Octosuite – Ocean Edition Review

Octosuite – Ocean Edition Review  Automated social media software


Name: Octosuite – Ocean Edition

Website: Octosuite.com

Price: $47 One Time

Owners: Luke Maguire

Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Octosuite – Ocean Edition Product Overview

This is software which will automate your social media pages with your content, It is basically managing your social media accounts. Good for building Facebook fan pages in order to increase viral traffic. Supports YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook.


The Good & Not So Good

The Good:

1) automates the management of your social media pages

2) Cloud-based so nothing to install

3) Finds and posts content

4) Very good customer support

5) Saves time

The Not So Good:

1) Only provides content for YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook

2) Lose the personal touch in your social media communications  Managing Social Media


Who is Octosuite – Ocean Edition For?

For people who want a hands-off approach to their social media marketing.

Tools & Training

— Auto Content Creation – search fan pages for content from social networks and curate from their feeds.

— Content Editor – can alter links, headlines, descriptions, logos, and Call To Action (CTA) buttons

— Content Finder – use keywords to locate content anywhere on internet

— Free Images Library – all royalty free images

— Automated Scheduler – automate the process for an entire month

— Content Filter – Match your marketing campaigns to the content needed

— Automated Posting to Facebook Groups & Fan Pages – find and analyze groups and fan pages and select most engaging and join all in one click



Personal support from Luke.


Ocean Edition: $47 One Time Purchase


Final Thoughts

This software works well with Facebook fan pages to increase organic traffic. It is a quality product. It is limited in the number of social media sites (Facebook, Reddit, YouTube) it supports, but it does a good job with those specific sites.

Even though this is a good online tool, I prefer to manage my own social media with a personal touch. Success on the internet today is all about community and bringing value to your tribe. This is one function I prefer not to automate just to save time.


Final Conclusion:   product review


For those of you who desire a Complete System to build a strong Online Marketing Foundation Click Here for my Review of this Training Platform!

May you enjoy the Process of Success,



6 thoughts on “Octosuite – Ocean Edition Review”

  1. You are so right with what you say even though there are ways to make the job easier we don’t want to lose our personal touch where we can connect with people. Even though this is a great tool I believe that a personal touch will go a long way in building relationships that spell for good success in our online business.

    • Thanks for the comment Norman and I totally agree. I ran build at a slower rate and have a more authentic presence in the marketplace. All the Best to you.

  2. Thanks for this review of Octosuite. Not a bad price to pay for all the features that it offers.

    However, I try to lay off auto content creation tools because of copyright. Is there a way that this tool can assure the user that there is no copyright on particular content?

    • Not sure about that. As I said in my post even though this is a good tool to save time and effort I prefer to do it on my own and give people the personal contact they deserve. In the long run it not only expands influence but is more authentic. You’d have the contact the product creator to see what he says about any copywright issues.

  3. Thanks for reviewing Octosuite – Ocean Edition.

    I am looking for automated social sharing programs right at the moment.
    I have found one that does a great job on Pinterest. Pinterest is not so much a social media but more like a search engine so there it doesn’t matter if the personal touch is missing.

    I don’t know about how helpful Octosuite – Ocean Edition would be with Facebook engagement. Professional content is not what most people look for in facebook, they want to play and have fun looking at crazy cats and quotes.

    I’ll have a closer look into the program through to see what it promises to deliver.


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