You will leave the vibrant activity around the harbor a d drive through flourishing pasture land and lush rain forests. You will be amazed to find extremely good restaurants in the middle of nowhere. Vanuatu is most definitely a hidden treasure which most folks know nothing about.

Enjoy your many travels around our most beautiful planet,


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Online Marketing

X Ranker 360 Review

internet marketing

X Ranker 360 Review Video Marketing

Name: X Ranker 360


Click Above for Additional Info on this Product

Price: $697 or $997 One Time Investment

Owners: Joshua Zamora, Han Fan

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is designed to get your videos ranked on the first page of Google. It basically comes down to selecting the keywords for which you want to rank, and then create your campaigns, build some backlinks, and then observe which videos rank over the next few weeks.

It is a web-based app which you can access from any type of computer. All you need is an internet connection and a web-browser.

This software was created to give you an advantage over your competitors who are also attempting to rank for the same keywords. The original version came out in 2016.

Joshua Zamora is an experienced software designer who has created several previous products such as Targetr, VidPro, Tube Sniper, Smart Video Metrics, PBN Builder, P1 Profits, SyndLab, DFY Chief, Wiki Robot, SyndLab 2.0, Video Chief, Serplify, Video Chief UK Edition, and SyncBuddy. He originally started out as a marketer but did not find the level of success he desired, so he decided to design tools to eliminate many of the challenges he experienced as a marketer. He now designs and tests all of his products in order to make sure the products work before releasing them.

Joshua has a personal blog on which he promotes his products call Zaurai Blogger as well as giving some insightful tips.

Check out the video below for some additional information on X Ranker 360:

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Thirty (30) day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Saves time from working on campaigns which you are not sure are going to rank
  4. No monthly fees

The Not So Good:

  1. Quite expensive

Who is X Ranker 360 For?

This product is for any internet marketer who is using video to promote their products or services. This works for folks selling their own products, affiliate marketers, eCommerce, CPA marketing, local marketing, list building, or any other area in the online world.

Tools & Training

Training videos included in the back office.

It is a Four (4) Step Process:

1) It has a Keyword Suggestion Engine which you use to find keywords which will convert and be profitable. (input any seed keyword and then the software will generate hundreds of possible keywords for your campaign)

2) Create a You Tube Live Stream Event within X Ranker 360 (this is what greatly increases your probability of ranking on the first page of Google; the software is able to track your keywords and determine where these live streams are ranking and once one hit the first page of Google you are immediately notified. The key here is that you will then only work on campaigns which are going to rank on the first page. You will know this ahead of time. This saves you a lot of time and needless effort.)

3) Once you determine your keyword will rank you then Load your Video into Live Stream (once you know which live streams are ranking you then know which ones on which to focus. You rank before you do any further work on your campaigns)

4) Now is the time to Syndicate Your Videos to all social bookmarking and social sharing sites (and the nice thing about this is that this all happens automatically)


1) Twenty (20) You Tube Thumbnails (these images are professionally done and designed to stand out and set you apart from your competition and increase your traffic)

2) Twenty (20) CTA Images (you can create several variations of your videos with these Call To Action images. These are professionally designed to increase conversions)

3) Zamurai Keyword Bootcamp (this is additional training where Joshua goes over his seven (7) types of keywords which have worked well for him over the years in producing good profits)

4) Zamurai Video Immersion [this is a four (4) week video marketing training which was filmed live with a small group of Joshua’s students}


Email support


Personal Version: $697 One Time Payment [Fifty (50) Keyword Searches per Month] — [Fifteen (15) Live Streams]

Pro Version: $997 One Time Payment [One Thousand (1000) Keyword Searches per Month] — [One Hundred plus (100+) Live Streams]

Final Thoughts

This is a web-app which was created to save you time by allowing yout to work only on campaigns which you know ahead of time are going to rank well. This saves weeks of wasted time and effort.

I do agree with Joshua that many folks do waste a great deal of time by trying to figure out their keywords and then spending the time and effort in creating a full campaign. After that, they spend additional time in building a bunch of backlinks for their videos, and then waiting for weeks to determine which videos will rank. It is much better to figure out which keywords will rank first, before going to all that effort and trouble which can end up with wasting a lot of time.

You Tube Live Events are where the emphasis is now. Live streaming is the new standard which prompted Google to discontinue Google Hangouts. These live events are similar to Facebook Live.

With this software you can create a You Tube Live Event, don’t actually run or stream that event, and still get indexed and ranked in Google. You only choose which video to insert into the Live Stream after you know which keywords are ranking. The video is then syndicated automatically with their proprietary syndication system.

It’s the Keyword Engine aspect of their software which sets them apart.

The only negative I have found is the price. Both the personal and pro versions do cost a tidy sum. What I do not understand is why it is so high now, because when it was first launched, and even after the next version came out,  the cost was under a $100, and not much more even with the upsells. In any event, this does seem like a very good product based on what it is able to do in order to increase the effectiveness of you video marketing campaigns.

Final Conclusion Video Marketing

All the Best in your Marketing Efforts,


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Is The Truth True? — A Funny Question To Ask

True or False

Is the Truth True? This may seem like a funny question to ask, but once we delve into it a bit, there are a few ideas which come to the surface that are easily ignored. You may also want to check out a similar post I wrote on the subject of truth and compare a few notes.The Truth

We take so much for granted because “things are just the way they are”, without inquiring of how they got that way. Are we creators of our lives or victims? Let’s explore a bit.

A Few Theories on Truth

There are a few popular theories out there which do their best to describe what the truth really means. Without going into this stuff too deeply, let’s just quickly review each one.

The Correspondence Theory — What this theory basically implies is that truth corresponds to reality. This is by far the most popular theory. The reasoning behind this is that the truth is based on and corresponds to facts, and not beliefs. Beliefs are opinions which may or may not be true, while facts are considered “what is” and not based on being true or false.

The Cohernece Theory — This is the second most popular and it talks about a belief being true when it does not contradict our other beliefs. So things are true or false based on their ability to fit in with a larger system of beliefs corresponding to reality.

The Pragmatic Theory — Under this theory things are either true or false based on their overall usefulness. So this requires some interaction with the world in order to figure stuff out. Now all of this can get rather confusing especially when you have a guy like Nietzsche mention that “sometimes untruth may be more useful than truth”.

But before we go on, let me mention Deontology which is a theory based on the ethics which determine right and wrong actions. It is living your life based on duty and moral obligations.

Also, here are a couple of definitions of truth from Princeton’s WordNet:

  1. truth(noun)a fact that has been verified
    “at last he knew the truth”; “the truth is that he didn’t want to do it”
  2. truth, the true, verity, trueness(noun)conformity to reality or actuality
    “they debated the truth of the proposition”; “the situation brought home to us the blunt truth of the military threat”; “he was famous for the truth of his portraits”; “he turned to religion in his search for eternal verities”

Now that’s enough of that. It is so easy to get lost in this stuff, and really do a number on our minds.

So Where Do We Go from Here?

The purpose of this article is not to start a philosophical discussion on truth, which has already been bantered about for thousands of years. It is to dig a little deeper into exactly “how” we think, and the ideas which we accept and don’t question, but which determine our personal experiences and realities.

In order to get to the essence of all this we need to break this down and keeps things simple. It is making things complex that muddies the water so to speak. Our intention is to eliminate the confusion and fear which exist because of our misperceptions and false interpretations of what is really going on. We can start by finding the utter simplicity of the Present Moment.

Keeping things as simple as possible: The Truth is True.

Now not being able to accept that on face value because of all the “borrowed knowledge” which we have picked up over the years through both formal and informal learning/education, we must insist on filling in the blanks. This is where we open ourselves up to much confusion.
First off, words do a very poor job on enlightening us on this subject. Truth is known by experience, while words just point the way.

Out of the billions of folks on this planet, each one of us has our own version of truth. The reason that these versions lack reliability is that they are changeable and based on the past. Images shift and change before our eyes on a moment-to-moment basis. It takes great willingness and a humble attitude to see these illusions for what they truly our.

Once we recognize and admit that we don’t know what the truth is, we have taken the first step to waking up. We then realize all of our beliefs and facts are merely “accepted fiction”.

We can easily prove this to ourselves by researching all the different ideas around the many areas of our existence such as love, family, exercise, nutrition, life and death, survival, health, sickness, and any other areas in which we blindly accept concepts as true. We need to question all of our ideas around this stuff to break free from our self-imposed limits.

Now you know why I mentioned willingness and humility as vital ingredients to get this done, as it is not easy because of all the fear and resistance which rises to the surface once we mess around with our sacred beliefs about how things are or supposed to be.

This is NOT a Meaningless World

With just a little bit of observation we can observe and become aware that our Universe is based and sustained on natural laws of equilibrium and mathematical exactitude. Within this Cosmos there is not the slightest sign of evidence of chaos anywhere. If there was, we would no longer exist. But we even take this for granted.

Over the many years of astronomical measurement and investigation, no trace of evidence has been discovered of any chaos or disorder anywhere in the Universe. This leads us into the direction of discovering the Truth. We are then led within  ourselves, rather than without to recognize the Truth. This is where our true Power exists, and that Power as well as the Truth is unchangeable.

When we look without, we perceive much apparent chaos and change. What were scientific facts one day have now been replaced with new discoveries and realizations. Technology, science, and medicine have shifted our understanding of life as it continues to uncover new possibilities.  truth and innocence

Once we recognize that there is much behind the apparent images which we view and give meaning to, we are then able to awaken ourselves enough to accept that all illusions are equally untrue. We must remember what it was like when we were kids and much more open-minded. We could more easily accept that we “just don’t know”, and how we see the world and how we think things should be is just one of the many things we just made up.

We have created a bunch of symbols by which we live. It is only our perception which gives it meaning. We also think that this stuff just happens to us. But the good news is we can use all of this made up stuff to awaken. All of our relationships, people, events, places, memories, and thoughts can all serve a very useful purpose.

Our Birthright is Joy and Peace of Mind

There is no meaning in images. We might just as well forgive ourselves and others for our many misperceptions and misinterpretations, as we are all able to release the past in this Present Moment. In this way our future will not be a reflection of our past, but a creation of the Present Moment.  the present moment

Letting go of all distractions empowers us to move forward in confidence. It is the Simplicity of Truth which breaks us free. Our acceptance of this is required in order to release our conflicted state of mind. Freedom and happiness are available right this moment.

William Ernest Henley was an English poet who is most known for his poem Invictus which I would like to share with you now:

“Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but the Horror of the shade,

And yet the menace of the years

Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

I am the captain of my soul.”

We are all the “Masters of our Fate” and Captains of our Soul”. We are only a decision away from taking the journey to break free from our imaginary chains, which have restricted us, and kept us from the joy and peace of mind which is our birthright.

We must be unafraid to confront our demons of uncertainty, fear, judgment, and many times self-hatred. Because when we do confront them, we see them for what they truly are, mere curtains of mist which are easily blown away to reveal the luminescent rays of a brilliant Light which has always been shining within ourselves. We are deceived no more.

May we all find the Truth which resides within ourselves and is so eager to be revealed.

In Peace and Love within the Light,


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Where AreThe Galápagos Islands Located?

Galapagos Islands

Where are the Galápagos Islands Located? That is a very good question. Many people will know right off the bat. Even though I had heard of them before, I was not quite sure. Galápagos Islands

This gave me an opportunity to do some research and share it with you. Even if you know where they are, I may be able to present some information of which you were not previously aware. So let’s get started.

A Brief Overview

Located off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, the Galápagos Islands are a volcanic archipelago. They are a province of Ecuador and are known for a visit by Charles Darwin in 1835. There is plenty of diverse plant life and animal species throughout the islands. It has been said that this area and its plentiful wildlife inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The islands are located approximately six hundred and twenty-one (621) miles (1000 km) off the coast of Ecuador. Here are a few more interesting facts:

  • Its population is a bit over twenty-five thousand (25,000) people
  • Spanish is the main language spoken
  • In 1832 ownership of the islands was taken over by the Republic of Ecuador from Spain
  • The archipelago consists of eighteen (18) main islands, three (3) smaller islands, one hundred and seven (107) rocks, and islets.
  • The main islands are Baltra, Bartolomé, Culpepper or Darwin, Española, Fernandina , Floreana, Genovesa, Isabela, Marchena, North Seymour, Pinzón, Pinta, Rábida, San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago, and Wolf.
  • Every three (3) to seven (7) years there are El Nino occurrences. June to November temperatures near the ocean average seventy-two (72 F) degrees (22 C), while December to May you will find temperatures around seventy-seven (77 F) degrees (25 C). Although located on the equator, the water is cooler due to the Humboldt Current which also causes frequent light rainfall throughout the year. Weather and precipitation does vary due to altitude and what location you are on the islands.
  • During World War II the United States had a military presence on the islands. There was a United States Air Force Base on the island of Baltra as well as radar stations strategically placed throughout the islands.
  • The capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.
  • The islands have a provincial government divided into cantons (subdivisions of provinces)
  • There are five (5) islands which are inhabited: Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana, Baltra, and San Cristóbal.
  • Equadorian Mestizos make up the largest ethnic group on the islands. They are descendants of indigenous Native Americans and Spanish colonists.
  • Similar to mainland Ecuador the official currency on the islands is the US Dollar (currency consists of US produced notes as well as a mixture of US and locally produced coins).
  • The two (2) airports are Seymour Airport on Baltra and the San Cristóbal Airport on San Cristóbal.
  • Cruise tours are an ideal way to view the wildlife and take in the environment of the islands.
  • There are about eighty-five (85) yachts and ships equipped for overnight guests throughout the islands.
  • Most hotels are located on the islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Floreana and Isabela.
  • Licensed guides are provided for the one hundred and sixteen (116) visitor sites, sixty-two (62) snorkeling and scuba diving sites, and fifty-four (54) land sites.

Things to See and Visit Galapagos tortoises

This is a most fascinating part of the world. The landscapes are like nowhere else in the world, and you can also see the world’s largest tortoise while walking on the beach, or take a swim with sea lions

In 1987 the islands were named the world’s first UNESCO Heritage site because of all the interesting and scientific species scattered throughout the area. About ninety-seven (97%) percent of the archipelago remains untouched and is protected as part of the Galapagos Islands National Park and Marine Reserve. This is definitely one of the most bio diverse places anywhere on our planet.

Before I get into specific places to visit on your trip, take a look at this video in order to get a good feel for the place.

* The Volcanoes — There are both active (12) and extinct volcanoes around here, and there are occasional eruptions. The largest volcano is on the northern part of Isabela island. In the village of Bellavista on the island of Santa Cruz there are a series of underground tunnels (lava tubes) which are fun to explore. As it moved beneath the surface, the flowing lava carved out these tunnels.

* Check Out the Islands — Volcanic eruptions over millions of years formed these islands. The oldest island is Espanola and it is thought to be three million and five hundred thousand (3,500,000) years old. Fernandina comes in as the youngest island at only one million (1,000,000) years old. There are small communities scattered about through the inhabited islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana and Baltra. You can visit the uninhabited islands by boat. Each island is unique in its activities, wildlife, and landscapes. Among the uninhabited islands Rabida is known for its red sand beaches and flamingos, while on the small lava reef of Isla Mosquera you can swim with sea lions. The most photographed island is Bartolomé because of its moon-like landscape and crescent bays.

* Kicker Rock — Also called Leon Dormido because of its resemblance to a sleeping lion, it is a great place to take a few photos. You will find a diverse range of sea life around there such as eagle rays, starfish, Galapagos sharks, and sea turtles. Be advised that the waters are rather choppy around there. While being a refuge for Frigatebirds, the rock is also populated with Nazca boobies.

* The Santa Cruz Highlands — Here you will find the Escalesia and Miconia forests which is a natural habitat for many species because of its fertile soil and vegetation. This is a great place for bird watching, and it also has the largest population of Galapagos tortoises. Some of these guys and gals are over one hundred (100) years old.

* Tortuga Bay — Here you will find white powder sand beaches on Santa Cruz Island. For snorkeling and swimming this is the place to be, and you will have plenty of friends to keep you company like sea turtles, marine iguanas, reef sharks, and other types of fish.

* La Loberia — You can swim alongside numerous sea lions and their pups in this tiny crescent-shaped bay. It is off the main tourist routes, but well worth the trip. In the clear waters you will also find a few sea turtles moving slowly about.

* The Charles Darwin Research Station — Located on Santa Cruz Island, this is an ideal place to learn about the natural history of these islands. There is ongoing conservation work being done here by the Charles Darwin Foundation. There are natural history collections and photography exhibits in the exhibition hall. You can also find a public library filled with books on natural sciences, a large skeleton of a Bryde’s whale, and a garden which has a wide selection of native flora. Although Charles Darwin is connected to these islands, they were accidentally discovered in 1535 by Father Tomas Berlanga who was a Panamanian bishop who lost his way when his ship drifted off course.

Other Things to Do on the Islands

* Let’s Take a Hike — There are several very good hiking trails on many of the islands on which visitors are allowed. Whether it is the lush, green highlands, blackened lava rock, beach walks, or hiking through a forest on the island of Santa Fe with cacti as high as thirty-two (32) feet (9.7 meters), you have plenty of choices for hiking trails.  Keep in mind many of the trails are rocky so be prepared with good hiking shoes or boots.

* Scuba Diving and Snorkeling — With crystal clear waters and marine life not found anywhere else in the world, this is one of the top destinations on the entire planet for snorkeling and scuba diving. While you can snorkel anywhere, there are some prime scuba diving spots such as Shark Point, Gordon Rocks, and Darwin’s Arch. All in all there are about thirty (30) diving sites throughout the islands.

* Swimming and Kayaking — There are plenty of ways to enjoy the water in this area including kayaking in the ocean and swimming alongside wildlife in the shallow waters of Tagus Cove and Gardner Bay. Now some of the best places to just relax on the beach are Tortuga Bay, El Garrapatero, and the beach on Bartolome Island.

* Coffee and Chocolate Farms — In addition to wildlife diversity on the Galápagos Islands, agriculture is also a vital part of this area with many fincas (farms) scattered about which produce coffee and chocolate. After it was discovered that arabica typica coffee plants would thrive in this rich volcanic soil, coffee plantations were set up in 1869. Coffee is their biggest export, and guess who their biggest importer is: Starbucks. Follow the transition of the coffee process from cherry to bean to cup at coffee plantations on the island of Santa Cruz. Also while on Santa Cruz check out Chocolapagos, the local chocolate shop featuring chocolate turtles. Galapagos birds and seals

* Bird watching — Being a protected sanctuary for all kinds of species of wildlife, you will find plenty of birds to view and observe. There are fifty-six (56) species of native birds on the islands and forty-five (45) of them only reside here. There are migratory species among the shorebirds and seabirds. You will find frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins as well as American flamingos.

* Lots to Photograph — You will not run out of wildlife and landscapes to photograph. Most of the animals around here have no fear of humans so you can get up relatively close to take your pictures. You can take close up shots of large tortoises, marine iguanas, birds, and sea lions.

* Hop Around the Islands — There are plenty of islands to check out on this archipelago. The easiest way to do this is by taking a cruise as there is quite some distance between some of these islands. You will find that most of the cruises travel at night so that you have plenty of daylight to check things out. You will have time to do some snorkeling in these beautiful waters as well as spending time onshore exploring the islands. There are also Zodiac rides to some of the smaller islands which are inaccessible to the land-based visitors.


An Enchanting Experience

This area of the world is like it is lost in time. Because of the strict environmental protection around here, you will discover nature at its most pristine. There are so many species of wildlife like the Galapagos Giant Tortoise, Marine Iguanas, Galapagos Sea Lions, Darwin’s Finches, Galapagos Fur Seals, Blue-Footed Booby, Galapagos Sharks, Flightless Cormorant, Galapagos Penguin, Frigatebird, Flightless Cormorant

, and over four hundred (400) species of fish, with fifty (50) of them being unique to these islands.

For those who may have some interest in visiting this enchanting place, it is best to fly into either Guayaquil or Quito in mainland Ecuador. If you have time visit Quito as it is the best preserved historic spot in all of South America according to UNESCO. Then fly to either to Baltra or San Cristobal on the islands.

With low humidity and moderate temperatures this is a place you can visit any time of the year. On the other hand, if you want to see whales, the best time to go is in June. August is the pupping season for Galapagos sea lion babies.

Since the location of these islands is so isolated, it’s a good idea to bring the items you need with you. Otherwise, they are quite expensive and in limited supply. Don’t rely on the ATMs on the islands; bring enough cash. You definitely want good quality hiking or walking shoes which will hold up; save the flip-flops and sandals for on board the cruises and walking about town.

Now don’t forget that the Galápagos Islands are located right on the Equator, so don’t be shy about bringing plenty fo sunscreen (water-resistant and reef safe preferred). The UV rays are extremely intense around here.

Well, there you have it. We not only found out where the Galápagos Islands were (for those who didn’t know), but we discovered many interesting places to visit, and a bunch of activities to pursue. This just may be a place in the world which you want to add to your present or future travel plans.

Enjoy your journeys,




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MailPrimo Pro Review…

Email Marketing

MailPrimo Pro Review Email Marketing

Name: MailPrimo Pro



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Price: $17 or $49.95 or $87.95 (14 Day Free Trial)

Owners: Dr. Amit Pareek and Ashu Kumar

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

This is cloud-based software designed specifically for email marketing. Its intention is to increase your delivery, open rates, and click through rates. It is SAAS software that operates similar to an autoresponder but without the monthly fee.

This cloud-based email marketing platform eliminates many of the other challenges you may have with the more well-known autoresponder companies. For a one time fee there are many advantages which are outlined on the sales page of this product.

The creator of this software, Dr. Amit Pareek, has created other online software products such as SociDeck, VidMozo, ProfitFox, Facebook Marketing, InstaConsultant, Media Buy Biz, PPC Biz in a Box, and ShopMozo. He has been around several years in the internet marketing arena developing software.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Fourteen (14) Day Free Trial
  2. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Increase delivery and open rates
  4. One Time Fee
  5. Reduces bounce rate

The Not So Good:

  1. Poor documentation (interface does not match info in PDF)
  2. Training not specific enough unless you have some technical skills
  3. Not consistent in working on all different servers
  4. No blank templates
  5. Not a good delete feature
  6. Has produced mixed results for different users
  7. You need SMTP (Sending Server)
  8. Requires more technical knowledge to set this up than you are originally led to believe

Who is MailPrimo For?

This software is designed for internet marketers of all types who are interested in using email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Tools & Training

There are a number of PDFs and training videos.

It is a three (3) step process to use once you get the software configured to your specific server and browser.

1) Upload your subscribers into the system

2) Send emails to your list

3) Monitor the results in terms of deliveries, opens, click-throughs, and opt-ins or sales

  • Add, import or copy and paste subscribers
  • Subscriber management
  • Create Newsletters
  • Five (5) message editor templates
  • Two (2) web-form templates with the editor
  • One (1) Sub-Domain or Business
  • Unlimited mailings monthly
  • Import Unlimited Subscribers

You can import unlimited subscribers from your list with the Pro Plan and you won’t lose even a single ID while importing. No double opt-in is required so this cuts down on losing up to thirty (30%) of your subscribers.

  • Send Unlimited Mails on a set Schedule or Immediately

Send unlimited emails or newsletters with your own SMTP service. You must configure SMTP settings and then send your emails on your preferred timetable.

  • In-built lead form provided

Lead form available for use on your blog, e-commerce site, or WordPress site. Copy and paste the code and you are ready to go.

  • Boost email delivery, click and open rate

Monitor your individual campaigns by tracking your open and click through rates. This is designed to give you better control of your campaigns.

  • Assign smart tags in order to segment your subscribers and send emails to specified groups

Use this feature to assign tags to your subscriber list and get them segmented in the way you desire. This allows you to send emails specifically to each segmented group.

  • Reduce your Bounce Rate

Gets rid of bounced and spammed mails. The software automatically cleans your list by removing bounced emails.

  • Inbuilt Text & Inline Editor

Create text or HTML emails with this LIVE Inline editor.

  • Works with Almost Every SMTP server

Works great with almost every SMTP server or you can set-up your own SMTP.

  • Works with email providers like Google, Yahoo and Outlook

It works with most email providers.

  • CAN SPAM compliant

It has a one-click unsubscribe feature which reduces spam complaints.

  • Manage your subscribers

Find, filter and clean your subscriber lists. This allows you to locate a subscriber from your entire list with one (1) click. You can also track duplicate entries and create a backup of your list.

  • All-in-one cloud based email marketing software

It a cloud based platform which you need to install.

  • Allows you to Increase your sales

Email marketing is the vehicle to maximize your results. You can increase your Return On Investment (ROI) by sending your promotional emails such as product info, discounts, and white papers.

  • Personalize your Emails

Personalizing your emails gets the attention of your subscribers and increases open rates.

  • Create newsletters

This allows you to keep in contact with your subscribers on a regular basis by updating them about new and current product offers. You can then send them easily to your website, blog, or sales page.

  • Fully automated

This software automates your email marketing efforts.

  • No monthly fees

There are no recurring fees for sending unlimited emails.

  • Designed by Marketers

MailPrimo was designed by people with several years in the online marketing industry

  • Step-By-Step Training

There is video training which explains each feature and how to implement them.


Submit a support ticket


$17 [Starter Plan] or $49.95 [Scale Plan] or $87.95 [Pro Plan] (14 Day Free Trial)

Final Thoughts

Before I get into my specific thoughts on this product, I have included a video below of a user of this software and some of the challenges which she experienced. I have also discovered another user who is well technically versed who also found this product rather challenging to use, but his video is much longer.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective and fastest ways to market your products and services online. Research done by industry sources indicate that this type of marketing produces returns on investment of over four thousand (4000%) for businesses worldwide. This is much more effective than social media.

This specific product has had mixed results for different people. It is low cost compared to the more well-known brands of autoresponders, but the product quality and ease of use is not as effective. The concept on the surface is very good, but the results achieved are just not consistent.

I have found that many of the good reviews are from folks who just want to make a few bucks selling this product. When you do enough research you will discover more of the facts about this product and its inconsistent reliability.

Also since you need SMTP, or a sending server, it really is not cloud-based in the sense of the way it is described on their sales page. It requires you to go and configure your set-up which is not explained on the promo page, and the documentation on how to do that configuration is not all that clear and easy to understand. If you have enough technical skills you will figure it out, otherwise it can very very challenging and frustrating even with the support they provide.

Since this product comes with a fourteen (14) day free trial, I strongly encourage those who choose to give this system a shot to use those fourteen (14) days wisely in testing the ease of set-up and overall functionality of this product. Their Step-by-Step training is not all that easy to follow.

Since I have mixed feelings about this product I choose not to recommend it. You usually get what you pay for, and when it comes to creating and preserving your subscriber list, which is your goldmine, I prefer not to take any unwarranted chances. The good thing is the fourteen (14) day free trial if this is something that you do want to check out.

All the Best in your marketing efforts,


Final Conclusion Internet Marketing

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The Good New Days — Much Better Than The Old

In the Present Moment

Quite often we hear ourselves and others talking about the “Good Old Days”, when times were simpler and maybe even less hectic. But what about “The Good New Days” where we have a clean slate on which to design our lives any way we most desire.  Good New Days

It is these good new days which I will be discussing a bit in this article. There is so much potential which we are leaving on the table when our focus and attention is not on what is presently going on. Let’s dig a little deeper on this subject.

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

When we get brutally honest with ourselves, we are then willing to take a closer look to see if the past really was all that good. We can look back and paint the picture any way we like, but were things actually better than today? In fact, if we have some of the same beliefs and attitudes currently, things will not have changed much at all.

It is enjoyable to reminisce about things gone by, and some of the experiences we had and the people we miss. Doing this is quite natural and can make us feel grateful for what we have experienced.

But for some, these were not good old days at all. Having worked in the mental health field for many years with emotionally challenged kids, some of whom have been abused in one way or another, I found that they had strong bonds to people and things in their past; even to their abusers and enablers.

There is a term for this called Stockholm Syndrome, which is also known as Trauma Bonding. These kids had a strong sense of loyalty toward their abusers regardless of how damaging that bond was. My desire is not to go into any psychological assessment here of the whys and how’s, but to indicate that there is strong resistance to engage in behaviors which will allow them to break free from these bonds. In fact, they will support the abusers, and be hostile to any potential rescuers.

This gives you an idea of how strong our ties can be to the past even when those experiences were not that great. All of us have resistance to letting go of this and that in our lives, but when we recognize that this is so, we are more willing to realize that the way to our freedom is to embrace the present moment and creat consciously some good new days.

Embracing the Present Moment

For our discussion here it does not matter what our experiences were; the main point is to focus our energy where it will do us the most good Right This Very Moment. Whether our past is considered good or bad, we are able to create the life we want in the present.

Just as the kids with whom I worked reframed their experiences from the past in order to find some semblance of sanity and security, we also tend to put too much emphasis on days gone by. What we could do instead is use all of those experiences to empower us in the present moment.

No matter what we have experienced, we can use it to benefit ourselves and others right now, For example, I have a dear friend who was terribly abused in her past. She has spent many years processing this, and she now is able to bring much value to others in her work in the natural health field.

What is most important is our present mindset, and the decisions and choices which follow from that mindset. This is what will be responsible for what we experience from this point forward, and which will enable us to contribute in many ways to the lives of others, as well as creating many “good new days”.

Ways to Enjoy the Present Moment the present moment

So how do we let go of all the noise in our head and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the essence of our beingness in the present? It sounds like it is easier said than done.

Well like all new endeavors, it will take a bit of practice and effort in the beginning. Habits of mind run deep and can be resistant to change.

“Don’t wait to be successful at some future point. Have a successful relationship with the present moment and be fully present in whatever you are doing. That is success.”Eckhart Tolle

There are a few routines which we can develop which will break us loose from our memory journeys, whether they were  pleasant times or were filled with negative happenings and old conflicts. Also, we often find ourselves spending quite a bit of time wanting to be somewhere else in the future, where we envision things as being a lot better than now.

The paradox is that things will never be better in some imagined future state unless things are acceptable and fulfilling now. Let’s now go over a few suggestions which just may help you find it easier to let go and embrace the present moment.

  • What has helped me tremendously is learning to just Slow Down. Life is not a race to get over with or reach a certain point so that we can then be happy and fulfilled. Life is happening now and always has. When we take things a bit slower we are not only able to be more effective in what we are doing, but we actually are able to discover the true joy in what we are doing.
  • Find time to meditate a few moments here and there during the day. This does not have to be for long periods of time. Just a few minutes will allow you to relax and let go of some of the stress and tension which builds up through our daily rushing to get things done.
  • It also helps a lot to do one thing at a time. Multi-tasking can be helpful at times when you are under a deadline, but by planning your tasks as much as you can, you are able to eliminate a certain amount of this frantic activity. We are much more effective when we do one project at a time as we are able to give it all of our energy and full attention.
  • Another way I have used to stay present more often is to consciously engage all of my senses in what I am doing. Become aware of your senses of touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste in the moment, and ask yourself if you are present now. The very moment that you ask that, you ARE present.
  • Although we will still drift away from the present, it is important to continue to remind ourselves to stay here by asking “Am I present now?” as often as we remember to during the day. This will quickly snap us back to the now, and the more we do this the easier it will become to stay present.
  • I cannot leave this section without suggesting one of the best ways to stay present and enjoy the moment; this is by being grateful for what we have. There is so much power in this because it is the truth of our very existence. Gratitude and appreciation go a very long way.

By doing some or all of these exercises on a regular basis, we will discover that much stress and worry will simply dissipate. Now this does not mean we cannot plan for the future. That is a necessary part of our lives, but we do not have to obsess about it, and expect it to deliver any type of joy or happiness which is not already available to us right this moment.

The “Good New Days” are Here  Allegory of the Cave

Without any focusing on any thoughts or feelings which we are experiencing that may not be all that great, everything in our lives would be fine right this moment. If we did not label them this or that, we could allow them just to pass through without giving them any attention.  Then we can experience the day in peace and harmony doing whatever it is we choose to do.

Let’s explore this a bit before we finish up here. The Greek philosopher Plato, from his work the Republic (514 AD to 520 AD), has a section which is called Plato’s Cave or the Allegory of the Cave. In this he has his mentor Socrates describe a scene where a group of people have been chained to a wall their entire lives staring at a blank wall. They can see shadows of objects which are reflected on the wall from a fire which is behind them. This is all the reality which they know.

The lesson from this story is that we are all like the prisoners in the cave; we only know what is front of us even though what we are viewing may only be shadows of reality. Once we are freed from our own individual caves, we come to realize that the shadows which we see are not reality at all. At this point we are able to perceive the true form of reality.

An important point here, which goes back to what I was mentioning about our resistance to breaking free from our bonds, is that the majority of these prisoners in the cave do not even want to leave. This is all that they know.

Eventually, these prisoners break their bonds and are able to emerge from their illusions of what they thought life/reality was.  They emerge from the cave to discover the sun, which was always there but merely hidden from view. But at the same time the sun is not understandable to someone who has spent their entire life believing the illusions, shadows, and false reality of the cave. This shows why there is so much resistance to change.

When a person has been in the dark so long, the bright light of the sun will hurt his or her eyes. This makes it hard to see the objects which are casting the shadows. At this point it may be too painful to believe that what was thought to be real is not true at all. There is then a tendency to retreat back to the cave or what is most familiar. The pain of change is simply too great. In this case, the sun would hurt your eyes.

If one stays out of the cave long enough his or her eyes will adjust to the light of the sun. This is a gradual process. Now this prisoner would want to share what he found with others. He desires to bring his fellow cave dwellers out to the sunlight and freedom. When the former prisoner reenters the cave the darkness will have a similar effect as the sun had, and will blind the person temporarily. But the prisoners will interpret this as his journey was a failure and they should stay put. At this point the prisoners would kill anyone who tried to drag them out of the cave into the sunlight.

This is a symbolic story of the nature of perception. We are engulfed within the darkness of ignorance (the cave), but the light of wisdom (the sun) is available to us all.

The “good new days” are always available to us once we emerge from the cave of our outmoded beliefs and perceptions. We are able to ride the Vehicle of Awareness, which is powered by the present moment to emerge from our caves into the sunlight of the Good New Days.

May you all discover the Light and Love within Yourselves which is there Right Now.


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Things To Do In Moab Utah — Bring A Camera

Moab Utah

With its large red rock formations, buttes, mesas, and Native American rock art, this eastern Utah city provides much to see and do. Let’s investigate some of the things to do in Moab, Utah so that you can decide if it is a destination of choice for you and your family. Balanced Rock in Moab Utah

In addition to the stunning beauty of this area, you will also find archaeological artifacts and dinosaur bones. In Copper Ridge and Bull Canyon Overlook there are actually dinosaur tracks.

Some History of this Area

In the nineteenth century this area served mainly as a Colorado River crossing along the Old Spanish Trail. A permanent settlement was established for Moab in 1878. Brigham Young was mostly responsible for this. Then on December 20th, 1902 Moab was incorporated as a town.

Although originally based on agriculture, the economy of the area shifted to mining vanadium, uranium, manganese, potash, and later gas and oil. The rich deposits of uranium ore contributed to the economic boom of this area where in the 1950s it was known as the “Uranium Capital of the World”.

During this time the population grew nearly five hundred (500%) percent to about six thousand (6000) people. But after the cold war the population declined as the uranium mines began to close.

Many movies have been filmed in this area using Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park as backdrops. In fact, in 1949 the John Ford film, Wagon Master, was filmed in this area.

This is a favorite area for photographers, rock climbers, mountain bikers, rafters, and hikers. Since the 1970s tourism plays a major part in the economy here. Many people are attracted to this area for owning second homes since the winters are relatively mild and the summers very pleasant.

Now for a Few Basic Facts

  • The current population is approximately five thousand three hundred and twenty-two (5,322)
  • It is the largest city in Grand County
  • It is located on the Colorado Plateau with an elevation of 4,025 feet (1227 meters)
  • Moab is eighteen (18) miles (29 kilometers) from the Utah/Colorado state line
  • The name Moab is a biblical term which refers to the land located east of the Jordan River. Some have speculated that the name has Paiute origins with the name of “moapa” meaning mosquito
  • The climate is semi-arid
  • The medium household income is thirty-two thousand six hundred and twenty ($32,620) dollars
  • The medium family income is thirty-eight thousand two hundred and fourteen ($38,214)
  • There is a regional campus in Moab for Utah State University

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

This is the place to explore if you enjoy being outside. Just the sheer beauty of this area makes it mandatory to bring your camera and take a few photos as you journey along.

Many of the activities which you can enjoy include rock climbing, road biking (home of the annual Skinny Tire Festival), hiking and backpacking, slacklining and highlining (the world record for long highlines took place here), kayaking and whitewater rafting on the Colorado River, camping trips, and even BASE jumping is legal in many areas near Moab.

Now let’s get a little more specific on things to see and do. First, check out this video which will give you a good visual of what we are talking about here. Then we will outline a few “must sees” when you come to this area.

* Take a Drive along the Utah State Road 128 — Whether you choose to be active in all the numerous outdoor activities or not, you can certainly enjoy the scenery and stunning landscapes in the area. There is no better way to take this all in than to take a ride along Route 128. The desert scenery is out of this world, and you most certainly want to have your camera handy. Riding along the canyon as well as the Colorado River is breathtaking. At many points on the drive you will be stopping to take pictures at practically every curve. The interesting thing about this road is even with all this fantastic beauty and scenery, you will see few cars and tourists. The road goes from Cisco to Moab and takes about an hour to drive. It’s about forty-six (46) miles.

* What About Rafting the Colorado River — This is a great summer activity with a variety of rafting trips available dependent on you level of adventure. They have family friendly trips as well as the more extreme ones. Again, the scenery along the river is absolutely gorgeous. Now for those who want to skip all this type of excitement, there is the Sound and Light Show with Dinner which takes place on a very slow moving boat on a calm part of the river near Moab. This takes place during the summer through October.  Canyonlands National Park

* Canyonlands National Park — This is a huge park which is divided into many areas, and it is one of the lesser known national parks. From Moab the closest part of the park to visit is Island in the Sky. It’s about a forty (40) minute drive from Moab (30 miles or 48 kilometers). There is a scenic drive which loops around which allows you to take in a number of viewpoints and vistas. This area looks a lot like the Grand Canyon minus the large amount of tourists. For some breathtaking scenery hike over to Mesa Arch. To figure out the best hikes to do in the area stop at Island in the Sky Visitor Center where you can obtain info on the best hiking trails in the area. Now the Needle District of the park is a bit further away and it is best to set up a guide for this part of the journey.

* Arches National Park — This is one of the most beautiful national parks in the entire country. You can take a scenic drive through the park and make a few stops along the way. Some of the best places to check out are Park Avenue viewpoint, Double Arch, the Balance Rock, and the Windows. You can find some rock art the Delicate Arch Trail, which also is one of the best trails in the park.

* Check Out the Sunset at Dead Horse Point State Park — Just a short drive from Moab on your way to Canyonlands National Park, you can locate several viewpoints from which to take in the sunset in this park. The most popular viewpoint is Dead Horse Point, but there are several others to consider, especially the one at the end of the road.

* Plenty of Events in the Town — This town has a plethora of festivals and different kinds of events for you to take in and enjoy. For example, there are skydive festivals, pride festivals, jeep festivals, art festivals, Scottish festivals, bike festivals, and music festivals to name a few. If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, then you can check out a few other events and activities such as quilting shows, car shows, marathons, parades, and even rock and gem shows.

* Small Town Hospitality — Combined with the beautiful red rock scenery, national parks, and other outdoor activities, there is the relaxing atmosphere of this charming town. The people are friendly and welcoming.

* A Perfect Place to Stay — Although there are a variety of choices for accommodations to suit all budget levels, there is one place which will most definitely give you the total experience of this area is Moab Springs Ranch. It’s in a most beautiful setting among the cottonwood trees and surrounded by red rock. You have a choice of townhouses or bungalows.

* Courthouse Wash — Better than going to a museum, you can just head north on Highway 191 and when you cross the Colorado River bridge you will find nineteen (19) feet (5.7 meters) high, fifty-two (52) feet (15.8 meters) long art panel full of ancient Native American Art. Actually older drawings were discovered behind the white shields held by the figures.

* A Zip Line Adventure — You are provided quite an exciting day by Rim Zip Line Adventures. Your day begins with hopping on an off-road four-wheel drive vehicle which will transport you to the high desert area of Moab. It is here that you will find six (6) zip lines as well as a suspension bridge to test your mettle.

* Moab Giants — Take a walking trail among life-sized dinosaurs. In addition to the Moab Giant’s walking trail, you can also spend time in the Tracks Museum where there is much to see as well as learn about fossilized footprints. There are many great exhibits within this museum with 3-D movies about covering the Age of the Dinosaurs from two hundred and twenty (220,000,000) million years ago. Don’t forget while your are traversing the outside trail you can spend some time digging up a few dinosaur bones.

* Movie Sites — The longest running film commission in the world is the Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission. This dates way back to the old classic westerns. There are many film sites to see all around this area.

An Outdoor Person’s Dream

For folks who enjoy the great outdoors this is a perfect place to visit and spend some time. For adventure seekers, there is so much to do that you will not get bored. Families have plenty of activities as well. Just showing up here with a camera will suffice for many who just want to take in the alluring scenery.

Even spending time in town you will have plenty to do with all the events and festivals. There is a unique combination here of magnificent scenery, the Colorado River, and small resort town hospitality. And one thing I failed to mention is the downtown business district is full of shops, galleries, restaurants, and microbreweries. As far as the cuisine is concerned, you can find great regional southwester dishes as well as world-class gourmet.

The shops downtown are a variety of places to pick up souvenirs, t-shirts, and southwestern jewelry and art. The Moab Information Center will provide you with all the details which you need to know about this area.

Given all the attractions around here as well as the hometown hospitality, this just may be a place you would want to visit at some point in time.

Once again, Happy Travels.


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IM VIP Training Review

internet marketing training

IM VIP TRAINING Review Internet Marketing



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Price: $4.95 Trial then $29.95 per month
Owners: Kevin Fahey
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a training product which provides a step-by-step guide to learning internet marketing. Its intention is to train you in the fundamentals of internet marketing and get you making money. Several webinars are provided to educate you in the basics of online marketing. There are also various tools provided in terms of software and plugins.

The creator of this program is Kevin Fahey. He is an experienced internet marketer and coach. This training system was updated and released on June 21st 2018. The original course came out in 2013.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Five (5) day trial period for $4.95
  3. Save time in learning basics
  4. Several tools and resources

The Not So Good:

  1. Upsells
  2. Additional fees for hosting, software, and autoresponder
  3. Some of the training may be challenging for beginners
  4. Few support channels that are consistently responsive


This course is designed for all levels of internet marketers including Ecomm and Amazon marketers, affiliate marketers, offline business owners, consultants, CPA advertisers, bloggers, vloggers, product creators, and folks new to the business.

Tools & Training

Here is a brief video explaining the details of this program:

A library of training videos are provided

Welcome Video

Training modules:

IM Newbie Training (6 modules; 32 Lessons) — 32 videos with transcripts and comment section if you have a question.

Module 1: Hosting and Website Set-Up

Module 2: Word Press (WP) Set-Up

Module 3: List Building

Module 4: Social Media

Module 5: Traffic Generation

Module 6: Concluding Thoughts and Bonuses

IM Affiliate Funnel Marketing Training (3 Modules; 18 Lessons)

Affiliate marketing ideas and strategies with free traffic methods. Instruction on how to automate your business and then scale it to higher income levels.

Product Creation Training (3 Modules; 28 Lessons)

This is a video training course called, IM Product Launching 2.0, which covers in detail how to create and launch products online. You will learn how to close high ticket items and the effective way to follow up with affiliates after the launch.

Facebook Ads Training (8 Modules; 38 Lessons)

Video training designed to improve your results advertising on Facebook.

Video Creation Training (7 Modules; 29 Lessons)
This is a “Video Masters Course” in learning how to create videos, effectively edit those videos, and publish your videos on different kinds of media.

Video Advertising Training (2 Modules; 11 Lessons)

Training and case studies in driving traffic to Facebook Video Ads and YouTube.

High Ticket Consulting Training (7 Modules; 20 Lessons)

This teaches you how to be a coach with various types of coaching programs.

Sales and Marketing Training (1 Module; 4 Lessons)

This is called the “Consistent Sales System” and is designed for you to continue to earn income from your previous online marketing efforts. This works effectively for those involved in eComm, coaches, product creators, affiliate marketers, list builders, and even offline business owners.

Traffic Generation Training (1 Module; 5 Lessons)

This is a PDF report and video called “Solo Ad Escape” which enables you to get traffic to your landing pages without solo ads. It emphasizes affiliate marketing and product launches.

Email Marketing Training and Software (4 Modules; 20 Lessons)

You receive email marketing templates as well as the “IM VIP Training Membership Site” with WP plugins and scripts (1 Module; 8 Lessons). You also get the “Tracking Support and Outsourcing Training” (3 Modules; 12 Lessons).


1) Monthly Live Training Webinars — access to new training ideas as well as additional software, PDFs, videos, and case studies. This includes current training related to affiliate marketing, email marketing, Facebook advertising, social media, mindset, traffic sources (free and paid), and productivity.

2) Access to All Future Courses — all updates and future courses are included.


You either go to the Facebook Group or submit a support ticket at the help desk.

Support Desk:




Phone: +34 648 879 658

Mailing Address

Kevin Fahey

Nunyo Sanc 72,

07180, Santa Ponsa




The Five (5) Day Trial Price is $4.95 and then $29.95 per month or $197 per year ($16.41 per month)

IM VIP Training 1 – IM Funnels
In this additional training you will learn how to create sales funnels as well as having access to six (6) already done for you funnels which have already been tested by Keving Fahey as to their effectiveness. Here is a list of the funnels which you will receive with this upgrade:

1) Newbie

2) Affiliate Funnel

3) Video Masters

4) Product Launching

5) VIP Training

6) Download PLR Products

    IM VIP Training – IM Funnels PRO

    With this you get additional funnels

    • Ten (10) additional funnels that are have been tested in the marketplace
    • For each funnel you receive a product which you can market
    • Enables you to brand this product as your own
    • With each funnel you receive a landing/squeeze page with copy, graphics, thank you pages, and an email autoresponder series with which to follow up on your prospects
    • Each funnel includes Optimizepress and HTML versions

    IM VIP Training – IM Funnels Reseller

    This includes The IM Funnels Reseller License with sales material, and sales pages which you can customize.

    Final Thoughts

    This is most definitely a very comprehensive training program which teaches the basics to the beginner, and increases the knowledge base of more experienceed marketers. It is one of the better training programs out there as far as content.

    Kevin certainly provides plenty of information and educational materials. There is some transparency as he allows you to check things out for five (5) days for a minimal price of $4.95.

    A main concern especially for folks new to this business is getting overwhelmed by all of this information and not having any immediate way to get questions answered other than a support ticket (which can take time to get a response back), or a Facebook Group which may or may not provide the info you need when you need it.

    Also, in some of the training videos there is a lot of technical information which may be a bit challenging for beginners. For this kind of training, it would be better if the support structure and hosting were already in place so that all you had to do is purchase a domain name and then you are off and running in your new online career.

    Even though this is a decent program, there are better alternatives out there where the training is more structured and easier to follow. Also you want to have a program where you are part of a community of like-minded folks who are engaged in supporting each other while building their individuals businesses. Here is my #1 Recommendation for an All-Inclusive Online Training Program.

    That being said, I give IM VIP Training an average ranking.

    To your success in All that you endeavor to Do.


    Final ConclusionIM VIP Training

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