Niche Reaper v3.0 Review….

Niche Reaper v3.0 Review Niche and Keyword Research

Name: Niche Reaper v3.0

Price: $147 One Time Investment
Owners: Easy Pro Marketing LLC — Matt Garrett and Simon Harries

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a tool which allow you to automate your keyword research, and more easily zone in on profitable niches. This software helps you to identify and qualify keywords in niches which have a high probability for profit. The first version of Niche Reaper came out in 2008.

You are also able to analyze the competition for SEO factors. With this research tool you can discover keywords in real time, as well as locate available domains for those specific keywords.

It digs up 25,000 buyer related keywords each day, and analyzes their potential for profit. This allows you to become aware of niches of which you may have never thought to investigate.

The goal of this software tool is to give you a way to obtain keywords and niches which are pre-researched with low competition, high traffic, and high commercial value. You are able to find niches where people are spending money.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Easy to use — no advanced technical skills needed

2) Web-based – no need to download software so it works on any platform

3) Saves time in researching keywords and niches

4) Locates hard to find high profit niches

5) Allows you to spend more time on generating traffic and creating more web properties

6) Money Back Guarantee — Thirty Days

7) Updates automatically added at no cost

The Not So Good:
1) There are no obvious drawbacks to this software program which I could discover while using it

Who is Niche Reaper v3.0 For?

This product can be used by internet marketers of all kinds whether your are into affiliate marketing, eCommerce, Amazon sales, content marketers and bloggers, video marketers, domain and website flippers, list builders, SEO marketers, niche marketers, and social media marketers.

Tools & Training

Complete training on how the software works and access to a database of in excess of two million (2,000,000) buyer keywords. All updates are automatically added to the software at not cost.

Three (3) Step Process to generate desired keywords:

1) Create your online account and receive your login details

2) Set up search parameters in order to discover trending niches in different markets

3) Export your buyer keywords to CSV for use on your campaigns

Here are the catefories of data which are generated for each specific search:

  • Monthly Adsense Revenue — determines an estimate of the revenue that can be generated from Google Adsense with a page one (1) ranking.
  • Commercial Intent — the number of buyers in that specific niche.
  • Monthly Search Volume — locates keywords with more than a thousand (1000) monthly searches.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) — this indicates what it costs to bid on this specific keyword on Google. A high CPC indicates money is being made in that niche.
  • Domain Availability (Facebook, .com, .net) — this indicates if this specific domain is available and if a Facebook page with this keyword is available on an exact match basis.
  • Average Backlinks for Page One (1) Competition — this gives you a good idea of how many backlinks you need to build to get on page one (1) based on the average number of backlinks of your competition.
  • Videos found on page one (1) — since ranking videos is quicker than ranking websites it’s good to know how many video results are on page one (1) of Google for that specific keyword.
  • Social Signals — here you see that average number of likes, tweets, etc. of your competition on page one (1) so you can determine the level of your competition.
  • Average on-page SEO strength — for the sites ranking on page one (1) this indicates the strength of their on-page SEO by analyzing keyword optimization of the headlines, page titles, images etc. to determine how well optimized these sites are.

After obtaining this data you then choose a few niches which you find interesting and do some in-depth analysis. The “Filter” feature allows you to narrow down your search to the keywords within your personal preferences. Then you can look at your top ten (10) competitors within that niche so you know exactly who your main competition is, and analyze their data in terms of backlinks, social signals, etc. (Ideally you are looking for inner pages which are ranking with low social signal and backlink counts. Sites which have their home pages ranked are stiffer competition).

Once you locate these niches and their associated keywords, it is time to build out and promote by setting up a blog, Facebook pages targeting these keywords, or create some pages on Weebly, Hubpages, or Squidoo to test the niche and keywords first. Then create some content and promote on social media sites and do some back linking as well.

At this point it is wise to build an email list in order to position yourself for recurring income. It helps to create review content around specific products and services within your niche as this will help you to build up your list.


Email ticket support available as well as a Knowledge Base which includes articles and a Word Press Toolkit.


$147 One Time Investment

Final Thoughts

I actually purchased an earlier version of this product a few years ago, and I found it very helpful. Because of my current projects at that time, I did not use it as consistently as I could have, but I did find it useful.

Since this software identifies the most profitable niches within different categories, you save time by only spending time  analyzing those niches with good profit potential. In addition to saving a lot of research time, you are also able to analyze the vital details of your competitors’ websites.

This software is based on advanced algorithms and paid search metrics which are built in.

Since research is so critical to a successful online business, this product most definitely saves you substantial time and energy. This helps you identify market opportunities while they are still trending and worth considering.

Final Conclusion  Good Rating

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May you enjoy your Success,


16 thoughts on “Niche Reaper v3.0 Review….”

  1. This is super helpful.  I’m always looking for new tools, but it’s hard to feel comfortable spending money on the internet without some guidance on the product.  $147 isn’t a ton of money, but it’s not cheap either, but definitely going to consider this because it doesn’t sound like there are really any drawbacks and it’s workjnf for you.  Thank you.  I’ll jeenyou posted.

    • Thanks Kim.  It is worth the investment only if you spend the time to use it effectively.  As i mentioned I have not used it anywhere near to its full capability because I was going off in other idrections with my online business.  It’s just a matter of your current situation and if this will help you progress in the direction you want to go.  All the Best.  Joseph

  2. 90 out of 100 looks like a pretty good score so I appreciate you sharing a Niche Reaper 3.0 review here. Keywords are definitely something that I am interested in and it’s nice to find a good review to find a tool such as this. That there are no obvious drawbacks that you could find when using this product is helpful information. A $147 one time investment isn’t too bad. I’ll definitely be checking this product out further through your site here and also I highly recommend a tried and true product in Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Thanks for your comments.  I found that the product is worth the investment if you really intend to use it and get its true value out of it.  All the Best.

  3. Looking for profitable keywords in seconds is truly a time saving experience this software can provide. Much more than other competitors, it can show availability of keyword domain which is an advantage for a website owner. This is quite interesting because users are saying that it’s user friendly. The only thing that’s bothering me is the price. How true is it that Niche Reaper has now limited its one time payment offer of $147 to $67 per month subscription?  

    • Thanks for your comments.  I purchased the prior version for a one time price.  Not sure how long they will have the one time price or if it is just a marketing ploy.  All the Best.

  4. Great review Joseph,

    Wow I’m super impressed about the one-time payment, I’ve used multiple keyword tools and they all have this monthly payment which makes it very costly in the long run but with Niche Reaper’s one-time fee, this feels easy! Do you think it’s an online browser login, or a desktop client where we need to install to our desktop in order to use it?

    • Thanks for your comments.  Haven’t used it in awhile but from what I recall it is an online browser login.  All the Best.

  5. I like the fact that this keyword tool gives you an idea of how much revenue you can make with Adsense. My current keyword tool does not have that function yet nor would I imagine it being integrated sometime soon. It would certainly be nice considering I am using Adsense for most of my websites.

  6. A very interesting and informative article, I’d never heard of this tool before, it’s good to choose a subject that you’re interested in for your niche, but of course. it’s also important to have a niche that’s profitable, so thank you for this info Joseph.


  7. Hello,

    I see that this might be the tools I am looking for. It’s quite an expensive investment, but you to got to spend money to make money. I will come back for this later on or when there might a later version. I definitely bookmarked this page.

    Thank you for sharing.


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